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Socialist Speaker of the House Johnson Soon To Be Endorsed By His Communist Democrat Pals

Next week House Speaker Johnson will be delivered his pink slip by the few “real” Republicans left in Congress. Will Mike Johnson lose his job? Probably not because the Communist Democrats and the fraud Republican uni-party protect him. Speaker Johnson is delivering for the Biden agenda like a Grub hub delivery driver.

His betrayal of the American people and his unconstitutional decision to continue spying on American citizens without a warrant will be addressed on the House floor.

His funding of the military industrial complex which continues the global wars without oversight using our tax money without securing our own borders will be addressed.

The fraud Speaker of the House funded the continuing mass slaughter of pre-born children up to 9 months in the womb in states still killing these babies.

He funded the FBI and their brand new building after the FBI raided President Trumps home. He funded the DOJ after they filed fraudulently charges against him.

Next week (May 2024) we will get to see which republicans support this bottom feeding fraud Republican House Speaker when a vote is presented to terminate his leadership position.

Let’s watch the Communist Democrats get behind this fraud republican. It will be entertaining to see Democrats backing a Republican. We will soon know too which republicans are backing this Socialist spineless, weak House Speaker.

My friends Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are the glue holding the conservative base together. History will speak highly of them in the future. If House Speaker Johnson really loves this country, our constitutional republic he would resign his position.

I can’t convince my Congressional friends to leave the do nothing Republican Party and become independents. The GOP is nothing more than extension of installed Marxist Joe Biden’s Communist anti American agenda. Our Founding Fathers definitely were all independents.

But stay tuned for an entertaining political civil war commencing soon on the House floor. It will separate the men from the boys just like one of those San Francisco Nancy Pelosi Democrat party fundraisers.

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