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VIRGINIA: Pro-jihad School Board Member Opposes Honoring Victims of Hamas Jihad Massacre

Abrar Omeish represents her constituents in what has been dubbed “Northern Virginiastan.” Celebrate diversity!

Pro-Palestinian school board member opposes honoring Hamas attack victims: ‘Ignores the root of the violence

by Gabriel Hays, Fox News, October 13, 2023:

A pro-Palestinian Fairfax County school board member scolded fellow board members Thursday for giving a statement and holding a moment of silence for the victims of Hamas’ recent deadly attack against Israel.

During the meeting, Abrar Omeish rebuked the board for their “sneak attack” of inserting a moment of silence for victims of Saturday’s surprise terrorist attack and Israel’s ensuing war against Hamas into the meeting’s agenda….

Airing her grievances with how the memorial was conducted, she said, “I wasn’t expecting what seemed to be a sneak attack after we had discussed making sure we represent all children in the ways that we speak and when we speak. So it’s disappointing that my colleagues would do that behind my back after conversations that I had with them in saying that the statement represents everybody’s views.”…

“Many are thinking about the incredible devastation and human suffering unfolding today in Israel and Palestine. And we mourn the loss of hundreds of innocent civilians killed and homes destroyed this week alone and the thousands over the decades,” Omeish said.

Omeish continued by declaring that seeing Israel’s retaliation against an aggressor as a black and white issue is insufficient, stating, “It might seem simple – aggressors attacking families in a state seeking vengeance – but we often sympathize with and humanize the side that we relate to and the side that looks more like us, or that our biases guide us towards.”

“But doing so ignores the root of the violence,” she said. Appearing to lessen the moral culpability of Hamas in its terrorism on Saturday, Omeish added, “Centuries of human history teach us that escalations happen when problems are ignored, realities are denied, and voices are censored. When one narrative dominates from the world stage all the way to our classrooms.”

She then uttered the social justice quote, “No justice, no peace,” and slammed Israel for building an apartheid state and murdering Palestinians….

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