New O’Keefe Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah Across California

Professors, Administrators, and Students Pledge Economic Support to Terrorist Organizations ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah on Numerous California Campuses.

Breaking video . . . ISIS training camp at Cornell?

Project Veritas exposes Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean at Cornell University. Scaffido is captured on hidden camera advising a Project Veritas investigative journalist on how to start and fund a pro-ISIS club on campus, how to obtain funding to send care packages to ISIS and Hamas, and astonishingly, how to bring a member of ISIS to Cornell to run a “training camp.”


“People who worship anything other than Allah are infidels and it is permitted to kill them.”

Wives of slain jihadists from Australia beg for donations to the Islamic State

How Serious Is ISIS Threat Against Military Families?

Yemen chaos leaves U.S. intel in the dark on al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula