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VIDEO: CAIR Leader states, ‘No Muslim Brotherhood in America’

Sometimes catching these slippery Muslim Brotherhood leaders in their silly lies is so easy that we wonder why more Americans don’t confront them at every public venue they appear! On Monday April 13 on Capitol Hill, during Muslim Brotherhood Advocacy Day, I asked Hussam Ayloush, capo-de-capo of CAIR in Los Angeles, if there is a MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in America.

In his patented oily manner, Hussam, a perceptively nice guy, plays words games with me.

Watch this short video to see how we manage to squeeze an answer out of this heavy-hitter Muslim Brotherhood operative.


42% of Muslims in Canada think Islam and West “irreconcilable”

Islamic State beheads “blasphemer” with meat cleaver

Islamic State cartoon shows Obama beheaded by Jihadi John

UK Pro-jihad Muslim group boasts: “negotiating with Tory & Labour leadership”

The One and Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism

SAKR ShariaThink of the following words for one second only and then give a one word description of the first thought that enters your mind:

1. Nazi
Now for the second word:
2. Hitler
Now for the third word:
3. Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bomber)
Now for the fourth word:
4. Child Rapist
The fifth and final word:
5. Islam

I have given this little test to several people over the last few years. The vast majority of them respond with a very negative description for the words Nazi, Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and Child Rapist.

The response is quiet different when they describe with one word Islam. Ten years ago, when I first began giving this test, people were told to describe Islam in one word. The typical responses were: Misunderstood, Religion, Mohammed, Middle East, and Shariah. The responses of people who have taken the test in the last year has grown to a more harsh description of the word Islam, but not to the point of being as harsh as the words Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh, or Child Rapist.

In order to defeat Islamic based terrorism the mindset of people must change their thoughts and descriptions of of the word Islam to be similar to their descriptions of Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh and Child Rapist’s. This can only be accomplished if the American and world media, politicians, senior law enforcement, teachers, corporations, Christian and Jewish leaders, and the American president begin branding ‘Islam’ as what it truly is: violent, dangerous, filthy, evil, Mohammed the Child Rapist, and the major threat to the free world.

During my four decades of studying the Middle East, the Arabic language and Islam, I went through various phases of my descriptions of Islam and it’s founder Prophet Mohammed. The primary difference between the vast majority of people and myself is that I rolled through the phases at a much faster rate. I went from thinking Islam was a religion of peace, to describing Islam with the most vulgar terms humanely imaginable. My description of Islam came to a head about two years before the tragic events of 9/11. I began calling Islam for what it is (vulgar and disgusting) and did not hold back.

My change about Islam and Mohammed was not made lightly and without vast amounts of thought, first-hand research, and absorbing thousands upon thousands of manuals, books,
audio recordings, and videos produced by Muslims and Islamic leaders across the world. In essence I did not rely on self described experts of Islam and terrorism. Instead I became self educated basing my thoughts on what Islamic leaders were advocating to their followers worldwide. I visited several countries throughout the Middle East, visited mosques in the Middle East, and went to the front lines in 2003 when Operation Iraqi freedom started. I interviewed hundreds of Muslims while in the Middle East (to include members of Islamic based terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda).

Since my return to America I have conducted research inside the Muslim Brotherhood National Headquarters in Washington D.C. (CAIR National). I have conducted first-hand research in over 275 mosques in America.

Contrary to what Islamic leaders and organizations such as CAIR say that Islam is a very complex and complicated ideology to understand, the understanding of Islam is rather easy. Billions of Muslims across the world claim to have worshiped, studied and understand their religion. Millions of Muslims to this day can’t read or write, and have very little schooling of any type. The conclusion is it does not take a genius to understand ‘true’ Islam. The only qualification you must have is to begin with an open mind and study everything Islamic you can get your hands on.

The violent actions of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups is based solely on what their Prophet Mohammed taught over 1400 years ago. The teachings of Prophet Mohammed are taught in every mosque, Islamic school, and even in our public schools. Islamic leaders are very firm on their stance that Prophet Mohammed is the example for all of mankind to follow.

Prophet Mohammed in actuality had the same qualities of Adolph Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and the same immoralities as evil child rapists across the world have. Mohammed taught the hatred of Jews and Christians, the use of violent force to convince people to follow Islam, and he was a rapists of small children during his 50 plus years of life.

Based on my current descriptions of Islam and Mohammed, I have been labeled an Islamaphobe, hater, racist, and war monger. The truth is I respect and love anyone who is a good person and has no thoughts about killing innocent people, destroying Israel or any country that supports Israel, and more importantly I love and respect any person regardless of race, religion, or culture who advocate and promote the love and caring for the children throughout the world. Contrary if you put plans in place to destroy the free world by using force to meet an objective of forming an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Shariah law, then you have incurred my hatred for you and your ideology. I will use what little power I have to attempt to destroy your ideology.

I close by stating the media, politicians, Jewish and Christian leaders, and the American president must start a campaign to BRAND Islam as violent, dangerous, immoral, and an ideology that abuses innocent girls and women. The world is on the brink of disaster due to the ideology of Islam and the lack of world leaders to describe Islam just as they would Nazi, Hitler, McVeigh, and Child Rapists. Islam has all of the horrible qualities and is 100 times more dangerous than the disgusting Hitler.

Islamic based terrorism cannot be defeated by air-power, boots on the ground, diplomacy, or even by using nuclear bombs on Islamic terrorist camps around the world. As long as our American president,the media, so called counter-terrorism experts and others describe Islam with nice words such as Islam has been hijacked, only radical Muslims commit terrorist acts, and that the Prophet Mohammed is a man to follow, then we will in our lifetime be condemned to a life of misery, fear, and violence in the name of Islam.

Keep in mind that if you express your views as I have, you will be labeled as a hater and racist. You will be attacked from the left and right, Islamic terrorists, and even your American president will label you as the primary threat to world peace.

If you love America, Israel, the free world, and innocent children, then you will put them ahead of your own safety and comforts of life.

Islamic State demands $30 million for Christian hostages

They are acting in complete accord with Islamic law. Here is a salient passage on this issue from a Shafi’i manual of Islamic law:

When an adult male is taken captive, the caliph considers the interests … (of Islam and the Muslims) and decides between the prisoner’s death, slavery, release without paying anything, or ransoming himself in exchange for money or for a Muslim captive held by the enemy. (Umdat al-Salik o9.14)

A revered Islamic jurist, Al-Mawardi, agrees with ‘Umdat al-Salik:

As for the captives, the amir has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first, to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale or manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them. (Al-Ahkam As-Sultaniyyah (The Laws of Islamic Governance), 4.5)

“ISIS demands $30 million in exchange for Assyrian hostages,” by Ariel Cohen, Jerusalem Post, April 12, 2015 (thanks to Blazing Car Fur):

The Islamic State group has set a demand of a $30 million ransom for the release of hundreds of Christian hostages in their captivity in Syria.

