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Thanks, Joe! Evidence mounts Islamic State is looking to the U.S. Southern border

U.S. vulnerability is so high that it’s treasonous what Old Joe has done in opening the border.

Evidence mounts Islamic State is looking to the US southern border

by Jeff Seldin, VOA News, June 26, 2024:

WASHINGTON — U.S. intelligence and security officials are increasing their focus on the country’s southern border, worried the constant flow of migrants has attracted the attention of the Islamic State terror group.

The heightened concern follows the arrests earlier this month of eight men from Tajikistan, all of whom entered the United States via its southern border with Mexico, some making the trip over a year ago.

While the initial background checks came up clean, U.S. law enforcement subsequently turned up information indicating potential ties to the Islamic State group, also known as IS or ISIS.

“It’s not lost on us that the people who killed over 150 Russians in that theater were from the same part of the world,” said Ken Wainstein, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, referring to the March attack on a Moscow concert hall, claimed by the terror group’s Afghan affiliate….

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Hamas Billionaire Khaled Mashaal, Living High in Doha, Says Gaza Destruction Has Been Worth It

Germany: Muslim teens plotted jihad massacre at Christmas market

Yes, Rashida Tlaib, There is ‘Genocide Denial’ in Gaza, Because There is No Genocide

Germany: Muslim migrant beats youth to death, relatives say victim was targeted for wearing a cross

Yet Again, Rashida Tlaib Gets Her Knickers In A Twist

NYC: Muslim who warned ‘Zionists’ to get out of subway car worked at Cornell, dean slams ‘Islamophobia’

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WATCH: Biden Regime Blames Trump For Biden’s Illegal Immigration Border Invasion

Immigration under President Trump was at it lowest in decades. From day one, the Biden regime undid all of Trump’s immigration policies.

The Democrats are flying them in. Half a million.

DOOCY: “Most of the border crossers accused of beating up Texas National Guardsmen in a riot last month were released on their own recognizance Sunday. How does that make people in this country any safer?”

KJP: “So, I have to refer you to Department of Justice and DHS on that particular reporting. I will say this: As the event unfolded, the Border Patrol was able to act quickly and get the situation under control and apprehend the migrants and we were grateful that the Border Patrol was able to do their job. Look, there is a challenge at the border, right? Our immigration system has been broken for decades before — even before this President became President, obviously, three years — more than three years ago. And this President, a couple of months ago, worked with the Senate in a bipartisan fashion to get a negotiation done — right — and what we saw is from the last President — President Trump told Republicans in Congress not to move forward with this negotiation, this agreed negotiation, this agreed plan disagreed proposal because it would help Joe Biden. That’s what was reported by some of you and we can actually deal with this. We could actually deal with what we’re seeing and because they didn’t move forward — right — because we didn’t move forward with this proposal because of the last President and because they — he — they put politics ahead of the American people, we are seeing chaos. And so, we want to get this done. We did. We worked with Congress to get this done to deal with the challenges at the border. President Trump got in the way and because President Trump got in the way Republicans are now getting in the way.




90% Secret Illegals Flown to FL and TX

Leftist Judge Orders Release Of Wild Illegals Who Rioted Against Nat Guard Troops

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Wisconsin Investigators: Illegals Flooding the Voter Rolls in Swing States

You don’t think these totalitarian destroyers are going to go quietly, do you? They are power without accountability, merciless, wild criminals and in-your-face oath breakers without fear of the law or punishment.

They operate with impunity.

It’s going to get worse. Much worse.

Wisconsin Investigators Allege Illegal Aliens Are Flooding the Voter Rolls in Swing States

By:  Guest Contributor Jay Valentine at The Gateway Pundit. Mar. 24, 2024

Leftist election fraud happens every 2 year cycle – it just happens a little differently each time.

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In 2024, the unique new fraud scheme – demonstrated in the data – at scale, in multiple states – now – is allegedly registering illegal aliens, flown in via the Biden Express, delivered to newly formed homeless addresses – then sending the migrants on their way – and collecting their ballots – and voting them.

This was discovered by the Wisconsin team – using INNOVATION.

This is happening at super scale – think hundreds of thousands already – it is completely invisible to all current relational technology. It is equally invisible to the RINO bunch telling you to vote early, ballot harvest and do not question elections.

The only difference is in 2024, the Wisconsin team found it early – and has a successful, tried and proven strategy to fight it.

Here’s the scam.

Religious NGO’s (non-governmental orgs) like Catholic, Lutheran and other types of do-gooders collaborate with the Biden administration to take those migrants – the ones who arrive by plane – into the heartland – and then allegedly register them.

The details are fascinating. These NGOs set up addresses that seem like homeless shelters – but aren’t – they are migrant ballot registration collection points. Some are just offices in crappy strip malls.

We know because we drill into the actual address photos. Watch our videos on Omega4America.com.

The migrants show up, get a phone, gift cards worth several grand, get registered to vote.

The details are fascinating.

