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Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden Settles Dispute Over Daughter, 4, by Giving Her Some of His Paintings

And the ‘President’ won’t acknowledge his own grandchild. Could the first family be depraved, immoral and disgusting? And the degenerate media applauds these low lives.

Hunter Biden Settles Dispute Over Daughter, 4, by Giving Her Some of His Paintings

Lunden Roberts, Mr. Biden’s ex-paramour, has agreed to end her effort to change the child’s last name to ‘Biden.’

By: NY Sun, June 30, 2023:

Details of first son Hunter Biden’s child support settlement with his former paramour, Lunden Roberts, have been released by an Arkansas county court which shows that he must pay monthly installments until his daughter’s high school graduation as well as give the child some of his paintings that she can choose to sell or keep.

“The parties having reached an agreement as to all pending matters before the Court, intend that this Agreed Order shall resolve all claims and counterclaims,” an Arkansas county circuit court judge, Holly Meyer, wrote in the order that ends Mr. Biden’s yearslong paternity dispute.

Mr. Biden and Ms. Roberts, through their legal representatives, came to this agreement in the “best interest of the child,” Judge Meyer wrote. Beginning on July 1, Mr. Biden will be required to pay Ms. Roberts a monthly child support payment until their daughter, Navy Roberts, graduates from high school.

During legal proceedings earlier this year, it was disclosed that Mr. Biden had been paying Ms. Roberts $20,000 per month over the course of several years, totaling $750,000 since their daughter’s paternity was confirmed in 2020.

Mr. Biden had recently sought to reduce the payments, saying he’d fallen on hard times. His request led to the embarrassing spectacle of an Arkansas judge ordering the first son to appear in an Arkansas courtroom and release to the court his financial records or be locked up in the Cleburne County Jail. The New York Post first reported last week that Mr. Biden had resolved the child support payment dispute, lowering his monthly commitment to $5,000. Thursday’s filing was heavily redacted and did not reveal the dollar amounts. It did, however, reveal a number of additional conditions which may explain the reported sharp drop in payment size.

Judge Meyer wrote in her ruling that legal representatives had come to the agreement that Mr. Biden would regularly bequeath to Navy a certain number of his paintings “with a minimum size of 24×24.”

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