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Islamo-Leftism [Part 1]

Editor’s note: The following is a translation by Ibn Warraq and Robert Kerr of Michel Onfray’s L’Art d’Etre Francais (The Art of Being French, Bouquins, 2021), published here for the first time

The words…

Sartre, again and again…

This man is a compass that points south! Sartre, deluded as he was, missed out on the perilous rise (as a professor in Le Havre, he found virtues in Hitler, according to Philippe Dechartre who was his pupil at the time – I have this information from his son Emmanuel…) of the Popular Front (he did not vote and despised the masses marching in the streets…), on the catastrophic defeat in 1940 (Beauvoir found the Germans who took her under their wing very sympathetic…), of the Occupation (in 1944, he found the German officers in the subway very polite and wrote about it….), the Resistance (he later claimed to be in the Resistance, but probably in the same group as Marguerite Duras, who was sleeping with a lout from the Gestapo…), the Liberation (he repeatedly concealed people as compromised as himself, including his publisher, whom he whitewashed and who whitewashed him in return…), he calls de Gaulle all manner of names (“fascist” being the most courteous, but there are also “reactionary pimp”, “pig”, “bloody bastard”, or “shit”, see his Interviews with John Gerassi between 1970 and 1974), he gave the Soviet kiss to all the Marxist-Leninist dictators the World has ever known (Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara, Castro, Kim Il-sung), he supported the Palestinian terrorists who killed Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, he defended the Baader-Meinhof gang, he asked people to vote François Mitterrand… One wonders why, in Le Siècle de Sartre, in the year 2000, Bernard-Henri Lévy undertakes to praise such a man!

Of course, Sartre is also on the side of the Ayatollah Khomeini! Never late for an infamy, Jean-Paul Sartre supported this man exiled in Neauphle-le-Château in the Yvelines where France had granted him hospi­tality. From October 1978 to February 1979, the Iranian dignitary spent 114 days there; Sartre joined his support committee! It is not surprising that this episode is mostly concealed. In fact, it is not mentioned either in his authorized biographies, nor in the Dictionnaire Sartre, nor in the Album Pléiade, nor in the chronologies which accompany the three volumes of philosophy in this collection, nor in La Cérémonie des adieux that Simone de Beauvoir brought out in 1981, to give an account of the last years of her companion.

Sartre’s political thinking was as superficial as a teenager’s petulance: a bourgeois had stolen his mother, whose affection he had enjoyed alone since her widowhood, the child was then fifteen months old, and this remarriage, when he was twelve years old, had triggered in him an unquenchable hatred of the bourgeois. At least the idea he had of them. From then on, anything and everything that attacked the bourgeoisie acted as an absolute ideal for him. The left was his family, since his mother’s remarriage had robbed him of it. Les Mots describes this neurosis between the lines. The existential psychoanalysis elaborated by the philosopher justifies this genealogical, biographical, and psychological reading of his political commitments.

Like Stalin or Mao, Guevara or Castro, Mao or Kim Il-sung, Khomeini is a kindred spirit of Sartre. Nationalism, imperialism, colonialism – these are the enemies since they embody the law of the father for this cultured man who ingenuously admits he has no subconscious… An Ayatollah who opposes the Shah of Iran – who was portrayed as an agent of American imperialism, also having good relations with Israel – is a new kinsman! It doesn’t matter that the Shah was dropped by the United States, which worked to replace him with the Ayatollah – by no means the least of the follies of American policy, which was also allied with bin Laden for a time, anticommunism makes for strange bedfellows Sartre was happy to support a man who proposed to do away with the bourgeoisie. There is no point in looking a gift horse in the mouth!

The same neurosis animated Sartre when he belatedly became an ally of the FLN in Algeria: the progenitor in this case was General de Gaulle, the aforementioned “reactionary pimp”. His zeal remained undiminished as the aim was to establish a socialist regime on the other side of the Mediterranean. It doesn’t matter that this change of regime ushered in the return to the traditional patriarchal values promoted by Islam. If the paternal demiurge were killed, the bloodshed would be without consequence, even acting as a catharic ablution.