These NGOs set up addresses that seem like homeless shelters – but aren’t – they are migrant ballot registration collection points. Some are just offices in crappy strip malls.

We know because we drill into the actual address photos. Watch our videos on Omega4America.com.

The migrants show up, get a phone, gift cards worth several grand, get registered to vote.
In Wisconsin, for instance, there is a Form EL-131.

Form EL-131 says if you are homeless, check the box. You can register to vote with no supporting ID.

For you election deniers, and Republican types – read this slowly so you can comprehend this madness.

In a swing state, one of 7 that will determine the next leader of the free world – today – using Form EL-131, anyone with a heartbeat can register to vote with no ID, as long as they check the box that says “homeless.”

Or someone can do it for them! What can go wrong?

This is what the Republican Party allowed to happen – bending over and taking it – with literally zero push back.

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Illegal Immigrants Burst through Border Barricade as Crisis Continues

Declaration of Election Fraud in Arizona

SARA FRANKENSTEIN: Illinois Task Force Hearing Exposes Ranked-Choice Voting as a Power Grab by Liberal Elites

Eric Trump Says Insurance Companies ‘Were Laughing’ When Trump Asked For Half-Billion Dollar Bond Request

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Poll Shows Biden Unpopular among Voters as Immigration, Inflation Worsen

A sprawling new survey is revealing that voters are getting sick of the Biden administration, and Trump’s popularity is holding strong. According to the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is floundering, underwater at 45% (23% strongly approve, 22% somewhat approve), with his disapproval rate (39% strongly disapprove, 15% somewhat disapprove) remaining fairly steady since January of 2022. Nearly half of voters (48%) said that Biden is getting worse as a leader, while 27% (mostly Democrats) said he’s improving and 25% said he’s pretty much the same.

Furthermore, voters are disappointed with Biden’s performance on key issues. The 81-year-old president’s approval rating is low regarding his management of immigration (35%), inflation (39%), the economy (43%), rising crime rates (41%), and others. The only area where voters said Biden has done a good job was in responding to COVID-19. When asked what Biden’s biggest achievement has been as president, more voters (30%) said he hasn’t had a big achievement than voters (28%) who agreed that lowering the cost of prescription drugs is the biggest feather in Biden’s cap.

The Biden administration’s biggest failure is, according to voters, its border policy. Forty-four percent of voters (including about a third of Democrats and nearly half of Independents) believe Biden’s biggest failure was overseeing “an open borders policy and a historic flood of immigrants.” Runners-up for the title of “biggest failure” include weak leadership, “rampant inflation,” “a shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan,” and a failure to tackle surging crime rates.

Immigration, inflation, and the economy are the top issues that voters are concerned about heading into the next presidential election. Thirty-six percent of voters expressed concern over immigration, 33% over inflation and price increases, and 24% over the economy and jobs. Inflation was rated the most important issue to voters personally with 42% of voters responding that they have been personally impacted by rising prices, up four percentage points just since January. Immigration and crime were next, at 18% and 11% respectively. Additionally, 54% of voters said their personal financial situations were suffering under Biden and upwards of 70% said they fear that inflation is “here to stay.”

On immigration, 63% of voters said that the border crisis is worsening (including 42% of Democrats and 65% of Independents) and a staggering 71% said that the U.S. needs tougher laws against illegal immigration (including 56% of Democrats and 76% of Independents). A majority of voters also believe the federal government already has the power and authority it needs to fix the illegal immigration crisis and that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is simply not enforcing existing border control laws. Sixty-two percent of voters (including nearly half of Democrats) support impeaching Mayorkas “under the charge that he is willfully not enforcing immigration laws and securing the border…”

Also according to the survey, Biden would lose against former President Donald Trump if the election were held today. Forty-eight percent of voters said that they would pick Trump over Biden, with 9% saying they weren’t sure. When that 9% were asked which way they lean, Trump would beat Biden 53% to 47%. Significantly, Trump would earn 52% of the Independent vote and even 13% of the Democratic vote.

When third-party players are introduced, Trump still comes out on top, with former Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. taking a substantial portion of the vote (nearly 10%) that would otherwise go to Biden. Trump also garnered nearly 80% support among GOP voters for the Republican presidential nomination, with former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley earning a paltry 14%. Biden would also beat Haley (41% to 39%, 19% undecided) if the two were to go head-to-head.

Even if Trump were to be convicted of the numerous indictments leveled against him by leftist prosecutors and Biden’s Justice Department, voters would still likely go for him over Biden. A whopping 54% of voters said they’d vote for Trump even if he were convicted of inciting the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Only 46% said they’d back Biden, which is actually down from 52% just a month ago. Fifty-two percent of voters said they would still vote for Trump if he were convicted of election interference charges in Georgia, but voters were split on whether to vote for him if convicted of allegedly mishandling classified presidential documents, with 50% backing Trump and 50% backing Biden.

