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‘Too Painful To Tell’: Trump Walks Through Brush With Death, Embraces Unity In Emotional RNC Finale

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – When Donald Trump took the stage for the RNC finale and told attendees he was going to address the assassination attempt he survived, the stadium of thousands fell completely silent.

“You will never hear it from me a second time, because it is actually too painful to tell,” Trump began.

Just under a week after a failed attempt on his life, Trump took the RNC stage for his much-anticipated nomination acceptance speech. After barely dodging death on Saturday, Trump scrapped his entire speech and instead rewrote it himself, a Trump official told reporters ahead of the speech. Rather than heavily attacking the Biden administration, Trump wanted to focus on unity and use his near-death experience to bring the country together, the Washington Examiner first reported.

And so he did. A reflective and calm Trump closed out the RNC convention on Thursday, embracing unity and compassion during his emotional address.

All throughout the weekend, attendees, delegates and speakers remarked how Trump was alive and in attendance because of divine intervention. The president agreed.

“I stand before you in this arena only by the grace of Almighty God,” the president said, noticeably emotional like the delegates surrounding him on the convention floor. Trump told delegates that he shouldn’t be on the stage today, and they responded by drowning him out with chants of “yes you are.”

Trump told the story of that Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania, where he was “happily” giving a speech. Six minutes into that rally, gunshots came from beyond the crowd, leading Trump to grab his neck before ducking down behind the lectern. Secret Service agents rushed to cover Trump, but within moments he rose, face bloodied, and raised a fist in the air.

“Fight,” he told his fans.

While Trump recounted that story, the crowd broke out into “fight” chants as they had done throughout the week.

After paying tribute to the Lord for sparing his life, Trump led a moment of silence for former fire chief Corey Comperatore, who was fatally shot while attending the rally. Rolling out Comperatore’s firefighter jacket and helmet, Trump kissed the uniform and saluted the crowd.

The former president explained that more than $6 million had been raised for Comperatore’s family in the wake of his death, and that he would be donating $1 million himself.

From there, Trump used the tragedy to emphasize the political moment and call for not just a unified party, but a unified country.

“Our resolve is undoubted and our purpose is unchanged to deliver a government that serves the American people better than ever before,” Trump proclaimed. “Nothing will stop being in this vision because our vision is righteous and our thoughts pure, no matter what obstacle comes our way. We will not fret, we will not bend, we will not back down and I will never stop fighting for you, your family and our magnificent country.”

The president made a point to keep President Joe Biden’s name out of his speech, only mentioning the 81-year-old once before pledging to not do so again.

“I’m not going to use that name again,” Trump said.

Instead, Trump compared his record to Biden’s without mentioning the administration by name, and stacking statistics against each other, touting his border policy initiatives, the economy and crime rates in a lengthy speech. Prior to the former president taking the stage, a video played of former President Ronald Reagan, reading his famous “are you better off today than you were four years ago” line, a theme that carried similarly throughout Trump’s speech.

The president also used moments in his speech to outline actions he plans to take in his administration, adding that he will conduct “the largest deportation” operation ever if elected again.

While touting his record, Trump emphasized to his audience the importance of Americans staying together in order for the country to be made “great again.” In other instances, the former president broke from his policy talk and reflected again on his life being spared during his rally.

At one point, Trump credited a graph he was looking at on the stage on Saturday, which allowed him to turn his head just enough that the bullet hit his ear, rather than his skull. Images of the graph flashed around Trump as he again reflected on the blessing to be standing on the stage.

“Just a few short days ago, my journey with you nearly ended,” Trump reflected. “And yet here we are tonight, all gathered together, talking about the future, promise, and total renewal of a thing we love very much — America. We live in a world of miracles.”



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J.D. Vance’s VP Nod Likely Final Nail In Coffin Of The Forever War Wing Of GOP, Experts Say

Former President Donald Trump’s pick of Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance as his vice president could speed the GOP’s departure from a “permanent conflict” approach to national security, should Trump win in November, former U.S. officials and defense experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Vance has aligned himself with Trump’s “America First” approach to national security and generally advocated against U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Given Vance’s ideology, Trump’s choice to pick him as vice president has alarmed some prominent neoconservatives — a term frequently used to describe “hawkish” and pro-intervention conservatives — but welcomed by former senior U.S. officials and defense experts who told the DCNF they see his views as credible and pragmatic.

“Vance is unique among GOP politicians on foreign policy. You can either be a party leader on foreign policy or you could be right about foreign policy, but you can’t be both. But Vance seems to be both,” Justin Logan, director of defense and foreign policy at the CATO Institute, told the DCNF, noting that it is unsurprising that neoconservatives were upset by Vance. “Those people are extremely anxious, and I think they should be extremely anxious.”

“The selection of Vance does indicate a break with the neoconservative wing of the GOP that has been the dominant faction for a long time,” Michael DiMino, senior fellow at Defense Priorities and former CIA official, told the DCNF. “I think this represents Trump putting a stake in the ground and saying, ‘Hold on now, let’s put America first.’ And that’s about realism and restraint, and it’s about putting core U.S. interests first.”

Vance is expected to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday and emphasize his stances on foreign policy, but previous comments could hint at what could be expected from his speech. The Ohio Senator has been critical of the Biden administration’s deepened involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war and the over $175 billion that has been provided to Kyiv since 2022.

One of Vance’s chief concerns is that Ukraine is incapable of winning the war, which he outlined in an April opinion article for the New York Times. Ukraine suffers from a lack of manpower arsenal, problems that have only gotten made worse as Russian forces continue to seize territory in eastern Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs more soldiers than it can field, even with draconian conscription policies. And it needs more matériel than the United States can provide,” Vance wrote in his op-ed for the Times in April, recommending Kyiv take a defensive posture rather than attempt an offensive. “The Biden administration has no viable plan for the Ukrainians to win this war.”

Vance has voted against aid to Ukraine in the past and advocated in recent months for the U.S. to prioritize brokering a peace settlement between Ukraine and Russia. Trump has advocated for a similar policy and promised to end the Russia-Ukraine war before even being inaugurated in January, should he win the presidential race.

“Vance is in lockstep with Trump on that issue,” ret. Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, host of the Daniel Davis Deep Dive show and senior fellow at Defense Priorities, told the DCNF. “It doesn’t surprise me the least that those who have a different view of the Russia-Ukraine war or the neocon crowd would be terrified… because they want permanent conflict, whether they say that or not, the results of their policies and their choices are unambiguous.”

More broadly, Vance has advocated that the U.S. should pressure Europe to focus on its own security rather than rely on American interventionism. Like Trump, Vance has been critical of NATO members for failing to meet their defense spending obligations while the U.S. pays more than any other nation in the alliance.

“Vance has carved out a place for himself to have a voice on foreign policy, and Trump is aware of that. I think it’s largely consonant with Trump’s views on foreign policy, so that helps,” Logan told the DCNF.

Vance will speak about foreign policy and defense on Wednesday at the RNC, whose theme for the day centers around “Make America Strong Again,” according to the Times. Lawmakers and officials who spoke to Politico on Wednesday said they are incredibly nervous about what Trump’s pick of Vance means for national security.

“Picking somebody like Vance just underscores that ‘America First’ is where the future is headed,” DiMino told the DCNF. “And it upsets the apple cart that the neocons have become so used to over the past 25 years. I think what you’ve seen over the last couple of days is these people having meltdowns over this.”




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‘Worst Case Scenario’: Biden Avoids Total Collapse In Gaffe-Heavy Presser

President Joe Biden managed to ease some concerns about his political future, though he also committed crucial gaffes, during a choreographed press conference Thursday night.

For weeks, Democrats have been calling for the president to drop out of the presidential race. Two weeks after taking the debate stage against former President Donald Trump, Biden took questions at a high-stakes press conference while his political future remained in limbo. Despite a few gaffes that made the rounds on social media, the president managed a strong enough showing through the rest of the press conference to potentially delay calls for him to step down.

