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Biden: Bruised, Battered and Abused

Brain Glitch

It is February, 1988, and 45 year-old Joe Biden is lying unconscious on the floor of his hotel room after delivering a speech on foreign policy. He would remain there four hours before finally waking up in a hospital in Delaware where he would be told that an artery was leaking blood into his brain. According to Biden’s biography, “Promises to Keep,” he had been suffering from headaches for weeks, gulping ten Tylenol a day; but had mostly ignored the pain, chalking it up to the stress of his failed presidential campaign. As then U.S. Senator for Delaware, his first presidential run had ended badly after being accused of plagiarizing his campaign speeches.

While lying incapacitated in his hospital bed, he took an unexpected turn for the worst. Jill had left his side for only an hour in an attempt to locate son, Hunter. When she returned, according to “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady,” the nurse blocked her from entering his room explaining that a priest was performing his last rites, the Catholic ritual performed upon the likelihood of death. Jill flew into a rage, throwing the priest out and screaming that he was not going to die.

Upon being transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center, the same hospital where his son, Beau, would later die of brain cancer, Dr. Neal Kassell and his team located not one, but two, aneurysms at the base of his brain; the larger on the right and the smaller to the left. Since the team determined that the larger one was in imminent danger of rupturing, he was moved immediately into surgery. The possibility of survival under those conditions was thought to be about 50/50. In his biography, Biden revealed that he didn’t know if he would retain his mental faculties – or even wake up. In the middle of the four-and-a-half hour delicate microsurgical craniotomy, the aneurysm burst, spewing blood even into the surgeon’s eye. Had it shot in the direction of the brain, it could have well been fatal. But, as fate would have it, it shot the other way, allowing Dr. Kassell to clear his vision and clip it before it did any real damage.

A second craniotomy on the smaller aneurysm was performed in May, a few months after the February procedure. Following the double surgeries, Biden took a seven month leave from his seat as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to Jill’s biographical account, he emerged frail and enduring a deep scar on his head. It would be at least eight months before he would regain weight and recover adequate energy.

According to some optimistic doctors, once an aneurysm is repaired, that’s it. You’re good to go. Really? What did that four hour span of unconsciousness on the hotel room floor do to his delicate brain; and since it malfunctioned with not one, but two aneurysms, what other weaknesses – little glitches – might be hiding in there? And what could be the effects of drugs needed for recovery and long term maintenance?

Thirty-Six Years Later

Enumerating the countless times Biden fails to be able to put a sentence together, slurs his words, or spews angry mish-mash while shouting unintelligibly behind a microphone is pointless. As the world uncomfortably watches this spectacle, his handlers ignore the polity of our nation of laws. We have long had in place clear laws against allowing undo control over a person in a compromised state; that includes pushing an individual with clearly diminished faculties onto a stage and propping him behind a podium only to embarrass himself by struggling, stumbling, and stuttering. It is called elder abuse.

Elder Abuse: Why We Need Laws

Abuse of a diminished elder can take various forms. Nefarious family members and caregivers can become adept at spotting an opportunity for free money. Paid staff can morph into henchmen, seizing an opportunity for control.

One of the most notorious elder abuse victims was Howard Hughes. Because Hughes was a private citizen, his unseemly victimization took place in a private setting absent of public scrutiny. Upon his death at age 71 of kidney failure, Hughes was hopelessly addicted to codeine. He shuffled around naked with his feet shoved into Kleenex boxes, urinated in jars and subsisted on chocolate. Weighing a mere 90 pounds, His nails had grown to a grotesque length. Somehow, not one of his close, well-paid henchmen seemed to notice his desperation. They were all well-paid and in control of his fortune; that is, until his emaciated body gave out and the gravy train came to a screeching halt. Clearly this brilliant man who had designed the world’s first all metal airliner and founded TWA, the global airline that revolutionized air travel, was incompetent to care for himself. At risk of losing their lucrative income, his well-paid handlers conspired to prop up his addiction to codeine and untreated mental disorder. At no time did his entourage leave his side. Led by Frank William Gay, “The Mormon Mafia” as they were called, because of the many Latter Day Saints among them, supervised the totality of his business holdings and his health. As an addict, Hughes had demands, things that through his damaged brain, he thought he wanted. For their own avarice, the Mormon Mafia satisfied his every whim.

The autopsy revealed kidney failure, malnutrition, bedsores, broken off hypodermic needles in his arms which were used to inject codeine. A will presented by the Mormon Mafia was declared to be a forgery. So this brilliant inventor died at the hands of unscrupulous greedy handlers, intestate with a fortune of $2.5 billion which was remanded to the courts.
On the surface, the tragedy of the last chapter of Hughes’ life has little to do with Biden Abuse. Although the degree and form is quite different, the commonality is that of control and victimization by unscrupulous trusted individuals manipulating for their own gain. The abuse of Howard Hughes may be the most sickening and egregious on record, but it is estimated that there are perhaps five million victims of elder abuse of some form by unscrupulous handlers or family members in the U.S. each year.

Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” was victimized by her own attorney. As her abilities waned, and she became mostly deaf, blind and confined to a wheelchair, her trusted cousin protected her from predators. But following the cousin’s death, Lee’s attorney usurped her wishes, overseeing the publication of “Go Set a Watchman.” Despite Lee’s long-time insistence, corroborated by her cousin, that her intention was to never produce another book, her attorney prevailed with substantial financial gain.

Mickey Rooney’s attorney, in 2011, successfully won a restraining order against Rooney’s step children, Chris and Christina Aber, claiming financial, emotional and verbal abuse. According to his attorney, Rooney had at times even been denied food and medicine. Rooney died in 2014.

Although elder abuse occurs in various shades and forms, its basis is the perpetrator’s quest for control – emotional, financial, or blatant power. According to the American Psychological Association, elder abuse in its emotional or psychological form, is the infliction of anguish or distress. The U.S. president is clearly in distress and not under his own control as he struggles behind a microphone with a blank stare, garbling his scripted cheat sheets. Once presenting so hale and glib, it isn’t a stretch to imagine his fear and embarrassment as he blanks even with the aid of a teleprompter or fails to remain on his feet as he becomes tangled in airline stairs. Where most physical wounds heal in time, The National Institute on Aging, states that elder abuse is harmful to both physical and psychological health, leading to depression, and even hastening death. Propping up this wooden puppet-like figure on the world stage, secured only by weak, flimsy strings, qualifies.


As we consider the lack of empathy of the opaque government cabal surrounding Joe Biden – handlers shoving note cards with big bold letters into his hand to remind him what day it is and doing their best to prevent him from getting lost; conversely, there are wonderful, noble models of caring and devoted families who have fought to protect their declining loved ones. These empathic families compassionately ease them into retirement from public eye when they observe signs of diminished capacity. They have the humanity and insight to shield them from scrutiny, and the desire to have them remembered as the beloved, competent figures they once were.

Ronald Reagan, with his loyal wife Nancy by his side, announced in 1994 through a thoughtful letter to the American people, the bold decision to retire from public life. The family’s choice was to protect him from criticism that would arise from advancing diminished capacity and that held no resemblance to the precise decision-maker and compelling orator he once was. Their desire was for him to be remembered for the quick-wittedness and charm he had before the insidious disease would wreak havoc on his brain. His wife lovingly protected him, and the world respected the family’s desire for privacy.

Jack Hanna, 76, beloved animal expert, author of fifteen books and former director of Ohio’s Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, was a household name and welcome face with his many appearances on late night and daytime talk shows in addition to his own program. On a sunny April day in 1992, his family announced to his public, “Doctors have diagnosed our dad with dementia……Sadly, Dad is no longer able to participate in public life as he used to, where people all over the world watched, learned and laughed alongside him.” Their caring statement also honored his wife Suzi, whom they extolled as having “been by his side for 53 years in every corner of the world.”

Likewise, Prince Phillip’s supporting family, sensing the appropriate time to set aside his royal duties, gently announced that he would be living out the remainder of his life away from the pressure of public appearances.

Someone with compassion and cognition, like Nancy Reagan or the Jack Hannah family, needs to step up, take control and begin making rational decisions in behalf of our diminished leader, both for the sake of our country and for his personal welfare. Allowing Biden, leader of the free world, to stumble, to flounder and to suffer before the entire world, as he struggles to retrieve common newsworthy words, like “Hamas,” and slurs through incoherent fragmented thoughts, is nothing short of consummate elder abuse.

Moreover, given his close interactions with personal aides, advisors, and cabinet members who are in a position to evaluate daily observations, and given how closely he is monitored by his next of kin, Jill Biden, Ed.D., the failure of each to intercede in his suffering, represents the very essence of the reason we have laws to enforce the legal guardrails around elder abuse. According to most guidelines, each of these associates who fails to report has personal legal culpability.

