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Pensacola, Florida: ‘The City Of Five Flags’ Censors One of Its Flags

pensacola five flags flyingPensacola is named “The City Of Five Flags” out of respect to the five nations or governments that ruled here over this area in the course of our history.

The city of Pensacola chose this name to honor its historical significance but it is missing one very important flag. The Northern Virginia Battle Flag (Confederate flag). It is missing. MIA.

Perhaps the city of Pensacola has deemed the flag offensive because of liberal lies and false propaganda regarding its historical significance in Pensacola and across the southern United States.

The northern Federal aggression against the free states of the south that were trying to unshackle themselves from the Federal overreach into states rights initiated a movement to defend themselves much like you see today against Obama.

Americans are fighting hard today or their freedom from Federal intrusion into their lives.

Whether its the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) unconstitutionally controlling state lands in direct violation of Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the US Constitution, or Obama- Romney care which violates your 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendment rights.

The list is endless. Why even Texas has even considered planning on seceding from the union.

So we had the civil war where the southern states tried to free themselves from the unconstitutional overreach of President Lincoln and his Federal forces, who then played the race card and invaded.

Many authorities on the Civil War asserted that the Southerners knew at the time that slavery was wrong, and would soon give it up. War was not necessary.

The civil war was not about slavery it was about unconstitutional over reach by the Federal government into states rights. The race card was used by Lincoln to justify his marshal law and all the assaults as he shredded the US Constitution much like Obama is today.

The southern states actively recruited black Americans to fight in the Confederate armies to defend the south from the attacking Federal (Union) armies.

It is true the Congress of the Confederate States of America did not authorize black-Americans to enlist into the Confederate army until General Order No. 14 was issued on March 23, 1865.

However, prior to March 1865, each state in the Confederacy was sovereign and independent; and Confederate Officers were enlisting blacks based on the Confederate legislation of their respective states.

The Confederate legislature of Tennessee passed a law allowing blacks to join the Confederate army between the ages of fifteen and fifty.

So the city of Pensacola and other government bodies across this nation are disrespecting the Northern Virginia Battle Flag and the military folks that died defending the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution based upon lies and propaganda spread by liberal – Communist race baiters.

We now have a government trying to censor a part of American history with even the removal of Confederate war monuments much like ISIS in Iraq is doing destroying historical artifacts in that country.

These are the same liberals, Communists, today who are trying to censor the Gadsden flag and the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan is even trying to ban the Stars and Stripes.

In the history of Pensacola Florida for many years, the flag flown over Pensacola to represent its past Confederate rule was the “Northern Virginia Battle Flag,” the design most commonly associated with the Confederacy.

So why now is this historical flag it missing from the line up as you enter the city of Pensacola?

I see the Spanish flag, called “The Naval ensign of Charles III”, Spain a nation that decimated and butchered the native people of South and Central America. President Andrew Jackson took care of the Spanish problem in Pensacola.

I see the British flag who tried to tax us and control us. We took care of the British when they tried to confiscate our guns. We soundly defeated them. This would be a good warning to others with the same design today.

I see the French flag which I believe should be totally white. Much more appropriate I think.

But in 2015 a lunatic left wing Marxist with a Rebel flag in his front yard shot up a black church in Charleston, SC. Very bad indeed but totally irrelevant to our past American history. The murderer as also wearing jeans in the picture. Perhaps we should ban those too. Racist jeans indeed.

Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward

Mug shot of Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward who was arrested three times on felony charges. Photo courtesy of FindingAshtonHayward.blogspot.com.

So the Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward the politically correct three time felon, who in his liberal left wing mind set is censoring American history and decided to confiscate the Confederate flag and replace it with the Florida state flag.

This decision was political cowardice and a total censorship of American history. It disrespects the black and white members of the Confederate army that so bravely died trying to defend the south from northern Federal aggression.