“Biden had a good enough night that Ds will not go into a full, public meltdown — at least not tonight. He bought himself more time, which probably is upsetting to a lot of Ds who think he is the weakest candidate vs. Trump and want to get this over. The Ds are in a real jam,” former Bush administration White House press secretary Ari Fleischer wrote in a tweet.

In a nearly hour-long press conference that was already significantly delayed, Biden committed several gaffes while trying to prove to the press and his allies that he is capable of a second term.

The first gaffe came before Biden even walked out on the stage for his press conference at remarks about two hours earlier. When introducing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Biden mistakenly called him “President Putin.” Biden paused before catching his mistake and correcting himself.

Biden took the press conference stage just before 7:30 for a press conference that was initially set to begin at 5:30 p.m., before initially being delayed to 6:30 p.m. After giving an opening statement off a teleprompter, Biden told reporters that he had a list of who he was supposed to call on. In total, the president called on eight reporters, all from the list, before taking a shouted question as he exited the stage.

Moments after taking his first question, Biden confused Vice President Kamala Harris with Trump.

“Mr. President, your political future has hung over the NATO summit a little bit this week, Speaker Pelosi made a point of suggesting that your decision on whether to stay in the race was still open. George Clooney and a handful a handful of makers have called on you to step aside. Reuters is reporting tonight that UAW leadership is concerned about your ability to win,” a reporter began.

“My question for you is, how are you incorporating these developments into your decision to stay and separately, what concerns do you have about Vice President Harris’s ability to beat Donald Trump if she were at the top of the ticket?” the reporter asked. 

Look, I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, did I think she was not qualified to be president. So let’s start there,” Biden began.

Later in the press conference, Biden called his chief-of-staff of the military his “commander-in-chief” when talking about the Russia-Ukraine war.

“The question is, what’s the best use of the weaponry he has what we were getting to him?” Biden began. “I’ve gotten, more high, I got a more long range capacity as well as defensive capacity. And so our military is where, I’m following the advice of my commander in chief, my, my, my, the Chief of Staff of the military, as well as the secretary of defense and our intelligence people, and we’re making a day to day basis on what they should and should, how far they should win. That’s a logical thing to do.”

Amid the gaffes, Biden managed to address concerns that cannot manage late events or a demanding presidential schedule — something Democrats have voiced worry over when calling for the president to drop out of the race.

“I’m determined on running, but I think it’s important that I lay fears by seeing let them see me out there, let me see them. You know, for the longest time it was, you know, Biden’s not prepared to sit with us, unscripted. Biden’s not prepared to in any way. And so what I’m doing is, I’ve been doing, I think we’ve done, over 20 major events, from Wisconsin to North Carolina to anyway, to demonstrate that I’m going out in the areas where you think we can win, where we can persuade people to move our way, or people already there,” the president said, directly attacking criticisms that he can’t talk without a teleprompter.

Unlike Biden’s debate performance, or even his primetime interview on ABC News, the president’s public appearance did not seem to set off panic within his party or amongst his allies. Rather, the president appeared to just meet already low expectations in his high-profile press conference.

Some conservatives applauded the performance for being just good enough to keep a weak Biden in the race, while others pointed out that it was still below the bar for a president seeking another term. “Probably worse case scenario for Dems,” former Daily Caller White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti tweeted.

“Worst possible outcome,” a Democratic source told Fox News Senior White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Poll: GOP Voters Seek Strong Party Platform on Life, Family, Religious Freedom

As Republicans converge upon Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week to work out their party platform as part of the lead-up to the GOP’s national convention, it’s clear that the big question for delegates will be the issues. In recent days, some party officials have hinted at “paring down” the GOP platform, causing many to wonder which issues will be left on the table.

A new poll released today shows that the issues of life, the family, and religious liberty are still at the forefront of GOP voters’ minds. The survey, conducted by WPA Opinion Research, showed continued concern about these issues, which have been core to the Republican platforms for decades.

WPA put this question to 1,000 likely voters: “Leading up to 2024 the Republican Party Platform has included strong positions on unborn human life, strengthening the family, and religious freedom. Would these issues impact your vote this fall a lot, just some, not too much, or not at all?”

The poll found 62% of Republican voters said that the party platform positions on these issues would impact their vote (37% said it would impact it “a lot,” and 25% said it would impact it “just some”).

On the issue of life, the survey showed that 66% of GOP voters think that Republicans should keep (32%) or strengthen (34%) the party’s current platform position on the protection of unborn life. The 2016 Republican Platform contains a substantial statement on the life issue, including calling for a constitutional amendment protecting unborn life, and both federal and state protections for the unborn.

Regarding the issue of families and religious freedom, GOP voters likewise were not backing down. Of the likely Republican voters, 74% said that the party should either keep the current positions (23%) or adopt a stronger position (51%).

The polling was commissioned by FRC Action, which earlier this week launched its Platform Integrity Project to influence the platform committee to keep or strengthen its conservative planks. FRC Action Chairman Tony Perkins, who will also be serving as a delegate from Louisiana to the Republican Platform Committee, made these comments about the polling:

“This survey demonstrates a bold, clearly articulated platform that continues to embrace life, promotes the family, and defends religious freedom matters to voters.

“The platform not only gives insight to voters, it gives direction to Republican elected officials. According to research by Dr. Lee Payne, the parties follow their platforms. Between 1980 and 2004, Republican lawmakers followed their platform 82 percent of the time.

“As Ronald Reagan noted, ‘There are cynics who say that a party platform is something that no one bothers to read, and it doesn’t very often amount to much.’ But he said ‘a banner of bold unmistakable colors with no pale pastels’ would reveal the difference between Republicans and the other party.

“America is in an unprecedented place of moral and cultural confusion and is in dire need of leadership and moral clarity. The Republican Party must once again communicate a clear and hopeful contrast between the parties by painting a message for voters on the foundational issues — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — not in pale pastels but in bright, bold colors.”

The Republican Platform Committee will begin meeting Monday, July 8 in Milwaukee.


Jared Bridges

Jared Bridges is editor-in-chief of The Washington Stand.

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Senator Graham: ‘If We Change Our Platform … We’re Going to Be in a World of Hurt’

The fireworks launched Thursday are expected to continue in at least one city — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As Republican delegates descend on the site of the GOP convention this week, some have come ready for a fight. The news that Donald Trump’s team wants to “simplify” the 60-page platform isn’t sitting well with longtime conservatives who believe the document is the party’s anchor to core values. “Presidential candidates come and go,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) pointed out, but the platform “is foundational.” “There’s no reason to change it. Let’s stick with what got us here.”

Veterans of the platform debate, including Bill Gibbin — who drafted eight of the last 10 GOP documents — are increasingly troubled by what they see from the former president’s senior aides. Pointing to the secrecy with which this platform is set to be drafted, Gibbin wrote ominously in National Review, “Unfortunately, the 2024 GOP platform process is a throwback to 1972, when the Nixon White House, in its imperial-presidency phase, micromanaged everything. But even then, Nixon didn’t treat the delegates as if they were in a witness-protection program.”

Gibbin goes on to point to the history of the platform and its significance in assuring Donald Trump’s election. “The 2016 Trump campaign’s involvement with the platform text consisted of one meeting at the RNC for his representative, John Mashburn, to read the draft. He suggested two small deletions. Many would argue that the remainder of the document helped the candidate win in November by appealing to Evangelicals and others wary of his earlier behavior — an example of winning by policy commitments rather than personality.” At the end of the day, he insists, “For guidance on ensuring a good Republican platform, look to the past.” In other words, resist Trump’s pressure to “streamline.”

