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Awaken: The Rise of the Populist by Antonio Ancaya

For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.” — Samuel Adams

I met Antonio Ancaya when he was still writing his book. It is now published. I highly recommend that everyone reading this column buy a copy of his book “Awaken: The Rise of the Populist” and share it with your children and grand children. They won’t be disappointed.

Antonio writes, “To those who identify with the conservative cause, know you are not alone. Someone has to be the voice of millions of Americans who are suffering at the hands of left-wing tyranny. You are that voice. It’s time to make it count.”

And make it count, Antonio does!

Awaken: The Rise of the Populist” is a thought-provoking journey into the heart of America’s evolving identity, from the optimism of Americanism to the disillusionment of today.

Antonio Ancaya paints a vivid picture of societal shifts and the erosion of traditional values. Through the lens of his own experiences, he observes the fading of the American dream and the rise of a disheartened youth.

In the face of challenges posed by the leftist administration’s policies and rhetoric, which threaten civil liberties and the American way of life, Antonio warns against the erosion of fundamental rights. But amidst this, a spirit of resilience emerges, with a growing resistance to left-wing tyranny uniting conservatives. Despite societal pressures, especially on the younger generation, conservatives stand firm against leftist totalitarianism.

Awaken: The Rise of the Populist” is more than a book—it’s a call to action. A reflection on the past, a stark analysis of the present, and a hopeful vision for tomorrow.

It challenges readers to reconsider their assumptions, confront their fears, and embrace the potential of a brighter tomorrow. This is the time to make a difference, to stand firm against the liberal establishment’s narrative, and to champion cherished civil rights for all Americans.

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