The terrorist organization is demanding up to $100,000 per individual, according to a report over the weekend from Fox News. The group captured between 250-300 Christians on February 23 in the Northern Hasaka province of Syria, an area native to the country’s Christian population.

The demands came during ongoing talks between the Assyrian leadership and ISIS fighters. Third-party Syrian Sunni Muslims are reportedly brokering the talks between the two sides. A total of 23 hostages have been released to date. Reports further indicate that ISIS is using these Christians as human shields in military confrontations.

“They know we cannot come up with this kind of money, so they are hoping other groups and countries will come up with the money,” FOX quoted an Assyrian official as saying….


Pakistan: After identifying him as Christian, Muslims set young boy on fire

Afghanistan: Jihadis murder 5 aid workers, may have poisoned 100 students

Islamic State’s Sinai Province murders six Egyptian soldiers

Bosnian village pledges allegiance to the Islamic State

Philadelphia: Friend of Muslima arrested for Islamic State plot threatens attack on jail

You Better Bake That Cake

While Christians are beheaded by Muslims and babies are murdered in mass by misguided individuals, the progressives are more concerned about cakes.  Recently, Pope Francis solemnly stated that “martyrs are more numerous today than they were in the first centuries of the church.”  It is difficult to dispute the Pontiffs claims, considering the ongoing day in and day out murdering, raping, burning, crucifying, enslaving, and torturing of Christians by Muslims. They often claim they have a right to do so because their Quran’ instructs them to wipe out non-Muslims, enslave Blacks, abuse women, and torture animals.

Such actions continue non-stop around the world and have been perpetrated here in America as well.  However in the United States, the progressives look the other way when it comes to Muslim atrocities.  Of course they have been overwhelmingly concerned and working to wipe out the right of Christian bakers, who simply choose not to bake cakes in celebration of unnatural marital couplings that go against their religious beliefs.  The hypocritical leftists didn’t even complain when a Muslim baker in Dearbornistan, MI refused to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.  Of course that confirms what I have known about the progressive left for years.

Those on the left, do not give a rat’s behind about the numerous atrocities being inflicted upon numerous individuals around the world. Unless it fits their agenda to feign concern.  Their so-called concern is part of an overall mission to undermine the ongoing operation of Christianity and perhaps even the United States as well.  A clarifying example, the left’s homosexuals are victims campaign is not at all about freedom or especially not liberty. In fact it is all about trying to delegitimize and annihilate Christianity. That is why to this day, they have exhibited more concern about forcing a cake baker to go against his or her Biblical teachings, than about the daily physical onslaught of murder and mayhem against non-Muslims and unborn babies.

Our magnificent Declaration of Independence points out our unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” But the progressives who pretend to be in favor of liberty, protection of life, and the pursuit of happiness decry that concept for Christians. In fact, they equate a Christian operating according to his beliefs with aggression against homosexuals. Yet they still remain almost mute about the horrendous physical abuse homosexuals face throughout the Muslim dominated Middle East.  Another lefty Tim Cook, CEO of Apple seems to project the belief that Christians in America should be prevented from operating according to their beliefs.  Can Tim cook really believe that his selective focus only against Christians is tolerant, wholesome, freedom loving and humane behavior?

Yet on the other hand, according to a recent World magazine report, Mr. Cook traveled to the Middle East to try and nail down deals on behalf of Apple.  Homosexuality is completely outlawed in most of that part of the planet. Participants in unnatural sexual acts between men are punished by hanging, being stoned to death, burned alive or simply tossed from the top of a building.  The recently signed Religious Protection Law in Indiana was a mere reflection of the federal law passed and signed during the administration of President Bill Clinton in 1993. The protests and angst over the Indiana Religious Protection Law was not at all about protecting people from inequality or maltreatment of any kind.

The deafening silence in regards to the thousands of monthly victims of Muslim led abuse, is more than enough evidence of the utter hypocrisy of those who say they are so concerned about inequality.  An individual deciding to follow his religious and moral beliefs is not committing the sin of inequality by not baking a cake for a homosexual wedding.   I think that those seeking to find Christian business owners to try and force them to go against their beliefs are disingenuous, evil and cowardly.  I doubt we will hear or see any of them going against Muslims to try and force them to stop their murderous ways. Remember, the United States of America was founded with a major inclusion of Christian principles, ethics and beliefs. Thus the progressives who hate and discriminate against Christianity, the Constitution, Federalist Papers, etc. are as president Obama said, out to “fundamentally change America.”

Wake up my fellow Americans! The rights you lose could be your own.

May God Bless America and may America Bless God.

Muslims Desecrate Temple Mount — Use it as a garbage dump!

Must Watch!! Muslims turn their supposed third most holy site into a garbage dump. I’m sorry to tell you this, putting a garbage dump on a holy site is not appropriate behavior in any conceivable scenario.

The lesson learned here is what the Muslims say about how sacred this Temple Mount is, and how they treat it (under their control) not Israels, should be contemplated and internalized by all.

Filmed April 6th, 2015 on location at The Temple Mount by J. Mark Campbell and Alan Kornman from The United West.


Video: President Obama uses Easter breakfast to take a jab at Christians

Martin Sherman Debunks the Two State Solution and Offers Alternatives

Waqf’s New Weapon: Screaming Girls  by Gil Ronen

Arab Mk Ahmed Tibi Flies PLO Flag On Temple Mount   by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

Status Quo? ‘Jews Prayed On The Temple Mount For Centuries’   by Hillel Fendel

How Important Is God’s Temple Mount   by Jan Willem van der Hoeven

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Only Fools Trust Obama or the Iranians

Only fools express any trust in Obama these days or the Iranians who have made him look the fool when no one in their neighborhood or the world trusts a thing they say or do.

After more than six years of listening to President Obama’s unremitting lies, when he says of the latest “accord” with Iran, “It’s a good deal” and standing in the Rose Garden declares that the U.S. and Iran have reached “an historic understanding” the only history being made his own ignominy and idiocy.

It would be historic if anyone could extend either President Obama or the Iranians any trust. Indeed, since the U.S. created its first atomic bombs to end World War II, one nation after another has secured their own nuclear weapons, starting with the then-Soviet Union who built theirs with plans stolen from us!

We have been down this road before. On April 1st Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger offered an abridged look at the quarter-century of negotiations with North Korea which agreed to all manner of terms, signed all kinds of agreements, and joined various international organizations to assure everyone of their peaceful intent. He warned that “No agreement is going to stop Iran. Agreements, and a lot of talk, did not stop North Korea.”

