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The Delusional Sycophants of the FBI Retired Agents’ Association: A ‘Fire in the Attic?’

An April 11, 2023 written report by the Executive Director  of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI (SOFSA), Nancy Savage, reflected that on that date, several Society Chapter Chairs from around the country visited the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. Savage and SOFSA President Dennis Lormel were also present. They attended a New Agents Graduating class and also met with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Wray claimed that much of what was being written about the Bureau were opinions and not facts. He asserted that “the FBI brand is strong around the country,” that it is important to do the job with honesty and integrity, and “acknowledged that the FBI receives political fallout from Congress at times.”

The takeaway from the written report of the event was that all is A-OK with the FBI. This is, however, contrary to fact. There were evidently no hard questions posed to Wray from this “diverse” group. It was not evident that any of these subject were discussed: FBI whistleblowers; the Crossfire Hurricane corruption hoax; the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Inspector General (OIG) report; the Democrat Party/DOJ/FBI Reichstag Fire-style railroading of patriotic American citizens known as the J6 “insurrection”; the FBI collusion with Twitter to affect a Presidential election; the successful social engineering of the Bureau; or anything concerning Hunter Biden. Are we, then, to conclude that SOFSA is all in with the FBI being used as the enforcement arm of an anti-American political party?

The FBI is the “tip of the spear,” as one might conclude here, for government wide corruption. An apparently oblivious or delusional FBI Director meets with apparently equally oblivious or delusional retired agents and delivers the usual pablum to these gullible agents, who willingly lapped it up. But hey, they each received a Training Division Challenge Coin.

The SOFSA website states here that the organization was founded in 1937 to “preserve the mutuality of interests of the Agents, the memories of pleasures enjoyed and adversities shared. It was formed as a fraternal, educational, and community minded organization composed of former FBI Special Agents who had served with fidelity, bravery, and integrity in the defense of America.” They would also like you to know that they are “inclusive.” Forgive me if I suspect that the word “inclusive” was not in the original founding document(s).

It became evident to me over the last ten years or so that many of my retired colleagues took an oath to an agency instead of to the U. S. Constitution. The motto “protect the Bureau at all costs” is apparently alive and well.

Except for a handful of retired agents, no organization of FBI agents has come out in support of the recent FBI whistleblowers, three of whom have testified before Congress. SOFSA is crickets, which tells me that they apparently are O.K. with the Stasi/KGB tactics that the Bureau is employing against them, as is highlighted here.

Yet further evidence has surfaced of the FBI targeting Catholics, as reported here. Communism and other evil forces target religion. “Satan will deceive nations; he will viciously persecute believers.” Here is an article published at the New English Review, in which I allege that Communism has indeed affected and influenced the FBI.

More evidence of subversion can be found here and here. These Bureau agents are obliviously joining in solidarity with Communism, a Communist cop killer, the Defund the Police effort, and jihadis, including the kidnappers of one of their own. I set forth the following to a separate group of retired agents last year to make the aforementioned point:

  1. Black Lives Matter (BLM) has Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ties. Its leaders are self-professed Marxists. Co-founder Patrisse Cullors has praised cop killer Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, of Black Liberation Army (BLA) 1970’s fame. Being Marxists, they are behind the Defund the Police effort.
  2. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation FBI case, and is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, a self-proclaimed enemy of Western civilization. CAIR stands with BLM. “Black Lives Matter is our campaign.”
  3. In 2015, the Iranian mullahs voiced support for BLM to Mandela Barnes, Democrat candidate for U. S. Senate in Wisconsin. This would be the same regime that is suspected of the kidnapping of former FBI Agent Robert Levinson.

Likewise, the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA), an organization of active-duty agents, of which incidentally I was once a Chapter Chair, reportedly rewarded the agents $100.00 each for their alleged “professional judgement.”

Here and here is more of that strong FBI brand that Wray must be talking about, and below is the same FBI executive, then a Special Agent in Charge (SAC), aiding and abetting jihadis and jihad sympathizers.

