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ANOTHER BANK FAILURE: PacWest Shares Plunge, Troubled Bank Crashes

$640 billion in bank failures. Another Biden success. PacWest stock plummets more than 50%, other bank stocks join in decline.

PacWest Tumbles; Oil Steadies

…..following Federal Reserve interest-rate increase

By: Wall Street Journal, May 4, 2023:

Aftershocks from March’s banking turmoil rumbled on, even as the the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate-rise campaign approaches its end.

In recent market action:

PacWest’s already battered shares fell by 45% in premarket trading. The bank said it was talking to potential partners and investors, and would keep evaluating “all options to maximize shareholder value.”

A raft of other regional lenders fell in sympathy before the opening bell: Western Alliance Bancorp slid 23%, while Comerica and Zions Bancorp fell by 9% and 10%, respectively. First Horizon sank nearly in half after its $13.4 billion sale to Toronto’s TD Bank was called off.

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BIDEN’S ECONOMY: Silicon Valley Bank COLLAPSES Following Run on Bank, 2nd Biggest Bank Failure In United States History

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Bohemian Rhapsody: A Case Study Of The Destructive Gay Lifestyle

I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody a 20th Century Fox film about the British rock band Queen from its formation in the 1970s to its 1985 Live Aid performance.

I came away with a feeling of deep sadness watching the tragedy of the life of Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury, played brilliantly by Rami Malek. If anything Bohemian Rhapsody is a case study of the decline, fall and untimely death of a bi-sexual individual because of his promiscuous gay lifestyle.

The acting was excellent. The script and images depicted in great detail the path of Freddie from a heterosexual male into the darkest and deepest world of homosexuality.

If anything the lesson of Bohemian Rhapsody is about temptation and the weakness of the flesh.

From fame and fortune to alcohol and drug abuse to homosexuality. From rejection of a homosexual relationship with one of his employees to his full participation is the promiscuous gay lifestyle that leads to the breakup of the band Queen. We witness the tragic loss of Freddie’s reputation, the loss of his family (the band), the breakup with his fiancee and finally the shortening of his life when Freddie learns that he has contracted HIV/AIDS.

This is not a film for the faint of heart but it is a must see to understand how one person can be groomed by another homosexual to truly become something that he is not – a bi-sexual gay man. It is clear in the film that homosexuality is a choice, not something one is born with. For in the end Freddie disengages from his homosexuality and returns to what really drove him, to make great music.

I found it refreshing that Hollywood showed the darkest side of being gay. But is also showed how many of Freddie’s friends and his former fiance, played by Lucy Boynton, could still love him. For a Christian watching this film it is useful to understand that while they hate the sin, they love the sinner.

What is truly tragic is that there were many opportunities to save Freddie from his ultimate fate and certain death. We can only hope and pray that Freddie was redeemed and forgiven for his sins. We can only pray that he is in Heaven singing his songs.

Bohemian Rhapsody trailer.

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