The Cover-up of the Contaminated Blood Supply and Vaccines

Dr. Judy Mikovits, a high-level researcher who worked in the government program to combat AIDS, discovered that the nation’s blood supply from healthy donors was contaminated with disease causing retroviruses from mice and monkeys and that the source was in vaccines given to infants and young people.

Originally from the East Coast, Mikovits got her BS from the University of Virginia, spent 22 years working for the National Cancer Institute and got her PhD in biochemistry from George Washington University. Her thesis, according to Wikipedia was titled, “Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes.”

Finding out that the blood supply from healthy donors was contaminated would be a blessing, but this wasn’t something the vaccine industry and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) looked upon with favor.  A massive coverup was launched by both industry and the CDC to prevent the public from learning the truth.

We can immediately see why this discovery had to be covered up for it leads into all the warnings over the past several years by many scientists, medical experts, pharmacists and others of the dangers of vaccines.

Vaccine Dangers

The late Alan Stang pointed out in one of his books that one man whose name could not be revealed, had been high up in the medical establishment, and after retirement gave a very secretive interview to one whom he could trust.  He stated that if he had children that could not avoid being vaccinated, he would move to another country where vaccination was not compulsory. He also stated that there was no doubt in his mind vaccines being given to infants as well as other young children were definitely the cause of autism.

He went on to reveal why he could not risk going public with what he knew because of the power and money behind these vaccines. If he went public with the information, this power would come down on him in such a way that would affect not only his retirement, but very possibly his life.

Shane Ellison, a developmental pharmacist, and former contributor to News with Views, authored several articles which were published by News with Views that explained in detail the dangers involved with vaccination. In one article he warns against giving your child the HINI flu vaccine. Several other articles on the same subject should be read by everyone before subjecting their children to vaccines.

In the opening paragraph to Shane’s article entitled, Swine Flu Alert: Medical Chemist says, “Think Before You Vaccinate”, he states, “As a young chemist working in the chemistry labs of corporate America, I watched as they promoted cancer causing drugs as anti-cancer remedies (tamoxifen). I also witnessed the pharmaceutically complaint media convince the world that depression was a disease and you needed the so-called antidepressant drug Prozac to treat it. I began to wonder, how gullible are the masses?  The reaction to the swine flu scare answered this.”

Shane Ellison’s article, Should I Vaccinate My Child?is another necessary read.  He states, “Vaccine talk is riddled with shoddy science, emotional arguments, convoluted explanations and all out quackery. Very little common sense shines its way through the murky vaccine debate.”

Another extremely important Ellison article is, Modern Medicine’s Deceit and why I abandoned itShane states, “Western Medicine has become a billion-dollar empire. Not out of keen science, but rather deceit. The end result has been one nation under drugs. This subjugation has set a standard of health in America that, by definition, is sick care disguised as health care.”

For years there has been evidence submitted to support the claim that a certain vaccine or vaccines are the cause of Autism. However, a series of massive public relations campaigns managed to prevent the evidence from being considered despite Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr.’s massive efforts.

Nevertheless, more claims and evidence of autism being the result of vaccines are surfacing every day. If Dr. Mikovits goes public, as she plans to with her exposure about the contaminated blood supply, it’s going to focus a lot of attention down the back-trail concerning the truth about vaccines, and especially the forced vaccinations of newborns and pre-school children.

When the vaccine industry and the CDC launched their cover-up campaign to prevent the public from learning about it, Dr. Mikovits told her superiors she would go public with her discovery. The next day, she was arrested and sent to prison without a warrant or any charges of a crime. The press reported that she removed government documents from the laboratory. What she removed, however, was her own personal notebook, containing her handwritten summary of meetings, deadlines, and appointments.

The story was an attempt to demonize her in the public mind so no one would believe her. She was warned that if she spoke to anyone about the contaminated vaccines she would go back to prison – for life. Now, she has decided to speak out at all costs. She says that all of this was orchestrated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of President Trump’s Coronavirus task force, and chosen by none other than Vice President Pence.

If it was, and I believe her for the simple reason that it plays into the modus operandi, of the agents of the New World Order agenda. And this fits Fauci to a “T.”

