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A Global Spy Ring: Obama, Putin, and Biden

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler had his eye on Ukraine. He dreamt of having fertile Ukrainian land to feed the German people. So he planned to enslave Ukrainian Slavs to work the land to make a flourishing German One Thousand Year Reich. To achieve the task, Adolf Hitler began WWII, September 1, 1939—millions were killed and injured. Eighty years later, Vladimir Putin now has his eye on Ukraine as well with the same plan, as he knows that there can’t be a Russian Empire without Ukraine. However, Vladimir Putin has acted in his own cunning way, to use the hands of others to achieve the goal, in this case—Americans.

In my preceding columns, I have already informed you about Obama’s transformation of America with the help of Russian Security forces—[united in their hate of capitalism]. Writing about them, I use a term KGB—Putin is their Face. Besides the general collaboration of the Obama/Putin Conspiracy, I have already given you a list of their Military collaboration against the American interests. Treason: Two Manchurian Presidents, July, 2, 2020. Still, I never expected a Global, International Ring of Socialist haters to unite in an attempt to destroy the young Ukrainian Democracy. Events exposed lately have stunned me.

Ukraine and its Socialist Mafia

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, it is larger than Germany or France. Ukraine is a beautiful country with vast areas of very fertile land, deep forest and plenty of hard-working and freedom-loving people. The country was under the regime of the Stalinist Socialist mafia for seventy years and the Ukrainians suffered enormously all those years. In the 1930s Stalin created a man-made starvation, 7-to-10 million people perished: every family was devastated and the memory of this tragedy has been validated by history and documentary. Ukraine proclaimed its independence immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union and thus started the fight with the Stalinist Socialist mafia inside Ukraine…

To investigate the Ukraine scandal, knowledge of Russia’s KGB is a must. For your information, the KGB loves to fish in a murky waters and pre-election Ukraine 2019 was the location of very murky waters. Putin’s desire to have Ukraine had never changed: the KGB had placed a lot of sleeper cells in Ukraine, a country of enormous corruption. This current scandal has very intriguing kinds of people involved: the top Dems Joe Biden, the KGB agent George Soros, four Dem Senators, and some even more questionable persons—a knot of possibilities that may even lead to the uncovering of the long-term Obama/Putin conspiracy…

“The year 2014 was a tough and crucial year for Ukraine: Russia invaded and occupied Crimea and directed a Russian speaking mob to attack the Ukrainian territory in Donbas and Lugansk—the war against the Ukrainian people had begun. And the tragedy is that Ukraine wasn’t ready to fight—the country didn’t have an army, weaponry and ammunition—Ukraine was naked due to the policy of Russian crony President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych. Thousands of Ukrainians were killed, a lot of territory was lost. Death Toll up to 13,000 in Ukraine Conflict, Says UN Rights Office. KYIV — Some 13,000 people have been killed, a quarter of them civilians, and as many as 30,000 wounded in the war in eastern Ukraine since it broke out in April 2014, the United Nations says. My conclusion: The blood of those Ukrainians is on the hands of America’s Manchurian President Obama, who steadfastly refused to help Ukraine and did nothing…

It was then that the Ukrainian people lost respect for the government of the U.S. It was then in 2014 the Ukrainian people took their destiny in their own hands. Volunteers with hunting rifles, some with knifes went to defend their country and died in the thousands, they sacrificed for their children to live in an Independent Ukraine. Patriots have saved their country. Please read here Russian Interference in the American Government (a.k.a. the Democratic Party) January 28, 2020.

The Biden Papa and Son

Obama delegated Joe Biden as a point man to Ukraine in 2014. Biden didn’t bring needed help arms or ammunition, he traveled to Ukraine with his son Hunter, whose activity deserves explanation. Neither Biden nor his son Hunter speaks Ukrainian or knows Ukrainian Law, which is completely different from American Case Law. Nevertheless, Hunter became connected to Burisma Holdings, which has operated in the Ukrainian natural gas market since 2002. Burisma Holding is the appendix of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych, a close friend of Vladimir Putin, who exiled in Russia to escape the Ukrainian’s people wrath for destruction of the Ukrainian Republic…

There is also a direct connection between Biden’s family and an oligarch in Ukraine— ”Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, joined the board of Ukrainian energy … According to The New York Times, Hunter Biden helped assemble the company’s legal team, … Burisma is led by an oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky.” Ukrainian Mykola Zlochevsky, founder of Burisma Holdings Company, on whose board Hunter Biden in 2014 was appointed, while at the same time his father was leading the Obama administration’s diplomatic dealings with Ukraine. Zlochevsky was a Minister of Energy in the Yanukovych government, which means he is the Russian asset, like Yanukovych himself.