This period of Sartre’s support for the Ayatollah Khomeini, between the end of 1978 and the beginning of 1979, is recounted by Beauvoir in La Cérémonie des adieux (published in English as Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre in 1981). The philosopher died a few months later, on 15 April 1980. She recounts the end of the life of this man who had smoked and taken drugs more than he should have for decades. Now half-blind, half-deaf, he was no longer himself, drooling, drinking, suffering from memory loss, having a peeled tongue from swallowing amphetamines, he rambled, taking two days to read Le Nouvel Observateur (in 1973), and furthermore he had diabetes, etc. This is this man whom his courtiers cast into the arms of the Ayatollah Khomeini, in the aftermath of which Pierre Victor (alias Benny Lévy; his last personal secretary) obtained from him, in March 1980, interviews for Le Nouvel Observateur in which he, who had justified Palestinian terrorism, converts… to philosemitism! These interviews were published under the title L’Espoir maintenant.

Let’s leave Jean-Paul Sartre there. He wrote nothing about this companionship with the Ayatollah, which is to say that he was no longer himself, having hitherto made a headline out of everything he did. While he gave the impetus to Islamo-leftism, the rest came to pass without him.



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Who in the Congress funded the U.S. Embassy in Communist Cuba?

The Congress of the United States has still not voted to fund the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. The Senate still has not confirmed restoring diplomatic ties with Communist Cuba.

So who approved this restoration of diplomatic ties? John Kerry? He does not have this authority without Congressional approval and Senate confirmation.

Who is paying for the Embassy ? What budget is the money coming from?

In January 2016 over 1,451 pro-freedom anti-Communist Cuban dissidents, including 512 women, were arbitrarily arrested and detained by the Cuban police forces.

These folks all had their homes and personal property raided, confiscated and their families investigated. (Much like what the Obama Bureau of Land Management did to ranchers cattle in 2014).

Why? For speaking out against Communism and oppression.

This is the Bernie Sanders ideology of the dumbed down college kids who are promoting this Communist blindly across this nation that is a mirror image of the Castro’s family mind set. Also endorsed by Pope Francis.

This mind set of oppression and tyranny is not welcome in these Cuban freedom loving dissident groups. Bernie Sanders and the Pope would be run out of town.

All this while President Obama is stepping in to “strengthen relations” with Communist Cuba. But under whose authority?

Obama is also going on a visit next month to Havana on Air Force One. Who is funding this? Did the Congress approve this appropriation to pay for the fuel for this trip? Let us see the signed appropriation documents.

Why is Obama visiting this Communist island after the arrests of over 1,400 pro freedom dissidents by Raul Castro’s government in January alone? Why are tractor companies setting up business deals with the Communist regime?

Will these American companies donate some of the profits to the legal defense funds of Cubans currently in jail for speaking out against Communism? Why are U.S. Airline companies negotiating flights in and out of this Communist nation?

Will they too offer a legal defense fund for said political prisoners held in Castro’s jails under the charge of “just wanting to be free men and women.”

You cannot visit Cuba unless you first pay for health insurance in advance or face fines and jail for non compliance. Sound familiar? Cuba implemented Obama/Romney care in 1959. Fact.

Obama said he that he’ll promote human rights during his historic visit, the first by a sitting American president since 1928. This is all propaganda. Obama lies.

In all reality Obama may set up a Black Lives Matter rally, he may pin up some targets up on a state owned Communist barn showing the silhouette of police officers and have some range practice with his Communist friends.

The Congress of the United States currently serve no purpose and have voted themselves as irrelevant by their inaction on most matters concerning the US Constitution and Obama’s blatant disregard for it.