The Federal government funded and created an army called the Union army to crush freedom south of the Mason Dixon line. All carried out under Lincoln, a President who shredded the US Constitution under a race card called slavery.

President Lincoln was not a great hero; he was an enemy of the U.S. Constitution controlled by the emerging bankers.

Many blacks fought hard in the south to stop the Union armies from burning their homes and killing their kin folk and taking southern states land. Slavery was a bad thing and of course it was not constitutional and an abuse of human right’s. Of course some black folks switched sides and also fought on the side of the Federal Union army. Such are the demographics of war when folks are trained to think a particular way. .

But with that said the Northern Virginia Army Battle Flag designed by William Porcher Miles did not fly to protect and defend slavery.

It flew to defend and protect the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution and it flew as a symbol of bravery to try and stop the aggressive and destructive Federal Lincoln army intent on destroying freedom in the south.

The Northern Virginia Battle flag needs to be returned to its flag pole in the city Pensacola. The City of Five Flags. Currently the City of politically correct Marxist censorship.

If this flag offends you, you need a lesson in history

During America’s first but not last civil war, over 620,000 Americans from both sides died.  Today in 2015 liberals and non-Americans are condemning the Confederate flag being flown throughout the south.  Anyone who shows any support or sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers who were killed or injured, are labeled haters, racists, and bigots.

This act of ignorance of facts and history should be familiar to Americans who denounce Islam (and rightly so).  Americans who respect the history of America should not be labeled.  Branding and labeling is expected from Islamic terrorists and their supporters (such as CAIR and Obama), but not from educated conservatives.  Yes, even some conservatives have jumped on this political bandwagon.

The American civil war did not start based on the issue of slavery.  Only the wealthy were able to own slaves and very few people from the South (Confederacy) had anything to do with slavery.  Of course slavery is wrong, but it has been a part of world history from the very beginning.  The history of slavery needs to be taught in America, but the facts about this issue should be accurate.

Some historical facts about the American Civil War:

  1. Again slavery was not the primary focus of dispute between the Union (North) and the Confederacy (South).  The Union wanted to expand the power of the federal government and the people of the South did not want this.  They felt the federal government was already too big and powerful.  Does this sound familiar even today?
  2. Slavery had been around for thousands of years before it appeared in America.  Black and white people had been slaves and also slave owners.
  3. The majority of black slaves were captured and sold into slavery by black owners for economic profit.
  4. Islam has always advocated slavery and continues to this day to authorize Muslims to own slaves.
  5. During the American Civil War wealthy people from both the north and south owned slaves.
  6. President Abe Lincoln was the first U.S. President elected from the Republican Party.  Therefore the Republican Party was responsible for the abolition of slavery and not the Democratic Party.
  7. Slavery continues to thrive around the world and even today in America.  Liberal women continue to support a religion (Islam) that promotes slavery and always has.
  8. President Obama is a powerful and influential supporter of Islam and therefore supports the worldwide institution of slavery.

For many Americans we had past relatives from both the North and South. There were brothers fighting brothers and fathers fighting sons.  Innocent children from both sides died as the result of the war being fought in their states and towns. The American Civil War was a result of power and ignorance by politicians from both sides of the aisle.  The Confederate flag does not promote slavery, it promotes the will of people who do not want to live under the thumb of big government.

Two weeks ago in my town of Roanoke, Virginia, several thousand people in cars, trucks, and motorcycles drove through several towns covering hundreds of miles.  Each had a Confederate flag flying from their vehicle.  They were received by the populace with clapping and praise for their effort to let the federal government know there are people who had relatives killed in the civil war, slavery was not the primary issue during the war, and there are millions of Americans from both the north and south today who will fight to prevent politicians from destroying America.

I encourage all Americans to fly both the Union and Confederate flags.  Do not allow a few liberals who support the institution of Islam and Islamic slavery to label you as racists and haters.

