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ARIZONA: Youngest Black Republican Candidate Alex Stovall Kicks Off Campaign With Ad Calling Himself The “Anti AOC”

CHANDLER, Ariz. /PRNewswire/ Alex Stovall is a 26 year-old Army Reservist Chaplain candidate running for Congress to stand up to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who he sees as the biggest problem in the U.S. House. If elected, Stovall would become the youngest Black Republican ever elected to Congress in American history.

“We are proud to launch this historic campaign for Congress. Alex was spurred into running by seeing the actions of AOC and her squad. He knew that our nation needed a young Conservative voice in Congress to counter her socialist agenda. Alex loves this country and will fight to make sure that it continues to be the greatest country in the world,” said Stovall’s Press Secretary, Joel Bailey.

The campaign launched with a video that went viral gathering over half-a-million views in 72 hours and featured a memorable opening line addressing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, “Socialists like AOC hate two things: God and America.” The video continues by outlining the grassroots approach Stovall is bringing to the campaign.

“To stop AOC and her cronies, we have to fight fire with fire. That’s why I’m running to become the youngest black Republican Congressman in U.S. history. I will be the perfect voice to cut through their B.S.”

The campaign has received a groundswell of support both online and offline after releasing the announcement video. He frequently posts pictures from drive-by rallies done in the district and memes targeting the embattled Congresswoman.

“We’ve seen a large increase in contributions from fans across the country that want to see us stand up to representatives like AOC, who claim they fight for minorities,” says Bailey. “People are tired of her radical policies. They don’t help anybody but her.”

Stovall is running in Arizona’s 9th Congressional district in Maricopa county in a seat held by Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton. The campaign says challenging the seat will be integral to taking back Arizona after the 2016 election.

Arizona is now a battleground swing state that Republicans and Conservatives need to win. Electing Alex is a huge chance to take back a seat that the Democrats are afraid to lose and win back a state that Republicans need to take back in 2022,” continued Bailey.

Stovall has focused his campaign on advancing job creation, championing education reform, and stopping illegal immigration. He is a Reservist Chaplain Candidate in the Army and has been enlisted for eight years. Stovall holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and a Master in divinity from Grand Canyon university.

He experienced seeing domestic violence, child abuse, and gang activity growing up and wants to make sure that kids in his district never have to go through the same thing. His campaign features the tagline “Faith, Family, and Freedom.”

You can contribute to Alex Stovall at his website here https://alexforarizona.com

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