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IDF BATTLE VIDEOS: Troops operating in 3 different sectors in Gaza Strip

IDF spokesperson: IDF forces operate in three sectors at the same time in the Gaza Strip: the Air Force attacked more than 120 terrorist targets in the last day.

The forces of Division 162, including the Givati and 401 brigade combat teams, fighting in eastern Rafah and on the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing, continued to operate during the night against additional terrorist targets.

The battle team of the Givati Brigade launched a targeted brigade attack on Hamas targets in the East Rafah area. During the attack, the forces eliminated a number of terrorists in face-to-face encounters, located weapons and rocket launchers, the weapons were confiscated and the launchers were destroyed.

The fighters of the 401st Brigade’s combat team are raiding the terrorist infrastructure in the area in a targeted manner, and during their activity they destroyed terrorist infrastructure and confiscated weapons found in a school in the area.

The forces of the 98th Division are fighting in the Jabaliya region, where the combat teams of the 7th and 460th Brigades have eliminated a number of terrorists at the end of close range battles.

With the cooperation of the Air Force, many underground infrastructures and fighting areas in the area were destroyed.

In one of the attacks, a military building was destroyed where a group of Hamas terrorists had gathered.

In the Zeyton neighborhood where Division 99 operates, the fighters located weapons and various terrorist infrastructures in the area.

In a raid conducted by the multi-dimensional unit, an ammunition depot was found in the home of a Hamas operative, and in one of the attacks, the forces, in cooperation with the Air Force, killed a sniper who was ambushing fighters in the area.

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