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The BRAIN Drain of Communist Controlled California is Underway

The Communist state of California is about to have a massive brain drain of doctors and nurses and health care professionals once the Marxists in the California Assembly Health Committee advance a bill that will create a mandatory universal healthcare board that will ban pretty much all private healthcare in the once free state of California. Doctors work in private clinics not in government controlled Marxist price controlled dictatorships. They will leave California.

The Communist government of Venezuela, where my family is from, did the same thing as is happening in California and nearly all the doctors and nurses left and relocated to Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Panama, Uruguay and Brazil. Some even relocated to the United States. My dentist relocated from Venezuela to Bogota Colombia. My family relocated from Venezuela to Bogota Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. They are engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

This Marxist ideology is fiscally dead in the water in Sacramento considering ALL of California’s $405 billion spent on healthcare annually in the private sector will relocate to the bankrupt state budget which has an estimated $73 trillion budget deficit. So to cover this exuberant cost taxes will definitely have to be raised to pay for it which will drive even more inflation. American citizens living in California will also have to pay for the healthcare of all the criminal illegal immigrants who have zero respect for our borders and sovereignty living in this collapsing economic mess.

The Communist dictator of California Gavin Newsom falsely stated a $39.9 billion deficit for 2024-2025 budget to keep the sheep following happy but of course like all Marxists their propaganda is always uncovered as a lie when in fact the data shows a growing $73 billion budget shortage.

Now moving north from the Communist Party headquarters in Sacramento let’s look at the corrupt Nancy Pelosi district of San Francisco, the human fecal capital of the world. This city, once a thriving financial hub and capitalist entrepreneur’s dream, is now fixing to adopt a law that bans grocery stores from going out of business unless they give the Communists in government six months notice.

So if your business is failing imminently because of massive government interference from the San Francisco controlled government Marxists, soon you will not be able to cash out and relocate or close your store unless you give half a year of notice. If you don’t, the Communists will let the customers sue the store owners. All totally unconstitutional violating the commerce clause.

So what happens when a store lays off its workers in California because they cannot afford the insane $20 an hour minimum wage to pay its once happy staff of high school kids and college students working a menial job. The kids who used to make extra cash on the weekends for cleaning a greasy grill or flipping a hamburger?

Well California has the HIGHEST unemployment rate in our Republic due to Newsom Economics which means the California unemployment insurance program is also in a downward spiral much like the rest of its economy.

The Marxist Gavin Newson is doing a great job destroying this once vibrant capitalist former Reagan Red state so don’t be surprised if the entire economy implodes like it did in Communist Venezuela.

Venezuela is the richest oil nation in the world yet the Communist injection into the free markets forced entrepreneurs to leave this once free country including my tax accountant highly educated wife.

Newsom in California has the same Marxist ideology as the installed president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro so it’s not a surprise to see Oil Companies like Chevron planning on leaving California as did Tesla and gas prices lurching to over $7.50 a gallon.

So what is the result of the Marxist Newsom Nomics in California ? An exodus is in the works as thousands of homeowners are trying to sell their overtaxed property to get the heck out of this Marxist septic tank of downward poverty and despair.

Folks in the middle class can either stay in California and be downgraded to poverty status or leave California and reclaim their once prosperous standard of living in pro business pro entrepreneurial states like Nevada, Texas or Florida. Don’t forget the legislation being proposed to tax former California residents after they leave this septic tank. All unconstitutional of course.

The sniveling cockroach Gavin Newson also wants a constitutional ban on gun ownership which is a protected God given right under the 2nd Amendment. Luckily our Founding Fathers prepared us for Marxists like Newson, a bottom feeding Communist that kisses the backside of the Communist Chinese any chance he gets.

Perhaps Newsom wants to disarm ALL law-abiding Americans as do the Communist Chinese because he knows, as does Biden and other Marxist bottom feeders like Bernie Sanders, one day the American people will not take this crap anymore and BAM – a new civil war commences.

Buy more ammo ladies and gentleman and learn how to shoot your legally acquired constitutionally protected firearm. The enemy we face is within. Stay peaceful and stay vigilant, follow the Constitution and trust in God as your protector.

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