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‘We the People’ or the Political Elite

“We the People,” those symbolic words mean that for the first time in world history, a government was set up to not only recognize the God given rights of you and I, but also operate according to that most worthy premise “We the People.”  Unfortunately, the progressive political elitists have reversed the role and mission of the federal government.  So now, it is a rogue anti unalienable rights regime that only looks out for illegal immigrants, American born thugs, and anyone who is on a mission to destroy our exceptional nation way of life.

The federal government is most certainly rouge and is now a clear and present danger to the very continuation of our republic turned mob ruled democracy.  Not only is the federal government, but increasingly, state and local government are working diligently to obstruct the ability of sovereign citizens to live free from tyranny and to be the best that God would have them to be.

Often through government over regulations and draconian taxes people are obstructed from freely opening and running a family business.  Abusive government regulations are now so a stringent, they are literally choking the life out of what was at one time the most vibrant economy the world had ever known.

The latest round of proposed Environmental Protection Agency laws would at the very least increase household and small business energy bills 30 to 50 percent.  Why?  Because President Obama and others hate American greatness and power.  They are working overtime to use any method they can to destroy the United States.  Or at the very least, have her severely weakened and under the influence of islam by the time Obama leaves office.

The Obama administration is nothing more than a lightning rod of calculated destructive measures.  Some of which have practically destroyed a decent quality of life for not only black Americans, but increasingly for more and more Americans of all backgrounds.  The sad truth is, that some Americans are now too dumb to even understand just how screwed over they really are.

After five decades of indoctrination rom their liberal masters and a steady decrease in their standard of living, many psyched out black Americans are more enamored with running around carrying black lives matter signs, than building a good quality of life with their families and fellow Americans.

They are foolishly self-centered in their so-called progressive struggle, that they have the nerve to be upset because a presidential candidate and fellow progressive socialist stated that “all lives matter.”   To add insult to their stupid injury, the black socialist progressives even consider the “all lives matter” statement to be hate speech or a violent statement.   One has to wonder, what society can continue to remain great and economically prominent when millions of it’s brainwashed citizens are so bitter?  Then add in their low quality of cognitive functioning and increasing their numbers through breeding, what is occurring is a massive negative drain on our nation making us vulnerable to external enemies and economic collapse.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans have devolved into what the Bible refers to as those who would prefer to believe lies over the truth.  That is a direct result of at least five decades of unrelenting indoctrination of generations of American students against all that is good and morally correct.

There was a time if an individual chose to believe that he or she was entitled to someone else’s property and chose to rob them, I the were shot or beaten, that was considered just and no big deal.  But now, certain people are so off kilter morally, that brute force against an aggressive burglar is considered more horrendous than aborting innocent babies.

By the way, the black lives matter folks, President Obama and thugs can celebrate because local police forces have been prevented from going hard after thugs who choose to commit crimes against their fellow citizens.  So now, crime has dramatically increased in every city where there are substantial black populations.

In Chicago, over the past year murder of blacks by blacks is up 10 percent and rape has increased seven percent.  In Las Angeles, violent crime is up 20 percent year after year.  In Cleveland, the city is going through a tremendous revival downtown and in many neighborhoods that are not populated by mostly black Americans.  But in the city’s notorious east side, (with the exception of University Circle and Little Italy) is a black dominated war zone where they are seemingly bumping each other off for the sport of it.

Such developments or devolutions are the direct result of a wholesale rejection of morality and the Biblical principles that were the foundational building blocks of all that was great about this nation.  The continued dangerous practice of repudiating that which is good is literally destroying our republic.

Only through the rejection of that which is evil and learning about and accepting the good, will America have even a chance of once again becoming that shining city on a hill nation.

The choice is completely up to “We the People” not the political elites.

It Is Time ­to Get Back To Basics

With everything in life, there are basic rules, instructions, directions, etc.  If one wants to participate in team sports such as rugby or football there are basic rules of engagement.  In other words, there are specific instructions on how different positions are played and how many team members can be on the field.  Also, referees are available to make sure that the games run smoothly, maintain law and order and to establish fair play and opportunity for both teams to do their best to obtain victory.

When I was in high school and played sports, our coaches were very tough, but fair.  One of the things our instructors stressed to the hilt, was knowing the fundamentals of the game.  Our head coach believed that the best teams were well versed in the fundamentals.  It was those fundamentals that kept us on the same page as a successful team.  They kept us disciplined, so that if we had to veer away from the playbook in order to outwit a more formidable opponent we would not falter.

Our teams consistently were in competition for the state championship of Ohio, thus proving our hard-nosed disciplinarian coaches to be correct in their thinking and approach.  They were not politically correct Mr. Rogers types.  We always expected to win and did win.  To this day, I have nothing but high regard and respect for our rugged coaches who taught that without the basics we could unravel as a team and individually.

Let us take a look at one of the world’s leading automakers, The Ford Motor Company.  During the days of Henry Ford, he demanded high quality automobiles at a reasonable price that most working class Americans could afford.  The Blue Oval Company has experienced a long history of many ups and a few downs as well.  During the 1970s and 1980s, Ford drifted away from the higher quality of vehicles the company had been known for.  Ford could have folded up and closed, leaving Americans with nothing more than memories of yet another manufacturer that bit the dust.

But in recent years, individuals like Bill Ford and a host of others believed that Ford could once again be on the leading edge of auto manufacturing.  They threw caution to the wind and put the company up for collateral in order to receive a substantial private sector loan.  Even the famous Blue Oval was part of the loan agreement.  It was do or die time for the company that had been known for better ideas. So, the insightful leaders at Ford spearheaded a two pronged approach to that company’s revival.

The Ford deciders pursued more innovations and more creative product designs and a much better quality of motor cars overall.  Thus the greatly improved quality and look of Ford automobiles has reestablished Ford as a global leader in auto production. One of the factors insuring Ford’s ascension has been a return to basics such as focusing on customer satisfaction and creating cars that customers enjoy looking at and driving.

Speaking of basics, let us turn our attention to the United States of America.  In the beginning, there was a struggle to disengage the colonies from the brutal iron grip of the tyrannical King George.  Thing really began to get underway soon after the Boston Massacre.  That is where Crispus Attucks a black colonist was shot and killed by the red coats. He was the first casualty of the Revolutionary War.  Soon after, more and more colonists began to catch the vision of liberty. They also came to realize that our rights come from God, not a king or government.

When the Founding Fathers and all of the liberty seekers set out to form a more perfect union, it was to be a constitutionally limited republic.  The government was to be of by and for the people.  America was founded to be a nation of sovereign individuals enjoying the blessings of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  “We the People” were to live our lives as self- governed moral individuals who didn’t need a nanny government to rule over us from cradle to grave, according to the fundamental or basics enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

The Founders repeatedly warned us about what would occur if we as a nation would drift away from the basics that were part of the framework our freedoms rested upon.  Samuel Adams said it best, in this letter to his colleagues.  “The sum of it all if we would most truly enjoy the gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people.  Then shall we both deserve it and enjoy it.  Whole on the other hand, if we are universally vicious and debauched in our manners, though he form of our constitution carries the face of the most exalted freedom, we shall in reality be the most abject slaves.

So here we are today, a nation decreasing freedoms, unraveling as we drift further away from the basic principles and fundamentals once utilized to help make America the envy of the world.  So the question is, will “We the People” prevail and reignite the basic fundamental principles that set this republic on the path to greatness, or settle for the sinking ship we are experiencing today?  The choice is ours.  Let us choose Providential guidance and true liberty, not tyranny.

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Manatee County, FL Commissioners served with Writ of Mandamus

On January 29, 2014 the Common Law Grand Jury in Manatee County served the Manatee County Commissioners with a Writ of Mandamus. A Writ of Mandamus is defined as:

A writ or order that is issued from a court of superior jurisdiction that commands an inferior tribunal, corporationMunicipal Corporationor individual to perform, or refrain from performing, a particular act, the performance or omission of which is required by law as an obligation.

The Manatee County Board of Commission Consent Agenda Item #6 lists the presentation of a Writ of Mandamus. Below is the full text of a speech given by Rodger Dowdell, Administrator for the Common Law Grand Jury, to the Manatee County Board of Commissioners. The Writ of Mandamus, which may be read by clicking here. To learn more about the history of Common Law Grand Juries click here.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak today, Jan 28, 2014

My name is Rodger Dowdell , I have lived in Manatee County for over 12 years. I come in front of you today as an Administrator for the Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury, which was reestablished by We the People on Nov 26, 2013.