Like so many other Republican leaders watching the events in Milwaukee with concern, Senator Graham warns that radically changing the platform takes away an important, motivating contrast with Democrats for voters. “You try to say, ‘Here’s who I am as a Republican.’ And let’s talk about the life issue,” which, as most media outlets have pointed out, is the greatest source of contention for the party. “For over 40 years, we have stated as a platform, as a doctrine of faith, that an unborn child is a member of the human family and deserving protection under the 14th Amendment. … Democrats basically would allow abortion up to the moment of birth. They think the unborn child is a blob of cells. We believe it to be a member of the human family that is foundational to who we are,” he insisted to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a delegate at the convention, on Friday’s “Washington Watch.”

Graham pointed to the near-dozen GOP governors who won reelection in 2022 after signing strong pro-life protections. Despite the Left trying to “demagogue the abortion issue,” he said, “they won.” “So the narrative that being pro-life hurts you politically is a false narrative perpetrated by the liberal media, who wants us to be ashamed or afraid of embracing pro-life policies. … If you listen to the chattering class, the gun issue and the life issue hurts us. It does not. … We’re going to be in a world of hurt if we don’t stick with the pro-life community. We’re going to be in a world of hurt,” he repeated.

The South Carolinian used his own reelection campaign as an example why. “People give me money, and I appreciate it,” Graham said. “I raised $112 million in my last race, the highest in the history of the Senate, except my opponent, who raised $132 million. We had money from all over the country, $5 and $10, a bunch of money coming in. You know what got me elected by over 10 points? It [was] people who knocked on doors and made phone calls on my behalf, the people who believe in the sanctity of life … the activists. All the people who write these [big] checks,” the ones, he claims who think social issues hurt the GOP, “are not going to make one phone call, and they’re not knocking on one door.”

“Do not be ashamed of being pro-life,” Graham urged. “It is a responsible position to take. It is a position the American people will understand if you advocate it right. If you look scared and you act scared, you will lose no matter what the issue is. So be not afraid. Be pro-life.”

Perkins, who this week launched a major effort, the Platform Integrity Project, to safeguard the language of the GOP’s guiding document, strongly agreed. “We’ve heard this slogan ‘Making America Great Again,’” he told Graham. “But for the United States to be great again, we must first be good morally. We must have a moral foundation. So this platform must address issues like the sanctity of human life to defend the most vulnerable, the family, religious freedom — those things that are fundamental to a strong and prosperous nation.”

He also pointed to 2022 as a perfect example of what can happen when Republicans are “confident in who we are and we can defend the positions we have.” Ultimately, it “expose[s] the weakness in the policy positions of others,” he underscored, and “we win.” “The Democrats are the ones who have the extreme positions,” Perkins reminded everyone. “And when that is exposed, abortion up until the moment of birth at taxpayers’ expense, the American people get it.”

Another thing to remember, Graham emphasized, is that this will never be “just a states’ rights issue.” For one, the Left doesn’t treat it that way. “The Democratic Party is hell-bent on nationalizing the abortion issue [by] shutting down every pro-life law in every state, federalizing abortion rights so that you can have an abortion. Literally, late-term abortions will be legal. There’ll be no limits. All the exceptions consume the rule there. They want to create a national law allowing abortion-on-demand in all 50 states up to the moment of birth.”

Exactly, Perkins said. “So just so people are clear on this, it is only one party and an element of one party talking about this being strictly a state issue.” And it’s important for Americans to know, Graham chimed in, “Democrats are saying they want to [not only codify] Roe. … They go well beyond that. The law they introduced — we voted on it — goes well beyond what the Roe standard was. What are we trying to do?” he asked. “We’re trying to take it from the courts to elected officials.” But that includes elected federal officials, Graham argued.

“I support President Trump,” the senator said. “I want him to win. I’m going to help him [by doing] everything I can. He believes this is a states’ rights issue. He talks about the downside, the [horror] of late-term abortions. What I think we should be doing is saying, ‘Yes, it is a state issue, but it’s also about the child itself.’ So what I want to do is not change our platform,” which carves out specific roles for Congress in defending life. “If we change our platform and we buy into the narrative [that] being pro-life is bad politics … we’re going to be net losers, because the people who believe like we do are going to abandon us because we’ve abandoned what makes us different.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Biden Reads Teleprompter For 5 Minutes, Takes No Questions In First Major Post-Debate Appearance

President Joe Biden made his first major appearance since his panic-inspiring debate performance Monday to give brief remarks on the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity decision that was released earlier in the day.

Biden spoke for five minutes, from a teleprompter, on the court finding that presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” taken in office. After Biden criticized the decision, calling it a “dangerous precedent,” he quickly left without taking a single question as reporters shouted inquiries his way.

“Mr. President, will you drop out of the race?” one reporter can be heard shouting. Another seemingly asked how he can assure Democrats that he is the best man to defeat former President Donald Trump.

“There are no kings in America. Each, each of us is equal before the law,” Biden said. “No one, no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.”

“With today’s Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity, that fundamentally changed, for all, for all practical purposes, today’s decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what the president can do,” he continued. “This is a fundamentally new principle, and it’s a dangerous precedent, because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law, even including the Supreme Court of the United States — the only limits will be self-imposed by the president alone.”

Biden’s Monday speech was his first major appearance since scores of Democrats began calling for him to drop out of the presidential race. The calls began just thirty minutes after Biden took the debate stage last Thursday night and began stumbling over answers and sounding confused.

As the Biden campaign did damage control, the president appeared at campaign events over the weekend and briefly addressed his debate performance to donors.

“I know I’m not a young man. I don’t walk as easy as I used to. I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to. I don’t debate as well as I used to, but I know what I do know — I know how to tell the truth,” Biden said at a North Carolina rally on Friday.

The president later admitted at a Saturday rally that he knew it wasn’t his best debate and understood the “concern.”

Biden and his family gathered at Camp David over the weekend to reportedly discuss his presidential bid. After the weekend, “the entire family is united” and the president’s son, Hunter Biden, is pushing the hardest for his dad to stay in the race, sources close to the situation told the New York Times.

“I know I will respect the limits of the presidential powers I have for three and a half years, but any president including Donald Trump, will now be free to ignore the law. I concur with Justice Sotomayor’s dissent today. Here’s what she said: she said ‘in every use of official power, the president is now a king above the law. With fear for our democracy, I dissent.’ End of quote. So should the American people dissent — I dissent,” Biden concluded.

Critics rushed to point out that Biden himself usurped the Supreme Court by erasing billions of dollars in student loan debt during his term despite the court ruling that he lacked the power to do so.

“The Supreme Court blocked it, but that didn’t stop me,” he once said of his loan forgiveness plans.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Panicked Dems Scramble For Biden Replacement After ‘Disaster’ Debate Performance

It took all of thirty minutes for Democrats to begin pontificating about replacing President Joe Biden on the ballot in November during Thursday night’s presidential debate.

Months before they were expected to, Biden and former President Donald Trump met under unique circumstances. CNN’s Dana Bash and Jake Tapper moderated the faceoff in a studio, with no live audience, commercial breaks and mic cuts. Though Biden stayed out of the public eye for a week in order to prep, the 81-year-old’s age was on full display as he failed to provoke a rather controlled former [President] Trump.

“Every Democrat I know is texting that this is bad,” Obama campaign alumnus Ravi Gupta tweeted just 15 minutes into the debate.

“Just say it publicly and begin the hard work of creating space in the convention for a selection process. I’ll vote for a corpse over Trump, but this is a suicide mission,” Gupta continued.

Thirty minutes into the debate, the New York Times published an op-ed about the “high anxiety” its deputy opinion editor was hearing from senior Democrats. The piece characterized his performance as a “disaster.”

“I love Joe Biden, he didn’t do well at all,” Van Jones, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, said during a solemn CNN post-debate show.

“We are still far from our convention and there is still time to figure out a different way forward if he will allow us to do that,” Jones added.

“We would be able to wipe out his debt, we’d be able to help make sure that all those things we need to do, childcare, eldercare, making sure that we continue to strengthen our healthcare system, making sure that we are able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I have been able to do with the COVID – excuse me, dealing with everything we have to do with,” the president continued before pausing and looking down.

“Look, we finally beat Medicare,” Biden said after pausing for several moments.