They the congress, by not defunding this US Embassy in Cuba and all fuel funding for US government employees and politicians to said country on US military and chartered aircraft, including AF1 make this much worse of a problem than Obama himself.

The GOPe led Congress are spineless and do not have the guts to put President Obama back in his Constitutional place.

Its time to replace all this in November with real Americans. Not much longer my fellow patriots.


Obama’s Radical Decision to Cozy Up to a Brutal Dictatorship

Obama’s Visit to Cuba Betrays America’s Commitment to Freedom

EDITORS NOTE: Learn more at TheRealCuba.com.

Florida: Pensacola Yacht Club Embraces former Cuban Communist Naval Officer

This week the Communist sympathizers from the Pensacola Yacht Club set sail from Pensacola, Florida (imagine that) to meet up with Commodore Jose M. Diaz Escrich, a former member of Fidel Castro’s Communist Navy and  leader in his Communist Maritime forces.

The Pensacola News Journal on writing about this wonderful send off did not include the former Communist Navy Captains last name, but that’s okay nobody hides from the Senior Chief……I found it.

Escrich, one of Fidel Castro’ s closest military friends, was born on December 21, 1946 in the port city of Santiago de Cuba.  He entered into the formerly free Naval Academy of Cuba when he was 16 and worked for more than 25 years in the Communist Cuban Navy.

His duties included tracking down and arresting people trying to flee to Key West, Miami and other Florida cities to free themselves from the chains and bondage of Communism.

When the sailors from the Pensacola Yacht Club Show up in Havana Cuba the Castro – Communist Cuban Ministry of Tourism, will be on hand to recognize the participants’ efforts with gifts of flowers flown in from North Korea.

As of October  31st 2015 the number of political prisoners held in Cuba without due process or trial has climbed to 114, the opposition Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) noted.

I wish the Pensacola Yacht Club leadership much success with their mission to bring American dollars to the Communist Island to aid and assist in the continued efforts of Fidel and Raul Castro to oppress their people.

If you would like to contact the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and ask about all the tourists that have disappeared over the years the contact information is listed below. I called them up and they got irritated when I asked if I could speak to Fidel.

I am now on the Cuban Communist Party leadership most wanted list of not welcome with a potential shot at becoming a political prisoner for free speech.

Happy Trails…… The Pensacola Yacht Club is not too happy with me either but they can kiss my free, red blooded, American, flag waving, hamburger eating, apple pie filled you know what.

For those readers wishing to contact the Cuban Ministry you may do so using these links;

National Tourism Organization HAVANACUBA

Plaza de la Revolucion Calle 3ra. N? 6 entre G y F. El vedado HAVANA,CUBA

Tel.: 0053 7 8327535, 8345283, 8365269

UPDATE: Who sponsored the Pensacola Yacht Club sail boat race to Communist Cuba?

The Pensacola Yacht Club have almost concluded their sail boat race to the port of Havana in the Communist controlled island of Cuba.

The trophies will be presented to the winner’s of this race by Commodore José Miguel Díaz Escrich of the Communist Cuban Navy (retired) .

Commodore Escrich worked his way up through the ranks to Commander in Castro’s Communist Navy working with anti-submarine ships and maritime legal issues…. rounding up dissidents trying to flee Cuba to freedom.

The Commodore then returned to the classroom in Cuba, first as a professor at the Communist Naval academy, then as a master’s degree student-candidate at the highest level in the naval academy of the former Soviet Union. How sweet is that ?

Returning to Cuba after four years, he worked in Naval Base Operations on the General Staff, focusing on international maritime and legal issues otherwise known as “Arresting and hunting down Cubans trying to flee the country”.

After 25 years in the Communist Cuban Navy, Commander Escrich then created the Club Náutico Internacional Hemingway de Cuba (Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba)

The Pensacola Yacht Clubs latest port of call.

Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway met and fished together in a 1960 Hemingway game fishing tournament, celebrated at the Barlovento Tourist Residence, later named Marina Hemingway. Thus the name of the Marina.