A clear majority of voters (58%) also believe that the prosecutions against Trump are politically motivated. Even a surprising 42% of Democrats said they think that the Biden administration is “using the legal system in biased ways to take out a political opponent.” Voters were split when asked if Trump poses a “threat to democracy,” with 50% saying he doesn’t and 50% saying he does, which is down from 52% a month ago.

When asked if Trump will impact the nation “for the better,” 56% of respondents said yes, while 44% said he’s “a danger to democracy and will hopelessly divide the country if elected.” Nearly 60% of respondents also agreed with the statement, “I miss Donald Trump’s policies on the economy, immigration and crime,” and 62% agreed that Democrats “are trying to unfairly scare the voters over Donald Trump by labeling him as a dictator.”

When asked, nearly 60% of respondents said that they think Trump did a good job as president — that includes a majority in every age range polled, a majority among urban, suburban, and rural voters, 53% of independents, and even 29% of Democrats. Trump was also rated among the political figures with the highest net favorability, while Biden, his son Hunter, and other Democrats like Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), and others received some of the lowest scores.

This comes as numerous other polls show Trump leading Biden in November and concern over illegal immigration skyrocketing.


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.

To learn more please visit: BIDENOMICS IS BAD ECONOMICS


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Mayorkas Impeached!

Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan in an email wrote,

Moments ago, with my strong support, House Republicans just successfully voted to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas!

As Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas has a solemn duty to protect our nation and defend our borders.

But since his first day in office, Mayorkas has failed miserably at his one core job responsibility and allowed a tidal wave of illegal immigration to flood our country with skyrocketing crime, drugs and a growing humanitarian crisis.

In fact, since taking office:

  • Over 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed our borders
  • More than 1.7 million known gotaways have evaded border patrol and entered our country
  • 361 suspected terrorists have attempted to infiltrate our country (how many more slipped by?)

Mayorkas has also repeatedly lied to the American people by continuously claiming that “the border is secure” when the facts of the matter prove otherwise, which is abundantly clear to anyone not living under a rock.

The situation on our southern border is a crisis of epic proportions and only getting worse by the day. And America’s adversaries are taking full advantage of it.

Let me know if you support my vote and agree that it is well past time to hold Mayorkas accountable for willfully violating federal immigration laws and jeopardizing the safety and security of the American people.


Copyright 2024. All rights reserved.


House Votes To Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Lakewood Church Shooter’s Pro-Jihadist Messaging Drastically Increases Terrorist Attack Fears in Joe Biden’s America


Chinese Migrants Say TikTok Is Helping Them Cross U.S. Border

What’s Next After Senate Rejects Border Bill?


‘We Are a Happy People’: What I Saw at Trucker Convoy Rally to ‘Close the Border’

QUEMADO, Texas— Hundreds of trucks and vehicles arrived in western Texas Friday night as part of the Take Our Border Back Convoy.

Americans from Tennessee, Maryland, New York, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, and many other states gathered Friday night and Saturday in Quemado, Texas, about 150 miles west of San Antonio, to call on elected officials to secure the border.

“Close the border,” Sharisa Hoke, 50, told The Daily Signal as the convoy arrived at Cornerstone Children’s Ranch on Friday. “Deport everybody who came here illegally, and I think we even need a moratorium on immigration for just a little bit to even it all back out,” she said.

Hoke and her family traveled with the convoy for two days from their home in Aledo, Texas.

Asked what her message is to the Biden administration and U.S. elected leaders, Hoke said, “I would like them to follow the law, but mostly, read our Constitution and give the people back their voice. It just amazes me that they can do whatever they want nowadays, and nobody is held accountable,” she said. “So I’d just like them to start with closing the border actually, like the law says.”

It took the convoy over an hour for the trucks and cars to pull into the ranch hosting the gathering since it was reportedly five miles long according to organizers, but The Daily Signal could not verify this.

“I came here because for me, this is a situation that is unacceptable in our country,” Daniel Demoura, 33, told The Daily Signal. “We’re Americans,” he added, “we’re not a foreign nation. We need to defend our nation and show support for the Constitution, show support for the law. We don’t want people that are breaking the law to come here illegally.”

Demoura, who is originally from Boston, drove with the convoy for part of the journey to Texas and the experience “was really fun. A lot of people waving along the road, a lot of people supporting, screaming, showing flags, and honking. A lot of people [were] happy. So this is the conservative movement. This is America. We are a happy people.”

The Texas bound convoy, one of four convoys, began its journey Jan. 29 from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The other convoys set out from locations in Texas, New Mexico, and California and ended with rallies in Arizona and New Mexico.

The Take Our Border Back Convoy organizers stressed on the group’s website that the gatherings were peaceful, and “strongly” condemned any violence.

“This convoy is meant to bring our country together in love, kindness and in peace,” the convoy’s declaration reads.

There were concerns over opportunists with negative intentions taking advantage of the situation and causing violence at the rally on Saturday. But the arrival of the convoy Friday night and the rally Saturday remained peaceful and without incident. Police were at the entrance of the event Saturday.