Apparently SOFSA is A-OK with all of this, too?

I recall as a young agent reading several items that circulated among the agent ranks comparing the Bureau to the KGB. I recall them being tongue-in-cheek write-ups; at least that is the way I took them. Maybe the FBI agent author(s) knew more then than I and others had ever imagined. And just maybe I was delusional about what I thought the FBI was or was supposed to be.

After that April meeting with Wray, I feel confident that there will be a smiling photograph of the attendees with Wray in their monthly publication, the Grapevine. Why not? After all, James Comey, an admitted Communist, had his smiling picture on the cover after he was rightly fired by Donald Trump.

A Max Frisch play entitled The Firebugs (Herr Biedermann und die Brandstifterhere, is about arsonists who disguise themselves as traveling salesmen, gain entry to homes from unsuspecting homeowners, and proceed to burn the houses down. Biedermann reads about them in a local paper, and just then his doorbell rings; two traveling salesmen are at his door asking if they can spend the night. He has just read about the ploy, but allows them in anyway, and gives them a place to stay in his attic. Of course, they proceed to set fire to his attic and the whole town burns down.  The evidence was right there staring Biedermann in the face, yet he failed to see it.

Both the FBI’s attic and SOFSA’s attics are on fire, but they apparently choose to look the other way and ignore the flames.

Does the “enemy within” now include by their silence the FBI retired Agents Association? Maybe Lormel will consider this another one of those “unfounded and reckless” attacks on the FBI?


David J. Baldovin is a retired FBI agent who served from 1969 to 2000, including 25 years in SWAT.


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FBI top dog refuses to answer whether bureau had sources dressed as Trump supporters on Jan. 6

The desperately corrupt FBI should be disbanded, but nothing is much less likely.


FBI Director Refuses To Answer Whether Agency Had Sources ‘Dressed As Trump Supporters’ In J6 Riots

by Trevor Schakohl, Daily Caller, November 15, 2022:

FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer multiple questions Tuesday from a Republican congressman concerning whether FBI sources were embedded among Jan. 6 protesters during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Worldwide Threats to the Homeland.

Republican Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins asked Wray at the hearing if the FBI had “confidential human sources embedded within the Jan. 6 protesters” that day. Wray said he had to “be very careful about when we do and do not and where we have and have not used” such sources, “categorically” denying that bureau sources or employees “instigated or orchestrated Jan. 6.”…

“Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 prior to the doors being opened?” Higgins subsequently questioned. Wray began to repeat that he needed to be “very careful,” but the congressman loudly insisted, “It should be a no! Can you not tell the American people no?”

The FBI director urged Higgins not to “read anything into” his choice not to divulge information about informants, with committee Chairman Bennie Thompson cutting off the exchange for time.




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‘Rotted At Its Core’: House Judiciary GOP Releases Massive 1,000-Page Report On Alleged FBI Misconduct

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee on Friday released a 1,050-page report on alleged FBI misconduct, based primarily on the testimony of whistleblowers within the agency.

The report, titled “FBI Whistleblowers: What Their Disclosures Indicate About The Politicization of the FBI And The Justice Department,” began by stating that the FBI “is broken” under the leadership of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Wray’s superior, while also blaming the “politicized bureaucracy” of the agency. It accused Garland and Wray of overseeing an agency that “altered and mischaracterized evidence to federal courts, circumvented safeguards, and exploited weaknesses in policies.”

The report identifies several key areas for oversight as Republicans are poised to take the House majority after the midterm elections. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee have already promised investigations into the FBI and intelligence community over the handling of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the surveilling of school board meetings, among other topics.

In the executive summary, the report quoted FBI whistleblowers who spoke to Republican staff on the committee, led by Ranking Member Jim Jordan of Ohio, claiming that the FBI was “rotted at its core” and maintained a “systemic culture of unaccountability” as well as being full of “rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse.” It also alleged that the FBI may be inflating statistics on the incidence of violent extremism across the country, as well as diverting resources away from criminal investigations towards more politically-relevant areas.