This is also where the American – Communist and author Hemingway presented the Communist Cuban dictator with several trophies. Three photographs of Ernest Hemingway hang in the yacht club’s office today, including one of Hemingway and his boat, Pilar, dated 27 May 1950.

Perhaps the Pensacola Yacht Club sailors will get a tour and pose for pictures also with the new crowd of Communists running the marina.

So the Pensacola Yacht Club have sanctioned, embraced and met with a former member of Castro’s Communist maritime forces whose job it was to capture and arrest fellow Cubans fleeing to safety in Florida. They are soon meeting this Communist to receive trophies and break bread with people that have to date arrested and imprisoned 114 political prisoners for wanting only to be free.

To ensure this event was a success (excluding the bad storm that blew in the following start of the sail boat race) the following companies are listed as sponsors to the Pensacola Yacht Club’s sail boat race to Communist Cuba:

  1. Frontier Motors Pensacola
  2. Technology Associates
  3. Zern Rigging Pensacola
  4. Schurr Sails Pensacola
  5. Weather Routing Inc.

There are currently 114 political prisoners held in Cuban prisons for speaking out against oppression and servitude. Some of which are in jail because of the Cuban naval forces led by Commodore Escrish the new friend of the Pensacola Yacht Club and its leadership.

Perhaps the companies I listed above would now like to offer sponsorship to the political prisoners held in Castro’s gulags next time around and now disassociate itself from the Pensacola Yacht Club, a team that affords hospitality and salutations to a member of Fidel Castro’s Communist Naval forces to satisfy what ? Who knows the answer to that…perhaps they can figure it out.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of CookImages.com.

The Prison Called Cuba


President Obama’s handshake with Cuban President Raul Castro, at a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela in 2013. REUTERS TV/REUTERS

We are told we need to feel sympathy for the Cuban people who have suffered from a U.S. embargo and lack of diplomatic recognition. That ignores a long history of oppression in Cuba no matter who was in charge.

Prior to Fidel Castro, Cubans were in the grip of Flugencio Batista who overthrew the existing government in September 1933 and then dominated Cuban politics for the next 25 years until Castro’s revolutionary movement took control of the capitol in January 1959.

Fifty-six years ago in 1959, I was about to graduate from the University of Miami and among my friends were young Cubans sent there to get a degree. I have often wondered which among them returned to Cuba and which, like those who could afford it, were joined by their family who fled Cuba.

The U.S. had been involved with Cuba from the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898 when Spain ceded Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam for $20 million. We stayed in Cuba until it was granted independence in 1902 as the Republic of Cuba. Its first president faced an armed revolt in 1906 so we returned to briefly occupy Cuba to restore some stability, but they never really got the hand of being a democratic self-governing nation.

How much better it would have been for the Cubans if the U.S. had decided to make the island a territory like Puerto Rico. Then we could have let the island prosper without having to end up with becoming a Communist nation closely allied, first with the Soviet Union and after its collapse in 1991, with others like China and Venezuela.

The lesson we might be expected to draw from this is that Communism does not work. It is an utterly failed economic and social system that can only stay in power by jailing or executing anyone who resists. That is exactly what the brothers, Fidel and Raul Castro, have done since seizing power. One consistency of the past five decades has been the anti-America policies they have pursued.

The reason given by Obama was that U.S. policies toward Cuba “have not worked” and that it is time for a change. There is some truth in this and it should be noted that Canada has long had good relations with Cuba as have European and, of course, Latin and South American nations.

Even so, what are we to conclude from the report that Russia plans to join military drills with Cuba and North Korea that may also include Vietnam and Brazil? Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has left it sanctioned and isolated, so the military drills send a message that it still has nations friendly to it, but what nations!

Cuba was caught not long ago when it attempted to ship weapons to North Korea, so we are talking about two dedicated Communist nations. Over the years, it has more than demonstrated its anti-American hostility.