How could this happen and how did Hunter Biden get an immediate connection to pro-Russian oligarch Zlochevsky? There is only one answer to the question: the Obama administration had cooperated with the previous pro-Russian administration in Ukraine; that way Hunter Biden had been tied with pro-Russian oligarch. But that also means that the American Embassy in Kiev had been working towards the same direction providing Aid and Comfort to Putin’s KGB…which is Treason against America… Zlochevsky is the subject of several closed cases now under audit by the Ukrainian prosecutor general in the new democratic Ukraine. The young Ukrainian democracy is now working to bring the Truth out:

“We are now reviewing all the cases that were closed or split into several parts or were investigated before, in order to be able to rule to reverse those cases where illegal procedural steps were taken.”

Americans can’t even imagine the scale of monumental corruption in Ukraine, it is Soviet style corruption. If you know Soviet style corruption, you’ll grasp the concept of Socialist Charlatans acting globally and in America’s Deep State under Obama. There is a very peculiar situation within America’s Socialist mafia, I mentioned it in my column Face to Face with Fascism in America, in this magazine September 28, 2019. Yes, writing for the last decade, I had renamed Soviet Socialism to Soviet fascism: both are the mortal enemy of America. I relay on you to choose the correct terminology…

Don’t be surprised that violence is surging in America and promoted by the Democrat Party. The major issue now is saving our country and knowledge of the Russian KGB is a MUST as well. I have already introduced you to Stalinist postulate for all Communists and Socialists: Never admit any crime you committed, but accuse the opponent in this exact crime. You will see in the upcoming presidential election in 2020 how Joe Biden follows that exact recipe—he will accuse Trump in the actions he himself or his son had committed. Considering Hunter’s bio, he has nothing to do with energy or Ukrainian Law, yet he was getting big money every month from the company in Ukraine. In front of you is an example of America’s Socialist mafia, Socialist Charlatans connected to a very corrupt foreign entity with the possibility of the crimes of extortion and bribery. This is the result of Obama/Putin Conspiracy, where Putin is running what amounts to a Global Spy Ring…

At the same time the Dems are constantly monitoring and investigating the U.S. President Donald J. Trump [following Stalin’s pattern]. The Dems are diverting attention from the sinister crime of treason they have committed–It is typical Stalinist DIVERSION… Look at the impeachment led by the House of Representative—a total fraud, waste of time and money a-la Soviet Fascism, which corrupts everything it touches. Who is the beneficiary of political chaos in America?? Look at riots, looting, and killing in our major cities! This is the result of the union of the Democrat Party with Organized crime brought to America by the Obama/Putin Conspiracy–the unity is a counter-revolutionary movement to destroy America the Beautiful. The Black Lives Matter group is nothing more than an Anti-Semitic and terrorist organization trained by Marxist KGB to stage fake protests and to create civil unrest around the country. They are the armed forces of the Democrat Party to smear President Trump and all other Republicans…

Tom Fitton was right about the Ukraine scandal as another malicious effort to protect the Obama/Clinton gang, criminal classified leaks, and spying targeting.” I called this gang America’s Socialist mafia, built by the Democrats. Their attack on Trump was the Deep State’s usual provocation made by the well-organized cabal of Obama’s CIA led by Socialist Charlatan John Brennan to divert attention from the crimes committed by Obama/Clinton gang. To cover-up their crime, they orchestrated coup against Trump. Obama delegated Biden to deal with Ukraine and a real crime, incredible corruption on global parameters is manifested by Biden’s “deals” in Ukraine. Don’t you feel the Russian Connection there?

Vladimir Putin is laughing hilariously in the Kremlin: his Global Spy Ring has undermined his mortal enemy—President Donald J. Trump… Putin relies on his KGB’s operatives like Keith Ellison, George Soros, Rep. Omar or Susan Rice and he is right: we have enemies within—a counter-revolutionary movement led by the Democrats in Blue states against our way of life, our moral standards, and the political system designed by our Founding Fathers. The late false narratives of “Systemic Racism” and “White Supremacy” are the hoop-la promoted by Putin’s KGB to divide and destroy America, we know and love. Putin is not alone, China joins Russia doubling the Evil forces of destruction. The time has come to expose the Dems’ counter-revolutionary attempt to demolish our exceptional political system–the FBI must be involved, our national security is at stake…

My fellow Americans!

