MONSTERS: Biden White House Blames American Moms For Baby Formula Shortage, ‘They’re HOARDING’

As if the Biden regime couldn’t be more evil, they are blaming desperate American mothers for the baby formula shortage.

“What we are seeing which is an enormous problem is hoarding….”


Miller: Baby Formula Crisis Alone ‘Justifies’ Biden Impeachment

Photos: Border detention center stocked with baby formula despite shortage

Amid Nationwide Shortage, Biden Regime Makes Sure Illegal Immigrants Get Baby Formula First

Biden White House Laughs About Baby Formula Shortage Crisis

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EXCLUSIVE: No, Jen Psaki, Trump Didn’t Start The DHS ‘Truth Ministry.’ That’s Literal Disinformation

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has spread disinformation repeatedly from the podium while speaking about the Disinformation Governance Board, claiming its “work” was present under the Trump administration.

Psaki’s go-to defense of the establishment of the board under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a continuation “of disinformation-related work that began under the prior administration.” One of the key bodies countering disinformation founded under former President Donald Trump, the Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF), was renamed by the Biden administration when he came into office the Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation (MDM) and was modified to focus on domestic rather than foreign threats, two Trump DHS officials told the Daily Caller.

“The CFITF was focused on foreign influence – particularly as it related to elections. The current MDM description from DHS takes the word ‘foreign’ out of the title. It’s clear that MDM, as it’s currently defined, is also looking at domestic communication,” Chad Wolf, former acting secretary of the DHS, told the Daily Caller.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), was created in 2018 under Trump to counter cybersecurity threats. In May of 2018, “a Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF) was established within CISA’s predecessor agency,” according to CISA’s website, and was tasked with “helping the American people understand the risks from” MDM.

CFITF was modified by the Biden administration in 2021 to officially change its name to MDM, and its “mission evolved to reflect the changing information environment,” according to its website.

The Biden-era DHS, its assistant press secretary and the CFITF did not respond to several requests from the Daily Caller to say why the name change was necessary, and what the new “mission” of the MDM is.

The MDM is now “charged with building national resilience to MDM and foreign influence activities,” the website reads. It also mentions that MDM campaigns are waged by both “foreign and domestic threat actors.”

A “Disinformation Stops With You” resource listed on the website states disinformation can be spread by “foreign states, scammers and extremist groups.” An election MDM resource states “Russian, Chinese, and Iranian state-sponsored elements, as well as domestic extremist groups,” are the primary culprits of spreading MDM.

President Joe Biden stated May 4 the “MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history, in recent American history.”

“When it comes to disinformation, it’s clear that DHS, under President Biden, is making this a core responsibility – to include in the domestic context. They are also politicizing the issue as they have established a Disinformation Governance Board in the Secretary’s office. They have taken control of combating foreign influence away from operating components, where decisions were largely made from career civil servants, and moved that power to the Secretary’s office. On top of that, they have appointed a highly controversial and partisan individual to head that board” Nina Jankowicz, Wolf continued.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the Disinformation Governance Board, which he first mentioned April 27 in a Senate hearing, wants to “develop guidelines, standards, guardrails to ensure that the work that has been ongoing for nearly 10 years does not infringe on people’s free speech rights, rights of privacy, civil rights and civil liberties.” He echoed Psaki in saying that the “work” was being done under Trump, and claimed that the board will focus on foreign surveillance, not domestic.

A DHS spokesperson told the Daily Caller “the Disinformation Governance Board is an internal working group that was established with the explicit goal of ensuring … Americans’ freedom of speech, civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy,” noting that the group has no “operational authority or capability” and that Psaki has said the DHS has worked to address disinformation “for years and throughout multiple administrations.”

Acting Deputy Chief of Staff for the DHS under Trump, Lora Ries, told the Daily Caller that the Biden administration’s DHS focuses on “content” rather than harmful “foreign adversaries,” and that Trump would have never started a Disinformation Governance Board.

Former Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told the Daily Caller that the board “is an entirely new creation of their own making,” called it the “Ministry of Truth,” and said there is “no way” the Democrats will operate the board “well.” “It is one of the most philosophically alarming things produced by this administration,” he added.

“The Biden Administration has changed the focus from foreign adversaries seeking to harm American cybersecurity and infrastructure to focus on content. This paved the way for this Disinformation Governance Board that will surely be weaponized against Americans. The government should not be the arbiter of truth or ‘misinformation.’ We Americans have learned the hard way that ‘misinformation’ is often just information the left doesn’t like,” Ries said.

“Instead of focusing on foreign terror threats and securing the homeland, particularly the border to prevent such threats from entering the U.S., the Biden Administration appears more interested in using the national security state to target concerned parents at school board meetings and Americans rightly skeptical about government’s own coronavirus disinformation. This administration prioritizes the wrong things. Secretary Mayorkas, like the Biden Administration, has turned inward – away from foreign threats and against Americans, in particular political opponents, who they label as ‘extremists,’” she concluded.

The newly appointed leader of the Disinformation Governance Board, Jankowicz, who will be in charge of determining what disinformation is, has been criticized for spreading disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop. She also supported the Steele Dossier, which Daniel Hoffman, a former CIA officer, said was possibly “part of a Russian espionage disinformation plot.”

Mayorkas and Psaki have defended Jankowicz, calling her an “expert” in disinformation.

Republican senators have questioned Mayorkas, exposing that he did not know about Jankowicz’s TikTok videos, nor about her Hunter Biden claims before she was appointed.

