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FLORIDA: Aaron Dimick Diversity cheerleader to challenge Congressman ‘MAGA’ Matt Gaetz in the August primary election

The Republican In Name Only (RINO) worms living underground to avoid the light still think they can pop up every now and then to try and disrupt the balance of nature.

Worms like Republican in Name Only (RINO) Kevin McCarthy the fired do nothing former Speaker of the House. His head has appeared in District 1 Florida via his hand picked primary challenger to congressman Matt Gaetz.

Comrade McCarthy has now recruited his pal Aaron Dimmock a liberal left wing Republican In Name Only (RINO) Diversity cheerleader to challenge Congressman “MAGA” Matt Gaetz in the August primary election.

Aaron Dimmock was a Naval P3 pilot who found safety and comfort in surveillance aircraft vice the challenge of being a MAGA supporting Naval Top Gun fighter pilot.

Top Gun pilots return to home base on Aircraft Carriers deployed in rough seas not to safe and secure fixed airfields. Dimick apparently failed to qualify for Top Gun or chickened out. Just my opinion from my experience in officer programs recruiting.

In my 20 year military career in the United States Navy my three years providing military combat support to P3 pilots in Sicily Italy was my worst nightmare.

One P3 pilot got an airman pregnant which I had to deal with as a Senior Chief and instead of combat readiness their main concern was ensuring their assigned aircraft needed extra maintenance on airfields like in Rota Spain within close proximity to cheap beer.

Of course aircraft parts were always needed for the planes and three days was usually the minimum turn around time to get the missing widgets. Enough time to party on full per diem.

The mindset of the Top Gun pilot compared to the P3 pilot is night and day. Much like comparing conservative republicans to socialist democrats. Not all but most P3 pilots.

Top Gun pilots maintained conservative discipline and had Ronald Reagan photos hanging in their lockers while the P3 pilots I knew were the closet democrats that loved Clinton. Just my opinion from my up close and personal perspective.

Aaron Dimick is no different and he clearly identifies himself as a liberal with his close association and political connections with RINO loser Kevin McCarthy.

I have no doubt I crossed paths with Dimick while I was stationed at Naval Air Station Sicily, Italy. Perhaps during one of my night operations as the Command Duty Officer (CDO) in Sicily I made sure he and or his colleagues were given wake up calls like his momma used to do.

This primary challenger to Matt Gaetz is nothing more than a Kevin McCarthy blow up plastic artificial intelligence artifact a woke BLM supporting DEI instructor.

So now he’s running against the indestructible Matt Gaetz (R-FL) a phenomenal leader in the Republican Party here in district 1. My back yard.

McCarthy needs to spend his time more wisely vice setting up woke liberals like Aaron Dimick for failure in this part of Florida.

This is MAGA Matt Gaetz country and woke liberals like Dimick are doomed for failure.

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