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Newsmax Host Carl Higbie Absolutely Shreds Biden Admin Over Destruction Of Women’s Rights

Primetime Newsmax host Carl Higbie absolutely shredded the Biden Administration on Thursday, delivering an epic defense of women during the opening monologue for his new show, “Frontline.”

Higbie opened the show by discussing a bill (H.R. 743), which recently passed the House along party lines. The bill is supposed to keep biological men and boys out of women’s and girl’s sports. But the Biden administration has apparently decided that, although this is what the American people want, they’re going to veto the bill. Because clearly, the administration has forgotten that they are employees of We The People.

“Everything this White House does is so weird,” Higbie stated, noting that Biden tweeted an obnoxious comment that he and his team are apparently “committed to following the science” on the very same day. Yes, the same day that the Biden Administration declared that untalented, useless dudes should be able to compete against women, he claimed he and his Admin follow “the science.” WHAT SCIENCE?!

“I guess sometimes, when it suits their narrative, that guy just said he would veto the very protections for women in Title IX,” Higbie continued, accurately.

“Men and women are not the same. They’re just not and I’m not sorry about it. At this point, why don’t we just allow steroids in women’s sports?” Higbie asked the audience. “It’s literally the same thing!” Continuing with his blunt, fair, but absolutely hilariously delivered monologue, Higbie then noted that The Hill had apparently said the bill would “restrict the rights of transgender people.”

Does anyone at The Hill realize that this bill protects the rights of women? Real women. Biological women, who are not the same as biological men pretending that they are chicks now.

Higbie noted the example of Lia Thomas, a biological man who was a terrible swimmer when compared to other dudes, who then went on to ruin women’s swimming by competing against women.

“No one is restricting [Lia Thomas] right to compete in swimming,” Higbie explained. “What the trans-sports-movement is restricting is actual women’s rights to a level playing field.”

He then suggested that perhaps there should be some sort of Title IX.1, that allows transgender people to compete against other so-called transgender people. “I’m sure it’ll captivate every sports audience,” he quipped.

“This is not the most pressing issue in our nation,” Higbie noted, citing examples such as the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the failing U.S. economy and more. I highly recommend everyone watch Higbie’s monologue in full. It’s just under five minutes in length, and is a perfect example of a real man defending women’s rights in modern America.



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