“Iran,” said Henninger, “knows it has nuclear negotiators’ immunity: No matter how or when Iran debauches any agreement, the West, abjectly, will request—what else?—more talks. Iran’s nuclear bomb and ballistic missile programs will go forward as North Korea’s obviously did, no matter what.”

All the back-and-forth between the White House and Congress about the “accord” is essentially meaningless. It is mostly a debate about the treaty-making powers the Constitution extends to the executive branch and, at the same time, limits with legislative “advice and consent” of the Senate. For now the Senate can only wait for whatever is decided by June 30, but it is unlikely Obama will send it the text of the agreement.

To influence the outcome, Congress talks of the sanctions it has imposed on Iran and says it will impose again, but Obama has no legal authority to lift those sanctions, only Congress does.

AA - Javad

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

The same day the President made the announcement, Javad Zarif, the Iranian counterpart to Secretary of State John Kerry made his own announcement. The U.S. and Iran, he said, had agreed in principle to let Iran continue running major portions of its nuclear program. “None of those measures”, intended to slow Iran’s progress, “include closing any of our facilities. We will continue enriching; we will continue research and development.”

This is the result of 18 months of “negotiations” with Iran. In the same way the U.S. caved to North Korea since the 1990s, it has caved to Iran and it has done so with the blessing of the European Union and the other members of the P-5+1, France, Great Britain, Russia, China, and Germany.

For good measure, to show how wonderfully warm the relations between Iran and the U.S. are, within hours after Obama’s announcement, Foreign Minister Zarif accused the U.S. of lying about the details of the tentative framework—“the historic understanding”—saying that the U.S. had promised the immediate termination of sanctions.

The notion that we would know if Iran was continuing its nuclear program because the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be inspecting its facilities is about as credible as similar inspections in North Korea when, in 2002, it cut the IAEA seals on its nuclear factories and withdrew from the non-Proliferation treaty, starting a nuclear reactor. It has pursued its nuclear weapons and missile programs ever since.

In the same fashion as the Soviet Union, China, and Israel, we didn’t know that either Pakistan or India had acquired nuclear capability until after they tested theirs. That’s how we will know when Iran has nuclear weapons. It already has intercontinental missiles with which to deliver them.

As quoted in an April 3 article by Mark Dubowitz, executive director, and Annie Fixler, policy analyst, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, they cite an unnamed “senior State Department official” as saying “The truth is, you can dwell on Yemen, or you can recognize that we’re one agreement away from a game-changing, legacy-setting nuclear accord on Iran that tackles what everyone agrees is the biggest threat to the region.”

Unless one believes in unicorns and other fantasies, this latest “accord” and what we are being told about it by the President and the State Department is not a great achievement. It is doomed to failure because Iran has had no intention of doing anything other than getting economic and other sanctions removed. Time is on their side as they work to develop their own nuclear weapons.

When Iran tests its first nuclear weapon, Obama should return his Nobel Peace Prize.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Financing Iran’s Terrorist Activities

Aside from the fact that the deal with Iran will leave it in a position to have nuclear weapons within a period of 3 to 12 months at their choice, how can anyone consider lifting sanctions on a country that is engaging in numerous wars and terrorist activities through their proxies in Israel, Syria Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen?

Iran is at war with Israel via proxies Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran says the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable. Israel is a U.S. ally and Obama aside from giving Iran a path for nuclear weapons is about to lift sanctions on Iran which will allow it to increase its income and upgrade its terrorist activities against Israel and other U.S. allies and throughout the Middle East.

So far Obama has left out an essential element of any deal with Iran. Any final agreement must include Iran’s recognition of Israel’s right to exist. If this is not included in order to survive Israel of necessity must take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran “Is Intensifying Efforts to Support Hamas in Gaza” – Con Coughlin

Iran has sent Hamas tens of millions of dollars to help it rebuild the network of tunnels in Gaza destroyed by Israel’s invasion last summer, intelligence sources have told the Sunday Telegraph. It is also funding new missile supplies to replenish stocks used to bombard residential neighborhoods in Israel during the war. Iran has sponsored Hamas’ military operations for years. (Sunday Telegraph-UK)

Netanyahu: Any Final Agreement Must Include Iranian Recognition of Israel’s Right to Exist (Prime Minister’s Office)

Responding to the Iran nuclear framework agreement announced Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement Friday after a meeting of the Israeli cabinet:

  • The cabinet is united in strongly opposing the proposed deal. This deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the State of Israel.
  • The deal would not shut down a single nuclear facility in Iran, would not destroy a single centrifuge in Iran and will not stop R&D on Iran’s advanced centrifuges. On the contrary, the deal would legitimize Iran’s illegal nuclear program. It would leave Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure.
  • The deal would lift sanctions almost immediately and this at the very time that Iran is stepping up its aggression and terror in the region. The deal would greatly bolster Iran’s economy. It would thereby give Iran tremendous means to propel its aggression and terrorism throughout the Middle East.
  • Some say that the only alternative to this bad deal is war. That’s not true. There is a third alternative – standing firm, increasing the pressure on Iran until a good deal is achieved.
  • Iran is a regime that openly calls for Israel’s destruction and openly and actively works towards that end. Israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate us to develop nuclear weapons, period.
  • In addition, Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear and unambiguous Iranian recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

Defense Minister Ya’alon: Iran Deal Will Increase Iran’s Appetite

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Sunday called the framework agreement “a huge achievement for Iran and a historic mistake for the West.” “Iran is a terrorist monster that funds, trains and arms organizations and entities to wreak havoc among the pro-Western regimes in the Middle East and around the world, and it has no intention of stopping this.” He added that the agreement would set the stage for Iran to “increase its appetite to spread disarray.” (Jerusalem Post)


Top Democrat Charles Schumer defies White House, supports Congressional oversight on Iran deal

U.S., Iran ‘Irritating Each Other’ with Conflicting Statements

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Maine: Lacrosse coach loses job for criticizing Islam

Freedom of speech, you say? Increasingly not, in the United States: those who dare notice jihad violence and Islamic supremacism are vilified, marginalized, and defamed. When Scott Lees was fired, was truth a criterion? Apparently not. “Facebook post on Muslims costs Fryeburg coach his job,” by Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun, March 24, 2015 (thanks to all who sent this in):

FRYEBURG – After four years at the helm of Fryeburg Academy’s boys lacrosse team, Scott Lees of Conway said he was forced by academy officials to resign as head coach after sharing on Facebook an open letter to President Barack Obama that was unflattering to Muslims.

The letter, written by “An American Citizen,” was about Obama’s speech given in Cairo in 2009. In that speech and in another made last month, the president said Islam has long been a part of American history.

