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CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a ‘nightmare,’ tapped to moderate presidential debate

Jake Tapper is perhaps the most vicious and repulsive Trump-haters on “news” television. Yet, Tapper will be monitoring the first Trump-Biden presidential debate.

Another Trump-hater Dana Bash with be co-moderating the debate with Tapper. President Trump better be prepared for some of the nastiest and bias treatment one could imagine from Tapper and Bash. Trump should also prepare for the possibility that Biden will have advance notice of the questions.

By Fox News, May 16, 2024

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a ‘nightmare,’ tapped to moderate presidential debate

CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who in recent years has become one of the most prominent anti-Trump voices in the liberal media, was selected to moderate CNN’s Presidential Debate between the former president and President Biden.

It was announced Wednesday that Tapper will co-moderate the debate with CNN colleague Dana Bash on June 27 in Atlanta after both candidates agreed to the terms.

But Tapper’s hostile coverage of Trump and Republicans will perhaps offer a preview of what Trump should expect going into the key political showdown.

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Meet the two CNN “moderators” for the first debate.

A look back at comments made by CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a “nightmare,” linked him to Hitler, retweeted that he’s “100% insane,” and spearheaded CNN’s Russiagate coverage.

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Why Biden Said ‘Inshallah’ During the Debate

RELATED VIDEO: Bill Warner feels that now that Biden has used the phrase, “Inshe’allah” it is time for the following video:

One of the most revealing moments of last night’s debate was one that most people probably missed. BuzzFeed’s Hamed Aleaziz was overjoyed, tweeting that it was “a historic moment in America.” Over at Slate, Aymann Ismail added that “as terrible as this debate night was, at least a few of us had this moment.”

This glorious occasion came when Donald Trump stated that he would eventually release his tax returns: “I’ve paid millions of dollars, and you’ll get to see it.” Joe Biden responded: “When? Inshallah,” using Arabic for “God willing,” a phrase that is often used in the context of procrastination.

Some Muslims were excited about Biden’s colloquial use of the phrase, so as to mean “This is not likely to happen.” “Interfaith and anti-racism educator” Hind Makki tweeted: “Whenever someone who’s not Muslim drops an inshallah in conversation, I assume they have Muslim colleagues. When they know to use it colloquially [sarcastically], I know they have close Muslim friends.”

These were just the sort of reactions Biden was doubtless hoping for. Arabic-speaking Christians as well as Muslims say “Inshallah,” but in saying this, Biden was not pandering to Arabic-speaking Christians; he was pandering to the part of his base (Muslim and non-Muslim) that believes that counterterror efforts are largely just an exercise in “Islamophobia” and supports the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. With the world watching, Biden was demonstrating his support for the Left’s favored religion, Islam. He wouldn’t have said the phrase in English, “God willing,” because his point was not primarily to emphasize that Trump was going to procrastinate in releasing his tax returns; it was to show in a concise, albeit indirect fashion that he was a worthy candidate of the anti-American hard left, a reliable foe of the alleged “Muslim ban,” and a fervent proponent of mass migration.

For Biden has to earn the love of the increasingly dominant hard-left wing of his party. Trump several times last night maneuvered Biden into repudiating pet causes of the far left, notably the Green New Deal, for which Biden affirms support on his own website. This is likely to cause him some difficulty with the most radical of his supporters, for they have already made clear that they’ve got the Democratic nominee on a short leash.

The notorious anti-Semite and former Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour made that clear in July when she declared “I choose Biden” and then immediately began making clear that her support was decidedly conditional: “But I choose him as my opponent in the White House. I want him to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable and push him to do and be better. We can’t do that with Trump.”

Sarsour explained that she and her supporters had supported Bernie Sanders “because he earned our votes & we need Biden to continue to do the same.” She elaborated: “When Joe Biden does the right thing, you better believe Linda Sarsour’s going to say, ‘You know what? Thank you so much President Joe Biden for doing the right thing.’ And when President Joe Biden doesn’t do the right thing our community needs to come together and hold him accountable.”

Biden may have been trying to relieve some of this pressure and win more of the confidence of the far-left by making use of this expression that is common among the adherents of the religion that leftists love most, but it didn’t work with everyone. Journalist Tamer El-Ghobashy huffed: “Biden’s use of inshallah was kinda colonial and derogatory if you ask me.” El-Ghobashy added: “The sarcasm of it reminded me of every mid-level state department dweeb I ever met in Iraq.”