Generally, there is little to be gained by exchanging embassies or relieving Cuba. Lifting our embargo and other sanctions leaves the U.S. with even less leverage, if any.

What has been largely overlooked since Obama’s announcement is the fact that Cuba is still ruled by a Castro and is likely to remain so because Raul’s son, Alejandro Castro Espin, a colonel in Cuba’s intelligence apparatus is likely being groomed to take over after becoming a general and a member of the Communist Party Politburo, Cuba’s ruling body. As noted in an article in The Atlantic, it is the Cuban military not only that plays a major role in the Politburo, it also controls at least sixty percent of the island nation’s economy.

I have no doubt that reaching out to Cuba ranks just below reaching out to Iran as Obama contemplates his “legacy.” Both are notorious enemies of the U.S. Nor would it surprise me if Obama would try to unilaterally shut down Guantanamo. Failing that, he will do everything he can to empty it by the time he leaves office.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Cuba has had to struggle to survive economically. Its earlier behavior got it banned from the Organization of American States that was not lifted until 2009, but which did not confer full membership until it was deemed to be “in conformity with the practices, purposes, and principles of the OAS.” At the time, Fidel said he was not interested in joining.

Not much has changed in terms of the enmity the Castro brothers have expressed toward the U.S. but practical considerations to keep unrest among elements of Cuba’s population under control require them to ease some of the earlier control over being able to travel and likely who Cubans can do business with would improve whatever commerce will be permitted.

At this point, the only “winner” is Cuba.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

Fidel Castro’s Testament by Brian Latell

Oddly, there is no mention in the letter of the release of the three convicted Cuban intelligence agents from American penitentiaries. The key figures of the large Cuban spy ring that operated in the United States had been heralded as national heroes by Fidel before his retirement. He was extravagantly associated with the protracted campaign to win their release. The regime’s propaganda and intelligence machines labored long and diligently, overtly and covertly. But Fidel has not taken a victory bow now that they are home.

Rumors of Fidel Castro’s precarious health may swirl again in the aftermath of a letter issued over his signature earlier this week. Addressed to the Federation of University Students, the retired leader is quoted briefly about the changing Cuban relationship with the United States.

After remaining silent for more than five weeks following the announcements by President Obama and Raul Castro of measures taken in pursuit of détente, Fidel finally weighed in. “I will explain,” he is quoted saying, “in a few words, my essential position.”

Ghost written or not, his message provides a hedged endorsement of the process, though not of any of the steps taken by either side to normalize relations. He says nothing, for example, about the impending restoration of diplomatic relations that he caused to be broken in January 1961.

Nowhere in the message does Castro express unambiguous approval for detente. Perhaps the nearest he comes is by stating that he does not reject a “peaceful solution to conflicts or threats of war.” Employing similar lofty language, the letter merely states.

  • “Defending peace is the duty of all.”
  • “Any negotiated, peaceful solution . . . which does not imply the use of force must be addressed in accordance with international principles and norms.”
  • “We will always defend cooperation and friendship with all the world’s peoples, and with those of our political adversaries.”

In short, the message can only be read as grudging. Castro is quoted saying, “I do not trust the policy of the United States, nor have I exchanged one word with them.” It recalls his militance and intransigence during decades of dealings with ten American presidents: “revolutionary ideas must always be on guard. . . . In this spirit I have struggled, and will continue to struggle until my last breath.”

All this sounds reliably like Fidel. But the odds are good that he did not actually contribute meaningfully to the drafting of the document. It is impossible to know of course, but it reads more like a skillful brief composed by Raul Castro’s designees.

They wanted Fidel’s stamp of approval for moving toward better relations with the United States. Emblazoned on the front pages of the major Cuban dailies, the letter got maximum exposure on the island.

After Fidel’s long silence it was also necessary for the regime to stifle speculation that he had died or was on his deathbed. And, for many, his extended silence left the impression that he was opposed to normalization with Washington. It was unacceptable for either of those impressions to persist.