In the first part of the letter, it wonders whether anyone has have ever seen a Muslim hospital or heard a Muslim orchestra. The writer goes on to charge that Muslims “are still the largest traffickers in human slavery,” that they were allied with Adolf Hitler in World War II and that they were either pleased with or silent on the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The writer adds that the Barbary pirates were Muslims.

“I just thought it was an interesting article,” said Lees, who added he’s a politically minded independent conservative. “I thought it was an interesting letter to President Obama and his current administration who are not paying attention to Israel and focusing on Iran.”

Lees, 48, shared the letter on his personal Facebook page on March 17. Two days later, he was handing in his resignation as Fryeburg Academy’s lacrosse coach. He said that although he was supposed to meet with Head of Schools Erin Mayo and Dean Charlie Tryder on March 19, Athletic Director Sue Thurston told him a decision to fire him had already been made.

According to Lees, a property manager who is married and has two children, said he did not want a firing to go on his record. He asked Thurston if they would consider a letter of resignation.

“I’ve never been fired in my life,” said Lees, who also coaches hockey locally. “I’ve been coaching kids since 1992.”

Mayo said the season will start on time. She said Thurston is looking for coaches and Thurston will provide updates as they become available.

“We’ve got a great team,” said Mayo.

The decision on an interim coach could be made as soon as today, Thurston said.

Regarding the letter that led to his departure as coach, Lees said a friend had emailed it to him, and he posted it to see what people would say. Lees — who has since removed it from his Facebook page — said he did not comment on the letter online and that he meant no disrespect to anyone.

Lees said the post didn’t get much response. No students “liked” the post though it was liked by four adults, one of whom commented on it. “It’s not like it went viral,” said Lees. “It’s not like everyone and their brother saw it.”

But according to Mayo Fryeburg Academy has “a number” of Muslim students as well as students of numerous other faiths.

“We prize each young person we enroll as an individual, and we prize the diversity that they bring,” said Mayo, who pointed to the school’s mission statement, which says that “the Academy believes that a strong school community provides the best conditions for learning and growth. Therefore, we strive to create a supportive school environment that promotes respect, tolerance, and cooperation, and prepares students for responsible citizenship.”

Mayo said the school’s teachers, coaches and other staff need to live up to the mission statement.

Lees said he is not a bigot. In fact, he said that two years ago he invited a former Fryeburg student from New York City named Mohammed Islam to stay at his house for nine days. At the time, Islam had a court date in the area for a minor offense.

“If I had a problem with people who are Muslim, then why would I have allowed a Muslim to stay in my home?” asked Lees.

In a phone interview, Islam, who now attends Drexel University in Pennsylvania, confirmed that his former coach had opened his home to him.

“I never saw him as a bigot,” said Islam, who played under Lees for three years.

When asked of the posting, Islam said he spoke to Lees about it. He didn’t think it should have cost Lees his coaching job. Islam said Lees seems to take issue with Obama’s handling of the Middle East.

“I don’t agree with Scott’s opinion, but that doesn’t make him a bigot,” said Islam….


Robert Spencer, PJM: ‘Some Real Bad Bitches’ Or Loyal Citizens of the Islamic State?

Nigeria: Jihadists preach Islam at mosque, then murder 24

NYC jihadi Muslima spoke at Islamic Circle of North America event

Islamic State blows up Assyrian church as Christians celebrate Easter

UK prosecutor: Islamic State like the Beatles, “the boys want to be like them and the girls want to be with them”

The Mind of the Islamic State — Part 3

In part 3 of this Micro Series we will delve into the mind of the Islamic State terrorist. Why killing Jews, American, and infidels is his or hers only option. In the Islamic State’s online publication Dabiq the Islamic states depicts clearly their purpose and Islamic world view.

As ten’s of thousands flock to the Islamic State worldwide, this series will illustrate motivations, desires and tactic for world domination.


Arabic is Most Common Language of Refugees in America; 91% on Food Stamps

Iran runs the table at Lausanne, then brags about U.S. nuke concessions

Husband of NY jihad plotter “shocked,” but had black flag of jihad at Muslim Day Parade

Pakistan: Police on high alert guarding churches against Easter jihad attacks

Australian jihadi was worried his Infidel family would burn in hell

UK: Six Muslims arrested for “Syria-related terrorism offences”

Florida: Broward Democrat Chair Speaks at Radical Muslim Event

Kenya: Laughing Muslims taunted Christians as they massacred them, “This will be a good Easter holiday for us”


Muslim slaughter of Christians at Garissa University, Kenya.

“We have come to be kill and be killed,” the Muslims screamed out as they shot the Christians. Where did they get the idea to scream out something like that? From the Qur’an: “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.” (9:111) Not that this has anything to do with Islam!

“Laughing Somali gunmen taunted victims in university massacre,” by Adow Jubat, AFP, April 3, 2015:

Garissa (Kenya) (AFP) – Piles of bodies and pools of blood running down the corridors: survivors of the Kenya university massacre described how laughing gunmen taunted their victims amid scenes of total carnage.

Salias Omosa, an 20-year-old education student, said the victims were woken up at gunpoint in Thursday’s pre-dawn attack, and Muslims and non-Muslims picked out by “how they were dressed”.

“‘We don’t fear death, this will be a good Easter holiday for us,’ the attackers were shouting in Swahili, then shooting their guns,” Omosa recounted, still trembling with terror and sitting in the refuge of a military camp.

Omosa managed to escape amid the carnage at Garissa University, after seeing two of his friends executed by the Al-Qaeda-linked attackers, who he said were wearing masks and military-style uniforms.

“I have seen many things, but nothing like that,” said Reuben Nyaora, a clinical officer working for the aid agency International Rescue Committee (IRC).

“There were bodies everywhere in execution lines, we saw people whose heads had been blown off, bullet wounds everywhere, it was a grisly mess,” Nyaora told AFP.

Nyaora had rushed with colleagues from his normal work with an IRC ambulance team in the giant Dadaab refugee camp, some 90 kilometres (50 miles) away.

He was one of first frontline medics to enter university halls, providing first aid to both survivors and troops wounded in the heavy fighting.

“We were giving first aid during the fighting – and there were soldiers being shot right in front of us, as well as the casualties among the hostages,” the 32-year old Kenyan told AFP, his voice trembling.

“Then when we went into the halls, it was too horrible, too awful to imagine, and yet we saw it,” he said.

“Everyone seemed dead, but then as we talked, some students who had been hidden for hours came out – some from wardrobes, others from the ceiling, and then others who had lain down with the dead, covered in blood, hidden among their friends who had been killed.”

He described how he witnessed three women apparently dead, covered head to toe entirely in blood but in fact physically unharmed, pick themselves up from a pile of corpses.

