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ACTION ALERT: Verizon Drops NRA Outdoor and Sportsman Channels

Act Now and Demand Access to the Best in Outdoor Television!

Verizon Fios has dropped Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel – television networks geared to tell compelling outdoor lifestyle stories and strong advocates for all areas of the shooting lifestyle. The networks are home to many of the NRA programs including Friend of the NRA, NRA All Access and Life of Duty.

By their actions, Verizon is marginalizing a segment of society – 130 million strong, loyal and passionate purveyors of the outdoor lifestyle including the millions of NRA members – because they don’t live, breath and work in the same space that we do. Their actions send a clear and dangerous message to our segment of society, as well as other segments of society that differ in the way they view life and live within those views.

The message is clear: If you differ in opinion about certain issues and lifestyle choices, Verizon doesn’t want your business. Would Verizon feel the same way if outdoor lifestyle and shooting enthusiasts decided to take similar actions against the company’s phone and internet services?

We’re calling on all NRA members to contact Verizon and DEMAND Verizon return Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel to their television line-up.  If you are a Verizon customer, you can also send a strong message to Verizon by choosing another provider of phone, internet, wireless or television service.

Go to www.KeepMyOutdoorTV.com or call 800-710-1922 to find out all the details and let your voice be heard.