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Greg Abbott Pardons Army Vet Convicted Of Shooting Armed BLM Rioter

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas on Thursday pardoned an Uber driver who shot and killed a gun-wielding Black Lives Matter (BLM) protester during a July 2020 riot.

U.S. Army Sgt. Daniel Perry was convicted of murder in April 2023 despite the lead detective concluding the shooting was in self-defense and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Abbott vowed to pardon Perry after the conviction, and he announced his acceptance of a recommendation by the state’s Board of Pardons and Paroles for a full pardon in a Thursday release.


“The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducted an exhaustive review of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry’s personal history and the facts surrounding the July 2020 incident and recommended a Full Pardon and Restoration of Full Civil Rights of Citizenship,” Abbott said in the release. “Among the voluminous files reviewed by the Board, they considered information provided by the Travis County District Attorney, the full investigative report on Daniel Perry, plus a review of all the testimony provided at trial.”


Perry shot and killed 28-year-old Garrett Foster, who approached him with an AK-47-style rifle during July 2020 rioting in Austin, Texas. Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza criticized Abbott for announcing his intent to intervene in the case in an April 2023 release.


“Texas has one of the strongest ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney,” Abbot said in the proclamation, seeming to reference Garza’s pursuit of charges against Perry. “I thank the Board for its thorough investigation, and I approve their pardon recommendation.”

“The board and the governor have put their politics over justice,” Garza said in response to the pardon, according to The Associated Press. “They should be ashamed of themselves. Their actions are contrary to the law and demonstrate that there are two classes of people in this state where some lives matter and some lives do not. They have sent a message to Garrett Foster’s family, to his partner, and to our community that his life does not matter.”




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Will The Police Even Answer The Phone?: ‘Defund’ Investigation Finds Austin Citizens In Distress

With crime out of control, American cities are eroding. This was no accident — it was a choice made by progressive politicians who want to abandon law and order in pursuit of a utopian dream. Yet the dream of wealthy elites has become a real-life nightmare for millions of average Americans. The Daily Caller’s new feature film, “Lawless,” debuts Oct. 26 and will expose the real cost of the “Defund the Police” movement.

“We are not a city that can handle parallel critical incidents,” said Matt Mackowiak, co-founder of Save Austin Now, a PAC dedicated to restoring public safety and quality of life in Austin, Texas.

“If we get to a situation where we have a serious bank robbery in North Austin, and something happening at [Austin City Limits Music Festival] at the same time, we will not have enough police officers to respond to both incidents,” he continued.

Austin is home to some of the biggest cultural events in the country. Music festivals, football games, Formula 1 races — they all draw visitors from around the world. Yet, as Mackowiak pointed out, the “Defund” movement has made it so police no longer have the capacity to keep Austin safe during these events. Citizens will continue to be robbed, beaten, raped and murdered as calls to 911 increasingly go unanswered.

With the support of our dedicated Patriots subscribers, “Lawless” will expose the failed policies and corrupt ideology of our ruling elites that have brought American cities to the brink.

We sat down with Mackowiak as part of an investigation into the senseless violence and decay that has gripped American cities since the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020. Our crew of dedicated documentary filmmakers traveled to three cities at the forefront of the “Defund” movement to examine the terror it has unleashed. Random attacks, industrial-scale looting, and rampant homelessness and drug use — all the predictable results of siphoning resources and support away from police. Austin is the tip of the iceberg, but the problem is not confined to major urban areas.

Police resignations increased by 47 percent between 2019 and 2022, according to a Police Executive Research Forum survey. In the same span of time, the total number of sworn officers decreased by about 5 percent as recruitment was unable to keep up. Combined, this has led to a shortage of cops across the country; even small towns are not immune. Nearly 40 small towns have disbanded their police departments since 2019, according to a study from Rice University.

Facing unprecedented hostility and abuse, police officers around the country are quitting their jobs at a rate “never seen before,” according to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

“I want to signal a crisis,” FOP President Patrick Yoes warned. “Our profession is dependent on the best and brightest stepping up and taking this job. And because of the actions, and because of the turmoil that has happened in the last two years, we have a crisis right now in manpower.”

Due to the national police shortage, all departments are struggling with recruitment, retention and pay. But rural communities face a unique set of difficulties, according to Sgt. Betsy Smith of the National Police Association.

“As a small-town police officer, there’s a really good chance you don’t have any backup,” Smith told Fox News. “You’re kind of on your own, left to take care of yourself and figure things out yourself. So, we have to think about what we are willing to pay for as the citizens of those small communities.” Without better funding, response times will continue to increase.

Through our investigation, we were able to paint a picture of the impending crisis yet to unfold. Soon, cities and towns across America won’t just face a choice between maintaining a police presence at major events and responding to everyday crime. If the trend continues, departments will no longer have the capacity to respond to crime at all. Liberal elites will always be fine in their gated communities, but in a time of crisis, this could mean life or death for vulnerable communities. A new generation of Americans will grow up wondering, “If I call 911, will anyone even answer?”

At the Daily Caller, we reject that things have to be this way. We aim not only to stem the tide of violence in American cities, but also to prevent the impact of these failed policies from spreading into the Heartland more than they already have.

The Daily Caller’s documentary productions are made possible by our faithful Patriots members, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without them. For the best political analysis in the business, please consider subscribing.





America’s Cities In Crisis: Daily Caller’s ‘Lawless’ To Expose Fallout Of ‘Defund The Police’

Black Lives Matter hysteria made fools of us all — well, some of us anyway

Illegals Demanding Free Housing, Paid Job Training in Chicago

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VIDEO: Here Are The Major Cities Hit With Violent Protests And Riots Over The Weekend

Several major cities, including Portland, experienced chaos this weekend as demonstrators clashed with law enforcement and protests turned violent.

Demonstrations in Seattle, Richmond, Austin, New York, Denver and Oakland also turned violent amid widespread protests against police brutality and systematic racism.

Protesters have pushed for police reform for more than two months following the death of George Floyd. Floyd, a black man, died in police custody after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, video of the incident shows.


Protesters in Portland have persistently clashed with police and sent federal officers to guard a federal courthouse, The Associated Press reported.


The Portland Police Department officially declared Saturday’s violent protest a riot after members of the crowd tore down the fence in front of the federal courthouse, according to Daily Caller reporters on the scene.


In Seattle, demonstrators set fire to a construction site and a rioter allegedly set off an explosive in the East Precinct Saturday, leaving a hole in the wall, The Seattle Police Department reported in a tweet thread Saturday.


Demonstrators allegedly set fire to the Alameda County Superior Courthouse in Oakland, California, Saturday, police department spokeswoman Johnna Watson said, according to the AP.

New York

Protesters in New York City vandalized New York Police Department cars Saturday while setting dumpster fires Saturday night, a YouTube video shows.



Hundreds of demonstrators showing solidarity with Portland protesters clashed with police in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, setting fire to a dump truck, the AP reported. Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park was also vandalized and damaged, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.


In Austin, Texas, a protest turned violent after police said someone drove into a crowd and fatally shot 28-year-old Garrett Foster, who was pushing his fiancé in a wheelchair, the AP reported.


In Aurora, Colorado, a person fired a gun at a car attempting to break through a demonstration on a highway, sending one person to the hospital Saturday, the Aurora Police Department said on Twitter.

Demonstrators also attacked fences and broke windows during a demonstration at the Aurora Municipal Court Saturday, according to local station KDVR.





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