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An Administration Hopelessly Adrift

The Biden administration has made a big deal out of the construction of a pier on the coast of Gaza which will supposedly allow the delivery of needed emergency aid to civilians there. Never mind that the real problem in Gaza is that the pirates in Hamas steal all the aid that is delivered. Somebody thought the optics would be good, and we would get points for helping the Palestinians.

A piece of the pier has broken loose and washed ashore. An Army vessel sent to retrieve it has also washed ashore. American military personnel from what we are told we should still consider the world’s mightiest military are standing on the beach watching helplessly. Operations at the pier have been suspended indefinitely.

It is hard to look at those images and not see in them as a metaphor for the entire, disastrous Biden Presidency.

Meanwhile, the Houthis, whom we have supposedly been bombing for months now continue to attack vessels in the Red Sea with impunity. A Greek ship was reported on Tuesday to be taking on water and in danger of sinking after being hit by a Houthi missile.

Not only have the Houthis not stopped their attacks they have expanded them. A few days ago, they struck a vessel in the Mediterranean. They have made clear they intend to continue to do so. Central Command has noted that the threat is real. Nothing has been done and we are waiting for the next ship to be hit.

All of the weapons used by the Houthis in these attacks are supplied in one way or the other by Iran. All of the targeting data they are using to hit ships hundreds of miles away comes from Iran as well. The entire Houthi assault on the world’s shipping is directed by Tehran. There is no indication that the Biden administration intends to do anything meaningful in response.

Instead, the Biden administration intends to continue its policy of rewarding our enemies and enabling them to continue to spread terror throughout the Middle East. On Tuesday it was announced that the U.S. would send $593 million in “humanitarian” aid to Syria. According to the report, the funds are for Syria’s LGBTQ+ community, women’s rights, people with disabilities, and the displaced. How exactly we intend to ensure that the brutal Syrian regime uses the funds for those purposes and not for things like setting the Middle East on fire remains unclear.

Meanwhile the Iranians either already have nuclear weapons or are about to acquire them. When they do so the whole world will change overnight. Tehran will acquire the ability to make good on its threat to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth. It will also have the ability to destroy its Arab opponents like Saudi Arabia. It is highly unlikely Israel will tolerate such a situation, and almost certain that a nuclear-armed Iran means preemptive Israeli strikes and a broader conflict that will consume the region.

The Biden administration’s response to this has been to pressure our allies to back off on condemnation of Iran and to avoid criticism of Iran for its nuclear program. Both Britain and France have indicated they intend to push for censure of Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s member-state board in early June. In addition to pressuring Britain and France to back off the U.S. has pushed a number of other countries to abstain in a censure vote, saying that is what Washington will do.

Assuming they do not already have nuclear weapons. Iran is about to acquire them. We are running cover for them and doing everything we can apparently to guarantee they acquire this capability.

Meanwhile, in this hemisphere, Iran continues to strengthen its relationship with the virulent anti-American regime in Venezuela. Caracas now has Iranian-made missile boats and the missiles with which to arm them. In effect, Iran is handing to Maduro and his cronies the capability to launch a campaign in the Caribbean like that the Houthis have launched in the Red Sea. If they do not already the Venezuelans will soon have the tools they need to shut down commercial shipping routes to and from the Panama Canal and all southern U.S. ports.

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Originally published by AND Magazine


Sam Faddis

Charles “Sam” Faddis is a veteran, retired CIA operations officer, Senior Partner with Artemis, LLC and published author. With degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Law School, he is a contributor to ANDmagazine.com, Newsmax, and The Hill among others. He regularly appears on many networks and radio programs as a national security and counter-terrorism expert.  Sam is the author of “Beyond Repair: The Decline And Fall Of The CIA” and “Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion Of Homeland Security.”

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