Germany rounds up and deports thirty-four Afghan Muslim migrants

Invasion of Europe news….

Thirty four Afghan young men were rounded up in Germany in recent days and put on a plane to Kabul.

Pictured is 19-year-old German student, Maria Ladenburger, was raped and murdered in Freiburg, Germany in October allegedly by an Afghan migrant. We learn now that the Afghan was previously convicted and released from prison in Greece for attempting to kill another young woman. See the dreadful story here at Gates of Vienna (your best source of news on Europe and Islam).


Maria Ladenburger

Trying to cope with hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers who have entered the country in recent years, German authorities say they are moving faster now to get rid of those who have no legitimate claim to asylum.

Germans are giving preference for refugee status to Syrians and apparently these Afghans couldn’t prove they would be persecuted if sent home.

This publicly reported (by the Merkel government) round-up and deportation is likely meant to show nervous Germans that they are being protected.

Here is the story at The Times of Malta:

Afghan asylum seekers have returned home after being deported from Germany the day before, an official said, a move that was made possible after a recent Afghan-Germany deal to stem the influx into the European country.

The plane carrying the deportees – all young men without families – landed in Kabul around 5am local time, said the Kabul airport chief of police, Mohammad Asif Jabarkhil.

Many of the deportees expressed disappointment, saying they had lived and worked in Germany for years and were now forced to come back without any job prospects.


Until now, few were deported with many instead being convinced to go home voluntarily with financial incentives. [I’m an advocate for giving financial incentives for migrants to go home. We should be thinking about this in the US, especially for refugees who came here thinking the streets are paved with gold and instead finding only slaughter plant work for low wages!—ed]

At the Kabul airport on Thursday, some deportees – such as 24-year-old Mohammad Khan who said he had spent 10,000 euros (£8,350) to get to Europe and had lived in Germany for almost six years – complained over the behaviour of the German police.

“Two days ago, two policemen came to my home and said, ‘Let’s go on a picnic,’ and took me to the deportation centre,” he said. “The next day, I was brought to the Frankfurt Airport.

In light of the horrible news about the last moments of Maria Ladenburger’s life, not too many Germans are weeping for the recently deported.  It is only too bad they didn’t find Hussein Khavari sooner.

All of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news is here.  Please pay attention to Europe and the destruction of western civilization there. Even if there is not much we can do (except offer moral support) to help save them, watch and learn so we don’t suffer the same fate.


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Forget About Mass Deportation of Illegals – Immediately Deport All Muslims

Before I get the illiterate and naïve supporters of Islam sending me a thousand emails, let’s go over again my definition of a Muslim.

‘ A Muslim is one who follows all aspects of Sharia law to the best of his/her ability, an Apostate is one who follows only a few self serving aspects of Sharia law’

America is so focused on deporting Mexican illegal immigrants that it has forgotten the worst threat to America are the followers of the Quran. There is no nice way of saying the Quran is evil, dangerous, and the world’s number one threat.

Of course the illegal Mexican immigrants need to be deported, but right now Americans must make every effort to deport any person who follows the teachings of their Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed was the world’s top hater, racist, and child molester ever known to the world. One can’t follow Mohammed and be a good person. Simply absolutely no way.

The tragic events of what happened in Paris yesterday should be an eye opener to all. The murders were not carried out by Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or even Satanists. They were carried out by people who love and follow the exact teachings of Mohammed and the Quran. There is nothing that happened in Paris on 13 Nov 2015 that has not been advocated in the name of Islam for over 1400 years.

Do you think your children are safe in their schools, at the shopping malls, or sporting events? They are not. There are over 2300 Islamic Centers and mosques scattered strategically across our great country. Hate and violence is being spread in these mosques every day and I have for years reported on what is being taught to the Muslim adults and children of the mosque. Evil atrocities worse than what happened in Paris will soon come our way and by the hands of followers of Islam. America will suffer much worse than any of us can imagine. Be prepared.

America seems to be on a self destruction course and in reality there is little any common American can do about it except to be prepared to fight the enemy known as Islam and it’s followers. This means that not only will you be fighting faithful Muslims who desire to kill you and your families, but you will be fighting the millions of liberals who will support Islam even when the certain death from Islam is at their doorsteps.

Do not allow your rights to be taken from you. This includes the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution specifically. Never stop voicing your opinions and disgust of the Satan known as Islam. never surrender your weapons to the supporters of Islam. once you give up your Constitutional rights you have surrendered yourself the the depravities of Islam.

The self proclaimed Prophet of America (Obama) is not on the side of free loving and peaceful Americans. He is the Commander and Chief of the greatest military force the world has ever known and he will use this force to suppress the rights of the American people and to support Islamic values.

Many of you are likely thinking that many Muslims are Americans, and we can’t possibly deport Americans. You must keep in mind that Muslims can not and do not hold any allegiance to America and our Constitution. They hold allegiance only to Mohammed, Islam, and the same values of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS. Anyone who holds allegiance to Islam can never be an American.

Who said we can’t deport 11 million people — Remembering Operation Wetback

Unfortunately it is the man in charge of deporting illegal aliens in the country who has the defeatist attitude and he should be fired! What do you think those in DHS think when the man in charge says we can’t do the job? He is easy to spot with his head cocked back, staring down his nose and spewing condescending remarks. Is he really the best we can do in the way of having someone in charge of our safety and security?

Screen-Shot-2014-07-02-at-8.25.43-AM-1-300x180Somebody should relate to him the huge number deported back to Mexico in 1954 authorized by former President Eisenhower and with only 1,054 officers in what was known as OPERATION WETBACK! Those men certainly didn’t hear the general say we can’t do it! How many are employed today to do what the general did with 1,054 officers?

Has anybody taken the time to introduce the Secretary of DHS to a program called E-VERIFY that was promised by Congress in 1986 in order for all employed to be legal workers?

Secretary Johnson would be amazed if E-VERIFY were passed and enforced the lines heading out of the country would be as long as those ever were coming here by taking away the major magnet for illegal aliens and visa over stayers to be here. The reduction in costs to American Taxpayers would be dramatic as the burden to educate, medicate and incarcerate them would be diminished and it would jump start the economy as legal workers would replace illegal workers and the money earned here would be spent here.

By the way, is there currently a bill in either the House or Senate to implement mandatory E-Verify? I know the answer and SHAME ON YOU for saying you support American workers while not protecting them.