The first handout you have received is simply a copy of the Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury paperwork filed with the Clerk of the Court. It is important that you all understand that our country was founded with a Common Law system of Justice, not a civil law system. Additionally, our State was also founded with a Common Law system of Justice.

The first Common Law Grand Jury in history sprung to life after the Magna Carta was signed in 1215AD. It is an investigatory body that has 3 main purposes:

Protect the common people from unjust charges from those in power

To collect its own evidence and take evidence from the people to make sure the right people

stand trial for criminal behavior

To reach into both elected and unelected government to root out corruption

When our country was founded, every county had its own Common Law Grand Jury. In fact, before the bullets started flying in our Revolutionary War, our best Patriots were arrested for harassing the British troops and merchants. Simply put, our best Patriots would have been rotting in jail if it had not been our Common Law Grand Juries refusing to indict them.

So why, might you ask, are We the People, the highest ranking sovereign in our system of government, now investing the time and effort to reestablish our Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury ? Our Common Law Grand Jury is the primary tool our Founders gave us to keep our Governments centered on our Constitution.Not even the US Supreme Court can review decisions made by our Common Law Grand Jury ! That’s right, let me say that profundity once again…NOT EVEN THE US SUPREME COURT CAN REVIEW A DECISION MADE BY OUR MANATEE COUNTY COMMON LAW GRAND JURY ! I know it sounds unbelievable, but it is true !

So what are the problems your constituents face that can be solved by the Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury ?

Well, simply stated, there are a lot of unconstitutional injustices being done by our justice system here in Manatee County every day. In fact, you will probably be surprised at how many of YOUR constituents have been injured unconstitutionally by our Manatee County justice system.

Some of the worst injustices today are happening in our Family Court system. These injustices are documented for all to see in the newly released movie, Divorce Corp. I urge you all to see this impactful film for yourselves.

Furthermore, We the People are daily being injured by the Unconstitutional initiatives coming from our Federal and State governments including Obamacare, Common Core, NDAA, NSA spying, abuse of power by the IRS, and Federal gun laws.

With Obamacare, we are witnessing very sick people losing their doctors and their medical insurance, and then finding that they cannot afford the new insurance costs offered through the exchanges. As Commissioners, you probably thought you can not help your constituents with this matter . This is NOT TRUE ! You have the power to enable our Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury to restore these people straightaway.

What about the thousands of parents here in Manatee County that are furious that they are being forced to pay more and more money into our public education system while getting worse and worse results, and while at the same time our Federal Government is unconstitutionally forcing Socialism into our young kids heads while teaching them what a rotten place our country is ? A solution is now in your hands, our Manatee County Common Law Grand Jury, which can nullify unconstitutional Federal and State laws, rules, regulations, and Executive Orders at our county’s borders.

We the People in Manatee County can no longer accept and will no longer tolerate the destruction of our Constitution and the trampling of the rights of the People that is being allowed by our runaway justice system.

We come humbly forward as stewards of our great Constitution. With Justice, Honor, and Mercy, we intend on restoring the rights of the injured straightaway.

As Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said in a 1992 decision in the US v Williams case,
” …the Grand Jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose functioning the courts do not preside.” Additionally, he referred to is as a Constitutional fixture on its own, like a fourth branch of our government. It is owned by We the People for the benefit of We the People.
After speaking, I will deliver to you the Common Law Grand Jury Writ of Mandamus. This Writ is your moral duty to your Constituents. Also,

It is your duty according to our US Constitution
It is your duty according to our Supreme Court decisions It is your duty according to our Florida Constitution
It is your duty according to Florida Statutes

It is your duty according to your oath of office !

And, let me remind you in closing, you have the duty to bring our Common Law Grand Jury into our courthouse so we can do our job. In this stressful hour, while our President is threatening Unconstitutional unilateral actions, help us end this tyranny NOW by giving our Manatee Common Law Grand Jury access to our courthouse.

Please don’t let this great experiment called “American Exceptionalism” die on your watch.

Thank you !!

This video explains how to form Common Law Juries and Grand Juries:


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