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PETA, Putin and the Islamic State object to Trump ad showing Hillary barking

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has objected to the Trump Campaign’s latest ad featuring Hillary Clinton barking like a dog. Featured in the ad are Russian President Vladimir Putin and a soldier of the Islamic State holding a knife.

Here is the ad:


Ingrid E. Newkirk at a recent Hillary Clinton rally. Photo courtesy of PETA.

Ingrid E. Newkirk, the co-founder and president of PETA, issued the following statement after viewing the Trump ad:

I and the staff at PETA were shocked to see the Trump campaign making fun of Hillary Clinton barking like a dog. Hillary, by portraying a dog, deserves our protection from those who would use her in political advertisements. This is the worst case of animal abuse I have seen since founding PETA.

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Hillary’s barking certainly fits into the category of entertainment.

I and PETA’s 3 million members, many of them dog owners, demand that the Trump campaign immediately remove this ad from airing ever again. This animal abuse must end.

Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker echoed the concerns of Ms. Newkirk stating:

Traditionally, dogs have been seen as impure, and the Islamic legal tradition has developed several injunctions that warn Muslims against most contact with dogs. Unfortunately, many Muslims have used this view to justify the abuse and neglect of dogs.

It is clear that Mr. Trump is abusing Ms. Clinton barking like a dog in his campaign ad.

American Muslims overwhelmingly support Hillary and do not wish to see her abused in this manner.

However, we suggest that Mrs. Clinton wear a burqa and cover herself during her campaign stops so as not to offend her Muslim supporters.

bark magazine coverThe Bark magazine, an educational and cultural guide for the true dog lover, will be featuring Ms. Clinton on their November 2016 issue.

Claudia Kawczynska, The Bark’s editor-in-chief, noted, “Mrs. Clinton is the embodiment of our motto ‘Dog is My Co-pilot.’ She has been President Obama’s co-pilot as Secretary of State. We will be featuring Mrs. Clinton in our November edition of The Bark in an article titled “Hillary’s Bark Heard Round the World.” We see her as a nominee for the best bark award, which usually is given to a dog but what the heck!”

Vladimir Putin’s press secretary issued the following short statement:

President Putin looks very good in this ad as he shows his manliness as well as his lighter side. The president found it amusing to see Hillary barking like a dog. As Secretary of State we found her to be house trained and she heals well when told to sit down.

President Putin is seeking royalties from the Trump campaign for the use of his image. After all we are all capitalists!

The Islamic state issued the following:

Dogs are forbidden and unclean according to the prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him.

The Koran describes a situation where the angel Gabriel interrupts a meeting with the Prophet Muhammad because a dog has wandered into the prophet’s home. “We angels do not enter a home in which there is a dog or a picture,” Gabriel tells the prophet.

One of the hadiths (the teachings, deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad) reads: “If a dog licks the vessel of any one of you, let him throw away whatever was in it and wash it seven times.”

We suggest that any Muslim who comes into contact Hillary Clinton immediately wash 7 times to cleanse themselves. Do not let her into your homes or mosques a Western infidel dog is unclean.

The Donald Trump campaign stated, “Everyone is missing the point of our ad. It’s not about dogs, its about Hillary’s bark being worse than her bite, LOL.”

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire was originally published in Pravda and the Islamic State Dibiq Magazine.