Wolf concluded by calling on the DHS “to provide the American people transparency as to what the Board is and was planning to do, and why the Department chose to put on an overtly partisan individual in charge who could easily be accused of spreading disinformation herself prior to her government service.”



Associate Editor.



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While Americans Can’t Afford Gas, Biden Slashes Drilling

It’s not Putin’s price hike, it’s Biden’s. And he insists on reminding us of that every few days.

The Biden administration on Monday reversed a Trump administration plan that would have allowed the government to lease more than two-thirds of the country’s largest swath of public land to oil and gas drilling.

The Bureau of Land Management’s decision will shrink the amount of land available for lease in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska…

The decision returns to an Obama administration plan that allows fossil fuel extraction in up to 52% of the reserve, compared to the Trump administration’s effort to open up 82% of the land to drilling.

Nationally gas prices continue to rise, despite increased production, hitting an average of $4.13. Of course, where I live, people would wait on line for an hour to get $4.13 gas and consider $5.13 a mouthwatering bargain.

But that’s what happens when you put enviros in charge of a city, a state, or a country.

While Biden and his lackeys advise Americans to buy $55,000 electric cars, they fly jet planes everywhere and then keep blocking efforts to make America energy independent.


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Biden to Revoke ‘Conscience’ Rule for Health Workers!

“Many people are not living their dreams because they are living their fears.” – Les Brown

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

One of the many great things done by President Trump was putting in place a conscience rule whereby Health Care workers could refuse to perform certain medical procedures or work if it conflicted with their sincerely held religious or moral beliefs.

The bill was never actually put in place as democrats and leftists in dozens of blue states and other liberal advocacy groups tied it up from 2019 onwards in Federal Courts.

Had it been implemented as planned, it would have allowed any and all health workers to legally refuse to provide services like abortions, contraception, gender affirming care, or any other procedure they objected to on religious and/or moral grounds.

The Democrats, as they get closer to losing power, and understanding that as many red states are introducing legislation to reduce or eradicate abortions and transgender care, they are telling this illegal regime occupying the White House to ensure that the Trump conscience bill never becomes law.

After all, these lefties love abortions! Especially those up to birth!! Destroying lives for political gain is their game. Just suck those babies out!! Murder them and call it a “woman’s choice” while refusing certain Americans the choice of if to take the poison – whoops – I mean China Virus Shot!

The plans to permanently remove Trumps conscious clause is underway at the Office of Management and Budget. Weird place to me to do this but what ever works I guess for these tyrants.

Progressive advocates see the removal of the clause as a major step in dismantling the Trump administration’s policy on reproductive rights, something every libtard in the nation hated. After all, they know better so don’t argue! If you do they will call you names covering everything they think will harm you, like racist, homophobe, anti LGBTQUI etc. What was that old expression? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me! We need to go back to that and stop fearing everything the left throws at us.

Planned Parenthood, one of the most reprehensible and disgusting companies out there that deal in blood, murder and mayhem, are delirious that the Biden Administration may get this done! Certainly no wailing and gnashing of teeth there!! Especially as they keep sucking up tax payers money!!

Jacqueline Ayers, the senior vice president of policy, organizing and campaigns for Planned Parenthood stated joyously “as state politicians continue to strip people of their sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, it’s imperative that the Biden-Harris administration revoke this discriminatory policy and help ensure people can access the healthcare and information they need when they need it.” Healthcare? Since when did callous pre thought out murder of a living human being become healthcare? Just asking…..

Originally U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer, a Hussein Ovomit – I mean Obama appointed federal judge with a very leftist past and career, was the Judge who initially killed the Trump conscious clause. He got his law degree at Harvard… a liberal bastion of lefties, commies and America haters. He and his wife are both very progressive and woke Jews. Enough said and his bias is obvious.

We will continue seeing this administration under Dumbo in Chief, attacking and destroying as fast as they can, Trumps legacy and finest work.

I call it treason.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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Is Biden a Buffoon, Bolshevist or Both?

“The Bolsheviks, also known in English as the Bolshevists, were a far-left, revolutionary Marxist faction founded by Vladimir Lenin that split with the Mensheviks from the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, a revolutionary socialist political party formed in 1898, at its Second Party Congress in 1903.” – Wikipedia

We have been watching Biden and his administration since his inauguration on January 20th, 2021 and we have to ask:

Is Biden a Buffoon, Bolshevist or Both (B,B, or B)?.

Looking at Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) Agenda we have concluded that it contains all the essential elements that only a buffoon and Bolshevist would embrace. Therefore we have concluded that Biden and his administration are both buffoons and Bolshevists.

We believe that Biden, his administration and his mentors Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama are Bolshevists.

They have broken away from the party of Thomas Jefferson and turned into the party of a far-left, revolutionary faction that kowtows to radical agendas of select groups at the expense of the health and welfare of the general population.

Biden’s Bolshevists

Since FDR the Democrat Party has gone down the path of big government to solve problems, rather than allow we the people to deal with our problems in an open market and free society. FDR’s New Deal, big government writ large, has morphed into the Green New Deal. Efforts are under way to replace God with government largesse.

Because of FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society and now Biden’s Green New Deal we have three classes of citizens: the Bolshevists (political elite), those who work for a living (American patriots) and those who vote for a living (blood sucking automatons).

This new class structure not happenstance, this is by design. 