Just as I mourn my past relatives from both the north and south who died in the civil war, I support another unpopular movement in America. I support advocating to our children that all lives matter and not just black lives.  We have seen the ranting’s and ravings of black and white racists who promote the idea that it is fine to say “Black Lives Matter”, but will fight and are willing to kill if a white person were to say “White Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”.

Tear Down That Confederate Flag — Or Else!

There are those, a few, who believe this is a racist nation. They point to the fact that Americans fly the Confederate Battle Flag. They claim we honor the racist Generals and Politicians from the Old South. They further claim that in order to stamp out racism that we need to bring down that Confederate Battle Flag. They say we need to ban its use all over the nation by just about everyone. Then they claim we need to dig up every Civil War General’s remains and move them to places not often seen or visited by people. They say we should remove the monuments that have been erected in those Generals honor.

In short, these people wish to try and bleach our history and wipe it clean of what they don’t like. They want to rewrite the pages so that it would appear that those they claim are responsible for slavery are not glorified in any way and are reduced to villains like any other historical villain.

These people, often leftist, and now even some from the middle and the right of the political aisle, have fallen victim to this nonsense.

This lack of true discourse on race relations, acting totally on emotions being whipped up by a fringe few who cannot stand that fact that we are moving away from racism, is driving this destructive paradigm. Its as if we are in a bad zombie movie and everywhere you turn there is another mindless, anti-history nut running around tearing down a Confederate Battle Flag or defacing an historical monument.

These nuts are even going so far as to say that maybe we, as a nation, should tear down the National Monuments of Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln. Why? Because Jefferson owned slaves and Lincoln didn’t really save slaves because he did not make them fully equal when he had the chance to do so. Both ideologies could not be more wrong when you look into these men and what they did over their lifetime.

But when you have folks bent on changing the narrative to fit their own political goals and ambitions, you cannot speak to reason. They will not hear you until they become the victim of their own hate and ignorance. For example, many on the left were happy to jump on the anti-Confederate Battle Flag band wagon until the history Nazi’s decided to hit a favorite pastime. That pastime would be television. Specifically the television program called the Dukes of Hazard. When word spread that a network was pulling the reruns of this popular hour long program, many on the left cried foul.

They forgot for a second that the reason the program was being pulled was because of their own ignorance. The reality is, when the left decided to hit the old flag and paint it as racist, they didn’t think of all the culture that has been built up around that flag. They forgot that they, the left, first raised that flag, first promoted that flag, first glorified that flag, first embedded that flag in our nation’s culture and lexicon. Then they were reminded. And they hated it. But the train of historical hate had already left the yard and there was no way of calling it back into the barn. Now we see business after business and even government at all levels demonizing this flag and what they say it represents.

The truth is, this flag does not represent slavery and racism for most folks. But what the left has done is to successfully, and over a very short period of time, destroy the very foundation that is the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We no longer have the ability to openly believe as we want to believe. If we say or do or believe something that has not been approved, we will be demonized and chased out of Dodge. They will shout that there needs to be a law that prevents you or me from believing what we want to believe.

Some people say that it’s the flag and the representation of racism is their target. I say, they are lying because they know that their target is anything and anyone who is not politically correct.

Their target is freedom itself. Their target is you and me and anyone who still believes in freedom and the notion of live and let live even if you disagree with what the other person believes.

Oh, no. If you do not believe as the left would have you believe, they will fight you, enact laws that affect you and prevent you from being able to discuss why you believe what you believe.

This attack from the left, who built up this flag and the institution of racism in this country is not that simple flag or even what that flag represents.

Their target is plain to see.

Their target is your freedom.

The Democrat Party Flag

Listening to the incessant racist whining from the political left, one would think that the raising of the Confederate battle flag on the statehouse lawn in South Carolina is a well-conceived suicide plot by conservatives and Republicans.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  After two decades of relative quiet, the mass killings at Charleston’s Emanuel AME church, has brought the Confederate battle flag back to center stage as a major national political issue.  The deranged assassin who murdered nine people in cold blood during a bible study class had a representation of the Confederate battle flag and the flags of the apartheid regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia emblazoned on his clothing.  Clearly, he was a lone wolf race-hater, more than likely a registered Democrat, who simply hated black people.  Nevertheless, his affection for the Confederate flag has returned the flag to prominence as a symbol of racism in America.

