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Multiculturalism is a Form of Colonization and Occupation

In previous articles, I have gone into detail about how attending the mosque as a Muslim is different from attending the church as a Christian, as well as my complicated family life as an ex-Muslim Christian. What I want to talk about in this article is my experience with multiculturalism in Britain.

I’ve lived in two different cities in my lifetime. I’m not going to reveal the names of these cities, but I’ll give vague clues. One of them is in the North West of England and the other is in West Midlands. The city I grew up in was in the North West of England and me and my family moved down to somewhere in West Midlands. We moved cities a year after I converted to Christianity, so my first year of being an ex-Muslim Christian was actually my last year of living in my city of birth.

There are major differences between the two cities I’ve lived in. One of these major differences is that my current city is far more “multicultural” than my city of birth. It has a lot more Muslims than my city of birth and less native Brits than my city of birth, and for that reason, it is worse. It is more dangerous and unattractive. Multiculturalism is a form of colonization and occupation that has turned British cities and towns into third world ghettos where Islamists, jihadis and radical leftists flourish, and in the process, the national identity of those cities and towns gets erased, rendering them virtually unrecognizable. Parts of Birmingham and London look like they could be mistaken for Pakistan or some other foreign country.

What I’ve also noticed about Muslims and minorities in general, is that they tend to segregate themselves from non-Muslims and the native British population in general because multiculturalism gives them the pretext to do it. Women are also gradually erased from public life because of this strict gender segregation. Muslim women also tend to be less outspoken and exhibit less of their personality under multiculturalism than British women who aren’t living in the multicultural pockets of Britain. Men and women are segregated because mixing is thought to lead to sexual misconduct e.g. fornication and adultery. One of the problems with this hyper sexualised view of mixing between men and women is that it actually leads to Muslim men becoming socially inept and incompetent when they interact with women. They also start lusting after them when they get a chance to see them. Socializing with members of the opposite sex also doesn’t necessarily lead to sexual activity. Most of my interactions with women are incredibly mundane. While I will grant that there is a problem with fornication and sexual promiscuity in Britain and the modern world by extension, this cannot be blamed solely on lack of gender segregation

My opposition to multiculturalism of course, doesn’t mean that I think that a society of different races is bad. Multiculturalism and multiracialism go hand in hand, but they’re not one and the same. Multiracial societies can work if all races agree to abide by the same rules, laws and be on the same team. Multiculturalism however, enables people to go by their own rules, laws and play their own game, and we’ve seen the effects of it. Just look at the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs in RotherhamRochdale and Telford. Just look at the crisis of illegal migrants invading the country under the guise of being “refugees” and “asylum seekers” when they’re actually economic migrants who have come to leach off the welfare state at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. Just look at the Muslim rioters in Leicester. Just look at the pro-Palestine/Hamas mobs since October 7.

Multiculturalism, if it isn’t already obvious, is an unmitigated disaster. It is a failed experiment. The entire experiment is a treacherous crime against the native population of Britain (i.e. English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people) and from the looks of it, it will most likely just get worse. It would take a miracle for Britain to recover from this treachery and reverse the disastrous effects of it. The question is, will such a miracle actually happen, or is Britain doomed? Are all efforts to save it from its impending doom going to be in vain?

My grandparents moved to Britain in the mid 1960s. My grandad initially came all by myself, and brought my grandma and their children in the late 1960s. They all lodged a house in North West England and my grandad worked at a factory. My dad and aunt have told me that there was widespread racism in the 60s, 70s and 80s. For example, there was this one time in the 70s when my grandad was walking home from the mosque, and he was punched, spat on, and called a Paki.

Things however, have changed since then. I never experienced systematic racism while growing up in the 2000s and 2010s, and it’s because Britain has not only become very tolerant and accepting of minorities, but has actually bent over backwards for them, so I have no ill will towards native Brits or white people in general. I actually feel like I owe them my respect and want to help them in their struggle to maintain sovereignty over their homeland because it has gotten to the other extreme in that native Brits are now the ones who are getting racially abused by minorities.

But what I find incredibly frustrating is when I see toxic, divisive race baiters like Sadiq Khan, Humza Yousaf, Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Bushra Shaikh and Narinda Kaur. They’re all of a minority background and they constantly blame white people for society’s ills. The white man is the boogeyman in their twisted worldview. I am so sick and tired of having these clowns as my representatives because I don’t agree with them at all. They are the very racists that they falsely accuse native Brits of being. Bushra Shaikh is the most vile example that I named. I will grant that yes, they were probably on the receiving end of racism in school and whatnot, but that was decades ago. Things have changed tremendously since then. They need to grow up and accept that things have changed. At times, their grievances with being called the P word seem like an excuse to have some petty revenge against white people by being in favour of them being demographically replaced and erased. Sure, being called a racial slur is bad, but that’s nowhere near as bad as mass, uncontrolled, illegal migration and what it has done to Britain.