We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Please, read Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech. It is a masterwork for all Republican Conservatives, a national program for all decent Americans, who love their country and treasure the memory of all our soldiers’ sacrifices to keep us free…

P.S. Please, watch Why Does Stalin Matter? the scholarly analyses:

The Soviet KGB agent Susan Rosenberg sponsors terrorist criminals Black Lives Matter.

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Yulia Latynina: ‘Ebola in America’ and other fake problems

Yulia Latynina is one of Russia’s most prominent journalists and critics of Putin’s government. She is a columnist for Novaya Gazeta and The Moscow Times, as well as a popular talk show host at the Echo of Moscow radio station. In 2008, Latynina was presented the U.S. government’s Freedom Defenders Award by Condoleezza Rice. She has authored more than twenty fiction books, including crime drama and science fiction.

Latynina is also one of my favorite Russian-language columnists. She describes herself as a libertarian, although if she were to live in the U.S., she would probably be considered a conservative author of the magnitude of Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn, and Rush Limbaugh.

The following is one of her latest essays, in my translation. It was slightly shortened and edited to account for the differences in Russia’s and America’s broader polemical contexts.

‘Ebola in America’ and other fake problems our leaders love to fight

By Yulia Latynina
Originally published in Russian in Novaya Gazeta, Sept. 27, 2014

Speaking at the United Nations, President Obama called Ebola a major threat to humanity. The second place in this Threat-to-Humanity Olympics went to President Putin, with the Islamic Caliphate taking the bronze.

I’m naturally offended that my Russia didn’t finish first, but I’d rather talk about Ebola than about Putin. The Western TV commentators are as terrified of Ebola as the Russian TV commentators are terrified of what they call “Ukrainian fascists.” “The mortality rate is 90%,” claims the WHO. “The virus attacks the soft tissues of the body, kidneys, liver, blood vessels, literally melting everything into one bloody mess.” “There are no drugs or vaccines from Ebola.” The horror!

Let me ask a few inconvenient questions.

Africa has been a repeated source of terrible epidemics. In the middle of the sixth century AD, a plague that came from Africa to the Roman Empire killed in different areas 30 to 80 percent of the population. In the middle of the fourteenth century, a plague that came from Africa to Europe, killed in different areas 30 to 80 percent of the Europeans. Since airplanes weren’t in existence, the plague traveled by ship, rat, and flea. And in the twentieth century, with the advancements in air travel, Africa also gave us AIDS.

The Ebola virus (in its several varieties) has existed in Africa for thousands of years. How come this menace, which is worse than Putin and ISIS, has never caused epidemics similar to the plague, smallpox, or cholera, and was discovered only in 1976?

How come that since 1976, all of the 13 outbreaks of Ebola never left Africa, and even there the number of victims has been relatively small? (In 2007, the outbreak in Uganda claimed 37 lives, and the one in 2012 resulted in 17 deaths).

Let’s look at the facts.

First. The WHO says that mortality from Ebola is “up to 90%.” It’s a lie. More precisely, it’s a special kind of lie, which in Islam is known as taqiyya. This is when the words formally represent the truth, but because of the way they are phrased, the audiences hear something else.

Ebola reached 90% mortality only once, in 2003, in the Congo, where 128 people died out of 143 infected. But the current epidemic has the mortality rate of about 50%, and there were epidemics, when the rate dropped to 25%. We will later discuss what exactly, apart from the difference in the strains of viruses, causes such dissimilar death rates.

Second, very important. How does Ebola spread? The answer is that it’s not airborne. It is spread only through contact with blood or bodily fluids. The semen of a man who survived Ebola can remain a source of infection for up to three months.

In plain language, an Ebola epidemic can only happen in the total absence of hygiene. Therefore, the WHO statement on page one of its brochure on Ebola that the virus is spread “from person to person” is plain panic-mongering by means of the same taqiyya, that is, lying by withholding information. A virus that is only transmitted if one is using an infected syringe or a Third-World toilet, cannot cause an epidemic in the developed world.