Poor old Joe. What does he have to do or say to allay suspicions that he will not be a faithful servant of the socialist, internationalist, pro-migration, anti-counterterror agenda? His repudiation of the Green New Deal and more last night will not help him with the adherents of that agenda, but they likely understand that Joe was simply saying what he had to say to get out of the corner Trump had backed him into.

They understand, after all, the helpful principle enunciated by that master politician, Muhammad, the prophet of Islam: “War is deceit.” Joe Biden very clearly has grasped that principle as well.


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Chris Wallace’s Impartiality Questioned Due To His Giant Foam Finger Reading ‘Biden 2020’

CLEVELAND, OH—Some are questioning Chris Wallace’s neutrality in the debate tonight. Many say he constantly interrupted Trump and refused to challenge Biden. But others are pointing to more obvious clues, like the giant foam finger he wore that read “Biden 2020.”

“I just don’t feel like this guy is being totally unbiased,” said one viewer. “But, to be frank, I can’t really put my finger on the reason. He just really seems to be thumbing his nose at the idea of impartiality.”

“I wish I could point to the reason I suspect him of bias. His questions just didn’t quite have the ring of fairness about them. We could make an index of all the times he interrupted Trump, while he seemed to have some kind of pinky promise with Joe Biden not to contradict him. He just wasn’t in the middle.”

“I gotta hand it to him though: he had a real grip of the issues.”


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Candidate Bonilla challenges Grayson to debate the issues

As Florida has had a cool no hurricane summer the political storm clouds are gathering for the 2012 Congressional elections. One of the hottest seats in Florida is Congressional District 9. There are a number of national issues with a major impact on Floridians including the cost of health insurance (Obamacare), education (Common Core), employment (recession), growth (housing markets, mortgage rates), national security (Syria, Iran, Russia) and domestic social policies (2nd Amendment, gay marriage, states rights).

Republican Congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla has sent a letter to Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL District 9), stirring the political pot. Bonilla is requesting five debates, the first one on Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare).

Javier Manjarres recently reported:

Bonilla, who is one of the contributing writers here at the Shark Tank, will be facing off with none other than Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, in Florida’ 9th Congressional District. Here is Jorge’s recent post about Kathleen Sebelius.

According to his website, Bonilla’s family story is very similar to that of many immigrants who have traveled to America to make a better life for themselves and their families, as well another Hispanic member of Congress who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Bonilla’s parents moved from the Island of Puerto Rico in the mid-Sixties, where his father picked apples as a day-laborer, while his mother worked in an aviation seatbelt factory.

The 42-year-old married father of one first answered the call of duty when he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, before transferring over to the U.S. Navy, during the Desert Storm era.

Rep. Grayson supports full implementation Obamacare as well as the President’s domestic, social and foreign policies. Bonilla is challenging Grayson to walk the walk not just talk the talk.  The gauntlet has been thrown, will Grayson pick it up and meet the challenger?

The text of the letter requesting a minimum of five debates follows:

September 12, 2013

Congressman Alan Grayson
8419 Oak Park Rd
Orlando, Florida. 32819

Mr. Grayson,

You have been one of the most outspoken supporters of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, or Obamacare. Because this law is set to be fully implemented in 2014, I believe it is important that your constituents have an opportunity to hear from you about the healthcare law mandates they will be forced to adhere to.

Because I believe in full transparency and accountability, not to mention that the constituents of Florida’s 9th Congressional District deserve to know the truth about this disastrous law you are selling to them, I challenge you to a town hall-style debate to discuss the Obamacare law before the end of the 2013 calendar year.

There are several “Constituent Work Weeks” in the coming months in which you will be available to join me in debating the merits of the Obamacare law. In looking over the current Congressional calendar, the third week of October, and the second week of November look pretty open for you.

In addition, I am also requesting four other issue-related town hall-style debates, bringing the total number of debates requested of you to five.

Considering that you have not run from a challenge posed by any of your past congressional campaign opponents, I look forward to debating you on Obamcare and the other pressing issues that are concerning to Americans.


Jorge Bonilla