“The ladies said the gunmen had screamed out in Swahili as they shot the men: ‘We have come to be kill and be killed,’” Nyaora said.

“Then they told the women to ‘swim in the blood’”, as though they were making fun of them, playing games and apparently enjoying the killing, he said, before moving on after apparently forgetting to shoot them too….


Kenya: Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” only shot those who couldn’t recite Qur’an

Dutch researcher: “The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization”

Imam of Mecca’s grand mosque calls for all-out war against Shi’ites and Christians

Philadelphia Muslima arrested for trying to join the Islamic State

The Islamic State Caliphate is Pure Islam

In the March New English Review (NER) we wrote about the failure of the Countering Violent Extremism Summit of President Obama.

On Wednesday, February 18, 2014 at a White House Summit, President Obama presented his views on countering “violent extremism.” He suggested that Islamic terrorists misappropriate Islamic doctrine, exploit disaffected youths in communities across the US and globally throughout the Ummah – the community of Muslim believers. He suggested that youths prone to radicalization outside the US may be victimized by poverty, without job opportunities and oppressed by corrupt regimes. Countering violent extremism he suggests is a multi-pronged approach involving economic programs, political reform and community involvement to halt radicalization. His focus in the US was on creating community partnerships and pilot projects in several American cities, endeavoring to integrate Muslims in America, preserving and protecting their civil rights under our constitution against untoward surveillance. The President gathered Muslim and other religious clerics from the U.S. and abroad, community leaders, law enforcement, homeland security officials, and high tech entrepreneurs seeking means of stopping radicalization of youths. These youths are attracted by the “successes” of the Islamic State blasted around the world via the internet, tens of thousands of tweets, high production videos and on-line webzines in a number of languages including English.

Nowhere in his remarks did the President explain what the Islamic doctrine is that has attracted tens of thousands of foreign fighters, Americans among them, to be recruited to the cause of this self-styled Caliphate, the Islamic State (IS). What he has called ISIL, the Islam State in the Levant (ISIL) is a reference to the broad geographic area that stretches from the eastern Mediterranean coast to the Persian Gulf. Those “successes” include videos of the savagery perpetrated against the hated Kuffars, meaning infidels, including Christians, Jews, ancient religious minorities and apostate Muslims. Those videos show barbaric beheadings, burnings, crucifixions, mass shootings and enslavement. The President mentioned recent incidents in Paris, Copenhagen, Ottawa and Sydney of attacks on victims without naming the victims; leftists, free thinkers, Christians and Jews. Neither did he identify the perpetrators.

Just prior to the mid-February White House Summit, The Atlantic Magazine published an article by Graeme Wood, What ISIS Really Wants which stated:

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.

Russian historian at Connecticut Central State University, Professor Jay Bergman, wrote, “I read it. Superb. The [President] should read it. But of course…he won’t.”

According to Wood, IS bases all of its power and authority on a strict adherence to a Salafi literal interpretation of Islam and Sharia law, with almost a total focus on the doctrine of Tawhid. Tawhid calls for strict adherence to the laws of Allah as revealed by the Prophet Mohammed. Further, that all man-made laws and systems must be rejected. IS considers any Muslim who doesn’t adhere to the doctrine of Tawhid an infidel, including “core Al Qaeda” and other Salafists who object to IS public displays of savagery.

We concluded:

Countering violent extremism as propounded by President Obama evaded his responsibility to identify the radical Islamic doctrine of IS. He engaged in the delusion that by campaigning for community organization, jobs and faith based programs we might prevent radicalization of Muslim youths. Instead he should listen to the wise counsel of former DIA chief, Army Gen. Michael Flynn, who in media interviews and testimony before the House Armed Services Committee called for a global war against IS. Flynn suggested the first cornerstone of a strategy to “degrade” and “defeat” IS is to define the ideology behind radical Islamic extremism. The fact that liberal publications like The Atlantic have exposed the barbarity of strict adherence to Tawhid in Islam clearly communicates that destroying IS through the exercise of American and allied military power should be the first order of business.

The President’s “violent extremism” Conference in Washington demonstrated that soft power is trumped by raw Islamic Jihad every time. That is embodied in failure to recognize the Qur’anic doctrine behind the rise of IS.  To paraphrase a State Department anti-ISIS message, “Think Again, Turn Away” from Taqiyya – lying for Allah.

On March 16th, 2015, Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner, Chairman of The Forensic Panel, was interviewed on Bill Bennett’s Morning America program about what attracts Western and other foreign Muslims, to join the barbaric cause of the Islamic State. Welner provided insights as to what attracts Islamic State recruits that raise serious questions about the social media messaging initiatives of the Obama Administration. Dr. Welner explains the root of ISIS’s appeal and why people continue to join its cause.

In the face of the rise of the Islamic State and its ability to attract Muslims to Syria and Iraq from all over the world, syndicated radio host Bill Bennett welcomed Michael Welner, M.D. back to his program to discuss the apparent popularity of ISIS. Dr. Welner, known to NER readers, as one of America’s most highly-regarded forensic psychiatrists. He is routinely consulted on the most complex forensic cases across the United States, such as the ongoing New York trial of the accused kidnapper of young Etan Patz.  He is known to our readers for his work on the Omar Khadr Guantanamo case and in pioneering research an evidence-based standard of the worst of crimes, the Depravity Standard.

In response to Bennett’s invitation, Dr. Welner confronted the apparent paradox of ISIS recruitment successes in the face of its disturbing beheadings. As he explained to Bennett, Dr. Welner noted that non-Muslims do not appreciate the significance of the Caliphate declared by ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. ISIS is attracting followers of a utopian and unadulterated Islam abandoned over 1000 years ago, of a faith of strict dogmatic adherence to the Qu’ran. These Caliphate ideals prompt an obligation among the devout to serve the Caliphate in whatever capacity needed, and involve a plan of nation building based on the idealized Muslim society on land the Caliphate controls. Beheadings (and enslavement and immolation) are prescribed by the Qu’ran for cleansing those Muslims deemed to be apostate. Followers allow for these methods as necessary measures in the building of a messianic ideal, reminiscent of the “cleansing” of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. ISIS exploits these punitive options to inspire fear of the consequences of resistance among its local opponents. At the same time, ISIS inspires quiet among Muslims generally because to contest its methods would be to contest the Qu’ran. This psychological control, explains Dr. Welner, is an adaptation of political correctness, Muslim style.

The Western media and ruling classes muddle through by looking away from how ISIS is laying waste to all religions in the Arab world. That is consistent with the intelligentsia’s uselessness in genocide historically, Dr. Welner lays out an approach for how America should confront the ISIS threat militarily and in its public information in a segment Bennett termed “masterful.” Readers of the NER will be familiar with how American exceptionalism is key to the solution from our interview with Dr. Welner in the aftermath of the (Oklahoma Beheading NER interview).

