VINDICATED: From Hateful Islamophobe to Global Leader of the Counter-Jihad Movement!

Just two years ago many Americans condemned the counter-jihad work of The United West and me, referring to us as “hateful Islamophobes” who provoke Islam, the “religion of peace.”

Today, many of those same Americans are thanking us from the bottom of their hearts for our continued, aggressive and confrontational work against Islamic jihad, a violent  (and pre-violent) movement that is fundamentally based in the historic doctrinal teaching of Mohammad, the Quran and other theocratic documents.

One reason for this significant shift in the public understanding of our work has been the increased success of the Muslim Brotherhood’s cultural jihad in America and the kinetic success of Daesh (ISIS) on a global scale. Add to this the abject failure of President Obama and his pro-Islamic Administration and you get an incoherent understanding of the Islamic jihad threat resulting in a very dangerous terror index here in the Homeland.

Over against this unspeakable failure of President Obama is the clear, consistent voice and action of my team as we actually name the enemy, identify the enemy, expose the enemy and confront the enemy. As the blood-soaked weapons of Muslim terrorists are turned on innocent Americans and President Obama does his best imitation of a clueless “Baghdad Bob,” common-sense Americans experienced an epiphany finally understanding that there is a real live Muslim jihad that is based on the religious/political system of Islam and that The United West has been right all along!

Ironically, a new book entitled, The Counter-Jihad Movement, written by enemy collaborators, has not only recognized the effectiveness of our work but has listed both The United West and me as global leaders of the Counter-Jihad movement!  The United West is listed on page 144 and I’m listed on page 163.

It is important to note that my work is part of a larger movement including many of whom are also listed in this new book. We work with these folks on a regular basis and they are my friends and true heroes of Western Civilization.

Moreover, the accomplishments of the United West and me are directly related to the generous donations of our support team, in particular to one man and one woman whose support without which, we would not be in operation. To all of you, your names should be in the footnotes of this new book, The Counter-Jihad Movement, BUT, believe me, you really DO NOT want it there!

As America survives the final year of Obama’s disaster on Islamic terrorism, I ask you, based upon our PROVEN record, as now listed as effective operators on a world-wide level, to continue (and increase) your tax-deductible support of my work with my great team at The United West.

You have my word that we will continue to take the fight to Muslim jihadis and defeat the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration into American culture, but we cannot do it without your financial support.

Please make an end-of-the-year donation and donations throughout 2016, a very critical year of cultural battle!