The first hour of the rally resembled a church service with contemporary worship music, prayer, and exaltations to “love your neighbor” and serve the Lord. The event turned to speeches later in the afternoon from border security advocates, conservative activists, and elected leaders.

“Let me tell you, in Joe Biden’s America, you get 8 million illegal immigrants in three years,” Rep. Keith Self, R-Texas, told the crowd of about 200 on Saturday, adding, “you get 100,000 minors have been lost across the United States. You get enough fentanyl crossing the border to kill the entire world’s population. You get sex trafficking and cartels that control the southern border.”

The site of the trucker convoy rally was 30 minutes north of Eagle Pass, Texas, a city that has become a flashpoint between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, and President Joe Biden, a Democrat. Texas National Guard has taken control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass and is no longer allowing Border Patrol to use the park as a staging area for illegal aliens after they cross the Rio Grande. Biden has demanded Texas surrender the park back to federal authorities, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has denied the request.

Eagle Pass has been a busy crossing point for illegal aliens for years, which led Customs and Border Protection to build a temporary processing center there in 2022. The facility, known as Firefly, was originally intended to process about 1,500 illegal aliens at a time, according to a source The Daily Signal spoke with who used to work inside the facility. But at its height, the center was processing as many as 5,000 illegal aliens a day, the former Firefly worker said.

Since the start of the Biden administration, more than 8.5 million illegal aliens have been encountered on America’s borders. In December, a record 371,036 illegal aliens were encountered at and between U.S. ports of entry.


Virginia Allen

Virginia Allen is a senior news producer and podcast host for The Daily Signal and is the co-host of The Daily Signal Podcast and Problematic Women. Send an email to Virginia. Virginia on X: @Virginia_Allen5


Pakistani Illegal Alien on Terror Watchlist Released Before Being Caught Again

An Open Border Policy Is Not a Biblical Mandate

Democrats Lavish Illegal Immigrants With Valentines. Citizens Take the Arrows.

Pulling Dead Bodies From the Rio Grande: The Daily Life of Fire and Rescue on the US-Mexico Border


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U.S. Senate Releases Long-Awaited Text Of Bipartisan Border Security Bill

The United States Senate published the text of a long-awaited deal to enact border security reforms in exchange for aid to Ukraine on Sunday, marking the end of negotiations that had begun in December.

The 370-page bill — titled the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024 — would appropriate $118 billion in total, with $48 billion to aid Ukraine during its war against Russia and nearly $16 billion to aid Israel during its conflict with Hamas until Dec. 31, as well as fund border security reforms. The latter reforms include more funds for the hiring of new immigration judges to expedite the processing of asylum and deportation proceedings as well as law enforcement operations to detain and remove foreign nationals present illegally in the United States.

“The border security bill will put a huge number of new enforcement tools in the hands of a future administration and push the current Administration to finally stop the illegal flow. The bill provides funding to build the wall, increase technology at the border, and add more detention beds, more agents, and more deportation flights,” wrote Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, the chief GOP negotiator of the bill, in an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The border security bill ends the abuse of parole on our southwest border that has waived in over a million people. It dramatically changes our ambiguous asylum laws by conducting fast screenings at a higher standard of evidence, limited appeals, and fast deportation.”

Summary of the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024 by Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd

A key provision of the bill in Title IV is the creation of an emergency authority to summarily remove foreign nationals who enter the U.S. illegally, without standard removal proceedings under Title 8, if the week-long average of such entrants increases to over 5,000 persons per day. This summary removal requirement expires only once the two-week average number of illegal entries decreases to 3,750 persons per day.

This provision has proved to be controversial among Republicans, who responded to its disclosure ahead of the bill’s release and have argued that it will not meaningfully reduce illegal immigration. The bill imposes caps on the number of days in a calendar year that the emergency authority may be exercised.

“I never believed we should link policy demands to emergency aid for our allies, but Republicans insisted—so Democrats negotiated in good faith over many weeks and now there is a bipartisan deal on border policy legislation,” wrote Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Patty Murray, who released the bill’s text. “Ukraine’s fate and so much more hangs in the balance—it’s time for Congress to act.”

The bill would appropriate $723 million to hire more U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and U.S. Border Patrol agents, who provide front-line border security and law enforcement, as well as $534.68 million to hire more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents, who are responsible for arresting and removing illegally present foreign nationals. The bill would also invest nearly $4 billion into U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which adjudicates all asylum claims and would support the hiring of 4,338 asylum officers to process these claims.

Asylum officers, furthermore, would be granted new authority to provisionally adjudicate claims for asylum at the border, as opposed to the current practice, where an applicant is released into the country and given a notice to appear later, sometimes years after arriving. USCIS asylum officers would be empowered to conduct interviews at the border to initially determine whether someone is eligible for asylum, according to a new and stricter standard, with those deemed ineligible being placed in removal proceedings.