“I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence, I don’t think he knows what he said either,” Trump said after Biden trailed off at one point.

The incidents sent Democrats into a tailspin. Many took to Twitter and the media to call for the president to step down with just weeks to go until the Democratic National Convention, where the party could conceivably replace Biden.

“Guys, the Dems should nominate someone else — before it’s too late,” former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wrote on twitter.

“I wish Biden would reflect on this debate performance and then announce his decision to withdraw from the race, throwing the choice of Democratic nominee to the convention,” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tweeted.

EXCLUSIVE: DNC Sent Millions To Law Firms Behind ‘Unprecedented Lawfare’ Campaign Against Trump

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has sent millions of dollars to law firms that are intimately involved in an “unprecedented lawfare” campaign against former President Donald Trump, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reviewed by the Daily Caller.

The DNC has paid close to $2 million since August of 2021 to Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP for “legal services,” according to the DNC’s FEC filingsKaplan Hecker & Fink LLP founding partner Roberta A. Kaplan represented E. Jean Carroll in her sexual assault and defamation suits against Trump. The New York Times previously reported that Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, helped pay for Carroll’s lawsuits.

The firm states that it was founded to “build a law firm for the future rooted in principles of equity, integrity, and justice.” Partner Joshua Matz served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during the first Trump impeachment trial. He was invited back to serve on the second impeachment trial, according to the firm’s website. The firm also touts “representing former U.S. District Court Judge John Gleeson as a court-appointed amicus in United States of America v. Michael T. Flynn.”

The DNC has also paid Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP several million dollars for “legal services” since 2021, according to FEC filings. ABC News previously reported the firm has “represented the DNC for a long time.” Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale And Dorr LLP has filed numerous Amicus briefs in the United States v. Donald Trump case, which concerns Trump’s potential criminal liability for actions related to the 2020 election and Jan. 6, and currently sits before the Supreme Court.

Several alumni from Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr have ended up with major roles in the Biden administration, including Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is also a WilmerHale alumnus.

“There is now clear and explosive evidence that the Biden DNC is paying Democrat law firms to engage in in this unprecedented lawfare and election interference against President Trump,” Mike Davis, a legal adviser to Trump and the founder and president of the Article III Project, told the Caller.

In April, DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd stated that “the DNC does not spend a single penny of grassroots donors’ money on legal bills.”

Floyd’s statement came in response to the news that the DNC had been using donor money to pay for President Joe Biden’s legal bills during Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation of him.

The DNC did not immediately respond to inquiries regarding the payments to the two law firms.



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EXCLUSIVE: Trump-World Lawyer Sends House GOP Playbook For How To End Biden ‘Election Interference’

EXCLUSIVE: One Of Trump-World’s Favorite Lawyers Hatched Playbook With House GOP On Ending Biden Lawfare Against Trump

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‘Keep The Bar Off The Floor’: Low Expectations Won’t Save Biden From Sleepy Debate Performance, Observers Say

Behind the White House smokescreen that President Joe Biden is fit, energetic and sharp as a tack behind closed doors, the first presidential debate between Biden and Donald Trump could present a make-or-break pivot point in the race for the Oval Office.

While the White House argues that the concerns are hysteria drummed up by Republicans and their allies in right-wing media, prominent Democrats, too, have voiced their worry about Biden’s fitness and reelection chances. Even foreign media took notice of a slower and fragile Biden following his trip to the G7.

Thanks to his increasing frequency of gaffes and freezes, expectations for Biden ahead of the first debate are low — perhaps even too low, some political observers told the Caller.

“I think our side has to make sure that we keep the bar off the floor because right now, merely showing up is a win [for Biden],” Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary and host of the Sean Spicer podcast, told the Daily Caller. “This is a guy who’s been in politics for 50 years, and we need to remind everybody, including journalists, that he prides himself on being a strong debater. And I actually think that, just like State of the Union, they will, they will do what’s necessary to get him ready and rested.”

Many observers, particularly on the right, speculated that Biden may have been medicated for the State of the Union to increase his energy and attention levels. Trump seemingly made a similar allusion about the first debate, telling supporters during a campaign speech that if the president performs it’s because he is “pumped up.”

After challenging Biden to debate “anywhere, any place, any time,” the president and his campaign agreed to face off against Trump and his team. The proposal, put forth by Biden and his campaign, was riddled with conditions. Among those non-negotiables were no live audience, a select variety of networks to host and only two candidates on stage.

With CNN set to host the debate on Thursday, many of those conditions were met. The two candidates will skip opening statements and the program will take two commercial breaks. No live audience will be present and the candidates’ microphones will be muted while the other is answering.

At one point, Trump claimed that it was proposed that the candidates sit for the duration of the debate.

With the debate guardrails seemingly favoring Biden, former White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told the Caller that neither the conditions or the bar being too low will matter.

“It doesn’t really matter, because if Joe Biden walks out on that stage and says, ‘Hi, I’m Joe Biden, and I’m running for reelection for the U.S. Senate, the media will say ‘My god. He’s Churchill. What a brilliant orator. I’ve never seen anything as good or as sharp as him.’ So while the expectations for Joe Biden are always low because he’s consistently done nothing for half of a century in elected office, the media will come alongside him and prop him up regardless of his performance,” Gidley told the Caller.

“Strategically, you usually want to set the bar high for your opponent, but again, my point is, the media is going to cover for him regardless,” he added.

Biden is coming off a tough week in the spotlight.

The week began with the president appearing to be frozen in a video captured at the White House Juneteenth celebration while Vice President Kamala Harris and other attendees danced around him.

The president was then caught on camera during a skydiving demonstration at the G7, appearing to wander off before Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni nudged him back to the group. Several days later, Biden appeared to freeze during a campaign event before former President Barack Obama grabbed his wrist and led him off stage.

The White House snapped back at the clips, calling them “cheap fakes” during a press briefing.

“I think you all have called this the ‘cheap fakes’ video. And that’s exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video. They are done in bad faith. And — and some of your news organization have — have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing — the right-wing critics of the President have a credibility problem because of — the fact checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“Regardless of how he performs in a debate, everyone can see how much Biden has deteriorated over the last few years. And people have been suffering under his policies the whole time, too. Neither one of those things is good for Biden,” Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump 2020 campaign, told the Caller, adding that the Trump campaign should prepare for the Biden campaign to make him “as awake as possible.”

One veteran of Republican presidential politics, who was granted anonymity to speak freely about the situation, acknowledged that relentless attacks on Biden’s mental fitness probably lower expectations for his performance in debates, which would make it easy for Biden to win praise just for making it through without incident. But it’s also possible that it can cut both ways — while lowering the bar for Biden may make it more likely that he succeeds, a good performance from him in the first debate is not necessarily a bad thing for Trump, the operative continued.

The Republican said that many people think it’s still possible panicked Democrats will seek to replace Biden on the ballot, and a strong showing in the first debate would help quiet that talk. There’s little doubt that Team Trump would rather face Biden in November than a potential replacement like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the source added.

In addition to fighting off falsely-labeled “cheap fakes,” the White House communications team has battled concerns from allies of Biden — even some close to the campaign.

The Wall Street Journal published a piece of reporting based off of at least 45 interviews with Republican and Democrat lawmakers alike. While the outlet said that most Republicans were concerned about Biden’s fitness for office, some Democrats expressed worry too.

The White House questioned the piece’s credibility and pointed out the only negative on the record comments came from a Republican.

“Literally, the sole on-record critic in the entire story is Kevin McCarthy, whose interview contradicts his earlier public and private statements about finding the President sharp in their private meetings,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates told the Caller. “What’s more, Democratic members of Congress who refuted Republicans’ lies on the record were left out of the article. So was Governor Roy Cooper.”

The WSJ also noted that ahead of its publication, the White House kept “close tabs” on its interviews with lawmakers and apparently urged some Democratic lawmakers to follow up with the outlet for additional comments.