The National Review On-line rated the Bennett-Welner discussion the best of the Week of March 16 to 20, 2015 on this topic. Clare Lopez, former CIA Operations officer and Senior Fellow at the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy commented:

Great interview with Dr. Michael Welner….he understands appeal of IS better than the entire USG put together right now. I must say it was fascinating to listen to someone from completely outside the political realm nail it like that. Meanwhile all the so-called counterterrorism ‘experts,’ and Islam ‘experts’ are so far off base we know the bad guys are laughing at us all.

Against this background, here is an edited version of the Bennett-Welner interview.

Bill Bennett

William J. Bennett:  It is morning in America. Good morning, welcome back everybody. Sorry I’m tripping on my words. I’m going to get out of the way and let our guest speak. In any case Dr. Michael Welner, Forensic Psychiatrist, Chairman of The Forensic Panel and this morning I want to emphasize his work as the Architect of The Depravity Scale, Dr. Welner’s practice is in New York and surrounding areas.  Good morning Dr. Welner.

Dr. Michael Welner

Dr. Michael Welner:  Good morning Bill. Very nice to be back with you and hope you have been doing well these days. We have all been busy but I miss you.

Bennett:  I missed you too and that’s why we called you because it was time to talk to you so thank you very much. I want to talk about ISIS and related phenomena, two, really two questions. One is, we have been witnessing on TV, video and the internet a level of depravity, a word you know best better than most. We don’t usually see the beheading of people, children burying people alive, and crucifixions. I have two questions. One, the second one really frightens me, but the first one is does this kind of thing go on a lot all the time? We just don’t see it and ISIS likes to publicize it for whatever odd reasons it has. The second question is does this have appeal to people?  Aristotle says man seeks the good. Is this a recruiting tool in some bizarre, depraved way?

Welner:  There are a number of very important things for us all to get oriented in to understand this that may be beyond our view where we sit here in America. It illustrates the complexity of the problem not only from behavioral standpoint how we react to it but how others in the Muslim world react to it and also those who are recruited. First of all, we have to get away from the notion that the idea of Islamist, Islamofascism and political Islam means the same thing to every movement. ISIS is very different from the fascism of Iran and their key difference explains ISIS’s success. What ISIS has tapped into is the notion of the Islamic Caliphate. For those who are devout Muslims, they are very vulnerable, very sensitive to the idea that a Caliphate is required in order for a Muslim to adequately observe one’s faith. It is the equivalent of what we have seen in other faiths of false messiahs. The notion of a messiah — if you can carry it off — is so powerful that it gives the movement, for those who subscribe to it, the entitlement to say come and join and be part of what gives the Caliphate the opportunity to declare itself: that it has land, and that’s what has always distinguished ISIS from Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda may have some of the same ideological orientation. However, it isn’t just about the idea of “Come and behead people,” it’s “We have land, we want to establish a Caliphate.” It’s the equivalent of saying, “We’re building Mecca or we’re building something holy. Come and fight for it.” Thus, people are fighting for a cause and that’s why they are joining. They are not joining because of You Tube; they are not joining because of social media. Social media only enable them to be reached, to be energized, to go beyond themselves and to get caught up in something messianic.

Bennett:  Let’s go back to my first question, is this sort of thing we have seen and I have described, beheading, burying children alive, etc., etc., does this kind of thing go on all of the time in the world, we just don’t see it or is this pretty unusual?

Welner:  Well the reality is that it does. There are far more people who are beheaded by governments, for example, like Saudi Arabia and other countries that nominally adhere to Muslim teachings. The idea of beheadings and stonings and even setting people on fire is totally consistent with Muslim teaching, which is one of the problems within the Muslim world. We think we are the only ones who are politically correct? The political correctness that exists within the Muslim world is such that while these kinds of actions when they are broadcast to the world in an obnoxious way, in an outrageous way, in a provocative way, may be embarrassing to Muslims who are secularized. At the same time they recognize that because it is in line with the Qur’an and not at all inconsistent with ISIS’s claim that it is a purified strain of Islam, they can’t criticize it. That is their political correctness. The pushback against ISIS from within the Muslim world isn’t just because there is death and destruction of Muslims killing Muslims it’s because the leaders themselves are threatened. It’s because Jordan recognizes that the Kingdom is in peril. When the Saudis recognize that their reign is threatened, it isn’t beheadings, because they do beheadings. ISIS can claim the high road because they say: “We are following the Qur’an to the letter. Come and join us.” That freezes devout Muslims who say “Well, you know they really are devout Muslims.”

Bennett:  I think it’s important to bring up in this context talking about ISIS. It’s important to remind people about King Abdullah and even Egyptian President Al-Sisi are going to fight back against this. However, as you have said Dr. Welner, the task here is to be a good Muslim and thus to establish the Caliphate. Then these beheadings and burying people alive just an unpleasant means to the end that we just sort of look past them or is there an appeal per se in these things to the young unhinged or even not unhinged young male?

Welner:  The beheadings, the stonings and the killings that are going on regularly are essentially reflecting an ethnic cleansing that is going on right now in the Arab world. Salafist Muslims who feel that they are a pure example of Islam are essentially doing what Pol Pot was doing in Cambodia to get rid of a segment of the population in order to create the kind of population, the kind of Muslims that they want. The shocking nature of it, the broadcast of it, intimidates people into not fighting. It intimidates the West into not fighting. It is designed to do that. It is propaganda by design. It is done in accordance with law. However, the way it is done is in order to send a message and to get people to freeze and be afraid to fight.

Bennett:  Let me come at this another way. We saw the news story Dr. Welner of the three young Muslim women, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, leaving from London going off to Istanbul and then from there into Syria, Iraq and to join up with ISIS. The only thing that would make sense to a lot of Americans and a lot of commentators was they don’t know what they are getting into. They are so young and naive. My fear was that they knew exactly what they were getting into.

Welner:  You’re right because we are not seeing the whole picture. All we are seeing of ISIS is the beheadings. What these young Muslim women are seeing of ISIS is essentially nation building saying, come, help us build a nation. We need doctors, we need engineers. We need people who want to live in this pure messianic society where you will achieve your spiritual purification by serving the Caliphate. That is why they are going. They are going as any nationalist and identified people would go to start something ideal and that is what’s being tapped into. They are not watching beheading videos and running there saying I want to go behead someone. We are only getting a part of the picture and that’s why it’s working for them.