Here’s our short list of Biden’s and the Democrat Party’s Bolshevists:

  • Labor, teachers and federal employee unions. Bolshevists one and all.
  • Radical Democrat Socialists like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and like minded individuals.
  • Radical Islamists like Ilan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and André Carson who support organizations that are anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.
  • Antifa and its followers who use violence to make their presence known.
  • Black Lives Matter, a black nationalist Bolshevist organization, which is dedicated to racist policies including but not limited to defunding the police and attacking non-minorities and minorities who don’t support their far-left Bolshevist cause.
  • Members of the radical LGBTQIA who want to fundamentally transform gender and sexuality while gaining political power to attack all who oppose them and their far-left agendas. These agendas include destruction of the traditional family, gender and promote pedophilia and pederasty.
  • The legacy media which has failed to tell the truth and therefore has become nothing more than far-left propaganda.
  • Social media which has silenced free speech using the amorphous term of “community standards” as their weapon of choice to pick who they allow to post and who they deplatform, including a sitting President.
  • Administration appointees who by-in-large are carryovers from the Obama administration. This group are far-leftists who fund, support and defend all of the above Bolshevists.
  • And finally, those Bolshevists who voted to put these Bolshevists into positions of public trust.

The Bottom Line

The Democrat Bolshevist Party is now in charge and the people are pissed. Everything is going up: taxes, inflation, gasoline and diesel prices, cost of food, clothing, drugs, medical care, housing, rent, etc. Also going up is the number of Bolshevists in government jobs.

This does not bode well for America as a Constitutional Republic. As the Bolshevists took over Russia and became the Soviet Union, today we are seeing the Democrat Bolshevists taking over our lives, liberties and happiness.

We have labeled those who elected Biden “the depraved electorate.” The depraved are the 87% of Democrats who give Biden and his administration, “positive marks for the job he is doing.” The “depraved electorate” are willfully ignorant of what is really happening around them.

The republic can survive a Biden, who is after all, merely a buffoon.

It is less likely to survive a multitude of buffoons, such as those who made and now defend him as their president!

Time to focus on the depraved Bolshevist electorate who defend, encourage and support Biden, the prince of buffoons.

Will November 2022 will be a reckoning? Will the electorate give us conservative majorities in the House and Senate?

If not gird your loins. Armageddon is coming! It’s us patriots against the Bolshevists and their blood sucking followers.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Biden’s Weakness on the Ukraine-Russia War is a Threat to America

Like Obama, Biden has dragged us through international humiliations to weaken us.

Putin invaded Ukraine under Obama in Feb 2014 and Biden in Feb 2022.

The invasions eight years apart to the month are not a coincidence. Both times Vladimir Putin was facing a lame duck Democrat who had just flinched away from a military engagement.

Each time Putin smelled weakness and he struck.

Obama, after declaring a red line in Syria, had panicked and backed away in 2013. He then cheered on Ukrainian protests against a pro-Russian regime in Kiev and Moscow responded by calling his bluff and seizing Crimea. Afterward, Obama called Putin to warn him that Russia’s actions were in “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty” and that “in coordination with our European partners, we are prepared to impose additional costs on Russia for its actions.”

Those “sanctions” consisted of buying twice as much Russian oil in Jan 2015 as in Feb 2014.

The latest Russian invasion followed the Fall of Kabul and the pathetic spectacle of American forces abandoning their own citizens to Taliban terror which helped make Biden a lame duck.

Would we be watching a war in Ukraine if not for Biden’s disgrace in Afghanistan?

Apart from the questions of what we should have done in Afghanistan or Syria is the issue of basic national credibility. Nations can do smart or stupid things abroad, but the one thing they can’t afford is not to be taken seriously. When the president of the United States says something, the world should sit up and take notice, instead of yawn and change the channel.

Putin is, despite the claims from the administration and its media, a rational actor. Like every tyrant he sees no value in rhetoric except as assertions of strength or admissions of weakness.

Biden, like his former boss, keeps insulting and threatening Putin not from a position of strength, but as an admission of weakness. Biden calls for regime change and war crimes trials for Putin, and then slow walks shipments of weapons and refuses to transfer planes to Ukraine.

The message is the same as when Obama condemned Putin’s invasion of Crimea and then refused to provide meaningful armaments to Ukraine while slow walking shipments of boots.

Putin understands the message the same way a big dog understands when a little dog yaps.

Moscow isn’t paying attention to what Washington D.C. says, but what it does. And the real message from Biden is that he’s afraid of Putin, but looking to cover it up with tough talk.

Biden wants all the political benefits of siding with Ukraine, with none of the military risks. Like Obama, he’s trying to prop up an international order centered around the United States while pretending that it can be done through diplomacy and sanctions without the use of force.

The real world doesn’t work that way.

The false choice between globalism and isolationism is just that. Foreign policy is not an ideology, it’s a balance. When nations embrace ideological foreign policies, they court disaster. Putin’s disaster in Ukraine put ideology ahead of strategy, embracing wishful thinking that ignored the realities of the battlefield and the cost of war. That’s something we know about.

But whatever damage Putin inflicts on Russia in Ukraine, Biden has inflicted more on us.

Beyond the economic pain, Biden has once again wrecked America’s credibility, making public commitments and private disavowals, putting our honor on the line for a war he has no intention of winning or even getting involved in. Putin understands that even a partial victory in Ukraine means not just a defeat for that country, but for the United States and Europe as paper tigers.

