These Are the Days of Elijah: Are We Overlooking a Key Part of Our Role?

Praying for America to repent is not praying like Elijah. He prayed for judgment to fall. As we approach July 27, a time when judgment has fallen in the past, maybe we should pray like Elijah did.

A roomful of U.S. Marines singing a popular Bible song is an interesting YouTube video, but the true spirit of Elijah means more than that praying for America to repent to avert God’s judgments. Elijah prayed for God’s judgments to fall so that people would repent. He prayed that it would not rain, James 5:17.

There are many harbingers or signs of ruin if we don’t repent, but Washington’s leaders are as bent on evil as Ahab and Jezebel were in Israel’s day. What other explanation can we give for the legal right to murder the unborn? This week we learn Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted babies.

We need to pray as Elijah did.  From the days of Roe v Wade, America’s descent has been accelerating. The recent “Supreme” decision to favor alternate marriage is another example that invites the judgments of God to  rectify popular opinion of what is truly supreme.

Ahab and Jezebel are a metaphor for what we see in Washington. Revelation 17 describes a harlot that represents a church involved in politics and governments in contrast to the bride of Christ. She is wealthy—decked with gold, wearing scarlet, the color of cardinals, sitting on seven hills—a mother of harlots (churches that are unfaithful for participating in similar alternatives).

We might not understand how she is the “mother of abominations” unless we knew her priesthood is riddled with alcoholism, homosexuality, pedophilia and cover-ups of its role in the holocaust and the saving of Nazis to Argentina where the pope came from.

America is getting ready for a wedding of D.C. minds and hearts for its prophetic role when we make “an image,” a look-alike to the Old World Order that pioneers fled for freedom New World.

New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum on our $1 bill) is the plan of the elite and their secret societies that use their mainstream media to ridicule any real truth on this.

The projected headlines for late September will court the union of this nation, once great for its freedoms that kept the church out of government, but now we see JADE HELM and surveillance everywhere as tokens of control that we can expect to  focus on Patriots and Protestants who will be labelled with “hate speech” and subject to indefinite detention under martial law.

Before it’s too late and freedom to speak is gone, we can pray for God’s judgments to make the issue clear. The “Supreme Court” is not supreme in approving of alternate lifestyles opposed to the Bible.

When Israel was bent on moral decay, God sent Babylon to conquer them as spiritual Babylon has overwhelmed the US. Solomon’s Temple burned on the 10th day of the 5th Jewish month as a sign that there were at the end of an era. That date is July 27 this year on the lunar calendar given to Israel.

If the reader wishes for a better America and clearer issues, why not share this article with your pastor and ask him to focus Sunday night, July 26, on the Elijah role of praying for judgment on America to set the record straight? Given a specific opportunity, we might be surprised to see God’s answer!

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A Tale of Two Cities Babylon and Jerusalem: Is Our  Religion Symbolical or Spiritual?

In the days of Nimrod whose kingdom was Babel, men built a tower, saying, “Let us make a name lest we be scattered abroad,” but God said, “let us go down and confound their language…so the LORD scattered them abroad.” Genesis 10:9,10; 11:4,7,8.

It seems significant that even now the Tower of Babel is used as a symbol of the  European Union with its poster, “Many Tongues, One Voice” (Google), a symbol of defiance to God and with 5-pointed stars pointing down—the official insignia for the Church of Satan. (Google).

From the beginning, God was trying to spare man an external focus that engenders pride. Babel became Babylon and its king later said, “Is this not great Babylon that I have built?” Daniel 4:30. That meant time out for another lesson as the king lost his mind and ate grass for a 7-year humbling of Babylon.

The impending end-times will test our grasp of Bible truth as Babylon will again be humbled for 7 years. The issues are more subtle now, for we are dealing with spiritual Babylon that has permeated society’s systems of medicine, education, welfare, government, correction and religion. Our focus now is religion.

When God liberated Israel from Egypt, He gave them a system of types that foreshadowed spiritual truth. The lamb that they sacrificed represented the lamb in Isaiah 53:5-7, “wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities,” and announced as “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world” by a Jewish prophet, John. John 1:29.

They loved Him for the loaves and fishes, but when He made the internal and spiritual nature of His kingdom clear, they rejected Him, saying “Crucify him!”–He thus fulfilled His sacrificial role as a lamb.

The question is, do we learn from those lessons, or are we as Christians trying to make Jerusalem and its external symbols right so we can feel ok, instead of “the kingdom of God is within you”? Luke 17:21.

In the “Tale of Two Cities,” Christians want Jerusalem, not Babylon, but it’s looking like Jerusalem will become permeated by spiritual Babylon depicted as a harlot involved with kings, wealthy (gold) and wearing scarlet (color of cardinals), a “mother of harlots” (other false churches) and abominations… drunken with the blood of saints (persecuting church in medieval history) on 7 hills, Revelation 17:2-9.

The Vatican plans a millennial reign in Jerusalem (Google it)  and Bible prophecy unmasks the pope’s role to introduce “Jesus” to the world after moving his headquarters there for the end-time, Daniel 11:45; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10.

To answer the question in our title, we must not conclude that we need to see Christian or Jewish symbols or temples in Jerusalem, because in the end, Babylon will use them as it forces everyone to bow as in Daniel 3.

Abraham, the father of the faithful, let Lot have his choice of geography, and Lot picked Sodom. The Bible shows Sodom and Jerusalem as equivalent in Revelation 11:8. So let’s not fight over it–it will end as the last chapters show, with Christ coming on the white horse* to deliver His people in Armageddon, represented also in Daniel as the fiery furnace deliverance.

In the end, only the religion that comes from God can lead to God. We must not insist on our own terms, but seek Him on His terms. Now is our opportunity to study the Bible as it reveals a significant part of what modern religions believe as false and no single denomination as having all the truth, Revelation 3:17.

*The white horse in Revelation 19:11 is pre-figured by the white horse in Rev 6:2, a message of truth that helps us decode the enemy’s counterfeits so we are not deceived.

This article should not be construed as against any sincere Christians, including Catholics who seek a better understanding of Bible truth to explain the incongruities they see in their church and leadership.

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EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Ruhling believes the white horse of Revelation 6:2 also represents information linked to the  7 seals in that chapter—information that is the basis of a covenant enabling us to marry Christ as Israel did and that whether Jew or Gentile, God will bless a covenant-keeping people as His bride in and through end-times, ( ) not raptured out of it.