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Tear Down That Confederate Flag — Or Else!

There are those, a few, who believe this is a racist nation. They point to the fact that Americans fly the Confederate Battle Flag. They claim we honor the racist Generals and Politicians from the Old South. They further claim that in order to stamp out racism that we need to bring down that Confederate Battle Flag. They say we need to ban its use all over the nation by just about everyone. Then they claim we need to dig up every Civil War General’s remains and move them to places not often seen or visited by people. They say we should remove the monuments that have been erected in those Generals honor.

In short, these people wish to try and bleach our history and wipe it clean of what they don’t like. They want to rewrite the pages so that it would appear that those they claim are responsible for slavery are not glorified in any way and are reduced to villains like any other historical villain.

These people, often leftist, and now even some from the middle and the right of the political aisle, have fallen victim to this nonsense.

This lack of true discourse on race relations, acting totally on emotions being whipped up by a fringe few who cannot stand that fact that we are moving away from racism, is driving this destructive paradigm. Its as if we are in a bad zombie movie and everywhere you turn there is another mindless, anti-history nut running around tearing down a Confederate Battle Flag or defacing an historical monument.

These nuts are even going so far as to say that maybe we, as a nation, should tear down the National Monuments of Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln. Why? Because Jefferson owned slaves and Lincoln didn’t really save slaves because he did not make them fully equal when he had the chance to do so. Both ideologies could not be more wrong when you look into these men and what they did over their lifetime.

But when you have folks bent on changing the narrative to fit their own political goals and ambitions, you cannot speak to reason. They will not hear you until they become the victim of their own hate and ignorance. For example, many on the left were happy to jump on the anti-Confederate Battle Flag band wagon until the history Nazi’s decided to hit a favorite pastime. That pastime would be television. Specifically the television program called the Dukes of Hazard. When word spread that a network was pulling the reruns of this popular hour long program, many on the left cried foul.

They forgot for a second that the reason the program was being pulled was because of their own ignorance. The reality is, when the left decided to hit the old flag and paint it as racist, they didn’t think of all the culture that has been built up around that flag. They forgot that they, the left, first raised that flag, first promoted that flag, first glorified that flag, first embedded that flag in our nation’s culture and lexicon. Then they were reminded. And they hated it. But the train of historical hate had already left the yard and there was no way of calling it back into the barn. Now we see business after business and even government at all levels demonizing this flag and what they say it represents.

The truth is, this flag does not represent slavery and racism for most folks. But what the left has done is to successfully, and over a very short period of time, destroy the very foundation that is the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We no longer have the ability to openly believe as we want to believe. If we say or do or believe something that has not been approved, we will be demonized and chased out of Dodge. They will shout that there needs to be a law that prevents you or me from believing what we want to believe.

Some people say that it’s the flag and the representation of racism is their target. I say, they are lying because they know that their target is anything and anyone who is not politically correct.

Their target is freedom itself. Their target is you and me and anyone who still believes in freedom and the notion of live and let live even if you disagree with what the other person believes.

Oh, no. If you do not believe as the left would have you believe, they will fight you, enact laws that affect you and prevent you from being able to discuss why you believe what you believe.

This attack from the left, who built up this flag and the institution of racism in this country is not that simple flag or even what that flag represents.

Their target is plain to see.

Their target is your freedom.