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The Media’s Rush to Judgement on the Supreme Court and “Gay Marriage”

NBC News cites a poll: “Majority Wants Supreme Court to OK Same sex Marriage.” Why the clamor to tell Supreme Court what to do? When has the majority ever been on the right side morally? Favor for such unions was strong among the young (73%) while opposition came from 68% conservatives or seniors opposed it. Notably absent was the “In-God-We-Trust” views of Christians. Why not poll them?

The media eagerly publish secularizing reports by scientists suggesting millions or billions of years for earth’s development, while they are silent on our Christian heritage and the #1 best-selling book of all times with its #1 personage who divided history into BC and AD.

Speaking of end-times, Christ said it would be “as the days of Lot” when destruction fell on the day Lot left Sodom. From the 1st and 2nd chapters of the Bible we see that God blessed the unions of male and female—He even performed the first wedding!

With the world in a crisis over many issues, this is not a good time for social experiment that goes against what our parents taught us. Can’t we see that our educational system is failing when it’s mostly the young who favor same-sex marriage while those who are older (and maybe know better) oppose it?

It’s time for Christians to weigh in on this issue. The National Day of Prayer is tomorrow. When Elijah prayed, judgment fell on Israel, and the nation turned back to God. God says He doesn’t change. What’s wrong with us? Can’t we turn the TV off and get serious about the alternate lifestyles of sin that TV encourages? Or is sin too bad a word to use for our secular society where everything else goes?

Tomorrow on our National Day of Prayer, why not tell God, Hey—we’re in a mess and unless you do something, we are lost. Please do whatever You see as needful—Thank You!

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EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Richard Ruhling offers more information at his website, http://ChooseABetterDestiny.com and his book, Apocalypse 2015 is available here free until Saturday, May 9.