And Moscow may be willing to sacrifice ten or twenty thousand men for that strategic objective.

Biden has put America in the terrible position of having committed to a war that only a third party can win. And he has no intention of properly arming that third party to win on the battlefield.

What that really means is that Biden and his administration have set up America to lose.

Like Obama, the Biden administration has dragged us through a series of international humiliations that appear calculated to weaken us as a world power and wipe out our credibility.

Biden has clumsily deployed sanctions and weapons shipments behind Putin’s strategic schedule, playing catch up with the pace of events while letting Russia take the lead. That hasn’t made the war any better or safer, instead it’s become more agonizing for everyone.

If Russia is defeated after all, Biden will claim all the credit and deserve none of it.

The administration’s fearful dithering gave Putin the impression that he could quickly take Ukraine and win. After giving Putin permission for a “minor incursion” as his version of Obama’s red line, Biden was confronted with a full invasion and after a month still hasn’t made it clear to either Russia or Ukraine, or any of our allies, what they can expect America to do about it.

These mixed signals convinced both sides that they can still win and have prolonged the war.

If Biden believes that it’s in our national interest that Russia be defeated, then he should say it and act like it, instead of empty babble about who should run Moscow, something he has no say in, or even more hollow threats of war crimes trials. If he wants to arm Ukraine, then he should do it properly or stop altogether because a halfway approach will just kill more people.

Washington D.C. can reduce Ukraine, like Boko Haram and ISIS, to a hashtag war, but China and Iran are watching and drawing their lessons from what is happening. And if we treat Taiwan and the Middle East, our tech and energy regional lifelines, as disposable, there will come a war that we will have to fight. And heaven help us if we try to fight it with hashtags and sanctions.

Strong nations make it clear what they will and won’t fight for. And they don’t send mixed signals that only communicate weakness. Nor do they talk about how fearful they are of a fight.

That doesn’t mean that foreign wars are a good idea or should be embraced as a policy.

But the best way to avoid foreign wars is by having meaningful red lines and doctrines that clearly lay out national interests, and by viewing war as a choice made from a position of strength, not the catastrophic conclusion to a series of inept entanglements that alternately convince our enemies we won’t fight and that they have nothing to worry about even if we do.

Instead Biden has continued the failed policy of ambiguous global commitments under the guise of international law and the even more implausible values of the international community that have no clear red lines for engagement or disengagement. In Ukraine, Biden, like Obama, is hiding behind the Europeans, who are hiding behind us, for a global show of cowardice.

Vladimir Putin understands that wars are something you win, while the D.C. establishment doesn’t fight wars, but commits American forces to implementing multilateral values.

That’s why we never win. If you don’t fight a war, how can you possibly win one?

Putin understands why he’s in Ukraine. Do we? What are our national interests there or anywhere? How does our employment of military force make us safer, stronger, or wealthier? Are we involved to keep energy and bread prices low, or to avoid a future war on worse terms?

These are basic questions and the failure to answer them sets us up for defeat every time.

Two Democrat administrations have sent a message to our allies, enemies, and countries wondering which of these they might want to be that the American era has come to an end.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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The LGBT Agenda is to Destroy America by Sterilizing Our Youth

Sterilizing American youth, the newest line of effort for destroying American people, culture and history.

BREAKING: DOJ sent a letter to all states THREATENING doctors who won’t chemically neuter or surgically castrate patients w/gender confusion.

America First Legal sued to stop HHS from carrying out this vile threat:

AFL Sues to block radical Biden edict forcing doctors to provide unethical transgender treatments, erasing biological sex from medicine

WASHINGTON, D.C. — America First Legal sued the Biden Administration on behalf of a class of doctors, seeking to prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from forcing medical professionals to provide unethical transgender-related medical services.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act prohibits “sex” discrimination in any health program or activity that receives federal funds. Three months ago, HHS announced that it will “interpret and enforce” section 1557 to prohibit: (1) “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”; and (2) “discrimination on the basis of gender identity.” But nothing in section 1557 prohibits discrimination on account of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”—and nothing in this statute requires doctors and health-care providers to deny biological reality by providing “gender-affirming” healthcare.

HHS’s interpretation of section 1557 threatens every medical provider who refuses to bow to the demands of homosexual and transgender activists. It allows anyone to file a complaint against a doctor who refuses to provide services or referrals that violate his ethical or religious beliefs, and if HHS determines that doctor engaged in discrimination based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” that doctor would face significant consequences—including fines, penalties, and lack of access to patients who use federally-backed insurance plans (such as Medicare and Medicaid).

AFL is proud to represent the class of doctors in this case to stop the Biden Administration from using the government as a cudgel to advance its radical anti-science, anti-medicine, and anti-religious-freedom agenda.

Statement From America First Legal President Stephen Miller:

“In perhaps no area is it more dangerous and destructive to erase biological sex than the field of healthcare. Treatment, medicine, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other care must comport with biological reality and anatomy—or the results can be irreversibly damaging, even lethal. There is no plausible reading of this statute that would, or ever could, compel doctors to treat biological males as females or biological females as males. By any definition, this Biden edict is unlawful, unconstitutional, and medically unconscionable. This Orwellian decree denies science, denies medical reality, denies objective academic truth, and endangers patients, children, and the whole medical profession. If we wish to maintain our status as an advanced and civilized nation, then we must safeguard the medical profession from radical woke ideologies enforced through raw government power. Doctors must be free to follow their medical conscience and to follow the medical science. America First Legal will vigorously, passionately, and relentlessly fight this Biden edict in federal court—and we will fiercely defend the rights of medical professionals and the scientific integrity of medicine itself.