Third, even more important. Ebola attacks different organs, but the main cause of death usually is, just as it is with cholera, dehydration. Give the patient enough fluids and administer an IV with saline solution to replenish the escaping potassium and magnesium, and the 90% mortality rate will become a 90% survival rate. Those “melting” internal organs aren’t caused by the virus, but are the result of the disappearing vital minerals that are being washed away through diarrhea and vomiting.

Fourth. Those Americans diagnosed with Ebola were all infected in Africa, bringing the disease to the United States. The death rate among them is zero. All have recovered and one is still being treated. The American doctors are admitting they aren’t sure what has helped more: the drugs or the general supportive care. [UPDATE: the infected Liberian man who entered the US has since died as his treatment had been unfortunately delayed – O.A.]

In 1972, an American doctor Thomas Cairns doing missionary work in the Congo, cut himself with a scalpel during an autopsy on a patient who had died of Ebola – a disease yet unknown to medical science. He survived because his wife, even under those conditions, treated him with a basic drip.

Fifth. That there is no cure for Ebola is also a lie. There already exist drugs like TMK-Ebola and ZMapp. If the medical bureaucracy is screaming into our ears about the terrible threat from Ebola, while being too clumsy and incompetent to approve the anti-Ebola drugs, that only means the deadly threat comes not as much from Ebola as from the bureaucracy itself. The same way, one can ban all TB medications and then scream, “Tuberculosis is fatal! There’s no cure!” By the way, the Japanese flu medication, Favipiravir, also helps with Ebola.

Sixth. That there is no vaccine for Ebola is also a lie. The vaccine exists; it was created by GlaxoSmithKline. At the beginning of the epidemic a few months ago, GlaxoSmithKline contacted the WHO with the offer to help, but was politely told to make itself scarce.

Seventh. The fact that the medical bureaucracy is sitting on its hands and still hasn’t approved the drugs and the vaccines for this dangerous disease (the devastating effect of Ebola on the human body is hard to overestimate) means only what most doctors already know: the wealthy developed countries aren’t under any real threat from the Ebola epidemic.

To summarize: Ebola epidemics occur only in Africa, due to the disastrous lack of hygiene and just as disastrous lack of healthcare. There is no chance that the virus, which is transmitted through vomit and contaminated syringes, and kills by dehydration, can create an epidemic in the United States, in Russia, or even in Albania.

The Ebola story is very similar to that of the Haitian earthquake. Remember how in 2010, a 7.0 point earthquake killed 220,000 people in Haiti? A few months later, a much stronger, 8.8 point earthquake in Chile killed about 700 people. Keep in mind that each whole-number point represents a 32-fold increase in released energy, and that the magnitude of 7.0 corresponds to the lower limit of a major earthquake.

That is, the Haitians were dying not so much because of the earthquake as because of the squalor and lack of proper construction materials. In the modern world, all devastating catastrophes (well, almost all) result not from natural disasters, but from disasters that are social and political. It is true for the viruses as much as it is for the earthquakes.

One of the original sources of the Ebola infection is the meat of our cousins – chimpanzees, gorillas, and monkeys. This is practically cannibalism: chimpanzees have the mind of a 4-year-old human child. Would you eat a 4-year-old child? In the Congo, they eat not only apes and monkeys, but also pygmies.

Today’s Ebola epidemic, the largest in history, has killed 2,900 people out of 6,200 infected. Did you know that every single year, according to the same WHO, 250,000-500,000 people die of the flu?

So what do we have in conclusion? We have poor African countries, where Ebola – no doubt a terrible disease – is only one of the symptoms of a major social disease known as the failed state. We also have the international bureaucracy, incapable of quickly approving new drugs and vaccines because of its large size and incompetence, while at the same time screaming, “Give us more money so we can save humanity from destruction!” And we have President Obama, who can’t even cope with real problems – whether it’s the 50 million Americans on food stamps, or the Islamic Caliphate, or Vladimir Putin – and instead, declares the major problem to be Ebola, which has no chance to become endemic in the United States.

When one doesn’t know how to solve real problems, it becomes necessary to invent fake ones. Those are easier to solve.

That is why the Islamists, instead of confronting their own squalor and barbarism, are fighting America. That is why Putin, instead of confronting theft and corruption in Russia, is fighting America and Ukraine. And Obama, instead of confronting Putin and the Islamists, is fighting against Ebola.