The battle flag was first adopted in December 1861 and has served as a symbol of Southern ancestry and heritage ever since.  However, the flag was never officially adopted by the Confederacy and never flew over any of the southern capitols during the Civil War.  It is likely the flag would have remained a museum piece and a symbol of pride in southern culture and heritage had it not been adopted by the KKK, the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party, and used symbolically by Dixiecrats during the 1948 presidential election.

In 1962, Democratic governor Ernest Hollings’ and a Democrat-controlled legislature caused the flag to be flown over the South Carolina Statehouse, beneath the U.S. flag, where it would fly for the next thirty-eight years.  Then, in 2000, the state legislature voted to move the flag from above the Statehouse to a Confederate soldiers’ memorial in front of the capitol building.  And while the flag has always served as a symbol of the courage of those who were conscripted to serve in the Army of Northern Virginia, and as a visible memorial to the 135,000 sons of the South who lost their lives in the American Civil War, racial agitators on the political left have never failed to use the flag to divide the American people along racial and political lines.

Liberals and Democrats have been very successful in convincing the American people that, in the years between 1854 and the 1960s, there were, in effect, two Democratic parties… the southern Democrats, who were pro-slavery secessionists and segregationists, and northern Democrats, who were devout abolitionists.  That simply is not the case.  While there were many northern Democrats who were as much opposed to slavery as Republicans, northern Democrats were often just as opposed to the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and to Republican-sponsored cavil rights legislation of the post-Civil War era as were their southern counterparts.

In 1856, Democrats won a landmark decision in the Dred Scott Case.  In writing the majority opinion, Chief Justice Taney, a Democrat, stressed the point that slaves were property, much the same as horses and cattle.  He said, “The Constitution protects private property and makes no distinction between the various types of property owned by its citizens.”

On December 14, 1863, just months after pro-slavery Democrat John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln, Republicans introduced the 13th Amendment, banning slavery forever in the United States.  As the amendment was being debated on March 19, 1864, a northern Democrat, Cong. Fernando Wood of New York, a principal spokesman for the Democrats, argued that, The proposed Amendment to abolish slavery in the states of the Union is unjust, a breach of good faith and utterly irreconcilable… It involves the extermination of all white men of the southern States and the forfeiture of all the land and other property belonging to them…”

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, introduced by Republicans, challenged the Democrats’ Black Codes by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race and insured that every citizen had the right to contract, sue, purchase and dispose of property; and to “bring action and give evidence and to equal benefit of all laws of the security of person and property.”  Sen. Willard Saulsbury (D-DE), said, “I regard this bill as one of the most dangerous that was ever introduced into the Senate of the United States…  I have never, since I have been a member of this body, seen a bill so fraught with danger, so full of mischief, as the bill now under consideration.”

Senator Michael Kerr, Democrat of Indiana, argued, “…The Constitution of Indiana, adopted in 1851, forbids any Negro or mulatto to come into or settle in that State after the adoption of that Constitution and declares all contracts made with any Negro or mulatto coming into the State contrary to the provision of that Constitution shall be void.” 

In 1869, Republicans proposed the 15th Amendment, giving African Americans the right to vote.  In subsequent floor debate, Cong. Thomas Hendricks, an Indiana Democrat, argued, I do not believe that the Negro race and the white race can mingle in the exercise of political power and bring good results to society… There is a difference not only in their physical appearance and conformation, but there is a difference morally and intellectually, and I do not believe that the two races can mingle successfully in the management of government.  I do not believe that they will add to the common intelligence of the country when we make them voters.”