Bennett:  I take it, that it doesn’t make them pause. That is, to go to establish the Caliphate and you watch these things, you see what they do. A lot of people you know I think would say and would think, I think I’m going to pause on this. You know I was going to join because I really would like to see a Caliphate. But wait a minute. I don’t want to be part of a group that does this.

Welner:  Those people were not inspired to join; the alternative view is I am devout. I want to be part of a pure Islam; one that we haven’t had for a thousand years. Therefore purification by getting rid of infidels and unbelievers is a necessary evil prescribed by the Qur’an. So by going to the Islamic State – the declared Caliphate, I will be living the Qur’an. I don’t expect myself to behead someone but I’m going to live by the law and I shouldn’t have any problems under the circumstances. Don’t forget they are offering free health care, jobs, from a social welfare standpoint. That also gets caught up with the idea of nation building being ignored in the West. This is far more than the idea of Al Qaeda even though it is outside of its influence and viewed as so outlandish in the use some of its methods.

Bennett:  I was going to make fun of the Administration proposed jobs program. That is the notion that they are joining because they want job security. I fear it’s something worse than that but I may be missing something very important here. I want to come back to ISIS, the Caliphate and the slaughters etc. So the dream of the Caliphate which is part of the faith here, the true believer means that you look the other way? You say well the end justifies the means? I’m not really for beheadings, but you know this is the way we get there. I think of that stupid old joke I learned when I was a kid about the kamikaze pilots, you know the guys announces to all the future kamikaze pilots, you go up in your plane, you are loaded with explosives, you aim your plane toward the American ship and it blows up and you die for the glory of Japan. Any questions?  The guy says, what you are out of your mind? I mean if someone promises me the Caliphate and says when we get there the gates of paradise all you have to do is cut people’s heads off, crucify them, rape the women, have total disregard for human life I’m going to pause aren’t I? Aren’t I going to pause and say wait a minute! That isn’t any way to build a Caliphate that is worthy.

Welner:  I think those of us who are not as familiar with Islam as others may be have to realize that the idea of a Caliphate runs to the core of the idealized version of Islam and its revival. There has not been a Caliphate for a thousand years. Al-Baghdadi, who declared himself to be the Caliph is actually from the appropriate family line of Muhammed and so there is a certain credibility that he has had among some in declaring himself to be a Caliph and the head of the Caliphate. The significance of that is within Islam if you fulfill your obligations as a Muslim to the Caliphate. That means going to the Caliphate and serving it. Then you will have fulfilled your obligations to the most pure degree. Otherwise you will die ignorant. For someone who is extremely devout — if that is they believe in — what al-Baghdadi is pitching is something messianic, hoping they are going to buy into it. Now, of course there are those who do not believe in him and yet at the same time they respect the Caliphate and what it means. They just say he’s not the one and these are not the circumstances under which it will happen. That is very similar to those who may have read Erich Fromm’s The True Believer and in appreciating fascism and how Hitler and other fascist leaders are able to mobilize people to just great intensity for the cause. When you throw into the mix an idealized form of religion that so many people share, all bets are off.

Bennett:  How do we combat this? What is the first and most obvious way?

Welner:  There are ways that we can combat it among our own citizens. However, I don’t see that we can’t combat this unless we are militarily involved, because it’s not going away. People do things in the name of the Muslim faith and in a way that gathers momentum, for example, Boko Haram and others, declaring allegiance to ISIS and gathering more land, they are not going away. What we don’t recognize is that they are going after Muslims first. That is their first target so we have a lead time and we have been through this before as a country. You have to deal with the problem when it’s small or you have to deal with the problem when it is much bigger.

Bennett:  Shouldn’t we be in a warmer embrace of Egyptian President Al- Sisi and King Abdullah and those who want to take on ISIS in military and in terms of their own religion?

Welner:  I think that President al-Sisi is a very important man of his generation, who is very clear-eyed about the ISIS threat. We have the wherewithal to support the coalition of the willing. However, there is an Iraqi military that cannot fight. There have not been alliances in Syria that can coalesce. The Jordanian military is really just ineffectual. The Egyptian military is extremely powerful. They are American armed. There is a traditional alliance that goes a long way. As far as I’m concerned and I say this as a very proud supporter of Israel I see President al-Sisi as a man of peace. He is not a troublemaker. He’s not looking like late President Nasser before him to establish his own hegemony and he is naturally aligned with the United States. Egypt didn’t kill 243 U.S. Marine servicemen as Iran’s proxy in Beirut did in 1983. Egypt didn’t take American hostages, Iran did. Egypt isn’t taking over Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon and Iraq, as has Iran with its own Shia version of a Caliphate, the Imamate. Astonishing to me that with Egypt so willing and so experienced in having to eradicate its own destabilizing force of Islamism, the Muslim Brotherhood and now Salafists and that the United States is sort of slow on the ball. Unfortunately because al-Sisi is a man of action he’s just going have to do it without us. President Obama is going to be left once again following from behind. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a man who can make a difference in a vacuum.

Listen to the Bill Bennett Morning in America interview with Dr. Michael Welner, Chairman of the Forensic Panel:

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

The Mind of the Islamic State — Part 2

In part 2 of this Micro Series we will delve into the mind of the Islamic State terrorist. Why killing Jews, American, and infidels is his or hers only option. In the Islamic State’s online publication Dabiq the Islamic states depicts clearly their purpose and Islamic world view.

As ten’s of thousands flock to the Islamic state worldwide, this series will illustrate motivations, desires and tactic for world domination.

VIDEO: The Mind of the Islamic State

Is this Micro Series we will delve into the mind of the Islamic State terrorist. Why killing Jews, American, and infidels is his (or her) only option.

In the Islamic State’s online publication Dabiq they depict clearly their purpose and world view.

As ten’s of thousands flock to the Islamic state worldwide, this series will illustrate motivations, desires and tactic for world domination.


“People who worship anything other than Allah are infidels and it is permitted to kill them.”

Wives of slain jihadists from Australia beg for donations to the Islamic State

Video: Cornell dean says Islamic State welcome on campus

How Serious Is ISIS Threat Against Military Families?

ISIS is Committing Genocide of Assyrian Christians and CBS Has Proof

California Muslim accused of trying to join the Islamic State: “Je suie Al-Qaeda”

He meant “je suis al-Qaeda,” of course, but you can surely pardon him for falling behind a bit on his French while studying jihad mass murder and vers libre. Note that he doesn’t seem to be aware of the great schism between al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, which the mainstream analysts assure us is going to collapse the jihad movement from within any day now.

“California Man Facing Terrorism Charge Writes to Newspaper,”Associated Press, March 22, 2015:

A 21-year-old Southern California man accused of trying to join the Islamic State group vowed revenge and identified with the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France in a series of writings to a newspaper.