EDITORS NOTE: This column was first published in the American Thinker.

A Remarkable 37th President

Forty years ago, on August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon resigned the office of President; the first and only President to do so.

I was just into my thirties in 1968, the year Richard Nixon was elected the 37th President of the United States. What I recall most of that year was the way the Chicago police, after enduring an onslaught of name-calling and insults from anti-war protesters aggressively drove them away from their effort to disrupt the Democratic Party convention that would nominate Hubert Humphrey.

His opponent would be Nixon. George Wallace, a segregationalist, ran as an independent that year as well. I wasn’t particularly interested in politics at the time. My focus was on my career where I had transitioned from having been a journalist to positions with the New York State Housing Finance Agency and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Looking back, I now know I should have been paying more attention because, in the end, whoever is President affects the lives of not just Americans, but others throughout the world.

Like millions of Americans I had turned against the Vietnam War and, in a seminal way, it would influence my movement toward conservatism. For many people Nixon was instrumental, not just in rejuvenating the Republican Party, but for giving a voice to the “silent majority” who didn’t like the war in general and Lyndon Baines Johnson in particular. In 1968, LBJ announced he would not seek reelection.

Cover - Greatest ComebackIn the years since the Watergate scandal whose cover-up forced Nixon to resign in 1974, subsequent generations know him only for that historic event. Patrick J. Buchanan has done us all a favor by writing “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority.” and it is a special treat for anyone who loves history in general and politics in particular.

As much as today’s media may have loved Obama when he was nominated the Democratic Party’s candidate, in Nixon’s day he was loathed by them for his strong anti-communist stance when he served in the House of Representatives and Senate, and thereafter throughout the Cold War. After having been Eisenhower’s Vice President for two terms, Nixon would lose to John F. Kennedy in 1960 and in a race to become the Governor of California in 1962. Few would have ever imagined that he would be elected President in 1968. In 1972 he was reelected in a landslide.

Labeled by his political enemies “Tricky Dick”, Nixon was a politician of prodigious talent, but mostly he was a man who, through sheer determination overcame defeat, revived the Republican Party, and, while devoted to conservative principles, was also pragmatic enough to be open to new ideas and events. His circle of advisors shared his principles, but diverged among each other as to tactics and issues. Nixon wanted that. He would choose what advice he thought best.

Buchanan was a member of Nixon’s inner circle, a writer of superb talent and one with a keen eye for the political times in which he lived and which Nixon would shape. As he notes in his book, “The years that followed that 1969 inaugural would be a time of extraordinary accomplishment. By the spring of 1973, all U.S. troops were out of Vietnam, the POWs were home, every provincial capital was in Saigon’s (South Vietnam) hands.”

“Nixon had negotiated SALT I and the ABM treaty, the greatest arms-limitation treaties since the Washington Naval Agreement” in 1922. Significantly, “he had ended decades of hostility between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, dating to Mao’s revolution and the Korean War. He had put an end to the draft, signed into law the eighteen-year-old vote, put four justices on the Supreme Court including Chief Justice Warren Burger and future chief justice William Rehnquist.”

Those of us who lament Big Government must acknowledge that Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and on the plus side the National Cancer Institute. He would “rescue Israel from defeat in the Yom Kippur War (and) end Soviet domination of Egypt.”

What I recall about the 1960s was how volatile and violent that decade was. There were riots in many of our largest cities which engendered Nixon’s “law and order” message that was widely embraced. There were anti-war protests and there were assassinations that took the lives of JFK, his brother Robert, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The greatest contrast between now and then is a general feeling of apathy that does not manifest itself in marches on Washington, D.C. anymore and a very distinct breakdown in social mores that includes the embrace of same-sex marriage and the push to legalize marijuana in some states.

The al Qaeda attack on 9/11 generated a massive intelligence program and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. It made Americans angry enough at first to endorse the invasion of Afghanistan and later Iraq.

Later Americans would watch the chaos the “Arab Spring” and these days the threat of the Islamic State, a self-declared caliphate that intends to control the whole of the Middle East and then destroy Israel and the U.S. The greatest threat of our times is Iran’s intention to build its own nuclear weapons.

Nixon brought about change on the basis of his vast knowledge of history, foreign affairs, and his judgment regarding the American people. By contrast, President Obama does not seem to like the American people or America.

© Alan Caruba, 2014