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Senior BBC employee who called Jews ‘Nazis’ and denied Holocaust has now been fired

All along, Dawn Queva managed to hide her antisemitism and racism against whites under the rubric of woke rage about white supremacism.

Woke anti-Semites who managed to perpetuate their hate in businesses, government and campuses alike, under the cover of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, are now being penalized in the wake of the upheaval created by their overt hostility after the October 7 jihad massacre.

Israel’s war to defend its nation from more such attacks, and ultimately from annihilation, is leading them to expose themselves. Their brazenness demonstrates the level of their emboldenment over the years.

Particularly troubling is the fact that without widespread condemnation, such anti-Semites would perpetuate and ramp up their hatred and incitement to violence.

The case of Queva is reminiscent of another recent case in British Columbia, where a professor who called October 7  “amazing, brilliant” was abruptly fired by Langara College, only days after it stood by her and reinstated her.

BBC employee who called Jewish people ‘Nazis’ no longer works at corporation

by Robert Mendick and Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph, February 4, 2024:

A BBC scheduler who referred to Jews as “Nazis” and white people as “parasites” no longer works at the corporation, The Telegraph can reveal.

Last week, it emerged that Dawn Queva – who, according to her online profile, is a scheduling coordinator at BBC Three – had made Facebook posts that included calling Jewish people “Nazi apartheid parasites” who funded a “holohoax”.

Her posts also repeatedly attacked white people, calling them a “virus” and “mutant invader species”.

The BBC was informed of the statements made online, which drew widespread condemnation and calls for the organisation to take disciplinary action against her.

However, The Telegraph understands that Ms Queva is no longer at the corporation, and a BBC spokesman confirmed: “The individual concerned is no longer employed by the BBC.”

Ms Queva previously worked with Disney and UKTV, according to her Linkedin profile.

Her social media posts were made under the name of Dawn Las Quevas-Allen on Facebook, but the profile has the same profile picture as her regular profile, and Deadline, a trade magazine, reported that her identity had been confirmed…..

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