Adam Dandach, who pleaded not guilty last week to attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist group and other charges, sent four letters and two poems from jail to the Orange County Register (http://bit.ly/1Ony7es).

A poem titled “The Price of Freedom of Speech” ends, “Rot in a grave of fire, right where you belong. / Je suie Al-Qaeda, leaving another scar.” The faulty French is a play on the slogan, “I Am Charlie,” adopted by supporters of the French newspaper that was attacked in January, resulting in 12 deaths.

Dandach wrote the poem — told from the perspective of two brothers in the attack — three days after the killings. He said he felt no sympathy for the dead and wouldn’t condemn the assailants, though he added that his comments didn’t mean he would carry out the attack himself and that the poem didn’t necessarily reflect his personal opinion.

A poem that runs more than two typed pages reads, “Oh, you hateful fiends! / Know that revenge will come / You’re standing in front of the One (God) / A punishment in a fiery sea / Of carnage and blazing agony”

He continues, “I live my life alone; nobody sees my tears. / I’m a stranger here; my pleas fall on deaf ears.”

Dandach first wrote the Register in October after a reporter contacted him and his mother. In January, he sent an untitled poem that he described as an “explanation of my unfortunate situation, a message to my oppressors, a prayer and a call to the Muslim nation.”

The graduate of El Modena High School in Orange wrote that he hoped to reach out to “those who still carry a conscience in a society where having a conscience is seen as weak and naive.”

Dandach’s attorney Pal Lengyel-Leahu declined to discuss the content of the poems and questioned their authenticity. He said publishing them is akin to trying Dandach in the newspaper.

“He’s just a kid. He’s in way over his head,” Lengyel-Leahu said. “He’s actually a decent person.”

I’m sure he’s a decent fellow.

The community college student was detained in July as he prepared to board a plane bound for Turkey. Authorities say he wanted to slip into Syria to join the Islamic State. A trial is scheduled for June….


Yemen: At time of mosque bombing, worshippers were chanting “death to America”

French PM: “In France, all the energy, all the necessary resources already exist for the development of Islam”

Iran’s Supremo: Introduce youth of U.S., Europe to “Islam of jihad”

The way things are going, given the denial and self-deception of our leaders and the mainstream media, and the complacency and ignorance they’ve fostered among the people, the youth of America and Europe will be introduced to the Islam of jihad soon enough. “Iran’s Ayatollah: Introduce Youth of America, Europe to ‘the Islam of Jihad,’” by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News, March 20, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

(CNSNews.com) – In a speech translated into English and posted on his official website, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told Iran’s “Assembly of Experts” last week that “our goal and main guideline should be to pursue Islam in its entirety.”

“What we understand from all Quranic teachings is that Islam commands Muslims to create a perfect and complete Islamic government,” said the Supreme Leader. “Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”

The ayatollah also said Iran should use what he called “Islamophobia” and the “targeting of Islam” to reach out to youth throughout the world and “provide them with real Islam.”

“We should make efforts. In the Islamic Republic, the great and important feat is that all of us–anyone at any level and with any capability in this regard–should make efforts to introduce original Islam, one that supports the oppressed and that opposes the oppressor,” said the ayatollah. “The youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries become excited about this kind of Islam.”

Two paragraphs later, in explaining the “kind of Islam” he was talking about introducing to people, the ayatollah said: “We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers.”

Khamenei delivered this speech on March 12. It is currently the top item posted on the homepage of his English-language website. (It can be read in its entirety here.)

The ayatollah told the assembly that the promotion of Islamaphobia by Iran’s enemies had provided an opportunity to spread Iran’s vision to the West.

“Now, under such circumstances, our goal and main guideline should be to pursue Islam in its entirety,” said the ayatollah. “We should really do our best–Allah the Exalted does not expect us to act beyond our power and capability–to pursue this. Our effort and goal should be to establish Islam–in its entirety and with all its parts and constituents–in society. When this becomes our goal, they immediately bring up a certain issue, namely Islamophobia which is common in today’s world. In my opinion, we should not at all adopt a passive outlook towards the phenomenon of Islamophobia. Islamophobia exists.

“Some individuals are frightening peoples, societies, youth and minds of Islam,” said the ayatollah. “Who are these individuals? When we delve deeply into this matter and when we think carefully about it, we see that they are the same minority of bullies and greedy individuals who are afraid of the rule of Islam. They are afraid of political Islam. They are afraid of Islam’s presence in the heart of societies. The reason for their fear is that Islam harms their interests. As a matter of fact, Islamophobia is a translation of powers’ fear and anxiety in the face of Islam. This is the truth of the matter.”

The ayatollah argued for giving the “masses” of the world a “little nudge” in the direction of the Iranian vision.

“Of course, despite what are they doing, their movement against Islam and their effort to create Islamophobia will produce the opposite result,” he said. “That is to say, their actions will make youth curious about Islam. If the masses of the people in the world are given a little nudge and if we attract their attention, they will begin to understand why the Zionist press and television networks–those which are dependent on powerful and well-to-do cliques–launch so many attacks on Islam. This will pose a question in their minds and we believe that this question has certain blessings and that it can turn this threat into an opportunity.

“We should make efforts. In the Islamic Republic, the great and important feat is that all of us–anyone at any level and with any capability in this regard–should make efforts to introduce original Islam, one that supports the oppressed and that opposes the oppressor,” said the ayatollah.

“The youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries become excited about this kind of Islam,” he said. “They become excited and it becomes clear to them that Islam means a force, motive and thought which moves against oppressors and transgressors and in favor of the oppressed. It becomes clear to them that Islam has plans to pursue this and that it considers it its responsibility to do so.”

A moment later, the ayatollah contrasted the kind of Islam he was talking about to what he called “secular Islam” and “secular Christianity.”

“We should introduce the kind of Islam that is present in people’s lives as opposed to secular Islam,” said the ayatollah. “Secular Islam is similar to secular Christianity which imprisons itself in a corner of church and which has no presence in real life. Secular Islam acts in the same way,” he said. “Today, there are some people who invite people to isolated Islam, one that has nothing do with people’s lives. This kind of Islam calls on people to perform some religious acts in a corner of mosques or houses. We should introduce the kind of Islam that is present in people’s lives. We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers.

“In my opinion, this is a responsibility that falls on everyone’s shoulders,” said the ayatollah. “Our promotional and scholarly organizations and our Islamic seminaries should pursue this goal.”

The Iranian supreme leader described those “targeting Islam” as “Zionists.”…

Of course. Who else?


U.S. fears Islamic State is making serious inroads in Libya

Canada: Muslims guilty of conspiracy to murder in railway jihad plot

Tunis museum jihadis wore belts packed with explosives to maximize deaths

Islamic State video purports to show Kurdish peshmerga beheadings