Read the full lawsuit here.

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CLICK HERE to read the PDF – 4 page DOJ letter.

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The Self-Oppression of Identity Politics

Which story will define and inform your lives?

In today’s world of exponentially less systemic discrimination, claiming its continued existence effectively compromises more crucial mental and spiritual freedoms.

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.”

Earl Nightingale, American radio-show speaker, author, human-potential pioneer

Who amongst us hasn’t attained some goal in life—from getting your first bicycle as a kid, to landing our dream job, and everything in between—by single-mindedly focusing on its realization? We all have. In fact, that exercise, embodied by the above quote, is at the heart of virtually every self-help prescription—mantras, affirmations, visualization, positive thinking—for improving one’s life in any number of arenas.

With the above Nightingale quote in mind, let’s look at identity politics, defined as:

“A tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.”

The appeal of identity politics is undeniable and understandable. For members of groups that, historically, have been oppressed or marginalized to any extent, it’s sensible (not to mention downright heady) to join forces with like-minded souls, and fight to end that oppression. Over the past half-century, minorities, women, and gays have made enormous progress precisely because they systematically organized and fought against proactive discrimination.

As such, no one could seriously argue that the above groups aren’t far freer and have far more possibilities and opportunities than they did prior to the 1960s. Because of their efforts, there are bodies of law in place expressly prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation. As well there should be.

So, what happens when an identity-politics mindset encounters a society that has made enormous strides in eliminating institutionalized forms of discrimination—i.e., Jim Crow laws, red-lining practices in real estate; racial/sex discrimination in businesses, restaurants, public transportation, clubs, organizations, etc.? Does it become a movement subject to the law of diminishing returns?

Consider the underlying sentiment expressed by most practitioners of identity politics: “I am not free to fully succeed in life, and if I indeed don’t succeed, it’s because I am surrounded by people and institutions committed to keeping me down.” In the not-too-distant past, for the above groups, that sentiment was a statement of fact.

But, in our vastly different times today, does such a mindset simply become a reliable path to victimhood?

It’s one thing to fight against true oppression, where there are activecodified, societally accepted measures that prevent you from realizing your dreams, but in a much freer society, where the laws are now on your side to a far greater extent, what does one end up fighting against?

Yes, there is, but that racism exists far more in the realm of personal beliefs and prejudices held by individuals, as opposed to institutionalized policies to keep people down. Shelby Steele, acclaimed black author, columnist and filmmaker, in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece, obliquely underscored this point (emphasis mine):

“Of course this does not mean there is no racism left in American life. Racism is endemic to the human condition, just as stupidity is. We will always have to be on guard against it. But now it is recognized as a scourge, as the crowning immorality of our age and our history.”

Racism is endemic to the human condition. A bold statement on its surface, yet, given the history of human behavior across millennia, and the hard-wired tendency of groups—regardless of culture, race and nationality—to consider themselves superior to those different from themselves (i.e., the essential quality of “racism”), were truer words ever spoken?

So, given all the above, and particularly the personal (vs. systemic/institutional) nature of most racism today, if your goal is to “eliminate racism,” you’d need to enter the realm of mandating proper speech and thought. And one look at the insanely PC-driven attempts to curtail free speech at many of our universities (just one venue for this awful trend) is all it takes to see how dangerous and unconstitutional that exercise is.

Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine two gay black women—people who are part of multiple “identity” groups.

One says, “Yes, I’m a gay black woman, but nothing and no one can stand in the way of my living my ideal life, and realizing my dreams.” In this day and age, with far more freedom to thrive than at any other time in history, is it even remotely far-fetched to imagine that this woman, if she worked hard enough, would, in fact, realize her dreams?

On the flipside, let’s take another gay black woman, who, immersed in the world of identity politics, aligns herself with other similar folks. To them, the world is a hostile place, replete with systemic oppression and institutionalized racism standing between them and what they want.

If those are the two respective worlds these two women inhabit, which of them is more likely to succeed? Who has more “agency”?

I can hear it now: “But you’re a straight, white male. What do you know about oppression?” Not much. But, what does my reality and opinion (ignorant and naïve?) have to do with your journey? Nothing. Given the extraordinary progress these groups have made, the far more relevant question for them is, “Which story will define and inform your lives?”

Will it be the one that essentially says, “The deck is stacked, and if I fail, it’s not my fault”? Or the one that says, “Sure, there’s still ignorant, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic people out there, but they no longer have the power to stop me from realizing my dreams. And if they try, I’ve got the law on my side”?

We’re all aware of plenty of people who are members of “aggrieved” groups, who’ve succeeded in life—some enormously—despite countless obstacles and hardships. By the same token, we all know of plenty from those same groups who haven’t.

Doesn’t the existence of that real-world dichotomy argue far less for discrimination, and far more for the incandescently self-evident fact that human beings are endowed with widely varying levels of intelligence, initiative, ambition, drive, vision, motivation, etc.?

We should all be prepared to push back against cases of real racism when we encounter them. But in a world that, legally, is far freer for all its citizens than at any point in history, more often than not, invoking identity politics amounts to little more than arguing for a life of limitation. And who would consciously choose that?


Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman is an Atlanta-based freelance writer, and author of the acclaimed Well-Fed Writer series on commercial freelance writing.