“They just, you know, said that I should give you a call back,” New York Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks told the WSJ, referring to the White House.

“We thought it was important that all perspectives be represented,” Bates told the WSJ, adding that it was to correct “false and politically motivated claims.”

Biden’s State of the Union address went fairly well. Aside from botching the name of slain 22-year-old Laken Riley, the president made it through the address without any other major slip-ups, although the performance had no discernable impact on his poor polling.

Marc Lotter, director of strategic communications for the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign, said even a gaffe-free debate performance won’t help Biden for very long.

“This is just going to continue to plague him for the entire campaign,” Lotter told the Caller, adding that he is not worried about the bar being too low. “He keeps having these moments. Obama leaving him off the stage by the hand is a horrible visual, and I cannot underscore enough, and I personally believe this to my core, that United States presidents are not entirely but largely viewed by the American people as the image they portray not by what they actually say.”

Similar to Trump’s remarks at a campaign event in Wisconsin, Jason Miller, senior adviser to the campaign, suggested that Biden needs medication to perform well.

“President Trump takes on numerous tough interviews every single week and delivers lengthy rally speeches while standing, demonstrating elite stamina. He does not need to be programmed by staff or shot up with chemicals like Joe Biden does,” Miller told the Caller of concerns that the bar may be too low for Biden.

Though insiders may not think that a low bar will have a significant effect on the outcome of the debate, one veteran in presidential politics warned how Biden’s public decline could eventually spell bad news for the Trump campaign.

There is a line for Trump and his campaign when it comes to President Biden’s public decline, they told the Caller. If the chatter about Biden’s decline ventures beyond genuine questions into mocking, the campaign will run the risk of creating a sympathetic character that could pull at the heartstrings of the youth, who have grandparents close in age to Biden, the source said.

Trump himself seemed to take a moment to caution against expecting too little from Biden during his Wisconsin rally last week, calling Biden a “worthy debater.”

In the meantime, Biden will rest and prepare away from the White House, spending the preceding days at Camp David.

Spicer expects the campaign to have the president rested and ready to go, but regardless of how he performs, he’s confident the Trump campaign will know how to control the narrative.

“They’re seasoned political operatives. All of them have been involved in debates at some level and understand the need to set expectations heading in,” Spicer said. “And then also how to spin a win on the way out.”



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Biden: Bruised, Battered and Abused

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Trump Will Get Final Word At CNN Debate After Coin Flip

Former President Donald Trump will have the final words in the first presidential debate, CNN announced Thursday.

President Joe Biden’s campaign won the coin toss and chose to pick where Biden would stand on the stage. Trump’s campaign then got to choose who spoke last.

“Former President Donald Trump will get the final word when he debates President Joe Biden on CNN next week, after a coin flip to determine podium placement and the order of closing statements. The coin landed on the Biden campaign’s pick — tails — which meant his campaign got to choose whether it wanted to select the president’s podium position or the order of closing statements,” CNN, which is hosting the debate, said in a statement.

Ahead of the debate, the two campaigns agreed to terms, such as microphones being cut off when it is not that person’s turn to speak, no live audience and pre-written notes, and two commercial breaks.

“Biden’s campaign chose to select the right podium position, which means the Democratic president will be on the right side of television viewers’ screens and his Republican rival will be on viewers’ left. Trump’s campaign then chose for the former president to deliver the last closing statement, which means Biden will go first at the conclusion of the debate,” they continued.

Meanwhile, during the debate, many of Trump’s potential picks for vice president will be at a watch party hosted by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and former Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who is also reportedly a potential pick for vice president, will reportedly be attending the debate with Trump.



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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Trump’s Meeting With House Republicans

Inside The Republican National Convention, A Look At The Massive Stage Set-Up Where Trump Will Accept The Nomination

James Carville Calls For White House-Led ‘Enforcement Mechanism’ To Make Media Help Biden Beat Trump

Biden Posts Worst Showing In 20 Years With Absolutely Crucial Voting Bloc, Analysis Finds

Latino Voters In Key Swing-States Trust Trump More On Handling Immigration Than Biden, Poll Shows

Blue Cities Falling Apart As Americans Vote With Their Feet

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Biden’s Public Decline Tests Limits Of White House Spin Operation

White House communications officials have been forced to spend more and more time doing damage control as election season heats up due to President Biden’s increasing frequency of senior moments.

In the month of June, several clips, interviews and stories about the president have garnered attention for highlighting the 81-year-old’s fitness and gaffes. The White House has rushed to spin each of the incidents, most recently calling the clipped videos of the president freezing and wandering off “cheap-fakes” and a product of right-wing hucksters.

In one recent clip, the president appears to be frozen at a Juneteenth celebration while Vice President Kamala Harris and other attendees dance around him.

A few days later, the president seemed to wander off during a sky diving demonstration at the G7, causing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to follow him and nudge him back to the group. The president rounded out the week at a campaign event in California where he again appeared to freeze before former President Barack Obama grabbed him by the wrist and led him off stage.

While the videos are the most recent example of the White House’s attempt to spin concerns about Biden’s fitness, other attempts came in the weeks prior over a Wall Street Journal article and an interview with Time Magazine.

The recent videos were clipped by various twitter accounts and media outlets as they streamed live, but the White House claimed the clips were distorted, cropped or taken out of context to misrepresent the president’s actions.

“It was a cheap — you know, a cheap fake.  That was definitely a cheap fake. It was. This was widely fact-checked. That video was widely fact-checked, including by conservative media, on — on what had — what happened that — what occurred,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said about the clip of the president at the G7, which the New York Post twitter account cropped, as it appears they usually do.

“The President walked over to give a thumbs up to divers who had just landed right in front of him. And if you run that tape a little bit longer, you would see — you would see what was happening, what the President was actually doing, and it is a cheap fake,” she added.

Jean-Pierre later called the video a “deep fake” but eventually admitted to the New York Post that she did not mean to use the term. A “deep fake” refers to a fully fabricated video using AI or other video software, which none of the recent viral Biden clips are. White House officials reportedly reached out to the New York Post about retracting its story and front page headline, but the outlet refused, Politico reported.

The White House communications staff repeatedly criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) twitter account and the New York Post for pushing the clips of the president, adding that the outlet’s footage cropped out the skydiver the president was moving towards. White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates tweeted about the various videos at least 60 times as of Tuesday, Politico reported.

In the same vein, the Biden campaign launched a “task force” to “mitigate the risks posed by AI and cheap fakes,” Politico reported.

Jean-Pierre did not mention that Meloni walked from the other side of the crowd to guide the president back to the group, which then shifted closer to the president to include him.

“You’re always in a difficult position when you are trying to convince your customers or your consumers or your voters or the American people that what they see with their own eyes isn’t real. They’re trying to run a Disney White House or Disney campaign where it’s all fantasy and fake up front, but don’t look behind the scenes where the real stuff happens,” Marc Lotter, the director of strategic communications for the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign, told the Daily Caller.

Bates addressed the video of Biden being led off stage by Obama, pointing to an Associated Press fact check of the event. The fact check counts how many seconds the president was on stage and cites a source that said Obama wanted to be “chummy.”

“Biden then stands still for about seven seconds looking out at the crowd. He starts moving again when Obama briefly takes his arm and puts his hand on his back as the pair walks offstage,” the fact check says.

“A source who helped organize, and attended, the fundraiser told the AP that there was nothing noteworthy about this moment and that Obama wanted to be “chummy” by walking offstage with Biden,” it continues.

Other shots of the moment cut to a wide angle when the president appears to freeze, before popping back in after Obama has grabbed him. Several other videos stay on the president the entire time, capturing his prolonged pause and Obama grabbing Biden’s wrist.

Jean-Pierre said that Biden and Obama have a friendly relationship during a Monday press briefing.

“Let’s not forget, President Obama, President Biden have a relationship. They are friends. They’re like family to each other, and I think that’s what you saw.  You saw the President put his hand behind the — on the back of — of President Biden, and — and they walked off the stage after — after taking questions or in a — at an event taking questions from Jimmy Kimmel.  That is — that is what you saw,” she said.