Yet, no utterance attributed to Fidel would have been credible had he enthusiastically endorsed rapprochement. Since his university days –as he in fact mentions in the letter — he pursued radical, anti-American ideals. For him now, in his late eighties, suddenly to abandon decades of anti-American intransigence would not have made sense. After all, the American economic embargo remains fully in force. Other historic Cuban demands are also still unassuaged. How could he give unequivocal approval to a process still in its early stages?

Oddly, there is no mention in the letter of the release of the three convicted Cuban intelligence agents from American penitentiaries, or of the America contractor who served five years in a Cuban jail. The key figures of the large Cuban spy ring that operated in the United States had been heralded as national heroes by Fidel before his retirement. He was extravagantly associated with the protracted campaign to win their release. The regime’s propaganda and intelligence machines labored long and diligently, overtly and covertly. But Fidel has not taken a victory bow now that they are home.

Nor has he met with them as they are being lionized in the official media as representatives of a new generation of revolutionary heroes. If he is not on his death bed, or severely impaired, a photo op with them would have been a routine event. Other than for reasons of health, therefore, it seems inexplicable that he has failed to boast of the Cuban success in bringing them home.

Two days after the letter was aired in Cuba, the press reported that Fidel had met with his old friend and biographer, Brazilian friar Frei Betto. They engaged, it was reported, in a friendly conversation about national and international issues. Normally under such circumstances, a photo of the two would have accompanied the article.

But this time, the photo of them attached to the story was acknowledged to have been taken in February 2014 during an earlier meeting. The most recent photos of Fidel appeared in the middle of last year and he has made no public appearance in about a year. Will rumors of his imminent demise be stoked anew?

Brian Latell, Ph.D., is a distinguished Cuba analyst and a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies at the University of Miami. He has informed American and foreign presidents, cabinet members, and legislators about Cuba and Fidel Castro in a number of capacities. He served in the early 1990s as National Intelligence Officer for Latin America at the Central Intelligence Agency and taught at Georgetown University for a quarter century. Dr. Latell has written, lectured, and consulted extensively. He is the author of After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro’s Regime and Cuba’s Next Leader and Castro’s Secrets: The CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine. Brian Latell is a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.

The Stark Contrast Between Two People’s Views on the Communist Cuba / Castro Controversy with Obama

Hope all is well as I trust that everybody had a Blessed & Beautiful Christmas Holy Day…It’s not a Holiday – it’s a “Holy Day”…Along with the Day of the Resurrection, Christmas Day is the most significant day in our calendar year, as if it were not for these two days, I would not be writing this piece; we would not have eternal life…and Barack Obama would be the last thing on my mind…

But, we are blessed to have these two sacred days in our calendars…and, we are stuck with the Emperor for a little more than “730” days. And, boy, have these last “53” days been excruciating. Yes, since November 4th, when the Republican Party slapped the Liberals something silly – their ruthless and squeaky “lame duck” has made more noise than the AFLAC duck on TV commercials. And, with his latest and most blatant Executive Action taking place over a week ago – when he thought he would “go it alone”, again – taking on another Foreign Policy move that he has no place or business even going near – this fiasco with “Cuba & the Castro Commies” – is way out of his league…

And, like I wrote last week in my introduction message in regards to this down-right slap in the face to every Cuban exile living in this country, age 45 and up – Obama has no clue what he is doing with Fidel & Raul Castro – and does not even know what the word embargo means – let alone, what the word democracy means…

And, it seems that every time this dictator wannabe puts his foot in his mouth and does something that he has no business doing – he always manages to escape to Hawaii or the nearest golf course for another “much needed” vacation, as he is there now with Michelle and the girls, on our dime, again…

Yes, that has been Obama’s M.O. for the past 6 years – make a dumb move; create controversy; stir up the hornet’s nest; piss off the entire country; then go hide away in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. But, this time, he knows he has to come back and he knows that come January, a new Congress will be awaiting him. And, he also should be well aware that what he did last week by gutlessly going behind our country’s back and “unofficially” trying to lift the embargo from Cuba, is going to cost him and it did not sit well with two vocal senators who have Cuban ties – Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz.