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In Poland, Biden Wants To Be Reagan, But He’s Still Carter

When Biden showed up in Poland, the speechwriters dug through Reagan’s old speeches in the hopes of making him sound Reaganesque.

Too bad generations of speechwriters have already been farming that territory for too long. There were a few resonant unoriginal lines in what was otherwise a rambling and repetitive address that more closely resembled the rhythm of a Brezhnev speech.

What made Reagan speeches compelling wasn’t just words, it was the authoritative delivery and the moral authority behind the words. Reagan had built his political career around speaking things that the political elites didn’t want to be uttered: especially when it came to the Cold War. There was bold moral clarity in Reagan labeling the Soviet Union as evil because for so long the liberal elites had resisted stating the obvious. There’s no great moral triumph in pointing out that Putin is bad and that his invasion of Ukraine is wrong. Even few of Russia’s allies are especially enthralled with defending the move.

There’s no bold moral clarity in restating the popular consensus. Especially when it’s backed by nothing.

Reagan wasn’t in a rush to get into a war with Russia, but he also made it clear that America and the free world wouldn’t be pushed around. Biden has proven quite willing to borrow Reagan’s speeches and to be pushed around by Putin.

Biden is polling as weak on the Ukraine war and so he wants to borrow a little Reagan to sound tough, but despite the borrowing, he still sounds like Carter.



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Special Issue – Iran Deal 2.0: The New Iran Deal Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Twenty years after 9/11 and 7 years after the first Iran deal, the U.S. government is about to sign a deal that will bring Iran closer to its goal of acquiring nuclear weapons.

In 2012, Clarion Project produced Iranium, a feature documentary exposing how incredibly dangerous it would be to allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons.

It is astonishing how relevant the film still is 10 years later, as the current U.S. administration is on the cusp of announcing a new agreement that would pave the way for this catastrophe. The personalities are different, but the same radical forces are still in control of Iran. The only difference is that Iran is now far better equipped to deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the Middle East and to parts of Europe.

This special newsletter includes short and still very relevant clips from Iranium as well as a selection of the most important and insightful articles on the current deal and why it’s even worse and more dangerous than the Obama-sponsored agreement of seven years ago.

Please forward this important email to others and help us expose this dangerous new agreement.

Iran’s Leaders Guided by Apocalypstic Beliefs


In Islam, there is an end-of-times scenario in which the Mahdi, a descendant of the prophet Mohammed, returns and leads the forces of the true believers in the final battle with the infidels. What is particularly alarming are the repeated pronouncements of Iran’s leaders indicating their belief that the time for this apocalyptic struggle is now.  Since the 1950s, the threat of nuclear apocalypse and mutually assured destruction has helped deter the use of nuclear weapons.  For Iran’s leaders, that threat is an incentive rather than a deterrent.

A History of U.S. Delusions About Iran’s Goals

The Biden administration’s delusions about Iran have a long history.  Multiple American administrations have made the mistake of believing that there was some package of benefits that could be offered to Iran to dissuade it from developing nuclear weapons. For more than 40 years, the Iranian leaders have shown a single-minded determination to acquire these weapons, and there is no carrot that the U.S. can offer them to give this up.

From its beginning in 1979, the Islamist regime in Iran has viewed terrorism as an essential component of its foreign policy and a tool for waging war against its enemies and spreading Islamic revolution. Iran works with and supports nearly every militant Islamist organization in the world and is the leading sponsor of terrorism worldwide.

Netanyahu’s Powerful and Desperate Appeal

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been among the most powerful and influential voices of opposition to the original JCPOA and to its new and even worse incarnation. His one-minute video is well worth watching:

Essential Details of the New Iran Deal

Iran is Getting Much More Than it Expected

  • In an interview with Iran’s official news agency IRNA, Mikhail Ulyanov said, “Iran got much more than it could expect. … Realistically speaking, Iran got more than frankly I expected, others expected.”
  • The Obama-era agreement sought to keep Iran a year away from a nuclear weapon for 13 years. The new deal appears to leave Iran with half the breakout time (six months) for half as long (seven years).
  • Iran continues enriching more uranium and installing more advanced centrifuges, further shrinking its breakout window.
  • The administration will lift sanctions on a host of Iranian banks and companies involved in terrorism. This will give Tehran immediate access to an estimated $86.1 billion to $130.5 billion in foreign assets to be used for funding its many terrorist proxies around the world.
  • The new deal will lift sanctions on nearly all of the 112 people and entities sanctioned under Supreme Leader’s Office Executive Order. These are some of the most evil and dangerous terrorist leaders and sponsors in the world today. It would also lift sanctions on Khamenei’s personal slush funds.
  • One of the primary beneficiaries of the new deal will be Hezbollah – Iran’s largest and most dangerous terrorist proxy.
  • The new deal also includes a record-breaking $7 billion ransom payment for the release of four Americans from an Iranian jail. Other sources indicate that the ransom payment will be $11 billion.
  • As part of the deal, the Biden administration is considering removing Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the foreign terrorist organization list, just after the IGRC launched missiles at U.S. targets in Iraq and continues to threaten the U.S., Israel, and other Western Nations with further missile attacks.

Iranian Plot to Assassinate John Bolton Exposed

  • A U.S. Justice Department official recently exposed the IRGC’s plot to assassinate former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton.

