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Muslim Assassin Arrested in Denmark: Failed attempt on Danish Free Press Advocate Lars Hedegaard

Lars Hedegaard II

Lars Hedegaard, Editor of Dispatch International in Copenhagen

In the wake of the disturbing news yesterday about the arrest in Winchester, UK of Paul Weston Liberty GB Party leader for quoting Churchill, came stunning news about another free speech defender, Lars Hedegaard, editor of Dispatch International in Copenhagen. Hedegaard is also head of both the Danish and International Free Press Societies. The gunman who failed in an attempt on Hedegaard’s life on February 5, 2013 has been apprehended and arrested by the Danish security police. He has been identified as a 26 year old Danish citizen of Middle East origin.

Here is what we wrote about the harrowing incident:

On February 5, 2013 Lars Hedegaard went to his door in Copenhagen to face a person he thought was a mailman. After handing Hedegaard a package, the “mailman” immediately pulled out a gun and fired a shot barely missing Hedegaard’s head. When the assassin dropped  the weapon, a scuffle ensued and the assassin retrieved the gun but failed to fire it a second time promptly fleeing the scene. The perpetrator of this attempted assassination has yet to be apprehended by Danish police. Such are the dangers of being the founder of both the Danish and International Free Press Societies and prosecuted by Danish courts for something protected in the First Amendment of the US Constitution – the right to criticize a religion, Islam.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Austrian human rights and free speech advocate, commented:

I am heartened to hear that Lars’ potential killer has been apprehended. It is my hope that he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, without any “migrant bonus” as has been the case in far too many instances in Europe.

In our Iconoclast post on August 27, 2013 regarding death threats against Hedegaard and five colleagues. Those threats arose from the press conference  arranged by The Danish Free Press Society (DFPS) with ex-radical Danish Imam, Ahmed Akkari, in Copenhagen to present Akkari in his news guise as a former Muslim who elected to leave Islam by choice. Akkari and another Danish Imam fanned the flames of the Danish Mohammed Cartoons across the entire Muslim Ummah in 2006.  Akkari revealed that virtually all Danish Mosques are led by extremists. Akkari went through a personal transformation through self-introspection prompted by reading a veritable bibliography of Western Enlightenment during long arctic winter nights in Greenland.

We wrote about Hedegaard’s ringing defense of free speech in the face of troubling Danish and Western denial:

[We] often remind Hedegaard that he is channeling a mythic Danish figure, Holger Dansk.  The legendary Holger Dansk was the Danish warrior for Emperor Charlemagne who never lost a battle and whose statue rests in the catacombs of the Kronberg palace in Copenhagen.  Holger Danske’s statue depicts him partially asleep a sword in his lap waiting for the signal to spring into battle to protect fellow Danes. Holger Danske was the symbol of the Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation in World War Two. Hedegaard knows how his fellow Danes are sowing the seeds of self destruction by diminishing their freedoms and liberties while heedlessly protecting the forces of their destruction, radical Islamists in their midst.  Politically correct leftist multiculturalists in power in Denmark and elsewhere in the EU are abetting their agenda; infiltration and Islamization of the West.  We in America must be ever vigilant to prevent that from occurring here.  As Hedegaard said about his own legal battles in Denmark,“This is a fight for liberty against tyranny. It will be long and hard but losing is no option.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The New English Review.