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NYC: High school students call teacher ‘dirty Jew,’ praise Hitler, write ‘Free Palestine’ on classroom door

It’s impossible to tell from this report whether these students are under the influence of the likes of Sneako, a popular “influencer” who has converted to Islam and praises Hitler, and Nick Fuentes, a supposedly “America First” agitator who mocks the Holocaust, or whether they are Muslim students. Either way, dark clouds are on the horizon.

Antisemitic teens terrorizing Jewish teacher with Hitler jabs, death threats as NYC school refuses to discipline them: ‘I live in fear’: lawsuit

by Susan Edelman, New York Post, March 2, 2024:

A Brooklyn high school has become a haven for Hitler-loving hooligans who terrorize Jewish teachers and classmates, The Post has learned.

On Oct. 26, just three weeks after the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of 1,200 Israelis, 40 to 50 teens marched through Origins HS in Sheepshead Bay waving a Palestinian flag and chanting “Death to Israel!” and “Kill the Jews!” staffers said.

The hateful procession was shocking even for Origins, a school rife with bias and bullying, insiders told The Post.

“I live in fear of going to work every day,” said global history teacher Danielle Kaminsky.

According to interviews with multiple staffers, and a Jewish student’s safety transfer request, recent hate incidents include:

A student painted a mustache on his face to look like Hitler, and banged on classroom doors. When someone opened, he clicked his heels and raised his arm in the Nazi gesture, security footage shows.

Three swastikas in one week were drawn on teachers’ walls and other objects, a manager found.

A 10th-grader told Kaminsky, 33, who is Jewish, “I wish you were killed.”

Another student called her “a dirty Jew” and said he wished Hitler could have “hit more Jews,” including her.

Students pasted drawings of the Palestinian flag and notes saying “Free Palestine” on Kaminsky’s classroom door. One scribbled note that said simply, “Die.”

The teen tormentors have so far faced no serious discipline under interim acting principal Dara Kammerman, who has done little beyond contacting parents in an effort to practice “restorative justice,” staffers said.

“She is perpetuating an antisemitic environment and a school of hate,” said Michael Beaudry, campus manager of the Sheepshead Bay building that houses Origins and three other schools. “The students continue these behaviors because they know there won’t be any consequences.”

In response, the city Department of Education said it will launch a probe: “There is currently no evidence that these claims are true, but we are investigating the claims.”

In a disturbing instance in late January, a group of boys came into Kaminsky’s classroom at the end of the day, and cornered her, laughing, she said.

“Miss Kaminsky, do you love Hitler?” one asked.

“I was so taken aback,” she said. “I did not respond, and they all gave the heil Hitler sign.”

Frightened, Kaminsky quickly left her classroom….

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NYC: Muslim gets 30 years for stabbing cop in neck, shooting two others, says ‘my religion made me do it’

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

NYC man sentenced to 30 years for stabbing cop in neck during George Floyd protests

by Ben Feuerherd, New York Post, September 21, 2022:

A Brooklyn man was sentenced to 30 years in prison Wednesday for stabbing an NYPD cop in the neck and shooting two other officers in an ambush during the 2020 George Floyd protests, authorities said.

Former Flatbush resident Dzenan Camovic, 23, was sentenced by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun after pleading guilty in March to three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and other crimes.

On June 3, 2020, Camovic walked up to police officers Yayon Frantz Jean Pierre and Randy Ramnarine on Flatbush Avenue near Church Avenue, screamed “Allahu akbar!” drew a knife and stabbed Jean Pierre in the neck.

Camovic then rushed Ramnarine and threw his knife at him, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said.

Wounded, Jean Pierre fired at the attacker, but tripped and lost control of his gun.

Camovic, a Bosnian national, grabbed the firearm and shot Ramnarine in the hand, according to police. He also shot another cop who responded to the scene in the hand.

After the attack, John Miller, then the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of counter terrorism, said it appeared to be terror-related, but authorities turned up no connection between Camovic and international terror groups.