The Chosen Plandemic

The Deep State is a part of this agenda. According to the Birch Society Bulletin for July, the Deep State has long been preparing to use the fear of a pandemic to weaken American’s rights, erode the middle class, and lead our people into their One World Order.

One example of this, cited by the Birch Bulletin is “Event 201,” a tabletop exercise that simulated a pandemic. Held in New York City on October 18, 2019, just a week before the Wuhan coronavirus was exposed, Event 201 was sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  That alone should give everyone pause.

The by-invitation-only audience watched while the panelists engaged in scenarios simulating a worldwide pandemic and formulated what the globalists could do to solve the problem on a global scale. The simulation was based on a coronavirus as the cause of their pandemic. While coronaviruses are quite common, in light of the worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic only weeks after Event 201, it is interesting this was chosen for their scenario.

The Birch Bulletin further pointed out,that many interactions within the American government health community involve the Chinese. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gave $3.7 million of U.S taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan laboratory for coronavirus development, even after the United States declared a moratorium on such funding.” This is only one example of China using American funding for viral research.

The obvious question arises here as to why and for what purpose is the development of the coronavirus necessary? As we have seen, its only use has been destructive. Actually, from all the evidence we have seen it is quite evident that the Wuhan laboratory was purposely brought into existence for the very thing it is being used for at present – to destroy America, her president and to coerce nations into accepting the New World Order.

In addition, in 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the “Global Vaccine Action Plan” to guide the discovery, development, and delivery of lifesaving vaccines. The leadership council for this initiative included Dr. Fauci, Anthony Lake, executive director of  UNICEF, who failed in his attempt to become Bill Clinton’s head of the CIA due to his openly pro-communist proclivities; and Tachi Yamada, president of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The plan called for ID technologies to track those vaccinated, conditioning people to accept the idea that they will need to prove their vaccination and health status before being allowed to engage in activities that heretofore were allowed by a free people without government restriction, such as the freedom to travel.

All this was only a part of the Birch report; there was much more along this same line.  I would urge everyone to join the Birch Society to receive both their bulletins and the New American Magazine.  Their research is impeccable.

What I have reported here is indicative of the proof of the conspiratorial interactions of many people who are involved in changing our republic into a one world communist totalitarian dictatorship. Americans (those who have a heart for America’s freedoms and liberties), should equate these vaccine pushing traitors as an armed invasion.  They are just as diabolical as BLM/Antifa and other destructive communist organizations.


Ironically, the commanding general of this invasion, Dr. Fauci, has been placed in authority over our defense against the invasion. How has this happened? It’s happening because President Trump doesn’t seem to know all his real enemies, and he has people surrounding him who have been placed there to pull the wool over his eyes.

We must continue to support Donald J. Trump for he is the only person we truly have on our side.  And don’t forget that he often plays chess while his enemy is playing checkers and even those of us who watch closely miss the cues of what he’s really up to.  The man is not a fool, and we desperately need him to continue to be at the helm of our government.

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The New Reich

Startling headlines like this one—“Court Exonerates Mom in Newborn’s Death, Rules 6-Day-Old Baby Not a ‘Person’”—always give me a jolt.

The mother in this case, Jennifer Jorgensen, “was speeding, intoxicated, and not wearing a seatbelt when she crashed her car while she was eight months pregnant. Jorgensen’s blood alcohol level was .06 and the anti-anxiety medication Clonazepam was in her system.”

The doctors delivered her baby by caesarian section, and for six days the child clung to life, but then died. The mother was initially found guilty of manslaughter, but on appeal a five-member majority of the court of appeals overturned the conviction, arguing that “the law criminalizing such conduct is located in the statute on intentional self-abortion, where the offense is ‘no greater than a misdemeanor.’”

In other words, a chill wind has once again blown against personhood among the most vulnerable in our midst. Now this newborn child, like her countless numbers of preborn brothers and sisters, has fallen victim to judicial fiat and an official denial of her undeniable humanity.

Reading a decision like this reminds me of countless manipulations Planned Parenthood has used in courts across the land to free itself from the encumbrances of moral sanity and ethical actions. Just this past week, an Alabama judge ruled that even though the state had decided to defund Planned Parenthood, the state had to restore the funding. Why? Because just like the pronouncements made by the Obama administration, “defunding Planned Parenthood for reasons not related to the quality of care provided would violate federal law.”