“Migrants are approaching the border and being processed and released into the country, sometimes with a piece of paper called a ‘notice to appear’ where they may see a judge in five, seven, ten years. No one knows. Our law changes that and ends the practice of catch-and-release,” independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona told CBS Face the Nation on Sunday, ahead of the bill’s release. “So, when people approach the border and say they want to enter our country to seek asylum…we actually do an interview right then and there, to determine whether they meet the standard for asylum.”

“For those who do not meet that standard…they will be swiftly returned to their home country,” Sinema said.

Apart from reforms to combat illegal immigration, the bill contains several measures to reform legal immigration, which has been demanded by both Republican and Democratic senators, alike. The bill would authorize 250,000 new immigrant visas for lawful permanent residency (known more commonly as “green cards”) to relieve long backlogs currently faced by many foreign national applicants living legally in the country.

In a major concession to the children of such persons, known as “Documented Dreamers,” who normally “age out” of their parents’ status after residing in the country for most of their lives, the bill allows them to temporarily remain in the United States if they have resided in the country for eight years before turning 21, pending the grant of permanent residency. The bill would, furthermore, grant immediate authorization to foreign fiancées and spouses of U.S. citizens to work in the country, as well as grant permanent residency to certain Afghan refugees who evacuated Kabul in 2021 and are presently in the country.

Numerous high-ranking politicians shared their opinions on the deal shortly after it was released.

“I have no doubt that the Senate can, once again, rise to the occasion and lead America forward,” wrote Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Twitter, now known as X. He added that the bill was a “monumental step towards strengthening America’s national abroad and along our borders.”

“The Senate must carefully consider the opportunity in front of us and prepare to act,” wrote Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a statement. He indicated that the bill would “equip future leaders with a system that works and new emergency tools to restore order.”

Others, however, disagreed with the bill. “This is asinine,” wrote Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah on Twitter, noting that much of the bill’s authority would be “left to the discretionary whims of Secretary Mayorkas—who, I might add, is currently being impeached for failing to actually enforce existing law.”

“We’ve reached an agreement on a bipartisan deal that includes the toughest and fairest set of border reforms in decades,” wrote President Joe Biden shortly after the bill’s release, indicating that he would sign it into law. “I urge Congress to pass this bill immediately.”

Read the full text of the bill:

Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024 by Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd





‘Your Obligation, Your Duty’: 14 GOP Governors Gather To Support Texas’ Right To Protect Its Borders

Former Officials Attack Leaked Senate Border Deal, Say Biden Is Trying To Deflect Blame

Senate Border Deal May Undercut Provision That Democratic Cities Have Demanded For Migrant Relief

‘Dead On Arrival’: Mike Johnson Rips Reported Details Of Senate Border Deal


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VIDEO: Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott: ‘Border Security NEVER Worse Than TODAY!

Rodney Scott served as the 24th Chief of the United States Border Patrol from 2020 until 2021.

Watch Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott on Judicial Watch with Chris Farrell.

Please follow Rodney Scott on X.


Chris Farrell

Director of Investigations.



Border Patrol Had 22,000 Illegal Immigrants In Custody After Releasing Thousands Into The Country

Over 10,000 Male, Military Age Migrants Crossed Border in Past 24 Hours For the Second Day in a Row

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Agents Say They’re Stuck ‘Babysitting’ Illegal Immigrants Instead Of Stopping Criminals

‘Where Do You Want Them?’: GOP Rep Grills Witness Calling For More Immigration

New York Official Blames ‘Liberal Bail Reform’ For Helping Illegal Immigrants Commit Crimes

NY Rep. Dan Goldman Says He Doesn’t Understand Why People Care About NYC Struggling With Migrants

‘Can You Let Me Answer?’: NY County Exec Bulldozes Dan Goldman After Dem Claims Migrants Are ‘Vetted’ At Border

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12 TWEETS ON BIDEN’S BORDER BUST: The plan to replace America’s workers with ‘cheap labor’ foreign illegal aliens

Here are the top Tweets on the border invasion that is the keystone of the Democrat Party’s plan to replace America’s workers, voters and the middle class with “cheap labor” foreign illegal aliens.

Biden’s Border Bust

James Woods understands the social, cultural and national security implications of the Biden administration policy of open borders.

Here’s the Democrat Mayor of Chicago lying. But that is their mantra.

It’s not just Democrats who are all in, its also Republicans. Watch.

Here’s the White House’s reply to the massive illegal alien invasion.

Here’s one Democrat who sees the writing on the wall.

Anita has is right.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


VIDEO: Border Expert Chris Burgard Details Biden’s Border Disaster that is Destroying America!

Chris Burgard joins the Jason Burmas on America Media Periscope to discuss the release of Death County & the River of Broken Dreams, featuring former Director of ICE under President Trump.