As for the president’s Juneteenth moment, Jean-Pierre sparred with Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen, cheekily pointing out that not dancing doesn’t mean the president is declining.

“The President stood there listening to the music, and he didn’t dance.  Excuse me.  I did not know not dancing was a mental — was a — it was a health issue.  That is a weird thing to actually flag when, if you — if you look at the people who were around him, if th- — you look at the expanded video of the people who were around him, they were not — they were — there were some folks who were not dancing either.  And that has been fact-checked,” Jean-Pierre said, once again making reference to a cropped video.

“I mean, just because you’re standing up, listening to music, and not dancing, that is not a health issue,” she added.

Rosen pointed out that despite the White House’s claims of manipulated media, a majority of Americans have been concerned about the president’s fitness for office for several years.

“The majorities of American voters who are telling pollsters repeatedly for years now that they have serious concerns about this President’s cognitive fitness are being misled by cheap fake videos?  Is that what you’re telling us?” Rosen asked.

“So he is fine?” he followed up three times.

Jean-Pierre answered by pointing to the president’s record.

“The President has done more in his three years — three and a half years as president than most modern-day presidents in what he’s been able to deliver.  He’s able to do that because he knows what he’s doing.  He knows how to deliver for the American people,” she said.

Lotter told the Caller that rather than trying to deny the president’s declining fitness, the spin should be focused on something positive.

“It’s something you can’t change. So you have to try to find a way to try to make it a positive. Reagan was obviously considerably younger and much more, much more polished and a better speaker. But obviously he made light of the fact, and he made a joke about it in that famous debate with Walter Mondale, and everybody laughed and had a good chuckle with it,” Lotter said.

“The problem is they’ve attempted a few times here and there, to basically try to pivot the age question to experience and wisdom, but then they turn around the next day and get all you know up in arms over, and lie about a ‘deep fake,’” he continued.

Biden sat down with Time Magazine and the transcript of the interview, released June 4, featured several slip-ups and gaffes. During the interview, Biden made an attempt to ease concerns about his age while also forgetting the timeline of calls and where key administration officials were.

A White House official responded to the gaps in the president’s memory to the Daily Caller, saying that people in the executive branch are so busy that they can’t be blamed for not remembering details such as what day of the week certain things happened several weeks ago.

A day later, the Wall Street Journal published an extensive story based off of 45 interviews with prominent Republicans and Democrats who expressed concern for the president’s fitness. Ahead of the article’s publication, the White House kept “close tabs” on who the outlet was interviewing for its piece, the WSJ reported.

The WSJ wrote that the White House had apparently instructed the Democrats to give additional pro-Biden commentary to the outlet.

“They just, you know, said that I should give you a call back,” Democratic New York Rep. Gregory Meeks told the WSJ, referring to the White House.

“We thought it was important that all perspectives be represented,” Bates told the WSJ, adding that it was to correct “false and politically motivated claims.”

Several White House communications officials pounced on the article after its publication, as the outlet said Democrats and Republicans alike expressed concern about the president’s health. The WSJ noted that Republicans made up a majority of the concerns but that allies of the president were worried as well.

“Literally, the sole on-record critic in the entire story is Kevin McCarthy, whose interview contradicts his earlier public and private statements about finding the President sharp in their private meetings,” Bates told the Caller. “What’s more, Democratic members of Congress who refuted Republicans’ lies on the record were left out of the article. So was Governor Roy Cooper.”

The White House never clearly addressed whether the concerns from Democrats were fabricated by the Journal or not.



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‘Did You Fall On Your Head’: Biden Doesn’t Answer If He’ll Finish Full 4-Year Term Or Give Power To Kamala

Biden Appears To Pick A Fight With Reporter Who Questions Him About Age

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Inside Trump’s Meeting With House Republicans

Former President Donald Trump gathered Thursday morning with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club to talk politics and strategy just five months out from the election, according to lawmakers in the room who spoke with the Caller.

Trump was greeted by House Republicans singing him Happy Birthday one day before he turns 78 years old, and was gifted the game ball from the Republicans’ 31-11 victory in Wednesday’s Congressional Baseball Game before he spoke.

Trump joked that the performance of the Democrats’ outfield in the game was a bigger help to Republicans than anything they could have done themselves.

During Trump’s remarks, he mentioned The Washington Post’s readership being down 50 percent, and was met by cheers.

Trump then mentioned that he plans on doing 100 tele town halls for House candidates, and called the tele town halls a “secret weapon,” according to a source familiar in the room.

At one point during the discussion, Trump took a shot at political operative Jeff Roe, saying Roe does surgery on candidate’s wallets. Roe backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ primary bid against Trump and was widely criticized for racking up big dollars without delivering positive results.

The former president also made an interesting remark about former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump claimed that Pelosi’s daughter told him the two would’ve made a good pair had they not been involved in politics, but Trump joked that he thinks Pelosi is much older than he is. The California Democrat is 84.

Trump then took a jab at those who voted to impeach him, saying all but one had been removed from office. The source told the Caller that Trump was forgetting about Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse.

The 2024 frontrunner also told House Republicans that tariffs will be a top priority.

Trump weighed in on the changes to the Republican National Committee (RNC), saying Michael Whatley and Lara Trump have totally transformed the RNC, and noted that he chose Whatley because of his performance as NCGOP Chair.

Since the changes, the RNC and the Trump campaign have seen their best fundraising success of the cycle so far, shattering their own donation website following Trump’s conviction in Manhattan.

After his remarks, Trump took questions from the lawmakers, many of whom just thanked and praised him.Trump will now meet with Senate Republicans at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

(This is a developing story. More information will be added as it becomes available.)



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Trump Meets with GOP in D.C. to Talk Policy, Campaigns, and November Victory

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Biden’s One Big Election Advantage Is Quickly Being Erased

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New Face Of Election Integrity Lays Out November Game Plan

Two weeks after Nikki Haley dropped out of the Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump quickly moved to stack the Republican National Committee (RNC) with his own leadership.

The former president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley took over as co-chairs, while senior campaign adviser Chris LaCivita was named chief of staff. But the changes didn’t stop there — election integrity staff were asked to reapply for their positions while the unit got a new leader of its grassroots operation: Christina Bobb.

A former One America News anchor and lawyer for Trump, Bobb was named senior counsel to the RNC’s election integrity team following the takeover by the campaign. With less than five months before the 2024 election, Bobb has gotten right to work to fill in what she described as “gaps” in the previous RNC leadership’s election integrity strategy.

“What the grassroots have been complaining about, and people who were crying out to the Trump campaign were saying, ‘Hey, we’re trying to get involved and we’re having a hard time getting involved. What do we need to do?’ So that’s my top priority, making sure people who want to be involved have a way to get involved in what we’re doing, whether it’s directly with the RNC, or more likely with the state parties,” Bobb told the Caller.

Since starting at the RNC, Bobb’s sole focus has been at the grassroots level, while other staffers continue their work on the litigation side. Part of the grassroots push is the party’s “Protect the Vote” initiative, which helps people across the country sign up to be credentialed to help as poll workers, challengers or observers.

On the site’s front page, a handful of states’ sign-ups are featured, including Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Volunteers can indicate if they are interested in being a poll watcher, poll worker or working in another role. Signees are also asked if the are a lawyer or a law student.

The RNC announced Monday their “Protect the Vote” tour, which will “rally voters for President Trump and train volunteers” as members of the party travel to Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

“We want to make sure that we can credential as many people as want to be credentialed and get as many people on the shift, as many have time and availability to do it. So that that’s the main focus from the RNC, is making sure that people are going to protect the vote to make sure they’re going through the RNC process,” Bobb told the Caller.

“And of course, working with state parties, it filters down to state parties they are all a part of this as well. And then the state parties ideally have their own operations as well. So I just want to make sure it’s as robust as possible,” Bobb added.