Since when does killing a preborn child equate with quality health care, you might ask? Well, the answer is clear.

What was once deemed wrong is now right; what was once considered a criminal act against innocent persons is now considered business as usual.

This is the state of things in our nation today. Sadly, pro-life America is all too familiar with it. Let us count the ways.

  • Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of over six million human beings. The resulting destruction of families in every community.
  • The butchering of human beings for experimentation and profit-making off the sale of their body parts.
  • The heartless laughter of “professionals” responsible for heinous crimes against humanity and getting filthy rich off their heinous labor.
  • A relentless propaganda campaign lying about the virtues of death and tyranny against helpless victims.
  • An equally guilty news media driving to protect death and those responsible at any cost.
  • A public that is sleepy and numb and indifferent to sin, slaughter, and suffering.
  • Politicians gorged on blood money and willing to protect and promote evil for the good of the dictatorship.
  • Christian shepherds silent, invisible.

This is not 1939 Nazi Germany. This is 2015 America. The New Reich is Planned Parenthood.

The decline in morality in America today, starting with ignorance toward the humanity of the preborn child from which flows the evils of Planned Parenthood and its allies, can only lead one to conclude that, without God and His laws, demonic influences will continue to grow among us.

To prove my point, please read the responses from two well-known American exorcists on the topic of whether or not there is something diabolical about abortion.

Fr. Gary Thomas articulated, “Abortion is a doorway to the demonic because it involves the destruction of an innocent human being. . . . This decline in morality is growing rapidly and provides the opportunity for Satan to have a foothold in a family’s life. I do not believe that most people who are believers in ‘choice’ realize this. That is part of the seduction of Satan who will disguise his presence in these choices.”

Fr. Vince Lampert stated, “Anything that attacks human life has to be viewed as evil, for the human person is created in the image and likeness of God.”

And there you have it. The NEW REICH has unleashed the demons of death and destruction among us.

God alone will help us drive them out! Pray for the nation and for the strength to persevere. The babies are counting on us.

“Let Your Blood Be [The Caliphate’s] Fuel”

On Wednesday, April 29th, 2015, a photocopy of a printed statement allegedly distributed by the Aleppo Center of Preaching and Mosques of the Islamic State (IS) began circulating online on unofficial Twitter accounts of IS members/supporters (documents available on CTC website). Dated Monday, April 27th, 2015, this statement was issued under the authority of the Caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and called for the emirs and fighters within IS’s Syrian provinces to volunteer to fight in the ongoing battles in Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn provinces in Iraq. While we have not seen a similar statement posted online from other Syrian provinces, the opening sentence of this statement made clear that it was intended for all Syrian provinces under IS control, not just Aleppo.

While the fact that the IS is seeking reinforcements to send to the frontlines in Iraq is not surprising, this statement has several noteworthy features, including a brief view into how the Caliph is thinking about the way forward as he prosecutes a multiple-front war and how he interacts with local leaders in regards to troop mobilizations and deployments.

The first potential take away from the statement is that it included an injunction for those who wanted to volunteer to report within 48 hours. The short temporal expiration date on this order suggests a certain urgency in the request. Given the time it will take to organize and deploy fighters, this suggests that IS sees the next several weeks in both Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn as critical.

But a quick response was not the only thing the Caliph wanted. The statement also contains a call for a specific type of fighter: suicide bombers and soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves in assaults/battles (suicide fighters). The “single-use” nature of these forces potentially suggests that a shortage of such fighters exists in Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn or that IS is preparing for a counteroffensive. And what is more, the call clearly wants those who are the best of the best: “religiously dedicated, patient ones, and war experts who don’t look back, fight and don’t lay down their weapons until they get killed or God grants them victory.” The statement conveys not just a need for fighters, but a need for the best and most committed fighters.

And there already appears to have been some response to this kind of call in the recent past. Almost three weeks ago, on April 11, 2015, a video surfaced from Al-Raqqah that showed a group of individuals dressed in combat fatigues pledging allegiance to the Caliph. The pledge itself was relatively similar to a previous pledge, except that it included a general pledge to the death, with the fighters stating “There is no return after today.” The video then proceeds to show the fighters allegedly traveling from Al-Raqqah to Salāh ad Dīn.

Additionally, there is an important corollary from this latest statement to the Caliph’s view of the current fight and the value he places on Iraq relative to Syria. If he is willing to call for the best of the best out of Syria and push them to Iraq, what does this mean about the value he places on Iraq relative to Syria? What is more, how do the local leaders feel about this call? It seems unlikely that governors in Aleppo and Raqqa enthusiastically send their best fighters away, never to return. It is certainly plausible that the Caliph feels that his governors in Syria can bear sending away some of their troops to Iraq, but the dynamic nature of the conflict both in Iraq and Syria is forcing the Caliph into a delicate balancing act regarding which front of the conflict is more important and how to avoid alienating local leadership.

Another point worth noting is the fact that although Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn are mentioned together in the statement, this does not suggest that they are considered of similar importance to IS. The fighting in Salāh ad Dīn has been intense (particularly around and inside the Baji oil refinery), but is most likely viewed as a stalling action by IS to prevent / prepare for an eventual campaign against Mosul. Al-Anbar, on the other hand, with its large Sunni population and critical geographic location, is a territory that is essential to the IS’s strategy in Iraq.

Finally, there is a curious matter within the statement that asks for volunteers among already existing IS forces to go fight in Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn. The Caliph presumably has the authority to order such individuals, who have already joined the military side of the IS, to mobilize and deploy. In thinking about why the statement is asking for volunteers, there are two important sub-points.

First, it may be that the Caliph is less sure of his control over individuals and events in Syria. It is possible that he is concerned about undermining his own leadership by giving an order that may not be obeyed by emirs and fighters in Syria. Nevertheless, there is a pressing need for additional fighters, so the compromise approach appears to be asking for volunteers rather than ordering them.

Second, the statement specifically says that volunteers are to report to the local office of “Preaching and Mosques.” This creates a mechanism for the local governor (wali) to exercise oversight over the process of sending fighters from Aleppo to Iraq. Again, presumably the Caliph does not need to defer to local leaders on this issue, but such deference provides insight into the calculations of the Caliph in managing local issues with the broader needs of his “state”…a classic governance challenge.

Some of these inferences are reinforced by the IS’s own self-reported attack data over the past week. IS has been conducting a daily news rollup of military activities within its Caliphate using the Al-Bayan radio station. Of course, one should accept those numbers cautiously as they are self-reported.

With that understanding, from April 21 – April 29, there were a total of 229 news items detailed in Al-Bayan daily reports. Over 28% of these (64 in total) reported on military activities in Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn. When one considers that the reports contained news from approximately 14 provinces during this period of time, the fact that such a high number came from two provinces alone is telling.

This number of attacks greatly increases if one takes three other areas bordering Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn provinces into account: Diyala, Northern Baghdad, and al-Janub (south of Baghdad and north of Wasit and Babil provinces). This number certainly stands in contrast to the 35 (15%) news items coming out of Syrian provinces of the IS. While there are still important developments going on in Syria, IS sees the battles in Iraq as critical.

To support the idea that particular types of fighters are seen as valuable to the campaigns in Al-Anbar and Salāh ad Dīn, consider the fact that of the 8 suicide bombings claimed by the IS in the Al-Bayan reports over the past week, all 8 occurred in Al-Anbar (7) and Salāh ad Dīn (1).

The past several weeks of conflict in Iraq have been characterized by advances and setbacks for both sides. In response, both IS and the Iraqi government have been adjusting their strategy and forces as needed.  However, while the responses of the Iraqi government have been subject to public scrutiny, the responses of IS have not been transparent. In that sense, this statement, taken together with the video showing the death pledge by fighters moving from Al-Raqqah to Iraq, sheds light on the current and future challenges of IS.


Muhammad al-`Ubaydi is a research assistant at the Combating Terrorism Center and monitors Arabic jihadist websites. Daniel Milton is an Assistant Professor at the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Muhammad and Daniel would like to thank Nelly Lahoud, Bryan Price, and Krissy Hummel for their insights and assistance in preparing this piece. The views presented are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army, or any of its subordinate commands.