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Thank you for watching the opening video for our Indigogo crowd-funding campaign to create FALLEN ANGEL.

Please watch this short overview for our critically important project: FALLEN ANGEL – The Cover-up of the Shoot Down of Seal Team Six:

It is essential for you to review ALL the information on our Indigogo site so that you fully understand the nature and purpose of this investigative documentary – to change the restrictive, deadly and absurd Rules of Engagement that our brave war fighters must follow when engaged against a bloodthirsty, inhumane Islamic jihad fighter. Please take a look at our Indigogo and our Face Book sites so that you can become part of our production team helping fund and promote this very important movie!

EDITORS NOTE: For more information please contact tom@fallenangelthemovie.com. You may donate to make this film a reality at the Indigog site – https://www.indiegogo.com/project/pre… and like us on our Facebook site – https://www.facebook.com/fallenangels…

The Editorial staff as DrRichSwier.com have all donated to make this documentary a reality.