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America’s Defend Freedom Tour Coming to Tampa July 31

Concerned Veterans for America’s Defend Freedom Tour is coming to TPepin’s Hospitality Centre in Tampa on Friday, July 31st, from 6:009:00 p.m.

CVA will rally support for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care reform—among other pressing issues affecting veterans, members of the military, and their families—at this event.

It’s been a little over a year since news broke that Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals across the country put veterans on secret waiting lists to give the appearance of access to timely medical care. While VA administrators pocketed bonuses for fudging the numbers, veterans faced excessive wait times and in some cases even died while waiting for an appointment. However, the issues with the VA do not end there.


U.S. veterans face radically different waits for benefits depending on where they live. An interactive map created by The Center for Investigative Reporting has tracked that phenomenon for the last three years. Credit: Shane Shifflet for Reveal.

To view the interactive map click here.

A little over a month ago, The James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa was pointed out as having a major pest control problem. An infestation of rats, rodents, roaches, and feces were found in their facilities. Employees knew about the infestation problem, which included kitchen and food service areas. Shockingly, the Infection Prevention Coordinator was more concerned with ending up on the news for these problems than risking patient safety.

“It is shocking and quite frankly it is disgusting that we are allowing VA hospitals to remain open while rats, rodents, and cockroaches infest their facilities,” said CVA Military Advisor and Navy SEAL Veteran Jason Redman.  “These men and women fought for our great country and risked their lives time and time again only to come home to second class treatment.  Fundamental changes and reforms need to happen at VA hospitals across the nation, but they need to start right here in Tampa.”

Through the Defend Freedom Tour, CVA is bringing together veterans, military families, and patriotic Americans to preserve the freedom and prosperity that we and our families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.

Event Information

Admission to the Tampa Defend Freedom Tour is FREE and includes a complimentary barbecue dinner.

This event features an amazing lineup of inspirational speakers: Gold Star Mother Karen Vaughn; decorated Army Ranger and New York Times best-selling author Sean Parnell; Green Beret and Stability Institute Founder Scott Mann; and Navy SEAL and author Lieutenant Jason RedmanMadison Rising, the nation’s most patriotic rock band, and Ayla Brown, country music performer, will perform live.

Register on Eventbrite. For more information, go to www.DefendFreedomTour.com.

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