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EU Diplomats: Obama is agreeing to allow Iran to Increase Number of Centrifuges

Obama is trying to align the U.S. with the interests of Iran. Obama must change course and align U.S. policy with the interests of our traditional allies in the region–Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates if we are to defeat ISIS.

Instead of creating a coalition of Arab States to confront ISIS Obama is about to give Iran (a Radical Terrorist Islamic State)  the wherewithal to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons in exchange for a promise to help fight ISIS. Cleverly Iran is holding back on confronting ISIS in exchange for nuclear weapons which will be a direct threat to the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates among others.

The reason Obama is unable to a create a strong Arab coalition to fight ISIS is that the Arab States (above mentioned)  including Egypt don’t trust Obama. These traditional allies have been ignored if favor of his attempt to realign the U.S. with the interests of Iran. Each of our traditional allies know that a nuclear Iran will ultimately give rise to nuclear proliferation and Armageddon.

If Obama takes immediate steps to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program there is little doubt a substantial coalition of Arab allies and Egypt would be achievable with U.S. leadership to confront ISIS.  Instead Obama is allowing Iran to create nuclear weapons based on a promise to fight ISIS.

Iran knows, currently ISIS more of a threat to the other Arab Sunni States than it is to Iran. In reality Iran and ISIS have a common goal to destroy other traditional Sunni States particularly Saudi Arabia which controls oil prices.

EU Diplomats: U.S. and Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Deal

European diplomats have told Israeli officials in recent days that the U.S. and Iran are moving closer to an agreement that would increase the number of centrifuges that Iran would be permitted to keep. In exchange, the Iranians would bring their influence to bear to ensure quiet in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Israel Army Radio reported Tuesday.
European diplomats said the U.S. in recent weeks has made significant concessions, permitting Tehran to operate 6,500 centrifuges while lifting sanctions. In fact, the Europeans are opposed to the proposed linkage between the nuclear issue and other geopolitical matters.

(Jerusalem Post)