The good thing is that there are minority voices who are speaking out against critical race theory and the anti-white agenda, such as Calvin Robinson, Nana Akua, Mahyar Tousi, Konstantin Kisin, Benyamin Naeem Habib and many others. Those figures are far better examples of minority voices than the toxic race baiters. Benyamin Naeem Habib in particular is a great example because even though he is of Pakistani heritage, he is a co-deputy leader of Reform UK, a nationalist political party that has been gaining some momentum. A lot of disillusioned Tory voters have left the Tory party to join Reform UK.

I find myself becoming increasingly worried about the ongoing Islamisation of Britain and the rise of anti-white racism. As a Pakistani ex-Muslim Christian, I wonder what my place is in all of this. What role am I going to play in all this? How am I, as a second generation migrant, going to help native Brits who have been so thoroughly abused by critical race theory, two tier policing and uncontrolled, illegal mass migration?

The fact of the matter is that people of minority backgrounds need to stand up for native Brits. We shouldn’t just let them be demographically replaced and turned into a minority by mass migration. Britain not only welcomed us with open arms, gave us so many rights and opportunities, but actually gave us special privileges that we quite frankly don’t deserve. Is this really how we’re going to pay back the people who welcomed us? I don’t want to have the privilege to be racist to white people and not be punished for it. I don’t want to have the privilege to commit horrific crimes and have them swept under the rug because the authorities are too scared of being called racist, bigots, Islamophobic or xenophobic for implementing law and order against criminals of minority backgrounds. I don’t want my ethnic group to have the privilege of not being held accountable for our racism against other ethnic groups, especially when Pakistani Muslims tend to be incredibly racist towards Indian people, Afghan people and black people. Equal rights comes with equal responsibilities. We have the former, but not the latter.

People like myself have a moral responsibility to help native Brits. If we don’t do that, then we have failed. In the past several months, I have felt this moral responsibility growing in the back of my mind because of people like Sadiq Khan and Humza Yousaf, who are Pakistani Muslims. Sadiq Khan, for example, said that white families don’t represent “real Londoners” a few months ago. Such vile antics have made me want to make amends to their injustices against native Brits.

At the same time, I have become sick to death of Muslims, especially Pakistani Muslims and their savage, barbaric and immoral culture. I literally still live with them, so I witness their immorality not only online, but in the real world, within my family and local community. I don’t hate them, but there are things about them that I hate. I hate their victim complex. I hate their lack of accountability. I hate their lack of respect for Britain. I hate their racism. I hate their violence. As a result of all this, I have become increasingly divorced from my native Pakistani culture because Islam is deeply embedded in it. My Pakistani heritage has become so meaningless and irrelevant to me. My ancestors on both my mum and dad’s side of the family are many generations of Muslims and I am more than happy to put an end to this. I have decided to embrace British nationalism because I find that my values are more in line with the British than the people of my heritage. British nationalism is, in my opinion, the perfect solution to Islamisation. It is also an ingenious means of preserving Christianity under a secular framework since Christianity is deeply embedded in British culture and traditions.

As a Pakistani Christian, I think I speak for all Pakistani Christians when I say that I am not in favour of white Europeans being demographically replaced. I wasn’t born and raised as a Christian, but all the Pakistani Christians that I know have no interest in imposing a Christian variant of Pakistani culture on westerners. We recognise that the West has offered us a lot. Christians in Pakistan are routinely murdered, raped, acid attacked and forcefully converted to Islam. We received brutal persecution from Muslims back home and many of us fled to the West to escape such persecution and have freedom. One of the last things that we’re worried about is being called the P word, which is quite frankly at the bottom of the barrel of the problems we’re facing. This is also another reason why I sympathize with the grievances that native Brits have with mass Muslim migration; Pakistani Christians know the pain too well.

Since I am still in the closet, I can’t really do much because my hands are already full with my situation, which I have talked about in depth in previous articles. But there are small things that I can do in the meantime. For example, I recently decided to become a member of Reform UK out of a desire to contribute. Annual membership only costs £25. I also voted for Nigel Farage to be crowned King of the Jungle when I got an email from Richard Tice, who urged Reform UK members to vote for Nigel Farage. To provide some context for this, Nigel Farage made an appearance on the “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” show and he made national news for standing his ground on Brexit and putting the case for controlled immigration. Since then, the establishment media has been doing everything they can to destroy Nigel’s public image and prevent him from winning. And of course, I’ve also been on an online crusade against Islam for the past 2 years.

It might not be much, but it’s all I can do for now. I wish I could do more. I sometimes feel powerless for not being in a position to do more. Under ideal circumstances, I would be launching a ruthless crusade against this grave injustice. I pray that one day, I will be able to be of much better help.



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