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Condolences to the citizens of Mexico. Marxism Continues in your country!

It’s time to send our condolences to the once free nation of México as it prepares to inaugurate Claudia Sheinbaum another full blown Marxist President into office.

The global fake news media will praise her for being the first woman president in 200 years which is irrelevant of course considering it’s her political ideology that’s important to Mexico and global markets not the fact she sits down to relieve herself.

The fake news including the Jewish press will identify her as Jewish when in fact she’s a Marxist abortion embracing atheist. She even stated this non religious fact to a group of Jewish folks in 2018.

“I grew up without religion. That’s how my parents raised me,” Sheinbaum, 61, said in 2018 at gathering hosted by a Jewish organization in Mexico City.

She will mirror the Marxist Biden platform of embracing homosexuality, raising taxes and the possible banishment of all fossil fuels. The Mexican military will start a transition to woke Communism vice real national defense strategies.

The Mexican economy and Mexican Peso will start a downward spiral with markets getting nervous about this Marxist mentality of stealing and redistributing wealth from the hard working producers and job creators to give it to the useless non productive slackers and the lazy porch siesta losers.

She blames capitalism for Mexico’s poverty and in 1938 the Mexican government nationalized and took control of former private oil companies just like Venezuela resulting in massive inflation and unemployment to this day.

The government ran Mexican oil company Pemex is mercilessly taxed by the Marxists with revenue providing close to a third of all the tax revenues collected. The question should be what happens to all this money ? Newsom economics right ?

This Marxist government controlled oil company exports its oil to benefit the government of Mexico not the people and México imports all of its gasoline from the United States.

So when Trump is back in the White House he could tell this newly elected Marxist president to secure the border and enforce remain in Mexico policies for illegal immigrants or we stop shipping them gasoline.

But don’t forget Pemex Deer Park is an oil refinery located in Deer Park, Texas on the Houston Ship Channel in the Greater Houston Texas area. It is owned and operated by the Marxist Mexican government. Amazing right ? Go figure that one.

This new female President will also probably ban the production of gasoline powered vehicles, lawn mowers, yard edgers, etc. in lock step with the Biden/Newsom Marxists.

This new President will no doubt also encourage and support same sex marriage, advocate for the slaughter of pre-born babies, significantly raise taxes on the Mexican people, redistribute wealth to the lazy, ban oil drilling, advance the global agenda of the Marxist United Nations and pretty much destroy what’s left of the free markets in Mexico.

Her agenda goes against the Catholic faith which is the majority in Mexico. So apparently her future free handouts and wealth distribution coupled with her sweet words copied from Communists like installed President Maduro in Venezuela and Petro in Colombia is more important to Mexicans than their faith in Catholic teachings and religious beliefs.

Satan defines this political movement which has unfortunately blinded a nation of Catholics, now we wait and see what happens. Trump will have no choice but to deal with this Marxist canker sore on our southern border when he is back in the White House in January 2025. He must maintain a strong leadership position.

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