New Deal is Brokered by Russia and Subject to its Demands

  • While President Joe Biden has promoted strong sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. has been relying on Russia to help broker the new agreement with Iran.
  • Russia is using the deal to garner sanction relief over their involvement in the invasion of Ukraine.
  • The Biden Administration has already waived sanctions on Russia’s state-run nuclear energy company Rosatom to allow a $10 billion contract to expand Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr.

Iran’s Ballistic Missile Arsenal Has Grown in Size, Reach and Accuracy

  • Since the original JCPOA was signed seven years ago, Iran has made substantial progress in its ballistic missile program and can now deliver more missiles with greater accuracy to much farther distances. All U.S. bases and allies in the Middle East and parts of Europe are now within range.

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Biden’s Failure is the Left’s Policy Failure

No White House Democrat, certainly not Carter or Clinton, probably not even Obama, unambiguously pursued a radical leftist agenda with as much fervor as Biden.

While Biden may have seemed like an unlikely radical ruler, his shaky mental state allowed his staffers to run things and the growing radicalization of his party, combined with the infamous deal with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, essentially outsourced the administration to the radical Left.

Lefties insist that their agenda is enormously popular and would connect with the concerns of the average American. The average American disagrees.

Overall, 26% say that Biden’s first year agenda has focused a lot on issues important to average Americans, 38% say it has focused a little on these issues, and 35% say it has not focused at all on the concerns of average Americans. Trump did somewhat better on this metric (37% a lot, 34% a little, and 26% not at all in January 2018).

A basic difference was that Trump talked about items that had clear benefits for Americans. Biden’s agenda is vast and diffuse and mired in lefty talking points. What percentage of the country cares about the green agenda? Worse still, Biden kicked off his early time in office pushing national election rigging election legislation, a topic that engaged GOPers and Dems care a lot about, but most independents are much less interested in.

The difference here is pretty obvious.

Just 38% of Americans feel optimistic about the policies Biden will pursue over the next few years, which is down significantly from 61% who felt optimistic as he took office last year.

Trump was successfully selling a popular agenda. Biden? Not so much. Ask the average independent who isn’t politically opinionated what Biden stands for and they haven’t the faintest idea.

The Biden administration has effectively unrolled a vast policy agenda that has had limited legislative success, but a lot of changes on the ground at the administrative level. But there’s so much of it that people are vague on what’s happening and don’t like what little is gone.



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UK Gives Iran $515,000,000 for 3 Hostages

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Inflation Soars To Another Four-Decade High

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 0.8% in February, bringing the key inflation indicator’s year-over-year increase to 7.9%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported.

The CPI reached another four-decade high throughout February, with prices increasing nearly 8% on a year-over-year basis, the BLS reported Thursday. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal projected the index to have grown just 7.8%.

The core price index, which measures inflation of goods less food and energy, increased 0.5% in February, the BLS reported. Food prices reportedly grew 7.9% on a year-over-year basis as of February, the BLS reported, and energy prices soared 25.6%.

Economists projected inflation would ease in the spring, when the Federal Reserve begins its interest rate hikes, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has threatened higher prices, especially in energy, wheat and precious metals, the WSJ reported.

“We thought that inflation would come down, especially due to the untangling of the global supply chain, but we don’t know how what’s happening in Ukraine will re-tangle that,” Joel Naroff, chief economist at Naroff Economics LLC, told the WSJ.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expects the central bank to raise rates by one-quarter of a percentage point after its March 15-16 meeting, according to the WSJ.

“I do think it’s going to be appropriate for us to proceed along the lines we had in mind before the Ukraine invasion happened,” Powell said, the WSJ reported. “In this very sensitive time at the moment, it’s important for us to be careful in the way we conduct policy simply because things are so uncertain and we don’t want to add to that uncertainty.”




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Buttigieg and EPA Reveal Biden’s ‘Zero-Emissions’ Agenda Behind Skyrocketing Gas Prices

This is a real “Let Them Eat Cake” moment for Transportation Department top dog Pete Buttigieg, as most Americans can’t afford electric cars and the infrastructure isn’t there for them in all parts of the country, but Buttigieg here reveals the Biden agenda.

He doesn’t care about skyrocketing gas prices because he wants to drive internal combustion engines out of existence anyway.

It’s part of the Green New Deal plan. The suffering he will cause by doing so is of little moment to Biden and Buttigieg; they won’t experience it. Neither will EPA top dog Michael Regan, who makes the plan clear.




Fraudulent Biden’s Biggest, Fattest Bald-Faced Lie Yet: : “Simply not true that my admin or policies are holding back domestic energy production.”

MORANO: ‘No ban on Russian energy until U.S. lifts sanctions on U.S. energy’

Negotiator Says Two Countries Will Benefit From Biden’s New Nuke Deal with Iran — Neither of Them Are the U.S.

Gas prices hit average of $4 a gallon for the first time since 2008, approach record high

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Saint Olga of Kyiv: Defiance and Vengeance

The memory of a fierce regent of old can inspire Ukrainians today in the face of war.

The past few days have seen a spate of videos showing Ukrainians and their president defying an onslaught of Russian aggression. Who could fail to be moved by the video of a Ukrainian woman confronting an armed and jackbooted soldier, telling him to put sunflower seeds in his pockets so at least sunflowers will grow where he dies.

Or President Zelensky’s heroic selfies from Kyiv’s front line, which inspire far more widely than just among his countrymen?