The Fix Is In: California City Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote

DHS admits that around 160 non-U.S. citizens on terrorist watchlist have attempted to cross into US in 2023

RELATED VIDEO: Trains, Massive Transports of Thousands of Migrants Shipped to USA, “It’s a Pipeline. It’s All Coordinated. It’s All Controlled”


EDITORS NOTE: This Defend the Border video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Feds Catch 460 Known or Suspected Terrorists in last 9 Months, Most at the Northern Border

What could possibly go wrong? Celebrate diversity!

Feds catch more than 460 known, suspected terrorists in nine months, most at northern border

by Bethany Blankley, The Center Square, June 20, 2023:

There have been hundreds of known or suspected terrorists apprehended at the northern and southern borders in the current fiscal year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

As foreign nationals illegally enter the U.S. and are apprehended, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations agents screen them against a federal Terrorist Screening Dataset, which includes sensitive information about terrorist identities. It originated as a consolidated terrorist watch list “to house information on known or suspected terrorists, or KSTs, but has evolved over the last decade to include additional individuals who represent a potential threat to the United States, including known affiliates of watch-listed individuals,” CBP states.

As of June 15, OFO agents apprehended 53 KSTs at southwest border ports of entry and 284 at northern border ports of entry, totaling 337. CBP’s fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.

They also apprehended 125 KSTs between ports of entry at the southern border and two between ports of entry at the northern border, totaling 127 KSTs fiscal year to date.

Combined, they’ve apprehended 464 known or suspected terrorists.

That’s nearly a 30% increase in one month after previous increases were roughly 87%.

Roughly one month ago, The Center Square reported OFO agents apprehended 332 KSTs at both borders. They apprehended 125 at the southern border (45 KSTs at ports of entry and 80 between ports of entry) and 207 at the northern border (205 at ports of entry and two between ports of entry).

These numbers were up from 284 KSTs apprehended by March, which was significantly up from 38 apprehended by January, an 87% increase in just two months.

By comparison, in fiscal 2022, 478 KSTs were apprehended in fiscal 2022. Agents apprehended 165 at the southern border (67 at ports of entry and 98 between ports of entry) and 313 at northern border ports of entry….

Read more.



France: Two Muslims, one a ‘brilliant law student,’ plotted jihad massacres at churches and of foes of Islam

For the Palestinians, It’s Worry All The Time

Germany: Mother and daughter invite Afghan Muslim migrant into their home, he stabs them both

Hungary: Orban accuses Soros of ‘scheming to incite’ another migrant crisis as Soros’ son preps to take over empire

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Get ready for the Democrat Planned Obliteration of our Southern Border!


Do you care about people?

Do you care about your country?

Do you care about your family?

If so, you gotta focus some of your attention on the planned, ILLEGAL, DESTRUCTIVE, TRANSFORMATION of the USA by the Biden administration over the next 18 months!

The Biden Admin, de facto, has initiated a planned obliteration of America’s national sovereignty, through a campaign of propaganda, lies, gas-lighting, smoke & mirrors, in full cooperation with the legacy media, to fool Americans, long enough, that’s key, long enough to get MILLIONS of illegal aliens across the Mexican border, plaster them in key blue states, to keep them democratic, purple states to turn them blue and red states to create demographic chaos. Pack blue states to increase population and get more federal congress members.

These illegals, as part of the Biden plan, will be COMPLETELY dependent on Democrat controlled government for the basic necessities of life, food shelter clothing, school, medical care and VOTING!

BANG, that’s the endgame, Illegals become Dem voters and America is transformed into a socialist utopia, as envisioned by Marxist intellectuals all over the globe.

Paid for, by YOU!

Finally, capitalist America, has a democrat-controlled, brown-skinned underclass, it’s 1860 all over again and America becomes a shithole country.

ANY country that has UNCONTROLLED illegal immigration necessarily will become the proverbial, “shithole” country.

Do you care about people, if you do, Biden et al, view brown people as useful idiots in the game of global geopolitics

Do you care about your country – if so, Biden et al., view America NOT as did Madison, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Trump, BUT as Marx, Alinsky, AOC and every stupid, leftist, British, talk show host on late night tv! (talk about hypocrisy, America sucks, but they live and work in NYC & LA)

Do you care about your family, your family is the grist that is getting pulverized by this illegal, immoral, invasion of aliens.

So, who is behind all of this? Let’s check out some FACTS.

Fact – Obama

Fact – Mayorkas treason

Fact – Kamala

Fact – Biden

USA has the most humane, logical, rule-of-law, liberal policy in the world. Come in through the front door, legally.

Here’s what’s next – May 11, 2023, you will hear TITLE 42.

Cultural, legal, economic disaster of Biblical proportions. I’m talking the book of Exodus 10, invasion of locusts. I know an MS 13 murderer is not a locust, but, ANALOGOUSLY, that guy is uninvited, violating the law, coming to destroy, to consume so you absolutely cannot use the argument, he’s coming for a better life or to escape political persecution.

If you are, OK, come through the front door. Once you ILLEGALLY invade, you forfeit the kind, considerate liberal compassion of the USA and you run smack into her laws of justice, for the other 330 million citizens, sorry, that’s the rule of law, the foundation to our Constitution.


