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Globalists Eat Gourmet Meats at Climate Summit while Pushing Public to Eat Bugs to Save the Environment

Globalist elites are dining on a “gourmet selection of meats, fish, and dairy at the United Nations COP27 climate change conference in Egypt, as they push supposedly more sustainable foods like bugs.” Yet the public keeps voting them in. Consider also the fact that the West is in severe decline, with bad economies and energy shortages, which globalists have caused, while also facilitating open-door illegal migration.

The globalist plan is international socialism, but to attain this utopian vision, globalists have determined to crush the people psychologically, financially, and in other ways, including a loss of freedom that makes for a massive power differential between the rulers and the populace. Historically, socialism has never worked, yet the globalists still present it as a solution for the poor. The reality is that it creates a deep divide between the totalitarian ruling class and the poor, with the degradation of the humanity of the latter.

Globalist leaders who travelled by private plane and who are now dining on fabulous gourmet meals used, in total, 118 private jets to go to the COP26 Climate Summit last year. They and burned over a 1,000 tons of CO2. This year’s COP27 Summit is no different.

COP27: Globalist Leaders Munch on Meat as They Push Bugs for ‘Proles’

by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, November 9, 2022:

Globalist elites will be dining on a gourmet selection of meats, fish, and dairy at the United Nations COP27 climate change conference in Egypt, as they push supposedly more sustainable foods like bugs.

Beef medallion with mushrooms sauce, chicken breast with orange gravy, and salmon with creamy sauce and chives are some of the menu options that world leaders, diplomats, bureaucrats, and industry bigwigs will be chomping down on at the COP27 meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt this week.

The COP Gourmet service also offers an hour and a half of bottomless cocktails for £110 ($125). Attendees are also offered delivery service for items such as paper cups, plastic water bottles and wooden coffee stirrers.

The menu flies in the face of the stated goals of the United Nations, with a 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report saying: “Meat analogues such as imitation meat (from plant products), cultured meat, and insects may help in the transition to more healthy and sustainable diets.”

The World Economic Forum, which has partnered with the UN at COP27 has also been at the forefront of the meat-free future movement, arguing that people should opt for more “climate beneficial foods” such as algae, seaweed and cacti….

Scottish author and political commentator Neil Oliver said: “They’ve come to lecture us about eating less meat while they sit down to menus featuring beef, chicken, salmon, and sea bass and cream sauces. This is not leadership that we are seeing now, it’s desperation, it’s trolling us proles on a galactic scale.

“The policies that they are preaching are condemning hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest to poverty, starvation, death on a global scale and at the same time, in their cynicism, they are ensuring that the populations of their own countries are plunged into fuel and food poverty for the first time in generations.”

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