My prayer is that both, Rubio and Cruz, continue to take the lead in standing up against Obama in regards to this controversy with Cuba, and convince John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of this new Congress to NOT allow Obama’s Executive Action to actually take place. They need to fight this tooth and nail with all they’ve got and not allow any type of lifting of the embargo to take place until the ruthless tyrants who have run Cuba aground for the past 55 years, declare Cuba to be “Free of Communist Rule” and sign an agreement with the United States stating that Cuba will be a Free Democracy from now on, with Free Elections and that all human rights will be bestowed upon the 13 million Cubans living on this beloved island nation…Churches and schools must be open to everybody.

Until this is done – there is NO DEAL! I am all for progress and making things better with Cuba, but one cannot do business with ruthless dictators who have imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of innocent people for over 5 decades, pretending that this never took place, and out of the clear blue, declaring Cuba “open for business”…There has to be a price to pay; an apology to take place; and lots of healing and conversion in order for the United States of America to do business with Cuba…Freedom does not come Free – and, it’s Cuba who needs to adjust to United States policies – not the other way around. If an embargo does take place sometime in the future, it is the U.S. who is doing Cuba a favor. Now, they need to come clean; release all prisoners; put down their guns and firing squads; lose that Communist flag; pay their dues and play by our rules. That’s the democratic way…That’s the only way…But, by the looks of things and from Raul Castro’s latest comments, it looks like he wants to stick to his guns and is still saying that “Cuba will always be under Communist rule as long as he is alive”…

And, there, the problem lies…but, Obama, as stubborn as he is, will continue to “go it alone”, and with those big ears of his, pretend that he did not hear Raul Castro’s latest comments…

The real problem is that an individual like Barack Obama has no clue what took place in Cuba the past 55 years. (He does not even now what took place in the United States the past 55 years, let alone, Cuba). He has no idea what the Castro brothers represent – and until you walk in the shoes of those courageous Cubans who left the island between 1959-1965, and see what they had to endure – do NOT even think of messing with their families’ history and the beloved island they had to leave because of Communist rule. This is sacred, personal and sensitive to all Cubans who fled back then and when an arrogant socialist like Obama decides that he knows best and is going to wreak havoc on these Cubans’ past & future by recklessly dealing with two Communist brothers who turned their lives upside down and more – you better be prepared to pay the consequences…Obama, don’t mess with Cuba…You would not want anyone to mess with your birthplace, Kenya…

So, please take a look at these two articles that I have included for you, below, so you can see how different two people’s points of view on this controversial issue with Cuba, Castro and Obama truly are. The first article happens to come from the President of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue, who, you can tell, is quite liberal. Claims to be a devout Catholic – but, definitely, left-handed. His views on what Obama is trying to accomplish with Cuba is in total disagreement with the millions of Cubans who are living in this country today who see it as an insult to them and the place of their birth. Donohue’s comments about Obama and Pope Francis only adds more insult to injury and coming from the President of the Catholic League, his socialist views are just as slanted as Obama’s…


Then, we have a phenomenal article and commentary from an incredible woman who was born and raised in Cuba – who saw it all first-hand, along with her very active family. Yes, Marielena Montesino de Stuart, a devout Pro-Lifer, patriot and outspoken Republican activist, who ran for U.S. Senate in 2012 – truly lays it all on the line here. She has the right to be able to express herself like this because she lived it. She walked in those shoes I was referring to earlier. Marielena basically says everything that I, along with any Cuban-American in this country (ages 45 and up), would have written. She could not have said it any better. Her article should serve as an inspiration to all Cubans in this country. Thank you for being bold for your Faith, your present country and for your country of birthplace…


