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How About Those Dream Machines?

The North American International Auto Show, also known as The Detroit Auto Show is quite an impressive display of automotive dream machines.  Upon entering this year’s motorcar display for the recent press week, it was immediately obvious that America’s Ford motor company is not only gearing up to compete with, but even to surpass some automotive competitors.  As one ventures into the sizeable Ford exhibit, a collection of mustangs both new and vintage will both please the eye and bring about thoughts of summer drives in one of those iconic beauties. Almost all car enthusiasts will truly want to hit the road in the Shelby Mustang GT 350R.

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For a larger view click on the image. Photo by Ron Edwards.

You will also not want to leave the presence of the 2017 Ford GT Coupe.  I stood there gawking at that future classic for over ten minutes before acquiring information about it from the experts waiting to answer our litany of questions.  For starters, the 2017 Ford GT is a superb combination of old and new.  As one spokesman stated, “Its wide gauge cluster with center mounted tachometer, red starter button, metal shift nob, large toggle switches and carbon fiber seats reflect upon its earlier heritage.  Also, the Ford GT is adorned with a console made of magnesium and a unique pattern of interior lighting. Which is coupled with almost every element of high style and superior quality gadgets that combine to make this American standout very competitive on the global stage.  With a lightening fast 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, it is doubtful that the Ford GT Coupe will ever get left behind at any road race venue.”

Upon venturing over to the Buick display, I was immediately focused upon the very beautiful Avenir flagship concept vehicle. It is a very long and almost sensuous motorcar with what one expert dubbed to be “a look that combines the styling of everything, ranging from the 1954 Wildcat to the third generation Buick Riviera.”  Although I am usually not very partial to very large coupes or sedans, I must say that the Buick Avenir is a visually stunning motorcar.  Last year Buick sold 1.17 million units worldwide with over 920,000 in China alone.  Some have asked if the Avenir will be produced exclusively for the Chinese market? Buick officials said no. But such large production vehicles are hot sellers in China, not the United States of America.  By the way, the Buick Avenir will not appear in American showrooms anytime soon.

The 2015 debut of the Buick Casada convertible was met with tepid enthusiasm. The pleasant looking car is powered by a 1.6 liter 200 horse power engine that will definitely get you where you want to go with ease.


Ron Edwards at the Detroit Auto Show. Photo by Ron Edwards.

Because of lower petrol prices and a drifting away from thus status quo in auto body style offerings, fun cars like the Corvette Z06 which propel from point A to point B via a 650 horse power engine that goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.3 seconds. It is truly a thing of beauty.  Product specialist Ann Marie informed me that “the Corvette is more than competitive with comparable motor cars from around the world.”  It now comes with a removable roof and if you like you can start ordering a convertible version that will became available in early spring.

Not only have the lowest fuel prices since President George W. Bush was president sparked a greater interest in high performance vehicles, but the already popular big trucks could benefit from an even greater groundswell of consumer interest.  Speaking of big trucks, the massive aluminum body Ford F-150 captured the North American truck of the year, beating out the Chevrolet Colorado and the Lincoln MKC cross over.  However, my favorite truck is the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept.  Auto expert Andrew Story described it best by stating “that the Hyundai Santa Cruz is an attractive, forward thinking compact crossover pickup truck.”

Another Detroit Auto Show eye candy vehicle is the 2015 Infinity Q 60 concept coupe that closely resembles an upcoming production vehicle. One auto week writer said it best, by describing the Q 60 concept is a strong statement from Infinity designers and that exhilaration is real.”  The Q 60 will begin rolling off the assembly line next year. It will replace the rather tired Infinity G Series Coupe.  To sum it up. The 2015 Detroit Auto Show is a fun experience and a sign of many good things to come from American and international auto producers.

On a related topic, a small number of Automotive company representatives who wished to remain unidentified, expressed concern over the government’s desire to increase gasoline taxes.  It is a shame that during the slowest economic economic recovery in United States History, that those elected to represent us are chomping at the bit to eliminate a small break from high fuel prices with higher gas taxes. It seems as if “We the People” will have to enforce the concept of “governing according to Constitutional guidelines and our benefit.”