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The introduction of Corporate Fascism in The Netherlands

13 years ago, Mr. Mark Rutte started to govern in my country Holland as Prime Minister. Though he is a member of the Dutch Conservative Party, he’s in his heart not for individual freedom at all.

Right now, he is at the end of his last term. Elections for a new Dutch Government have already been held, and so he is on his way out.

The Netherlands changed a lot during his reign. And not for the better.

For example, the total amount of taxation per citizen, was 13 years ago about 35% of the average income. Now it’s up to 40%! That means that if you have an income of 20,000 Euro then you pay a total of taxes of that amount to the value of 8,000 Euro. This makes you a part-time slave of the Dutch Government.

There is a name for the system with which Mark Rutte governs. It’s not a pretty term: Corporate Fascism.

Corporate Fascism means that the CEO’s of the largest companies and a small group of powerful politicians rule over the citizens in total cooperation. They suppress the common man and empty his pockets with the power of the full state behind them.

Corporate Fascism can be found in many countries in Europe. It has replaced Social Democracy, otherwise known as the Welfare State.

In The Netherlands we see after 13 years of corporate fascism, that a huge amount of nice small shops with quality products and good personal service, have closed their doors. There are very few places where you can still buy artisan made traditional high quality products.

It’s gotten hard these days to make enough money simply to buy your groceries, clothes and pay your monthly rent, mortgage, electricity bill, phone bill et cetera. That’s strange, because you pay most money to big firms that produce their products in factories at almost no costs at all. The CEO’s of these companies are therefor FAKE capitalists. Competition is an illusion.

In a country with corporate fascism, there is an elite class that doesn’t do any productive work at all. These profiteers just sit behind computer screens and produce nothing. They enrich themselves in an extreme way.

Mr. Mark Rutte, who introduced Corporate Fascism in The Netherlands, now is considered the number 1 candidate for leading NATO.

I think that you should be warned.

When he can operate at a global level, he will do a serious effort to introduce Corporate Fascism on a global scale.

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