Camovic allegedly told a hospital worker that he was a “worthless piece of s—t,” after the failed assassination attempt.

“I killed two police officers and my religion made me do it,” he told the hospital worker, according to court papers filed after the attack….


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Black lives matter? Watch 15-year-old black girl violently beaten while no one stops it. [WARNING GRAPHIC]

We talked about early Thursday’s ambush shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. The chants continue of “no justice, no peace” — I must ask, what in the minds of those chanters defines justice?

We all know the “hands up don’t shoot” campaign was completely false. And then there is the rallying cry of “black lives matter” — is that truly the case, or just for the lives that can yield a political advantage?

As the New York Daily News reports, “Dozens of kids and at least two adults watched as four teenage girls brutalized a pint-sized 15-year-old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s — but not one made a move to stop it, a shocking video that’s been shared across the globe shows.”

“None of the witnesses at the Flatbush Ave. fast-food joint — many of whom were cheering during the after-school onslaught— dialed 911, though McDonald’s workers did call, police said. One callous onlooker even joked as the girl lay on the floor, “Yo, she’s dead. It’s a murder!”

“And even though every punch, gasp and cheer was captured on video, the girls who carried out the brutal beatdown may never be charged since witnesses refuse to speak up. The pummeled 15-year-old, a student at Erasmus Hall High School, was hospitalized overnight Monday but collapsed Wednesday at home and was rushed to SUNY Downstate Medical Center, her devastated grandmother said. “She can’t sleep because she got kicked to the body,” the grandmother said as tears streamed down her cheeks. “She fell again and they had to take her to the hospital.”

Just as with the incessant shootings in Chicago that have taken the lives of so many black males — where were the marches? The hypocrisy is telling, in that when it comes to black-on-black assault there is little to be said or to become enraged about.

It’s almost as if this savage behavior has become the new normal and acceptable in the black community. Also, did you realize an important aspect of the lead quote of the story above? Where was the mother? Where was the dad? Again, no marches out there when only 28 percent of black children have a mom and dad in the home — another great result of the Great Society.

“Cops said the victim’s mother has also refused to cooperate. Investigators now want to speak to the teen’s father in the hopes he can persuade the girl to press charges.”

I hate to say this, but what kind of parents would remain silent after their child has been severely beaten — what type of relationship does that promote? I just have to tell you, Aubrey and Austen know they have two parents who will mount up and protect them at any cost to our lives.

Why? Why is there such a lack of concern when the issue is black-on-black criminality?

This story and video are especially maddening. “The girl has two black eyes and multiple bruises, a police source said. Despite being beaten to a pulp, the teen has refused to talk to police, officials said. She’s apparently afraid of retaliation — some of the girls who attacked her have links to the Young Savages, a violent crew that operates out of Crown Heights, police sources said. On Wednesday — two days after the 2:50 p.m. attack, which took place right after school dismissal at Erasmus — community leaders called for the victimized teen and witnesses to come forward and press charges.”

We heard the same about Ferguson where those who wanted to speak the truth felt scared and intimidated.

So what has gripped the black community in such a way that lawlessness and mobocracy has come to rule the day? Were there fights when I was growing up, absolutely, but not this type of wanton violence — gang related especially — and the fear of retribution.

The is a growing lack of regard for life itself it seems, and that is not healthy for any community. The fact that witnesses stood by and watched, recording this assault and not stepping in to end this senseless beating appears to confirm that assertion.

“We are asking that young lady to not be afraid,” community activist Tony Herbert said outside the McDonald’s near Church Ave. where the attack took place — a known trouble spot “Come forward. We will stand with her. Herbert also asked that the teenage assailants surrender to authorities. “We have names,” he said. “We have pictures. We have video of all these individuals. So save the taxpayers money and bring yourself forward.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com. The featured image is of a protester sitting in front of a street fire during a demonstration in Oakland following the grand jury decision not to indict the cop who shot Michael Brown. Photo: Stephen Lam, Reuters.