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The ‘American Renaissance Network’ Launched: Mission — ‘Elect Trump’

“Darkness must fall before we are aware of the majesty of stars above our heads. It was necessary for this dark hour to fall, perhaps the darkest in history, to make us realize that freedom is as vital to our soul as breathing to our body… It is for us today, those to whom words are granted, in the midst of a reeling, half-devastated world, to maintain in spite of everything faith in a moral force,  confidence in the invincibility of the spirit.” —essayist Stefan Zweig 1932.

Chris Wright’s “American Renaissance Network” is now live!

According to the American Renaissance Network website,

American Renaissance Network

Where the Grassroots Right Organizes to Take Down the American Left

Job 1 — Elect Trump. ARN doesn’t care if he has to run his presidency from a jail cell. We’re still voting for him. The indictments are all novel theories, never attempted in court before, from a bunch of Democrat partisan hack prosecutors. Either the Deep State runs this country, or we do. Popular Sovereignty, Self-Governance, a Free People — it’s all on the line, right now. Let’s show them who’s in charge — We The People.

There’s Nobody Here But Us

Don’t count on the professional Right to save your bacon. They do some good work, but they are more concerned with their own paychecks and reputations than with saving the country. They won’t lift a finger without grant money, and they leave the field the minute the grant money runs out. Only the grassroots Right has the reach and the staying power to get the job done. That’s the way it was meant to be — ordinary citizens maintaining the Republic. We can do it, but we have to organize — effectively.

Popular Sovereignty

Self-rule by We the People is a truly revolutionary idea and required the American colonists to fight a long, bloody war to turn the idea into reality for the first time in human history. Now, the regressive Authoritarian Left wants to turn the clock back to a time when another King George and his henchmen take away our self-governance and rule over us. But We the People will not give up our sovereignty. To better understand popular sovereignty and the founding ideas that made America great, read the Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science from Potomac Tea Party.

Here are two video exposés on the American Renaissance Network,

Hard-Hitting Video on Fentanyl Deaths and Joe Biden’s Open Borders Policies by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Climate Change Hysteria – What Will Happen To You When the Lights Go Out? by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

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