Some of the allegations leveled in the report include the contention that the FBI “manufactured” a controversy about domestic violent extremism, by “orchestrating” the failed plot to kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, which was foiled in 2020. It also alleges that the Bureau attempted to minimize allegations of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden, who is currently being investigated for tax-related felonies by Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David C. Weiss, a holdover from the Trump administration.

Other allegations include the “purging” of conservative employees who dissent from the FBI’s efforts to promote “diversity, equity and inclusion,” which the report terms as a “woke agenda.” Such programs in federal agencies have been heavily criticized by Republicans, who claim that the bias violates the freedom of conscience of conservative federal employees who may disagree with them.

One FBI employee alleged to the committee they were told by their FBI superiors “that child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.” Another claimed that an FBI program, codenamed “Operation Bronze Griffin,” was an illicit partnership between the FBI and Facebook, where the Bureau allegedly accepts private user information from Facebook, but without the user’s consent or legal process.

The report’s release comes at a time when the FBI is under heavy scrutiny from Republicans in Congress for a variety of reasons. The FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, in August, prompted several allegations of improper procedure – including that the FBI took materials under attorney-client privilege – and the appointment of a Special Master to review the documents seized.

The bureau was also scrutinized after an alleged order issued by Garland to the FBI to surveil, under counterterrorism authority, parents being involved in school board meetings in Northern Virginia. Many parents have attended school board meetings to criticize the prevalence of contested concepts regarding race and gender in curricula, which has been supported by Republicans.

In response to a request for comment, the FBI wrote that “we follow the facts without regard for politics.  While outside opinions and criticism often come with the job, we will continue to follow the facts wherever they lead, do things by the book, and speak through our work.”





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‘You know a nation is in trouble when its security services are raiding the residence of a former president’

Banana Republic U.S.A.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is a dangerous moment for America

by Tom Slater, Spiked, August 11, 2022

You know a nation is in trouble when its security services are raiding the residence of a former president. Doubly so when said nation’s supposedly liberal intelligentsia seem tickled pink about this unprecedented development, without a whiff of concern or scepticism about what the feds are up to. That’s where the United States is at the moment, in the wake of the FBI’s search of former president Donald Trump ’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on Monday, reportedly over a dispute about missing official documents.

There’s still much we don’t know about this bizarrely explosive dispute between Trump and the National Archives. But what we do know is puzzling, to put it lightly. According to the New York Times, officials had been after Trump for months over official and potentially classified materials he still had in his possession. After archivists retrieved 15 boxes of documents, including some sensitive material, the US Department of Justice was called in. A grand jury was convened. Federal investigators, including counterintelligence officers, were deployed. And, unsatisfied with what had been retrieved, officers then secured a search warrant.

Why this couldn’t have been handled in a somewhat more discrete fashion, without armed agents and everything, is not yet clear. Think back to Hillary Clinton’s notorious email server and you see allegations like this are not unprecedented, but this raid certainly is. Former spooks on liberal cable-news networks have reassured Americans that everything must have been on the up and up, because the raid would have required the sign-off of a judge, FBI head Christopher Wray and attorney general Merrick Garland. ‘They wouldn’t do this unless they had the goods’ is the line being trotted out across corporate media.

To at least half of America, of course, this is about as reassuring as Joe Biden insisting he remembers where he parked the car. As left-wing journalist Matt Taibbi notes, similar reassurances were offered over and over again during the ludicrous Russiagate scandal, to justify official investigations, insane claims and even the surveillance of Trump advisers. In the end, of course, the idea that Trump was Putin’s puppet turned out to be an elite conspiracy theory. Still, the FBI and its newfound liberal cheerleaders are now hoping to rely on a level of blind public trust that no longer exists, if it ever existed at all….



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