VIDEO: Predicting the Next Islamic State Attack in America — ‘Day of the Dead’ Part Deux

Can you imagine 10, 20, 50, 100 Orlando-type shooters, all battle-hardened Islamic State fighters attacking southern California through the Mexican cartel drug tunnels?

Hard to imagine, not so, says Captain Dan Gordon of the Israel Defense Forces Reserves. In fact, Captain Gordon, who also just happens to be a Hollywood A-List Screenwriter, has detailed the attack in his current book, “Day of the Dead, Book Two, America!

Don’t miss this fascinating and frightening interview that I have with Dan, as Dan goes step-by-step through the attack scenario.


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EDITORS NOTE: Dan’s novel, set in real world conditions is available, along with the companion book, “Day of the Dead, Book One, GAZA,” at

Hollywood Filmmaker says Iran Nuke Deal a Very Bad Deal

dan gordon

Captain Dan Gordon, IDF.

Dan Gordon, a Hollywood screen writer and IDF Reserves Captain, is our featured guest on today’s short promotional for the “DAY OF ACTION” in Santa Barbara, California on Sunday Aug 30, 2015.

Dan Gordon is also a successful Hollywood filmmaker and award-winning author. with the unique perspective of living in two countries, America and Israel, has much to say about the very bad Iran nuke deal made by the Obama Administration.


We have TWO amazing events on August 30th!

The first is a Roundtable Luncheon featuring a panel of national and local experts on the Iran Treaty, on the U.S. and Israel and how it will affect Santa Barbara County. Tickets are $60. Sponsorships are available at different levels. A ticket to the lunch gets you a VIP seat at the rally (details below). If you are not able to attend but would like to donate (100% tax-deductible) to help offset to costs of this grassroots effort, it would be appreciated. To purchase tickets, to sponsor or to donate, go to:

After the lunch, there will be a Stop Iran NOW Rally at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens co-hosted by Stand With Us, The Clarion Project, The United West and other local groups. The rally is FREE and we need as many people as possible to attend. Please forward to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. It’s up to US to stop this deal! Signs and flags will be provided.

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Israel’s Dan Gordon: “Renaissance Warrior”

day of the dead book coverWe have interviewed many wonderful people on our show, “Enemies of the State,” and just a few have earned the description of “Renaissance Man.” Today we introduce you to a true Renaissance Warrior, Israel Defense Force Captain Dan Gordon (Reserve) who is both a citizen of Israel and the United States of America.

With service of over 40 years in the IDF, Dan has also made his mark as a very successful author, screenplay writer and movie producer. Tom and the United West team take a look at Captain Gordon’s powerful new thriller, Day of the Dead – Gaza, which details real-life action during Israel’s 50 day war in the summer of 2014 with probable catastrophic scenarios that the various Islamic jihad organization will use against Israel, The USA and the West. Tune in and buckle up for information so true and so frightening that it will make an Islamic State’s beheading of a journalist look like child’s play.

On this show Dan Gordon details the current war-footing that exists in Israel as that tiny country, surrounded by millions of enemies, prepares for the inevitable showdown, which will determine the future of Israel and the West!