During debate on the Enforcement Act of 1870, a Republican bill to enforce black voting rights under the 15th Amendment, Cong. James Bayard, a Delaware Democrat, said. “…This bill is intended not to prevent discrimination between various races of men, but to discriminate directly against the white race in favor of the black race… I consider this bill not an act of appropriate legislation fairly to enforce that amendment, but it is only another attempt to bolster… the inferior capacities of the Negro race in the struggle for racial and political equality…  Now, sir, for whom has all this been done…?  It has been only for the ignorant, semi-barbarous race unfit for voting, manufactured into votes and allies of the Republican Party to sustain themselves a little longer in power.”  Since the 1950s, Democrats have accomplished the same ends through social welfare programs, creating a state of political and economic dependency for many blacks.

In 1871, Republicans introduced the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, the purpose being to bring an end to the Klan’s terrorist activities against blacks and white Republicans, primarily in the south.  During floor debate, Cong. William Stoughton, Republican of Michigan, charged that Tammany Hall Democrats in New York were supplying arms to the Ku Klux Klan in the South.  He said, “We may concede, Mr. Speaker, that if this system of violence is to continue in the South, the Democratic Party will secure the ascendancy.  If political opponents can be marked for slaughter by secret bands of cowardly assassins who ride forth with impunity to execute the decrees upon the unarmed and defenseless, it will be fatal alike to the Republican Party and civil liberty.  But sir, we may well ask where will this endHow long will it be before the Tammany Hall Democrats, who are now furnishing arms to the Ku Klux Klan of the South to murder southern Republicans, will introduce this new element of Democratic success into the northern politics?

During floor debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1875, a public accommodations bill identical to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for which Democrats now like to claim authorship.  Sen. William Saulsbury, a Delaware Democrat, argued, “It proposes to enforce familiarity, association, and companionship between the white and colored people of this country… That is the object of this bill.  It proposes so far as hotels are concerned that the white and the colored people shall have the same advantages, equal advantages; that they shall enter with equal right into every part of the inn; that the keeper of the inn shall make no discrimination on account of their race or color; that colored men shall sit at the same table beside the white guest; that he shall enter the same parlor and take his seat beside the wife and daughter of the white man, whether the white man is willing or not, because you prohibit discrimination against him.”

On February 7, 1894, the Democrat-controlled Senate passed the Repeal Act of 1894, a bill to repeal much of the civil rights legislation passed by Republicans in the years since the Civil War.  A portion of that bill repealed a law providing U.S. marshals in the southern states to protect the voting rights of blacks under the 15th Amendment.  In a Senate floor speech, in opposition to the bill, Sen. George Hoar, a Massachusetts Republican, said, “Mr. President, If you will produce me a citizen of the United States, a Democrat, who (has) lost his honest vote in consequence of intimidation or impediment created by these United States marshals, I will find on record here the proof of ten thousand Republicans who have lost their votes by Democratic practices…”

He concluded by saying, “Mr. President, the nation must protect its own.  Every citizen whose right is imperiled, if he be but one, when it is a right of national citizenship and a right conferred and enjoyed under the Constitution of the United States, has the right to demand for its protection the entire force of the United States until the Army has spent its last man and the Navy fired its last gun.  Most of us have nothing else than the right to vote….  The urn in which the American casts his ballot ought to be, aye, and it shall be, as sacred as a sacramental vessel.” 

In the 121 years since Sen. Hoar’s challenge, no Democrat has ever responded to it.

It should be clear to everyone by now that Democrats will stop at nothing in their effort to absolve themselves of responsibility for slavery, secession, the KKK, and Jim Crow.  As a case in point, liberal history professor, Juan Cole, of the University of Michigan, now blames the Charleston church shooting on the “Islamophobia” spread by “right wing Jews” such as Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes.  He argues that “far right wing Jews,” like Geller and Pipes, and “the whole Islamophobic Network,” were “a key influence” in Dylann Roof’s decision to go on a shooting rampage in a black church in Charleston.