Legal Guidelines

According to the United States Department of Justice Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement: emotional elder abuse is causing mental or emotional anguish, usually by humiliating, demeaning or placing an individual in a situation that will likely result in humiliation or demoralization. Most states require that doctors and lawyers report suspicion of elder abuse. In Biden’s home state of Delaware and in the District of Columbia, reporting is mandatory. In D.C. the report shall be made to the D.C. Department of Human Services. In Delaware, any person believing that an adult is impaired or incapacitated and in need of protection shall file a report to the Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Services for the Aging.

So there you have it. Family members, aides, advisors and cabinet members are all subject to culpability. Any person who witnesses impairment and perceives the need for protection – even the general public – may make a report. Others, like doctors and lawyers, must report. But as in other arenas, the Bidens and surrounding corrupt government officials have thus far, escaped being held to account.


The Biden abuse scheme is complex. What makes his mistreatment unique is that for the ruse to continue, unlike most victims, he cannot be hidden away. Daily, he must be dressed up, propped up, rehearsed, and handed cue cards. The puppet masters wait in the wings in anticipation of signs of his veering off script as a cue to stop the camera, or for Jill Biden, Ed.D. to take his arm and lead him away from public embarrassment.

Government employees, appointees and staff hold their breath each day, knowing that it may be their last in control of executive policy. They must get in all they can while they can. The family syndicate too, knows that the monetary pot for arranging access to “the big guy” is yielding its last drop. Thirty-six years after the near-fatal aneurysm – gone is the hysterically protective Jill who unceremoniously threw the priest out of his hospital room. Gone is the presumably loving family who would fight for him to be remembered as that hale-hearty guy with the crooked smile. Gone is respect and dignity in his diminished years. Gone!

The High Cost of Inaction:

Forget the 25th Amendment. Kamala and the Cabinet have been observing his decline for an entire presidential term. Any plan to gang up on Biden and declare him incompetent to hold office, would have been initiated long ago. Almost amusingly, he is not competent enough to declare himself incompetent.

The media and public must stop criticizing Biden for his diminished state. He is not in control. It is what it is. At various times Piers Morgan, Steve Hilton and Joe Concha have all frustratingly called out elder abuse as the only plausible explanation for an incomprehensible scene. By early 2022, thirty-eight Republicans had called for Biden to submit to cognitive testing. It has never occurred.

More recently, Special Counsel Robert Hur, in his report on Biden’s retaining classified documents after leaving office, described Biden as a ‘well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory,” and even sited examples of major memory lapses. Biden failed to recall when he was vice president, to remember even within several years when his beloved son, Beau, had died, and had at best, a hazy memory regarding the Afghanistan issue that he claimed to be of such importance to him. Based on his characterization of Biden’s mental state, Hur failed to file charges. Not said out loud, but certainly implied, was Hur’s opinion of Biden’s lack of competence to stand trial. Because of the intensity of his interview, Hur more than anyone, is in a position to demand that those surrounding Biden end their unseemly control; but, like the others who observe Biden’s diminished state, he has failed to follow through.

Dr Rand Paul and Dr. Roni Johnson and others have responded to the Hur report, but all have failed to follow through on their own observations of Biden with firm demands of a medical evaluation. The American voters do have a right to full disclosure of the medical condition of their president. All these well-respected close observers who have stopped short of filing reports to the Department of Health and Social Services and to the Department of Justice: Elder Abuse Law Enforcement, are not only doing the American voters a disservice, but Biden as well. As his handlers continue to thrust him into untenable situations, reporters are observing that his dementia appears to be accelerating. Still, his tight-knit cabal of abusers have yet to be called to task.

Most egregious, is the unconscionable behavior of the family unit. Formerly cat-like protective Dr. Jill, Ed.D, his conniving brother and his drug-addled son, have allowed an open window of his decline for full public view in real time. It is they who bear the ultimate responsibility, which speaks volumes about their character and values.


Given that the Biden family and their surrounding government agents are expert at ducking accountability, expecting handcuffs is a bit of a leap. Intensified public pressure on media and government officials, highlighting the gravity of egregious elder abuse, is not.

For the American public to be sucked in to blaming and criticizing Biden for his lack of lucidity, is allowing themselves to be gas-lit and to perpetuate a false narrative. Maybe that little artery clip has come loose. Or perhaps his hours of unconsciousness as his brain malfunctioned finally took its toll. Who knows? His condition is no longer the issue. The unchecked mistreatment of a human being clearly not in control and being forced to perform embarrassingly above his capacity is. We are a nation of laws. It is time to demand their enforcement.

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