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St. Lucie County, Florida withdraws from Seven50 Plan (+ Video)

Watch the November 7, 2013 meeting of the St. Lucie Board of County Commission that culminates with the Commission voting 4-1 to withdraw from the regional Seven50 Plan.

St. Lucie Board of County Commission. For a larger view click on the photo.

The following email was received by WDW – FL from the American Coalition 4 Property Rights Task Force:


First, let me tell you our reactions last night following the St. Lucie Board of County Commissioner’s courageous decision to formally withdraw from the Seven50 Regional Plan. The very fact that they chose to vote immediately following the Seven50 Staff’s grand presentation, and to do it while their staff was still sitting in the BOCC Chamber was simply amazing. Immediately after the vote, we stood there feeling both numb and humbled, saying to ourselves……did this just happen ?

On our way home I said to June “OMG, so this is what is feels like after a well fought political victory. What a concept”. It had been so long since I felt that way that I had truly forgotten … and we both liked it!

We were feeling so very grateful and humbled by the help & support present at this event. There are so many public & private individuals who put in countless hours supporting this Stop Seven50 movement. There are so many, we will not attempt to single out individuals because we do not want to offend someone who could possibly be left out. Over the past few months, an army of dedicated and talented folks have worked hard to achieve the results we so desperately desired and needed last evening. Many have endeavored long hours behind the scenes without fanfare or even looking for recognition. We are truly blessed and very thankful for all of your efforts. It really has taken a team of committed and passionate individuals working together to accomplish this victory for the citizens of St. Lucie County.

With that said, we have one more request for all involved, especially in the AC4PR Task Force. We’ve received a great deal of support from members in Indian River, Martin & Palm Beach Counties. They have not only worked behind the scenes to support St. Lucie County, but have traveled at great personal expense and time commitment to attend and participate in our SLC efforts. We feel it is therefore our obligation to help them in turn. Much work still needs to be done in IRC with the City of Sebastian, Town of Fellsmere and the IRC MPO. There’s also a great deal of work needed in Martin & Palm Beach County. We still very much need your help & support in these locations to accomplish what has been achieved in SLC. So, please take a few days to bask in the wonderful feelings of victory, then get ready to roll up your sleeves and get back to work ! No groans please……

Lastly, two things we have all learned over the past few months and leading up to last evening at the SLC BOCC meeting: “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” (Quote by – Napoleon Hill) And … “Democracy Belongs To Those Who Show Up” !

Feel free to forward to others.

In Liberty,

Leigh & June Lamson, members
American Coalition 4 Property Rights Task Force
SLC 912 Tea Party Leadership Team