In a similar vein, Team Trump and the RNC launched “Trump Force 47,” an organization focused on mobilizing grassroots supporters ahead of the election. The site asks signees if they want to help with a variety of initiatives, such as calling targeted voters and outreach, poll watching and hosting a “Trump House Party.”

By November, Bobb hopes to have droves of volunteers across the country ready to be poll watchers and workers. The closer the election gets, the more that election-day operations take precedent over litigation, Bobb told the Caller.

“I want to have a massive red wave of volunteers, of workers, of people who actually work in their county. I don’t want this to be another election where we’re like, oh, ‘Democrats stole it again.’ We have to have more people than we have ever had working the election. It’s not enough to just vote, it’s not enough to send in a donation. I’m so grateful for people that are donating by all means, please, we need the support,” Bobb told the Caller.

“But more than that we need the people, whether if you have an hour that you can give, if you have a couple of weeks you can give, whatever time you can give to be a part of this process. We absolutely need you,” she added.

The RNC holds weekly trainings for volunteers in an effort to ensure that “every legal vote is counted this election,” Danielle Alvarez, RNC and Trump campaign spokeswoman, told the Caller. In addition to filling in the grassroots gaps, the new leadership from Trump’s camp at the RNC has worked to gin up voter turnout in 2024, she added.

“Despite the problems with the elections system, we have to play with the hand we’re dealt. This election, the president has been very clear that all patriots need to vote in the legal way that works for them — whether that’s early, by mail, or on Election Day,” Alvarez told the Caller.

While Bobb continues to work on the RNC’s grassroots strategy, the party is relying on her to be the “spokesperson” of the operation to help communicate and work with local activists, Alvarez told the Caller.

“Christina Bobb’s role is twofold — she is senior counsel and spokesperson activating grassroots for the election integrity program. She has so much credibility on the election integrity issue with the grassroots and is able to deliver this message effectively,” Alvarez told the Caller.

“[She] works with the activists and the folks locally and is a critical pipeline of communication working with the experts on the ground. This bolsters our aggressive election integrity operations in battleground states,” Alvarez added.

While the Trump take over of the RNC came with several personnel changes, Bobb’s hire came under particular scrutiny.

Following Bobb’s hire, Democrats and their media allies alike rushed to criticize the move by the GOP. The New Republic wrote that the hire “ought to scare” Americans and MSNBC called it an “odd choice.”

“As far as what the left thinks about me – you mean the same outlets that lied to us about Hunter Biden’s laptop? The 51 intelligence officials? Joe Biden’s foreign income? Cocaine in the White House? The Russia Hoax? The Ukraine Hoax? The Steele Dossier? The FBI’s involvement in the ‘insurance policy’? The Biden White House’s involvement in censoring free speech? The Biden White House’s involvement in dictating content to social media companies?” Bobb said. “I couldn’t care less what they say about me, or anything else.”

And despite what the critics have to say, several legal onlookers are impressed with what they’ve seen coming out of the RNC following the leadership change.

“I have seen, with Trump and his folks they have brought in, they’re putting a super emphasis [on election integrity]. It went from an emphasis to a super emphasis on getting involved in the litigation, helping to defend the election reforms that states have passed, and actually going after some of the other states that are trying to do things that are not good, like states that refuse to clean up their voter rolls like in Michigan,” Hans Von Spakovsky, the manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, told the Caller, adding that the party is putting more into the grassroots operation than he has ever seen.

The RNC has filed numerous lawsuits since the leadership change, but Von Spakovsky pointed to the litigation the party has filed surrounding states’ voter rolls. In Michigan, the RNC sued the secretary of state, alleging that they failed to abide by the National Voter Registration Act’s requirement that voter rolls must keep “clean and accurate voter registration records.” The party filed a similar lawsuit in Nevada over its handling of the voter rolls.

“The Trump campaign and the RNC are much better prepared this time, and while there’s a lot of work to be done, they’ve done a very good job of hiring the right team and devoting the right resources to ensure that Biden doesn’t steal the election again,” Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and founder of the Article 3 Project, told the Caller, adding that the grassroots effort has made great progress.

Before the leadership change, Davis, alongside other election integrity advocates, expressed concerns about the right’s efforts on election preparation. In March, a Daily Caller analysis found that a number of key battleground states, including those that delivered Biden the presidency, were poised to use many of the election procedures in 2024 that outraged Republicans in 2020.

When it comes to that grassroots operation, Whatley previously said the goal is to have 100,000 people as poll workers on election day.

“The President chose Chairman Michael Whatley because of what he has done for election integrity and what he did in North Carolina. I’ve heard Chairman Whatley say that in conversations he has with the President, the President will ask ‘how’s it playing?’ and the Chairman will say something to the effect of, ‘Sir, we’re going to turn out the vote and we’re going to protect the vote.’ And the President responds, ‘I’ll turn out the vote, you protect the vote,’” Alvarez told the Caller.

“It is President Trump’s number one priority, and it will live year-round at the RNC,” she added.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.

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Biden’s One Big Election Advantage Is Quickly Being Erased

Through the bad polls, disruptive protests and fitness questions, President Joe Biden has continued to have one big advantage over the Trump campaign — but it appears to be fading fast.

While Biden has battled concerns about his age and backlash from the Israel-Hamas war, the president and the Democratic National Committee continued to outraise their Republican counterparts by millions of dollars. As Donald Trump dominated Biden both nationally and across key swing state polls, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign struggled with finances.

But over the last two months, the RNC and Trump campaign have started to make a dent in the cash advantage Biden once had. As Trump world continues to announce record-breaking fundraising statistics, one of Biden’s few apparent edges in a tight election could fall by the wayside, strategists told the Daily Caller.

“Democrats will keep up. It’s not going to be a blowout, money wise, but they expected Trump to lose the ability to raise money by charging him with these over the top prosecutions,” Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, told the Caller.

“They didn’t realize that the liquid they were throwing on the fire was not water, but gasoline,” he added.

Trump’s fundraising blitz started as the GOP primary wrapped up. The RNC and the campaign raised $76 million in the month of April, about $25 more than Biden and the DNC. It was the first time the Trump camp surpassed their competitors in monthly fundraising.

The month prior, the Biden campaign and the DNC brought in $90 million, while Trump and the RNC brought in $65.6 million. In total, Trump’s camp had $93.1 million cash on hand while Biden’s team had $192 million at the end of March.

May is already shaping up to be an even bigger month for the Trump campaign than before. After a Manhattan jury convicted Trump on 34 counts of falsifying business records, the former president’s campaign donation site crashed from an influx of visitors. The campaign later announced that 24 hours after the verdict, it had raised $54.8 million. For the total month, the campaign recently announced it had raised about $141 million. FEC filings revealing fundraising totals for both campaigns in the month of May are not yet available.

The fundraising surge lines up with the unification of the Trump campaign with the RNC. In the spring, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara and allied operative Michael Whatley became co-chairs of the party organization. Key Trump campaign officials also took positions with the RNC.

“This was a much needed shot in the arm, and although I anticipate Biden and the entire Democratic apparatus having more money, just like they’ve had going back to 2016, Trump needs enough to make sure that they can run the kind of ground game and turnout effort that he needs to win,” Scott Jennings,  a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, told the Caller.

Jennings added that a lot of Trump’s support comes from mid- and low-propensity voters and unregistered Americans who are less reliable to turn out on election day.

“When I think about what Trump would do with a massive cash infusion, my mind immediately goes to, oh, he’s going to put this into a ground game to ensure that these mid- to low-propensity voters actually come out. And if he’s able to do that and jack up the turnout among that audience, he’s going to win,” he added.

Trump’s court cases, Weaver told the Caller, have had the opposite impact Democrats and his opponents hoped they would.

“It looked as though [Trump] might get beat in the primaries by Ron DeSantis or someone else, but then the Biden White House and its allies started bringing bogus and over the top charges against Donald Trump, and it angered a lot of people in the middle who see America as a place where the rule of law and due process matter,” Weaver said.