Stalwart Princess

Ukrainians are used to adversity, and they have a special medieval role model who personifies their bravery in the face of hardship. The Mongol horde destroyed her tomb in Kyiv in 1240, but a Ukrainian Orthodox cathedral dedicated to her was consecrated there as recently as 2010.

Olga of Kyiv, consort of Igor, second ruler of the Rurikid dynasty, is today recognised as one of Eastern Orthodoxy’s greatest saints. A fierce and proud woman who protected her young son and avenged her husband’s death, she was a crucial figure in the consolidation of the medieval kingdom of Kyivan Rus’ as a political entity and in its peoples’ conversion to Christianity.

Olga was born to Viking parents in Pskov, northern Russia, around the turn of the 10th century. She married Prince Igor young and may have been only 20 when the Drevlians, a neighbouring tribe, rose up against his rule and murdered him.

The Byzantine chronicler Leo the Deacon gives gruesome details of Igor’s killing: he was tied to two tree trunks which were then released so his body was split in two. Leo’s account may have been embellished (the ancient historian Diodorus of Sicily in fact tells a similar tale), but Igor’s death still left his wife and three-year-old son alone and potentially helpless in a particularly dangerous and brutal corner of the medieval world.

Burying her enemies

Olga’s legend was born of her actions in the weeks and months that followed. The Drevlians sent her emissaries to suggest she marry their leader Prince Mal. The Primary Chronicle, an 11th-century manuscript which is our main source for what follows, records Olga as greeting them deceptively, apparently to bide for time.

The account may be part-fictitious or at least exaggerated. Yet that is not the point: in medieval hagiography, it is the morality of the tale that matters most.

“Your proposal is pleasing to me”, Olga told her interlocutors. “Indeed, my husband cannot rise again from the dead. But I desire to honour you tomorrow in the presence of my people. Return now to your boat, and remain there… I shall send for you on the morrow.”

The hubristic Drevlian delegation took her at her word gleefully. But what they did not know was that she had arranged for a trench to be dug, into which they and their boat were flung.

They were buried alive.

Olga summoned a second Drevlian embassy before the rest of the tribe had had time to learn of the first one’s fate. When they arrived, she commanded her people to draw a bath for them.

The Drevlians then entered the bathhouse, but Olga ordered the doors to be bolted and the building set ablaze.

For a third reprisal, Olga went to the place where the Drevlians had killed her husband, telling those present she wished to hold a funeral feast to commemorate him. Once the Drevlians were drunk and incapacitated, she had her men massacre them.

Finally, she laid siege to the Drevlians’ base at Iskorosten (the modern-day Ukraine city of Korosten). She tricked those inside the city with an offer of peace: all they had to give up were three pigeons and three sparrows from each house.

But when Olga had the birds in her possession, she had her men tie a sulphurous cloth to one of each one’s legs. The birds flew back to their nests for the night and the sulphur set every building on fire simultaneously.

Olga ordered her soldiers to catch everyone who fled the burning city so they could be extirpated or taken into slavery.

Her revenge for her husband’s death was at last complete.

Channelling Saint Olga’s spirit

Olga lived a further 25 years, residing in her son’s capital of Kyiv. She was instrumental in persuading him not to abandon the Ukrainian lands for “better prospects” further south on the Danube’s bank. Her grandson, Volodymyr the Great (c. 958-1015), then expanded the kingdom into what is now seen as the first Russian principality (which Vladimir Putin now views as the forerunner of the imperial Russian state).

Volodymyr too is acknowledged as a saint for his role in completing the Christianisation which Olga had started.

Olga’s Mad Max-style ventures ought to grate with us a bit today: the modern world really shouldn’t be a site of such bloodshed. That is why Russia’s sudden large-scale invasion into a peaceful country strike us as so shocking.

Yet Olga’s memory can clearly still provide an important focal point for Ukrainian resolve.

The Eastern Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches recognise her with the venerable and extraordinary title “Isapóstolos”: Equal to the Apostles. She and Kyiv’s patron saint, St Michael the Archangel, remain key figures of intercession among those who need comfort in an hour of greatest need.

And Olga’s Christian faith, acquired during a visit to Byzantium late in life, can sustain others now just as it sustained her after her own tribulations.This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.


Miles Pattenden

Miles Pattenden is Senior Research Fellow in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the Australian Catholic University, and the Co-Editor of The Journal of Religious History. He specialises in the history… More by Miles Pattenden


How Zelenskyy has proved you don’t need to be a bare-chested strongman to be a great leader

‘I stand with Russia’

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VIDEO: Biden’s Handlers Won’t Open Domestic Production, May Buy Iranian Oil

“Tell me you hate America, without telling me you hate America.”

The Biden administration is still fighting congressional efforts to stop the importation of Iranian oil. In a surreal exercise, Biden expects the rest of the world to sanction Russia even as we keep buying Russian energy products. And if that’s not enough, the former Mayor of South Bend is down with Iranian oil.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday that “all options are on the table” during a discussion about oil prices after MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked if President Biden would consider “working something out with Iran.”

Do all options also include the 25th Amendment?

Biden will get oil anywhere and from any of our enemies… just not from Americans.

While Biden gives meaningless quotes about Russia and Ukraine, the Russians are negotiating an even worse version of the Iran Deal that Biden is expected to sign on to.

The Russians may be getting kicked out of the Paralympics and the cat shows, but Putin is still in the driver’s seat at the White House

The rest of it, the hollow saber-rattling, the sanctions, and the propaganda are a show. The reality can be seen quickly enough if you follow the power and the money.



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