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Open letter to the President of Pakistan: Please free Asia Bib

To: Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, President of Pakistan

Mrs. Asia Bib is in your country Pakistan and under Sharia law, she was convicted of the crime of blasphemy and sentenced to be hanged in 2010. She is a wife and also a mother to five children who desperately want their mother to come home. She wrote the following and gave it to her husband:

“My prison cell has no windows and day and night are the same to me, but if I am still holding on today it is thanks to everyone who is trying to help me. When my husbnd showed me the photographs of people I have never met drinking a glass of water for me, my heart overflowed. Ashiq told me that the city of Paris is offering to welcome our family. I send my deepest thanks to you Madam Mayor, and to all the kind people of Paris and across the world. You are my only hope of staying alive in this dungeon, so please don’t abandon me. I did not commit blasphemy.”

Ashiq Masih
Pakistan, 17th of November 2014

Mr. President, Asia is a Christian, and because of that, when she offered water to Muslim workers, who were working in a berry field in Itan Wali, they called her unclean. She allegedly responded, “Your Muhammad had worms in his mouth before he died.” She responded from emotion after being insulted after offering a kind hand of love and gesture to a Muslim.

So your country will hang a mother of 5 children for expressing herself from emotion after offering help to Muslims with a simple glass of water where her help was rejected because she is a Christian. Has your nation been taken over by the grip of Satan and you will kill a woman for her expressing opinion? Shame on you.

You need to man up and release her from prison with a full pardon and let her return to her family. Islam is peaceful right? Then prove it. Let her go home. This is a disgrace to the nation of Pakistan and it brings discredit to you Mr. President. Where is the freedom in your country? Are you a nation of intolerant cowards? Let this woman go home. In fact, let her leave your country and come to the United States or to Paris, France where she can live free to speak her mind. I will pay her way, one way tickets for her and all her family.

What sort of a country chooses to hang a defenseless woman for helping a Muslim with a drink of water only to be rejected for her Christian belief. Islam is not a religion of peace it is a religion of intolerance and pure evil……stop being a coward and start showing tolerance and mercy as your religion so expresses.

Mr. President, if you are a man of peace under Islam, release her from jail, send her home to her family and then send her to my country the United States or to France. DO IT. Me merciful like your Allah.