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Hamas Terrorist: We Shot Crying Children ‘Until We Didn’t Hear Noise Anymore’

These philistines are not human.

Hamas terrorist: Shot crying children ‘until we didn’t hear noise anymore’

By: JNS, November 1, 2023:

“The mission was simply to kill,” Hamas operative Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha told Shin Bet interrogators.

Hamas operative Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha during a Shin Bet interrogation. Credit: Israel Security Agency.Hamas operative Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha during a Shin Bet interrogation. Credit: Israel Security Agency.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) released an interrogation video on Wednesday of a captured Hamas terrorist, who participated in the Oct. 7 massacre in Kfar Aza, a kibbutz in southern Israel.

“The mission was simply to kill. We weren’t supposed to kidnap, just kill,” Hamas operative Omar Sami Marzuk Abu Rusha told Shin Bet agents. “To kill every person we see and come back.”

Asked if he was told to murder women and children as well, Abu Rusha said: “Yes.”

“They told us that all the settlers were soldiers. There were soldiers among them. Kill every single one you see,” he said.

A Hamas terrorist who took part in the Kfar Aza massacre on October 7 in his interrogation: “Our mission was to kill everyone we saw, and then to come back.”

In the six-minute interrogation tape, the terrorist calmly describes murdering young children hiding in a safe room.

“We heard sounds of young children,” he said. “The cries of young children. A young child, something like that.”

“I shot and Abu Kamil shot. We shot at the door,” he added. “Until we didn’t hear noise anymore.”

The Shin Bet agent asked him what the difference was between him, given he had an order to kill from Hamas’s Nukhba commando forces and ISIS.

“In the things the interrogator showed me, there is no difference, in the things I was shown,” Abu Rusha admitted. “I saw videos worse than ISIS. The ones the interrogator showed me.”

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MONSTERS: Biden White House Blames American Moms For Baby Formula Shortage, ‘They’re HOARDING’

As if the Biden regime couldn’t be more evil, they are blaming desperate American mothers for the baby formula shortage.

“What we are seeing which is an enormous problem is hoarding….”


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Calling all young Patriots! Build large families to save American culture!

I’m so sick of hearing that as the population ages we have to tolerate more and more immigration from the third world.  Heck, that thinking is what is destroying Europe. And, I am sick of us being on the defense.

How about a national campaign to encourage young American couples to have more babies!  Why not!

If you are my age, you know we college students were beaten over the head with the idea that we dare not over-populate the earth and we dutifully (many of us!) did what we were told, all the while, the whole system was geared for people with lower educations to have MORE babies (encouraged by the welfare system).

Let’s stop the madness.  How about rewards for the well-educated to have large families!  (Oh, I can hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth from the Left now!).

Maybe there is some (brave!) private foundation out there willing to promote such a campaign!

This post is archived in a rarely used category here called ‘creating a movementwhich I would like to use more often!

Oops!  Should have reminded readers about this recent post—Death by Demography—when I initially posted this one.


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