But Cole understands, as we all do, that there is not now, nor has there ever been, two Democrat parties.  There is only one Democrat Party and it is the font of whatever racism still exists in our country.  They, Democrats of the North and the South, have made it quite clear over the years where they stand on the subject of race.  It is their flag; they own it.

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Some Republicans Are Cowards on Race

Of February 18, 2009, then U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder gave a Black History Month speech to the employees at the Department of Justice.  He said in part, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.”

I think the same thing can and should be said about our Republican candidates for president.  These candidates are too busy listening to their all white staffs and all white pollsters who tell them not to come out and say remove the confederate flag from flying in South Carolina for fear of angering Southern white folk.  And they wonder why Blacks want nothing to do with this party or their candidacies?

I am thoroughly embarrassed by their total lack of conviction.  These same candidates that say flying the confederate flag is a state issue want states to have no say so on an issue like abortion.  Are they really for states’ rights or just when they don’t want to take a principled stand on an issue?

If someone refuses to support your candidacy because you are trying to move America beyond its racist past; should that not be a badge of honor for you?

But these candidates are giving all their attention to a shrinking base (white voters), versus giving some of their attention to a growing base (Black voters).

I am not personally bothered by the flying of the flag at all.  Support for the flag does not automatically equate to being a racist or supporting the enslavement of Blacks.

I think Blacks have more important issues to deal with, but the optics are horrible for Republicans simply because over the past 50 years Republicans have absolutely no standing within the Black community.

I am equally as embarrassed by Black Republicans on issues dealing with race.  Of the few Black staffers working throughout our party, most are totally incompetent in dealing with these issues. You rarely, if ever, see them in the media with anything meaningful to say.  They have no insight that would resonate with the Black community.  They are more interested in being patted on the head by whites within the party, as opposed to finding a way to bring some perspective to the issue.

Why is the party not utilizing people like Bob Brown, Bob Woodson, Shannon Reeves, Mike Gunning, Sean Moss, Allegra McCullough, and Greg Griffin?

I will tell you why.  Because most in the party have no idea who these people are.  These are the Blacks with standing and credibility within the Black community.  These are the Blacks who are media savvy and have institutional memory of the Black struggle and of the party.

These are the Blacks that will not just say what the party wants to hear; but will say what needs to be said.

The Republican Party has never had a real surrogate program for Blacks, but one is desperately needed with the above mentioned people.  Where are the Black entertainers and athletes?

Amazingly, some Republicans do actually get it.

Mitt Romney has been consistently opposed to the flying of the flag.  There is absolutely no ambiguity in his position.  Romney has a great deal to contribute to the discussion of race relations relative to the Black community and I hope he will engage more directly with the Black community so that his voice can be heard, unfiltered by the media.

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, is another person who gets it.  Yesterday he unexpectedly flew to South Carolina to be with their governor, Nikki Haley and their two U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott as she gave her support to removing the flag from being flown on the grounds of the state capitol.

Priebus reached out to me when the tragedy happened in South Carolina; but before he asked me my thoughts on how he should respond, he insisted on giving me his thoughts first.  What I find amazing about Priebus is that every time he has reached out to me on an issue specific to the Black community, we basically agree with each other.  We may disagree somewhat on tactics, but on substance, no.

I find his instinctual ability to pick up on many of the nuances of the Black community amazing for someone who grew up in a state like Wisconsin.  My only criticism of Priebus is in the area of not allowing this instinctual understanding to be seen in the media, especially the Black media.

The media has no idea of how Blacks respond to him and his message for the Black community.

I would love to see Republicans like Romney and Priebus engage more with the Black community on a more substantive level.

They both have great stories to tell relative to the Black community; they just need to have a media narrative created in a way that resonates with the Black community and advances the party.

Reasonable men can argue whether America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race; but there is absolutely no arguing that Republicans who are running for president are a bunch of cowards when it comes to race and the Black community.