So, what do we do, give up, NEVER, NEVER!

We humanely, logically, forcefully, aggressively, passionately, confidently, FIGHT BACK against the real criminals orchestrating this criminal invasion of 400, 000 people a month.

We fight the Biden administration and throw the bums out on Nov 5, 2024. But, we can do a lot more from now to 2024.

Defend the Border has a three-part, two-year plan.

SUPPORT US – FIGHT with US! Go here: https://defendtheborder.org/

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Top 5 Biden Administration Fails This Week

The new year began on a grim note for the Biden administration. On the first day back in the office after the New Year’s holiday, news broke that almost 80% of Americans projected 2023 to be a “year of economic difficulty.” Things haven’t gotten much better since then for the White House. It has indeed been a particularly rough week for the Biden administration. Here are five of their biggest fails.

1. Mishandling of Classified Documents

It was discovered this week that President Biden apparently mishandled top secret classified documents, which could be prosecuted as a federal offense. Some were found in his garage in Wilmington, Del. next to his Corvette, while others were found in “a box, locked cabinet — or at least a closet,” according to the president. Still other top secret documents were found at Biden’s think tank in Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that an investigation would be opened into the matter and appointed a special counsel to lead the probe.

2. FAA System Failure Grounds Thousands of Flights

In the largest single incident of grounded flights in one day since 9/11, a failure of the Federal Aviation Administration’s pilot alert system led to the agency halting all domestic departures on Wednesday. Over 2,900 flights were cancelled, while almost 8,000 more flights were delayed. The reason behind the system outage is still being investigated.

Numerous pilots have contended that the grounding of all domestic flights was an “overreaction” by the Biden administration, as multiple backup systems are available to ensure the safety of flights. “They didn’t have to ground all the flights. We would have been fine,” one pilot told Fox News.

3. Administration Official Considers Banning Gas Stoves

On Monday, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg News that gas stoves are “a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” With around 40% of all homes in the U.S. using gas stoves and with the appliances considered to be the industry standard for restaurant food preparation nationwide, the backlash to the news was swift.

“This is a recipe for disaster,” tweeted Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). “The federal government has no business telling American families how to cook their dinner. I can tell you the last thing that would ever leave my house is the gas stove that we cook on.” His comment encapsulated the outrage, and even left-wing late-night host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but quip, “You can have my gas range when you pry it from my hot, sizzling hams.”

On Wednesday, the Biden administration walked back the possibility of a proposed ban. “To be clear, I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so,” said CPSC Chairman Alex Hoehn-Saric. A White House spokesman also stated, “The president does not support banning gas stoves.”

4. Biden Team Shields President from Immigrants while Visiting Overrun Southern Border

On Sunday, President Biden made a “tightly controlled” three-hour visit to the southern border in El Paso, Texas. He visited a deserted section of the border wall with Border Patrol agents, a processing center, and had brief meetings with CBP officials and leaders of local NGOs.

Curiously, the processing center that Biden toured was inexplicably deserted at the time of his visit. In response to a CNN inquiry as to why the president visited this specific center and did not interact with any migrants, an administration official said, “There just weren’t any at the center when he arrived. Completely coincidental. They haven’t had any today.”

Shortly after Air Force One touched down in El Paso, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) greeted the president and handed him a letter, which noted that Biden’s “visit avoids the sites where mass illegal immigration occurs,” adding that the city “has been sanitized of the migrant camps which had overrun downtown El Paso because your Administration wants to shield you from the chaos that Texans experience on a daily basis.” The Daily Signal reported that “[c]ity officials dismantled homeless migrant encampments in El Paso ahead of Biden’s visit.”

5. Biden White House Fails to Comment on Whether Babies Born Alive Should Be Saved

It appears that the White House has no official comment on the passage of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which was passed in the House on Wednesday. The bill simply requires medical personnel to administer lifesaving care to an infant that is born after a failed abortion attempt, just as they would any other infant in any other life-threatening circumstance.

Biden’s second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris, was unimpressed by the bill’s basic attempt to establish a baseline for humane treatment of infants. “House Republicans passed an extreme bill today that will further jeopardize the right to reproductive health care in our country,” she tweeted, despite the fact that the bill does not address abortion law. “This is yet another attempt by Republican legislators to control women’s bodies.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


EDITORS NOTE: This The Washington Stand column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved. The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Biden Administration’s Wide Open Border Policies Aid/Abet Child Sex Trafficking

Thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants are flooding across the U.S.’s wide open southern border with Mexico every day. Among them are hundreds of kids, including very young children, many of them unaccompanied by any adult. Their parents have handed them over to the cartel coyotes to be moved north across the U.S.-Mexico border, in a bid to establish a kind of “anchor” inside the U.S., from which they themselves hope one day to benefit.

