How to Con America – And Get a Nuclear Bomb!

The Clarion Project has released a new video titled “How to Con America and Get a Nuclear Bomb in 4 easy steps.”

How did Iran manage to dupe America to be set firmly on the road to nuclear weapons? What happened to the ironclad deal America had insisted on. It seems Iran cleverly dodged inspections, refused to close nuclear facilities, increased their centrifuges and continue to enrich uranium.

The Clarion project believes, “No deal is better than a bad deal.”

Malik Obama: “My Brother is a Fraud and a Con”

You will not believe what President Obama’s brother, Malik, says about him in a video we play at the end of our show. Our buddy filmmaker Joel Gilbert author of “Dreams from my Real Father” was able to get a Skype interview with Malik, in Kenya and conduct a fascinating in-depth discussion that reveals how the Obama Family REALLY feels about their no-longer-favorite son, Barack.

In fact, Malik now believes that his brother is a fraud, liar and con-man. Folks, this is devastating factual information that ought to impact every America who has any trust in President Obama.


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