Friends: I humbly ask that we, as American citizens of this great country of ours – please keep this volatile situation with Cuba, the Castros and Obama – in deep prayer. Had it been anybody else (other than Barack Obama), executing this Executive Action – I know I would personally feel a lot more comfortable and confident that something positive is going to be happening in Cuba in the near future. Let’s face it – 55 years is way too long a time to have this beautiful island still under Communist rule – especially when it is only 90 miles away from my sister, Elena’s house, in Key West. But, I along with millions of Americans in this country (Obama’s approval ratings are at an all-time low right now), do not trust Obama with anything – especially with an area he has absolutely no experience in or clue as to what he is doing – Foreign Policy…it’s all foreign to him…and, Cuba can be quite dangerous…

In closing, let’s pray that Obama comes to his senses; that cooler and smarter heads prevail; that our new Congress shows some courage, boldness and self control; and that we, in fact, are able to do something with Cuba in the very near future. I honestly believe that this is in GOD’s Plan and we owe it to all those courageous and passionate Cubans who gave up their lives fighting for their Patria, dreaming that one day we would all be able to say out loud: VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!…I, for one, am one of those. And, although I came from Cuba, myself in 1961, at the age of three and consider myself more American than most Americans – my heart goes out to all those older Cubans who suffered and gave up so much for their beloved homeland (including my beloved mother and late father). It is only right that those well-deserving Cubans get to see a Free Cuba before they die and go to their final resting place knowing that, in the end – good triumphed over evil – GOD over the devil…Free Democracy over ruthless Communism…


Obama Switches Sides Again in the War for the Free World: Provides Life-support for the Castro Regime

In response to the Obama administration’s announcement this week that it is proceeding with normalization of relations with the Castro regime in Cuba — reversing over fifty years of bipartisan policy towards the communist dictatorship — the Center for Security Policy is registering strong objection to this course of action as severely undermining U.S. national security on several fronts.

First, normalization with Cuba represents the latest manifestation of America siding with traditional adversaries at the expense of allies, both governmental and non-governmental, since President Obama took office. Whether ousting former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to make way for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, threatening to impose sanctions on Israel while lifting them on Iran, hitting the “reset” button with Vladimir Putin’s Russia while removing missile defense capabilities from Europe, or remaining neutral on Venezuela’s assumption of a seat on the United Nations Security Council, there has been a clear and disturbing pattern, of which the Castro brothers are the latest beneficiary.

Second, at a time when the Venezuelan regime that has provided life-support to the Castro dictatorship for the past decade is bankrupt, President Obama is rescuing the Communist Castro brothers, just when intensified pressure may at last have driven them from power.

Third, the fact that this normalization with Cuba is taking place against the backdrop of ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program, strongly suggests that this policy shift is a “dry run” for eventual normalization of relations with Tehran. It would not be unreasonable for Iran to observe today’s events and infer that it need not cede any ground on its nuclear ambitions, just as Cuba did not cede ground on its fifty-plus-year record of repression of human rights and sponsorship of global terrorism.

Finally, this reversal of policy further demonstrates that this administration is distressingly prone to poor negotiating. Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal’s release was secured only in exchange for five of the most senior, and most dangerous, Taliban leaders held in Guantanamo Bay, while Iran has benefitted from the premature lifting of sanctions in exchange for meaningless and easily reversible concessions on its nuclear program. Regimes and terrorist organizations the world over will doubtlessly be encouraged by Obama’s reversal on Cuba in this regard as well.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, commented:

President Obama’s misguided reconciliation with the Castro regime is just the latest example of the Obama doctrine at work: Embolden our enemies; undermine our allies; diminish our country. The security of the American people, as well as the human rights and democratic aspirations of the people of Cuba, have been put in possibly irreversible jeopardy with this action. It is incumbent upon Congress to do everything in its power to prevent this disastrous policy from taking hold.