Sen. Ted Cruz was recently again on that border, talking about the “narco slave trade” that traps so many of these children into gangs and sex slavery. We need to understand that every single illegal migrant moved northward and across that border by the Mexican cartels is charged thousands of dollars – which, of course, poor migrants do not have.

So, the older boys often wind up coerced into working for gangs like MS-13 or the cartels themselves. These gangs and cartels make literally billions of dollars from trafficking fentanyl, methamphetamines, and other drugs (much of it sourced to Communist China) in virtually every city, town, and community in the Lower 48 states of America.

The girls and younger boys face an even more horrific fate: to pay off their debts to the cartels, they are sold into sex slavery. In America. Little captive kids – boys and girls – as young as 5, 6, or 7 years old are sold up to 20 times per day – or even more – to be savagely raped over and over and over again. The rapes are often videotaped, to be sold over the Internet as online pornography, to make even more profit for the gangs and cartels.

This is a massive invasion, unchecked by the Department of Homeland Security, whose Director Alejandro Mayorkas falsely insists that the border is “secure”. That invasion is spreading illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists, and deadly drugs across America – with their transportation and abundant benefits paid for by us, the American taxpayers. But the sex trafficking of little children has to be the most awful and heartbreaking outcome of all of it.

The Biden administration, by refusing to secure that border, is knowingly and deliberately complicit in that depraved criminality. It must be stopped.

Sources Referenced Below:

Tim Ballard: Fighting Sex Trafficking. America’s Children Are At Risk” at Prager U.

“Ted Cruz claims ‘narco slave trade’ at southern border in graphic video”New York Post, August 6, 2022, By Callie Patterson

Sen. Ted Cruz claimed to have evidence of a “narco slave trade” taking place at the southern border in a graphic video he posted Monday night, alleging that thousands of migrant children are working in gangs or being trafficked into sex slavery across the US.

“These children come in, in debt to vicious cartels, thousands and thousands of dollars,” Cruz (R-Texas) is heard saying as the video features various clips of migrants — children and adults — after crossing the border.

“The teenage boys work for the gangs in every city in America, and the teenage girls experience a hell worse than that, with far too many of them human-trafficked into sex slavery,” the Texas Republican said.

He went on to accuse President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris — whom Biden tapped to handle the border crisis — of being responsible for “the worst plague of slavery in America since the Civil War.”

“This is not compassionate. This is not humane. This is barbaric,” Cruz continued, as the 68-second video featured photos of migrants who appeared to have died during the perilous journey to the US.

“President Biden doesn’t want Americans to know that he has been ignoring the narco slave trade taking place along our southern border,” Cruz wrote in a tweet sharing the video.

It was not immediately clear what Cruz’s sourcing was behind these claims or when and where the footage was taken.

Cruz’s office did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Border officials have stopped hundreds of migrants as part of human smuggling operations along the southern border in recent months, though the government has yet to release data from FY 2022 on how many foreign national children and foreign national adults were identified as sex-trafficking or labor-trafficking victims.

In FY 2021, however, the Department of Health and Human Services issued 527 certification letters to foreign national adult victims of severe forms of trafficking, up from 508 in FY 2020, according to the State Department’s 2022 Trafficking In Persons Report released this month.

Of that amount, 14% of the foreign national adult victims were identified as sex-trafficking victims, 68% were labor-trafficking victims, 16% were victims of both trafficking forms, and 2% were victims of an unknown severe form of trafficking.19

Meanwhile, the number of eligibility letters given to foreign national children known or suspected to be a victim of a severe form of trafficking was 1,200 — a massive jump from 673 the previous year. Out of 1,142 foreign children identified, 25% were sex-trafficking victims, 68% were labor-trafficking victims, 6% were victims of both trafficking forms, while 1% were victims of a severe form of trafficking unknown to the department.

Since the start of the Biden administration, thousands of migrants stranded in Mexico seeking asylum, as well as those returned to the country under the “Remain in Mexico” policy, have been subject to kidnappings or related abuses.

As of mid-March of this year, the Human Rights First Tracker reported that 9,886 migrants and asylum seekers had been subject to such attacks.

In 2003, the State Department estimated that approximately 18,000 to 20,000 people were trafficked into the US each year. Given this year’s total of border encounters (over 2 million in FY 22 so far) is a massive increase from 2003 (a total of 931,557), that number is likely much higher.

Within the US, thousands of sex- and labor-trafficking victims are identified every year.

A 2020 analysis done by Polaris reported 16,658 victims nationwide — 10,836 of whom were sex-trafficking victims. Another 3,583 were labor-trafficking victims while 631 were victims of both forms of trafficking. Approximately 1,634 were victims of other and unknown forms of trafficking.

Reports over the years have estimated that the majority of trafficking victims in the US are immigrants.

Cruz’s claim of the “narco slave trade” is only the latest attack against the Biden administration for the ongoing border crisis as immigrants have continued to cross the border in record numbers.

June — which recorded 207,416 migrant encounters — was the fourth month in a row that has had more than 200,000 migrant stops along the southern border alone.

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