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BIDEN SUED! Meet Matt O’Brien, illegal immigration investigator, going after Biden’s ICE!

Illegals Here/Still Coming – Goal to Destroy America’s Sovereignty!

Matt O’Brien from IRLI – Immigration Reform Law Institute, describes the illegals invading America!

Texas State Supreme Court vs. U.S. Supreme Court rulings and why Texas has the right to defend its borders when Federal law is NOT taking action.

How bad it is and what America needs to realize to stand against the destruction flowing in by the Marxist Democrats!

Tom Trento with Matt O’Brien discuss the illegals that are here and are still coming.

Their goal — to destroy America’s sovereignty!

WATCH: The Illegal Immigration Iceberg


Alleged Qatar Spy Operation Said to Have Targeted GOP Lawmakers Opposed to Muslim Brotherhood

Survey: Two-Thirds Of Elites Say There’s Too Much Freedom In America

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