“Biden and his minions thought that they were politically drowning Donald Trump. But what they’re really doing is lifting the tide of his support in such a way that the Biden campaign will start to fall behind in the fundraising game,” Weaver continued, adding that the new influx of funds could cause issues for Biden.

MAGA Inc., the super PAC backing Trump, announced that it raised $70 million during the month of May, the New York Times reported. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said it had a record breaking day following Trump’s verdict, bringing in $300,000. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) announced that it raised $360,000 after the former president’s guilty conviction.

While Trump’s new loads of cash are noticeable, Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told the Caller that he does not think it would impact the race, because the former president already gets a ton of advertising at virtually no cost.

“I’m inclined to say no for a couple of reasons. One is when there was a big fundraising gap, I didn’t think it mattered much, because Donald Trump makes his own media and he never has to pay for it. If Donald Trump didn’t spend a cent on his presidential campaign for the next five months, I doubt it would make much difference. The reality is, you know, better or worse, he manufactures his own media,” Bannon told the Caller.

Bannon added that he didn’t think most voters, though maybe a small number in swing states, would pay much attention to the ads that the campaigns are poised to spend their cash on. Jennings believes that the cash won’t all go to ads, but instead toward elevating the campaign’s ground game.

“I don’t think they’re worried about it,” Leslie Marshall, Democratic strategist, told the Caller about the Biden campaign. “I think they expected it. If you notice, Biden doesn’t seem to be phased by polls. Biden doesn’t seem to be phased and that worked well for him in 2020.”

Biden’s positioning in the polls now, however, is worse than at the same time in 2020.

While the Biden campaign has not revealed what it raised in May, other affiliated groups are still working to give the president a fundraising edge. Climate Power and Future Forward USA Action, two nonprofit organizations, are planning to spend $50 million on ads that tout Biden’s actions throughout his administration, the Washington Post reported.

Following the Trump verdict, a NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll showed that a majority of registered voters, 67%, think that Trump’s guilty conviction will have no effect on how they’ll vote in the 2024 election. Seventeen percent of Americans said it would make them less likely to vote for Trump.

With five months until the election and variables to change, Jennings told the Caller the latest fundraising news should be encouraging for Republican voters.

“It really ought to give Republicans some optimism about what they’re going to be able to accomplish beyond just your normal TV ads, but with the sort of campaign, mechanics, and infrastructure that’ll be used to turnout all these voters,” Jennings told the Caller.



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‘Deleterious Effect’: Dems Worried Anti-Israel Protests At Convention Could Throw Wrench In Biden’s Campaign

Democrats who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation are concerned that the optics of the expected anti-Israel protests at the party’s nominating convention in August could harm President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Biden has received criticism from his left flank over his support for Israel following the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack, which killed roughly 1,200 people. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is reportedly weighing options to minimize the effects such protesters could have on the convention, as dozens of organizations are set to join the “March on the DNC” when the event begins Aug. 19.

Several Democratic operatives are worried such demonstrations could resemble the 1968 convention, also in Chicago, where Republican Richard Nixon went on to defeat Democrat Hubert Humphrey months later.

“The anti-war protests in Chicago, fairly or unfairly, reinforced the reputation of the Democrats as the party of chaos, and reinforced Nixon’s pitch to the American people as the law and order candidate. And so I think those who ignore history are at risk of repeating it,” Len Foxwell, a Democratic strategist based in Maryland, told the DCNF.

“To the extent that people look at the images on their TV screens, or on their electronic digital devices, and see these rather unsympathetic protesters and associate them with the Democratic Party, it’s hard to see how it could have anything other than a deleterious effect on the campaign,” Foxwell added.

Violent riots broke out during the 1968 Democratic convention with individuals protesting the Vietnam War, while Nixon, who pledged to crack down on crime, quietly secured the GOP nomination in Miami, Florida. Nixon handily won the White House by a 20-point margin.

A Democratic pollster and redistricting consultant focused on working class racial minorities, who was granted anonymity to speak freely about his concerns, is skeptical former President Donald Trump could capitalize off of the protests like Nixon did. Still, the pollster said Democrats are concerned, telling the DCNF the historical context of the convention is “sort of eerily reverberant.”

“It’s not that these people stopped the war in Vietnam, they elected Richard Nixon, who ran very specifically against them,” the pollster said. “This is exactly the context that everybody is worried about with the optics for the convention.”

Steve Shurtleff, a Democratic New Hampshire lawmaker and former speaker of the state House, told the DCNF that while the pro-Palestinian activists have a right to protest, he hopes it “won’t turn into Chicago of 1968.”

“A bump that the president might get from the convention could be impacted by what’s happening on the streets, and I think of the ‘68 election, how close it was between Nixon and Hubert Humphrey … and I’ve often wondered if it had been a more peaceful convention, if [Humphry] could’ve gotten his message out to more people across America,” said Shurtleff.

Those close to Biden are pushing for bringing back parts of the 2020 convention, which was largely virtually-held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Politico. The DNC is reportedly considering limiting in-person speeches; pre-taping the delegation roll-call; and moving some party business off of the convention floor.

Adolph Mongo, a Democratic strategist based in Michigan, told the DCNF that the party “should be concerned” about the optics of such protests, arguing that Biden already “has a lot on his plate.”

“He has folks in the black community not feeling it like they always used to feel for the Democratic candidate. He’s got students, they’re not feeling it. The Arab population is not feeling it. Then he’s got the immigration [issue],” said Mongo. “Man, he’s fighting several fronts.”

Biden has been losing ground with crucial voting blocs that typically back Democratic by large margins, including black and youth voters, according to polling this cycle. For instance, a New York Times/Siena College survey released May 13 found black voters supporting Biden over Trump 70% to 18%, and the president only held a four-point lead among 18-to-29-year-olds.

Black voters backed Biden at 87% in 2020 compared to only 12% who supported Trump, while the president won those aged 18 to 29 by 24 points, according to Edison Research exit polling.

Pro-Palestinian protests and encampments popped up on college campuses across the country before the school year ended, including at Columbia University, Emory College, Yale University, George Washington University and the University of California at Los Angeles. Various colleges cancelled classes or moved them online as the demonstrations broke out, with some making changes to graduation ceremonies, as well.

Trump has blamed Biden for the protests ensuing on college campuses, and accused him of being “nice” to Hamas while abandoning Israel.

Foxwell noted that the protests are not an issue to Republicans, as they “don’t need this constituency.”

“They actually benefit from the perception that they have a hostile relationship with this constituency, because so many of these protesters do come across as privileged complainers, and many of whom just are interested more in performance art than a legitimate policy discussion,” said Foxwell. “The Democrats do not have that luxury.”

Some of Biden’s primary victories this cycle have been marred by protest votes, with significant campaigns like the Uncommitted National Movement, formerly Listen to Michigan, and Abandon Biden encouraging those who disagree with the president’s handling of the war in Gaza to vote for nameless ballot options.

Over 100,000 Democratic primary voters in Michigan at 13.2% supported the “uncommitted” ballot option, as well as roughly 19% in Minnesota, nearly 10% in Washington, approximately 8% in Tennessee and 6% in Alabama, according to The Associated Press estimates. Other nameless ballot options secured 12.7% support in North Carolina, 9.4% in Massachusetts, 9% in Colorado and 8.4% in Wisconsin.

Conversely, Democratic strategist Andres Ramirez isn’t concerned about the optics of such demonstrations, and argued that “protests are nothing new to Democratic conventions.”

“We’ve seen very little impact that conventions or coverage of conventions have played on an actual outcome of an election,” Ramirez added. “I think what matters most to me, again, is where candidates and campaigns and their messaging will be, come September, when voters decide to tune in.”

Biden has yet to lead in the RealClearPolitics average against Trump since September 2023, and is currently down in every battleground state.

Neither Biden’s campaign nor the DNC responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.




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